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Chapter 528: A Massive Change

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Once they left the Smile Pavilion, the first thing You XiaoMo did was share with Ling Xiao the ‘chrysanthemum’ incident.

As expected, Ling Xiao was amused. He had guessed the perpetrator but not the process. Only his wife could have asked such a bizarre question.

Ling Xiao was very disappointed that he wasn’t there too.

Later, the two decided to temporarily stay at the Weeping Ghost Shore. They weren’t in a rush to leave and the anything about the Psychic Black Turtle, they could ask Tian Dao, who focused on gathering information. Most importantly, You XiaoMo wanted to see PiQiu and the others.

Ling Xiao had already asked Lin Gu about them. PiQiu and the others were not at the Weeping Ghost Shore.

Ever since they were told by Ling Xiao to find Lin Gu at the Weeping Ghost Shore, they hadn’t stayed there for more than five days because on the second day, they were thrown into the Cartilage Mountain by Lin Gu for training.

The Cartilage Mountain was a special training place at Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.

The specialty of the Cartilage Mountain was a demon beast named the Bone beast. These kind of demon beasts were not completely demon beasts because they had only bones and no blood or flesh. Their attack power was only mediocre at best but they were annoying to deal with like a cockroach since their bones could regroup even if they were scattered.

Since Lin Gu dared to throw them into Cartilage Mountain, he would be responsible for their well being, thus they could be sure that PiQiu and the others were fine. However, in what shape, that they did not know.

As long as You XiaoMo knew they were going to be fine, he was content.

Once back in his room, You XiaoMo told Ping Pong to play by themselves and pulled the baby turtle out from his shirt. What was to his satisfaction was that the whole time the baby turtle had stayed very quiet.

Just as You XiaoMo placed him onto the table, the baby turtle climbed up from his hand towards his body. Although it was a slow process, he was very determined.

You XiaoMo picked him up and placed him back onto the table. Unwavering, the baby turtle bit his finger in a soft and sticky way. He didn’t feel anything from it, much less pain, so thinking it was funny, he let him continue to bite on.

Too bad, if he hadn’t made a promise beforehand, he would have really liked to form a contract with the baby turtle.

The Psychic Black Turtle was not like the Green Tortoise or a Mystic Tortoise. It was part of the four Ancient Divine Beasts. It’s strength was parallel to that of the Demon Phoenix Clan and the Dragon Clan.

You XiaoMo sighed as he looked at the baby turtle.

“Right, how did your information gathering go? Does Uncle Gu know of your Dragon Clan’s bloodline?” You XiaoMo asked casually as he saw Ling Xiao approaching.

“Uncle Gu didn’t know either.” Ling Xiao sat down to speak, “He didn’t know of the Dragon Clan bloodline that my father had nor that it would be inherited by me. When I asked, he was very surprised, thus I probably have to ask my father personally to find out the answer.”

At that moment, You XiaoMo felt like the truth was still very far away.

Supposedly Ling Xiao’s father was imprisoned by the Qilin Clan, and the Qilin Clan were the head of the Four Ancient Beast Clans. If they wanted to steal his father from their hands, Ling Xiao would have to be at least a seven star expert to stand a chance.

“No matter the answer, the conclusion won’t change.” The truth was that Ling Xiao wanted to know about his bloodline, not only to find out where his Dragon Clan blood came from, but also, he had an intuition that Uncle Gu was hiding something from him.

“Since even he didn’t know, then after we see PiQiu, are we going to leave?” You XiaoMo asked as he was toying with the baby turtle.

“The quicker we leave the better. I have a feeling a storm is coming to Xi Jing.” Ling Xiao didn’t reject his idea. When he first saw Mo Jing he had this feeling and if they were involved, they would probably be staying even longer at Xi Jing.

You XiaoMo didn’t ask further since he had the same feeling.

The very next day, You XiaoMo went to find Tian Xiu.

Since Tian Xiu didn’t question further about him trading the magic herbs on his own accord, that must mean he was pretty happy with those high-grade magic herbs. Therefore, he was going to take this chance to swap more with him.

You XiaoMo was able to trade one high-grade magic herb with two mid-grade magic herbs and also some seeds. Those seeds were randomly placed there by Tian Xiu, they didn’t have much of a use.

After that, the two even talked about the path of refining pills and of advancements.

Tian Xiu was a grade three rainbow level mage, with a lot more experience than his just-advanced-grade-one-rainbow-level. You XiaoMo was able to learn a lot from him.

The two continued to talk for two days, until PiQiu and the others were called back. Only then did You XiaoMo stop running over to Tian Xiu’s Leisure Pavilion. The master and five servants finally met again. Other than XiaoHei and SheQiu, both MaoQiu and PiQiu were very emotional. After all those days training at the Cartilage Mountain, they were finally done.

