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Chapter 526: To Mount a Sneak Attack

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Let’s destroy them one by one.” Ling Xiao really liked wild brawls. No matter whether he was attacking others or others were ganging up him, he would be fighting in an extremely invigorating and exciting style. However, this time he was not prepared to do so.

There was a style of fighting that was even more fun than wild brawls!


Tian Hen hated the outsiders who dared to burst into the Weeping Ghost Shore so much that his teeth itched. He would definitely ferociously stomp them into the ground when he caught those two.

“Tian Hen, be careful. That person doesn’t look like an ordinary expert.” Tian Ming, who was in the same group as him, promptly reminded him as he was afraid that Tian Hen would be so angry that he would lose his reasoning. They were now in the direction of the exit at the nose section and it was very possible that those two would pass through here.

“I…” Tian Hen looked back. Just as he said an ‘I’, a flash of fire suddenly burst out in a surprise attack. The rolling hot waves of flames were so hot and bright that the entire corridor could be clearly seen as it rapidly swept forward and reached them in the blink of an eye.

Tian Hen immediately raised the dagger in his hand to block it. A gray colored spiritual energy burst forth from his body and radiated outwards in a split second. Tian Hen was pushed backwards a dozen steps after the attack, and finally caught sight of the person who attacked him when he raised his head.

It was an extraordinarily handsome and unshakable man who had a valiant and tyrannical aura that was not outdone by Tian Ming and him. On his shoulder was a delicate and nice-looking young man with glittering and translucent skin lying on his stomach. The two looked at them with great interest.

“These are the two people we saw that day?” The young man patted the man’s shoulder as he excitedly asked.

The man hummed in agreement, “It should be them.”

“What ‘should be’ ah, didn’t you see them clearly at that time?” The young man pouted in slight dissatisfaction as he mumbled.

“Who would care what they look like under those sort of circumstances, and what does it matter whether they’re the same two people? Don’t tell me that you still want to go up and say hello to them?” The man casually said.

The young man touched his nose, “I reckon that they will definitely cut off my claws if I stretch my hand out. So it’s better to let it be.” He did not wish to eat a Bone Growth Pill.

“Tian Ming, let’s take them on together.” Tian Hen was not in the mood to guess when they had met and did not associate them with that day in White Bone Town because they had only assumed that there was only one person there at that time. Furthermore, he had never personally seen Ling Xiao before.

Tian Ming was more perceptive and his mind was already rapidly turning. Once he heard Tian Hen’s words, he did not hesitate and coordinated with Tian Hen as he rushed forward.

The man put the young man down before his figure flashed as it dashed in between the two. It was not even five seconds before he had exchanged no less than a hundred moves with the two. The moves which looked simple and straightforward appeared as if they contained flames. That strong and solid spiritual energy shook the two so much that their hands holding onto their dagger and fan became slightly numb.

The more moves they exchanged, the greater the apprehensiveness in Tian Ming and Tian Hen grew.

The two had not fallen into a disadvantageous position when they felt that faint pressure coming from that man. He seemed to be a peak seven star Divine Realm expert.

It this was true, perhaps they may only be able to bring the fight to a standstill even with the help of one more member.

The man’s slender leg suddenly took advantage of the moment where Tian Ming halted and abruptly kicked at him.

Tian Ming hastily used his fan to block it, yet he could only block a small portion of the force. The remaining force heavily impacted onto his waist, causing the qi and blood in his body to churn as his body flew out.

Tian Hen was alarmed and did not dare to be careless.

However, he began getting flustered without Tian Ming helping to pin the man down. A white figure flashed before his eyes and the faint whistle of wind sounded beside his ear. Tian Hen subconsciously used his hand to block it, but the other party’s kick landed on his arm and his entire body flipped over in a flash, falling beside Tian Ming.

The whole process did not even take a minute.

When the two regained their footing, the two outsiders had already disappeared without a trace.

Tian Hen violently punched the pillar. Disregarding the pain, he was so furious that he had bitten his lip, “That detestable fellow! I will definitely dismember them into ten thousand pieces!”

This was the first time he had suffered such extraordinary shame and humiliation.

Tian Ming’s expression was also very ugly. The two could not even defeat one single person. His waist had not recovered even until now and was so numb that it seemed as if it was about to break.

