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Chapter 525: Exposed

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Ling Xiao picked up the Blood Jade and a man’s voice sounded directly inside his mind. This time it was clearer than any time before: “Xiao-er , where are you right now?”

Ling Xiao’s eyebrows raised. Could it be that Uncle Gu had returned?

He looked at You XiaoMo. Right now, he was already on the last part of creating a pill, and if there were too many people it would probably disturb You XiaoMo as he was refining pills.

Considering this, Ling Xiao replied, “Uncle Gu, I am currently at the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.”

“Since you’re already here, why haven’t you come over yet?”

Ling Xiao knew that Uncle Gu was testing him, and he laughed as he answered, “Oh, something very minor happened, but it should be finished by the end of today. After that I will instantly appear in front of you.”



The man couldn’t help but frown after hearing this. He always felt as if Ling Xiao’s words had double meanings. In the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range, one couldn’t necessarily instantly appear in the Weeping Ghost Shore, but he understood Ling Xiao and knew that he absolutely was not someone who would brag needlessly unless he was one hundred percent confident.

“Boss, did something happen?” Tian Dao asked upon seeing that the man’s brows were tightly knit.

Tian Hen instantly said disdainfully, “Boss, Young Master really makes people look at him with new eyes. It can’t be that he’s trapped somewhere in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range and needs us to go save him, right?”

Tian Ming smiled thinly. “Tian Hen, don’t speak nonsense. Our Young Master is a through and through Divine Realm expert, so how could some trivial Ghost Tomb Mountain Range trap him!”

“Divine Realm expert?” Tian Hen snickered and said disapprovingly, “Even a Divine Realm expert could fall in a place like Xi Jing.”

“Enough, enough. In any case, he’s still our future Young Master, so we should speak more politely. You can only make money by being friendly, so we should still listen to how Boss speaks.” Tian Yuan smoothed over the dispute just like a peacemaker, but everyone there was a slick talker and could hear the belittlement in his voice.

The man didn’t stop them. He trusted that when they saw Ling Xiao’s strength with their own eyes, they would know who the real expert was.

However, the man himself didn’t know Ling Xiao had already entered the Sacred Realm. The last time he’d seen him, Ling Xiao was still a Divine peak seven-star practitioner, but since Ling Xiao had found a place to break through after separating from the man, the one who would end up receiving a ‘pleasant surprise’ most likely wasn’t just his subordinates.

Just when the man was getting ready to speak, the sound of thunder rumbling suddenly rolled through the sky.

Without waiting for everyone to respond, Tian Xiu, who had been silent up until now, suddenly stood up with a noise of surprise. His expression turned extremely ugly.

“Someone is in my Leisure Pavilion.” After spitting out this sentence, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The rest of the people all looked at each other with disbelieving expressions. There were only nine people at Weeping Ghost Shore, including Boss, and there were also four other people outside who had no way of returning. Since everyone was gathered in the Smile Pavilion, how could someone be in Tian Xiu’s Leisure Pavilion? Unless it was an outsider.

Everyone hurried to the Leisure Pavilion until only the man and Tian Dao were left.

The man looked at Tian Dao, who seemed calm and collected. He laughed lightly. “You’ve known for a long time that someone snuck into Weeping Ghost Shore, right?”

“Yes.” Tian Dao said simply.

“When did you know?”

“Not long after they snuck in,” Tian Dao said. All of Weeping Ghost Shore’s barrier mechanisms were arranged by him, including Tian Xiu’s Leisure Pavilion, and there were even some places that only he knew about.

Weeping Ghost Shore was the Tiangou’s headquarters. If someone could really just casually sneak into it without being discovered, TianGou’s influence would’ve been extinguished thousands of years ago by Xi Jing’s other powerful forces until not even a trace of them was left. He hadn’t exposed them because he had suspected that one of the two was their Young Master.

After observing them and finding that they continued to hide in the Leisure Pavilion without making any other movements, he suspected that idea even more strongly.

“Ah, it seems that I didn’t misjudge you, Tian Dao,” the man said warmly.

Tian Dao shook his head. “Actually, if they hadn’t audaciously decided to refine pills in Tian Xiu’s Leisure Pavilion, I wouldn’t have discovered them this quickly either. Weeping Ghost Shore’s defenses still must be strengthened.”

The man said, “It’s still very good that you can think like this.”

Tian Dao asked hesitantly, “Boss, Young Master shouldn’t be an ordinary Divine Realm expert, right?”

“Correct. The last time I saw him, he was already a Divine seven-star expert. You know the list of the Ten Gods? He once consecutively defeated the Ten Gods’ Iron Blood God You AnTai and Zhong Tian’s Eagle Guild. Right now, he’s ranked number one on the Ten Gods Ranking.” As the man spoke, he nodded his head, satisfied.

The stronger Ling Xiao was, the higher the chance that he would rescue his father. This was exactly what he hoped to see, so the man would endlessly tell him that he absolutely had to keep raising his cultivation level so that he could rescue his father ever since he was young.