After not seeing each other for so long, all four of them had all changed in some ways.

The one with the most change was PiQiu. He went from a small dumpling to a young man. His features were no long immature but slowly developing towards masculinity, his height had also surpassed You XiaoMo.

PiQiu’s level had increased by a lot, when he had left, he was just three star level nine, but now, he was at one star level ten. His power level really skyrocketed.

You XiaoMo was even worried that there was going to be side effects to such power increase but after seeing him acting perfectly fine, he was a bit relieved.

Then it was MaoQiu, her level was even higher than PiQiu by five stars.

Maybe it was because they hadn’t seen each other for a while, her features had become more charming. Even without purposefully using her seducing skill of the fox clan, her facial features had a natural lure to them.

XiaoHei was still the cool beauty but if there was something that changed, then that was his temper; it got worse.

Now he was at seven star peak level ten and started to have the aura of a powerhouse.

Lastly was SheQiu, he was looking more ‘evil’ by the second, with a two star level eleven strength. Although that was least changed out of their group, because he was also the strongest, that slow growth was expected.

Looking at them, You XiaoMo had the feeling of ‘all of my children have grown up so magnificently’. All of them matured and it looked like they ate all of his magic pills that were given to them. Probably another reason as to why their levels increased by so much.

You XiaoMo had thought of hugging PiQiu and reminisce but when he saw that the white bun had turned into a black bun, he instantly lost interest.

If he had known that the ‘son’ he raised from a baby would become someone he couldn’t even recognize, he should have kept him beside him like CatQiu.

Although CatQiu didn’t cultivate here with them, his power-level was not far behind.

Every so often You XiaoMo would feed him a magic pill and since he didn’t need a mask, he let CatQiu stay in his dimension with the Giant Roc.

“Master?” PiQiu said as he felt wronged when looking at his master’s hesitating expression. He felt deeply hurt.

You XiaoMo gave out a dry laugh, to give him some mental preparation.

After a while, he said, “Since everyone’s strength increased somewhat, now you can decide if you want to go with me or stay behind?”

“Of course I’m going with master, I can’t stand it here, the Cartilage Mountain is so scary.” PiQiu even let out a few tears and even patted his chest while he was at it. He really liked acting more and more.

You XiaoMo tried his best to not look away. Using such a masculine face to make a ‘I’m wronged’ expression was slaughtering his optic senses. Give me back my cute little bun, You XiaoMo thought, depressed.

“Right, during this time, did you guys get in contact with LanQiu or the little chick?” You XiaoMo suddenly thought of this question and asked, since LanQiu was also in Xi Jing. He didn’t think TianGou’s base would also be in Xi Jing.

MaoQiu replied, “Currently there was nothing from that little chick but LanQiu sent us a message a month ago saying that one of his brothers went missing. He and his other brothers have been searching, so we probably won’t be seeing LanQiu for a while.”

You XiaoMo nodded. He more or less had guessed that something happened to LanQiu or else he would have found them a long time ago.

“Huh, what species is this baby turtle? It looks good.” PiQiu suddenly saw the baby turtle that was hanging onto You XiaoMo’s arm as if it would be there for another hundred years. He didn’t realize it was a Psychic Black Turtle, it was SheQiu and the others who took another look at it instead.

You XiaoMo didn’t let him touch it, the baby turtle was a bit afraid of strangers and wouldn’t even acknowledge Ling Xiao. Then he said to them, “In the next two days or so we would be leaving the Weeping Ghost Shore so you guys can start packing.”

However, before they left, he and Ling Xiao went to find Tian Dao.

Although the Psychic Black Turtles lived in the Living Water River Boundary, it was so vast that it would take them a while to find the exact residence of the Psychic Black Turtles.

No matter how smart Tian Dao was, he wouldn’t have guessed that they going to return a baby turtle to the Living Water River Boundary. As for Ling Xiao, he basically acknowledged his position as the young master and the Leader had told them to not hid any information the young master needed.

After obtaining a definitive answer, they set out of Weeping Ghost Shore the very next day.

As for some of the members of TianGou, they couldn’t wait for You XiaoMo to leave. Those kind of embarrassing stories should just be buried forever and never to see the sun again.

The only regret You XiaoMo felt was not being able to see Tian Gui, because he was the one who Ling Xiao told him was lacking love. Wait no, the one who was bullied constantly and later killed everyone who bullied him, that member.

From what he had heard, he went out to kill people but accidently went too far and still hadn’t made it back yet.

Once they left the Weeping Ghost Shore, they were once again within the Demon Beast Graveyard.

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