“We’re really fucked now!”

On another side, Tian Yuan and Tian Men had also suffered a sneak attack from the other party. The other had openly injured them even though it was said to be a sneak attack. The situation was nearly the same as Tian Ming and Tian Hen’s. However, the two’s temperament was a little better than Tian Ming and Tian Hen so it was not such a large blow to them.

Upon noticing that the outsiders had no intention of leaving the Weeping Ghost Shore and may have wanted to destroy their forces one by one, the six people grouped up together again.

Since the other party wanted to play, then we’ll have fun with them. The dignity of the TianGou was not to be tread on by anyone.

Ling Xiao did not look for them to toy with and destroy one by one again. If he really wanted to destroy them, then they would not merely be sustaining minor injuries. Furthermore, the appointed time was coming up.

“Xiao-er, have you played enough?” Just at this moment, a blue figure suddenly appeared at the corner ahead. It was a man who looked approximately thirty years old. His temperament was as gentle and soft as water and a serene and faint smile was visible on his scholarly face.

Ling Xiao stopped. There was not a single hint of astonishment in his eyes as he smiled, “Uncle Gu.”

You XiaoMo sized the man up in surprise. The first impression gave him a very gentle feeling and he could not tell that the man was already more than then thousand years old.

Those unfamiliar with the situation may possibly assume that he was the one who was Ling Xiao’s father upon hearing his words.

Ling Xiao put You XiaoMo down.

You XiaoMo arranged his hands and feet in a well-behaved posture as he shyly looked at the man, “Hello Uncle Gu.”

Ling Xiao was unable to restrain a smile curling up the corner of his mouth. A certain person who had always been well-known for stirring up trouble actually became law-abiding today. It was really worthy of celebration.

“You are the Xiao Mo who Ling-er had mentioned the last time right?” The man seemed to have seen through his cultivation level of Grade One Rainbow Level mage with a single glance. A hint of amazement flashed through his eyes. A few months ago he had heard Ling Xiao mention that the young man should only be a level ten mage at that time, “The one who was refining magic pills at Tian Xiu’s Leisure Pavilion was also you.”

“Yes.” You XiaoMo grinned, but his expression contained a trace of embarrassment.

“You’re really audacious!” The man lamented. Not only was he audacious, even Ling Xiao was the same too. To actually refine pills in other people’s territory, and it was even a rainbow pill, don’t tell me that they were not afraid of failure?


Tian Ming and the rest had finally found this place and saw the three people standing in one place speaking, creating a cheerful and lively scene. Though surprised, the expression did not appear on their faces. In actual fact, they had more or less guessed that this man who had thoroughly toyed with them was, in fact, their Young Master.

The man serenely said, “If there’s anything, bring it up when we go to the Smile Pavilion.”

Tian Ming and the five could only swallow back their words once more.

Tian Dao was already waiting for them at the Smile Pavilion. Other than him, there was also Tian Xiu. Tian Xiu did not have any expression at all and it was like the calm before the storm.

They all sat down one by one.

The two persons involved, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo, sat opposite Lin Gu in separate seats. It was originally the seats of two other members and was vacant because they were not present.

“Let me introduce him to you. He is your Young Master, Ling Xiao. Beside him is his mate, You XiaoMo.” The man started the introductions after he took a seat, finally confirming everyone’s conjecture.

Tian Hen sneered, “What Young Master, he’s only just a guy who mounts sneak attacks.”

The rest were all silent.

Ling Xiao indifferently glanced at him and soon after he casually rebutted, “Actually, I’m not just a guy who can mount a sneak attack. I’m also a guy who hides the head and shows the tail.”

Tian Hen was taken aback.

The expression of Tian Ming who was at one side changed slightly. He looked at Ling Xiao with astonishment, “It’s you?!” When he heard the last part of that sentence, he immediately remembered that those were the words that Tian Hen had said a few days ago. If it was really as he had thought, then…

Tian Hen had already reacted and the shock on his face was not any lesser than Tian Ming. He was immediately furious and surprised, “You followed us over here?”

“I’m glad you’ve finally realized what stupid mistakes you have made.” Tian Dao indifferently injected.