Tian Dao’s expressionless face was slightly moved.

If Young Master was truly a peak Divine seven-star practitioner, he would certainly place among the top five at TianGou, so Tian Ming, Tian Hen, and the rest would definitely suffer.

The man stood up from his seat and smiled. “Okay, let’s go take a look as well.”

Meanwhile, You XiaoMo hadn’t expected that refining rainbow magic pills would attract pill clouds, clearly telling TianGou’s people that they were here at Weeping Ghost Shore. However, it was already too late.

Luckily, thanks to the powerful barriers Tian Dao had placed outside of Weeping Ghost Shore, the thunderclouds couldn’t find their target at all. They wavered in the sky for a while before finally they had no choice except to dissipate.

But Tian Xiu and the rest had already rushed to the outside of the Leisure Pavilion.

Tian Xiu’s face darkened when he quickly discovered that there was a hole in the barrier surrounding the Leisure Pavilion.

“When did a ‘mouse’ sneak in?” Tian Ming and the rest needlessly greeted each other before surrounding the Leisure Pavilion on their own.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, I definitely won’t let him go!” Tian Xiu’s face was gloomy as he spoke fiercely. His ordinarily refined and elegant face was rearranged into something that looked like an evil spirit that had crawled out of hell.

“Let me have a go at him first,” Tian Hen said, hands itching as if the warlike spirit inside of him was about to break out at any moment.

Tian Ming waved his fan and laughed. “Tian Hen, you should be careful. The opponent can break into the Weeping Ghost Shore, so he shouldn’t be weak. Don’t accidentally lose to him.”

“You can be one hundred and twenty percent at ease.” Tian Hen rubbed his hands together, and he revealed his dagger with a flick of his hand. These past few days he was just worrying about how he couldn’t find someone to release his anger on, so this ‘outsider’ would be perfect for him to practice on.

Tian Ming retreated to the side.

Tian Yuan scooted over to his side upon seeing this and whispered, “You’re doing this on purpose, right?”

In order for someone to soundlessly sneak into Weeping Ghost Shore and then hide in Tian Xiu’s Leisure Pavilion, they absolutely could not be an ordinary person. Tian Hen was most likely at a disadvantage.

“Aiya, I only want to prove something. You should’ve noticed Tian Dao’s and Boss’ unusual reactions.” Tian Ming used his fan to half cover the calculating smile on his face.

Tian Yuan nodded. If this outsider was an enemy, Tian Dao and Boss wouldn’t have no reaction whatsoever. It was most likely that the opponent was someone they recognized, or in other words, they knew who this outsider was.

Tian Hen was about to move when he was suddenly stopped by Tian Xiu. He couldn’t help but be indignant. “Tian Xiu, what are you doing?”

Tian Xiu stared at him coldly. “Do you want to destroy my Leisure Pavilion?”

“No, aren’t there barriers around it? I just want to make the person inside get out.” Tian Hen’s scalp tingled under his stare, and he hurriedly denied it lest Tian Xiu said he wouldn’t give him magic pills anymore.

Tian Xiu looked at him one more time and didn’t say anything else before removing the barriers with a wave of his hand.

Tian Hen, “…”

At that moment, a blurry white figure suddenly dashed out from inside, followed closely by an attack sent out by the opposing side, and waves and waves of strong winds buffeted them as if they wanted to scrape the flesh from their bones.

Everyone was greatly alarmed and rapidly retreated backwards.

By the time they recovered, they only saw the corner of the white figure’s robes as he had left the Leisure Pavilion. It also seemed as if the white figure was carrying someone.

Besides Tian Xiu, who ran into the Leisure Pavilion, the rest of them set off in pursuit.

Before this, Ling Xiao had already made a circle around Weeping Ghost Shore, and he remembered the geography perfectly. After leaving the Leisure Pavilion, he began to skillfully lead the members of the TianGou in circles.

After chasing for a while, Tian Hen and the rest finally discovered that they were being played. They had originally thought that the opponent would be quickly captured since he wasn’t familiar with Weeping Ghost Shore’s geography, but it turned out that the discrepancy was larger than they had expected.

“Fuck, who exactly is this person?” Tian Hen couldn’t help but curse.

Now, even Tian Ming and Tian Yuan’s faces darkened, though they had just been preparing to watch the show. It was shameful enough for an outsider to sneak into Weeping Ghost Shore without them knowing, but for the opponent to actually be familiar with Weeping Ghost Shore’s geography, what did that mean?

That meant that the opponent had strolled around right under their noses before.

For things to develop to this point, it was no longer just a problem about saving face – it was a problem about honor!

The six of them quickly split into three small groups of two and created a three-pronged attack. No matter how familiar he was with the geography, he was still just like a turtle in a jar before them. Sooner or later, he would fall into their net.

You XiaoMo was thrown over Ling Xiao’s shoulder, and he said happily, “Ling Xiao, they’ve separated. Do we want to attack them one by one, or wait for them to come at us altogether?”

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