Tian Hen and Tian Ming met each other’s eyes in embarrassment.

Tian Dao continued to sprinkle salt expressionlessly, “You two are really good. It can’t be helped if you didn’t discover the people tailing you, you even brought them into the Weeping Ghost Shore. If the one who was brought in was not the Young Master, the Weeping Ghost Shore would have suffered unprecedented and tremendous losses because of you two.”

The two had nothing to say. This was indeed their fault.

“Tian Dao, don’t blame them too much. It’s understandable that they didn’t discover someone following them, as the difference in strength is too big after all.” The man smiled faintly. To be able to think of blasting the mountain to lure the members of the TianGou out as their guide, the others would also have been led over even if the ones present at that time were not Tian Ming and Tian Hen.

“The difference in strength is too big?” Tian Yuan caught onto this wording.

Tian Ming was a human. His cultivation was that of a four star Divine Realm practitioner. Tian Hen was a demon beast and his cultivation was four star Level Eleven. The two’s strength were ranked in the middle amongst all the members of the TianGou. However, they had always served as the team who carried out missions and had a lot of combat experience. They could even fight a six-star Divine Realm practitioner to a standstill when they worked with each other.

Therefore, the gap shouldn’t be too huge even if the strength of the Young Master was at peak seven star Divine Realm. Using ‘the difference is too big’ to describe this was not the right thing to do.

The man looked at Ling Xiao who constantly had an indifferent expression and smiled in gratification, “Xiao-er, you seemed to be at peak seven star Divine Realm the last time I saw you. This time, your cultivation should be higher than peak seven star, right?”

The sentence was like a drop of water that fell onto a calm lake, instantly breaking the initial tranquility.

They all looked at the man who they had always disdained with astonishment and amazement.

Above the peak seven stars was the Sacred Realm!

Although the TianGou was established ten thousand years ago, to this day, there were only two Sacred Realm powerhouses. One of them was Lin Gu while the other was presently not at the Weeping Ghost Shore. Even Tian Dao was only a peak seven stars.

All the members of TianGou had actually heard the man mention their Young Master long before and knew that their Young Master was currently just ten thousand and one hundred years old. But of that ten thousand and one hundred years, he had spent ten thousand of them spent in the Middle Level Realm (中级位面).

As everyone knew, the Middle Level Realm had a slight inhibition (压制) on one’s cultivation and it was generally extremely difficult to advance once one had reached the Divine Realm.

Therefore, everyone did not put Ling Xiao into their eyes. How high could the cultivation of a person that only lived in the TongTian Continent for one hundred years, and stayed in the Middle Level Realm for ten thousand years, be?

It was not that everyone was against him. It was just that this was a world where the strong were respected. It was impossible to make others swear allegiance to you if you did not have the strength, let alone a wild and intractable group of strong powerhouses.

You XiaoMo kicked Ling Xiao’s foot under the table.

Ling Xiao was unflinching, “Uncle Gu, I really broke through after we went separate ways the last time.”

The man nodded in satisfaction. He had always been looking forward to his breakthrough. Ten thousand years ago he was opposed to Ling Xiao going to the Middle Level Realm, fearing that it would affect his advancement.

“Uncle Gu, I have an important question to ask you. Is it convenient to ask it now?” Ling Xiao stood up.

The man nodded, “It is, let’s go outside and talk.”

With that, the two headed outside.

You XiaoMo peered at the others a couple of times. He did not want to stay back to face the members of TianGou. So he quietly rose, intending to follow after.

The man suddenly turned around and chuckled as soon as he reached the doorway, “XiaoMo, wait for us at the Smile Pavilion.” Then he walked off without waiting for him to respond.

You XiaoMo, “…”

Was he afraid that he would overhear their secret? What was there to be worried about? He was already crystal clear about the matters that he should know about. As for those that he did not know, it would be revealed just by asking Ling Xiao when he came back.

Ling Xiao did not say anything. Instead, he gave him a look telling him to patiently wait.

You XiaoMo did not insist after knowing that Ling Xiao would inform him afterwards. When he returned to the Smile Pavilion and saw a group of powerhouses emitting cold air, he realized in hindsight that the reason he wanted to go out was because he did not want to face these people ne!

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