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Translated by EllaBells of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The werewolf who walked in the forefront mourned, “The elder was unfortunately killed by the insane werewolves!”

Shamal was stunned, “But I just talked with him on the transmission device.”

“Those were his last words!” The werewolf covered his eyes with both hands.

Feisha shouted decisively, “Don’t let them continue to get off!”

F***! Even if they were dressed up, they should have found a few more reliable ones. The few in the back were like mountains, and they were clearly made up of the Titans!

His voice just fell, and Gin and the werewolves moved at the same time.

Feisha realized for the first time that despite looking like he could be blown over by a stiff wind, with a sickly and weak kind of beauty, Gin had such fast movements; such powerful force.

He only saw that wherever he went, the werewolves were powerless to fight back, and each were thrown back into the train like a shot put.

However, the werewolves kept coming, overwhelming him with numbers. The ones not caught directly slipped past him and rushed in Feisha’s direction.

Feisha immediately turned and ran to the lobby. “You guys hold them off first, I will go find help!”

From behind, Layton and Shamal cried out, but he couldn’t spare any thoughts for them. He just ran forward with his life on the line, seeing the door in sight, a black shadow suddenly shrouded the ground from above…

In a single flash—

He was grabbed and teleported three or four meters forward.

In fact, Feisha ‘s mind was completely blank, the situation at that time did not allow him to have any thoughts or reaction.

“Is…” Feisha subconsciously said, but soon felt it was wrong. Because this embrace was far less gentle than when Isefel hugged him.

“Hurry and go call people.” Gin’s voice rang harshly in his ear.

Feisha was pushed and couldn’t help but look back.

Gin guarded the front doors. On the back of his black suit, a long rip ran from the right shoulder to the top of the left hip, and the blood beaded as it rolled between the white shirt and his skin.

Feisha didn’t dare look at it again. He rushed straight to the center of the lobby, raised his head and shouted, “Come out and fight… there’s people kicking in the doors!”

“Hoho!” The fastest was Asa.

With heavy footsteps, Asa waved a mace and jumped down from the second floor with anger.

Feisha felt the ground shaking under his feet, and Asa quickly passed him and rushed towards Gin’s direction.

Followed after him was Antonio, who had two kitchen knives in his hands. Just by looking at the gleaming brightness on the kitchen knives, one would know that they were sharp!

After Feisha finished lamenting, he waited in place for a while, yet, Isefel did not appear. He could not help but feel surprised. According to common sense, an airplane should drive much faster than any locomotive.

He thought about it and turned to run towards the restaurant.

The floor-to-ceiling window design of the restaurant allowed him to see the battle situation entirely.

But the battle before his eyes was far beyond his imagination.

Lightning and fire constantly flashed up and down. Isefel stood coldly on the train, his black wings merged with the endless black curtain.

The white lightning gathered under him and wrapped the car in a silver net.

Gin’s hair was a mess, as he began killing faster and faster. It was already hard to see a whole corpse near him.

The ones killing with even more enthusiasm were Asa and Antonio. It seemed like they were competing, where one killed and threw it to show the other.

Shamal hid within the safety range of the two and attacked with fireballs. Layton had a small body and was easily darting through the battlefield coldly whipping around a knife.

Feisha saw the scene gradually being controlled, and could not help but wipe off some cold sweat. Perhaps because of the layer of glass separating them, the horrifying scenes outside were like illusions or scenes played on a movie’s silver screen. There was no real sense of reality.

After calming down, he finally felt that he was a little dehydrated. He turned to the kitchen to find water.

In the kitchen, the meat was on the cutting board, showing how hurried Antonio was at the time.

He poured himself a cup of water and sipped it bit by bit. The water slipped from his throat to his stomach, as if life was flowing through him. He let out a breath and leaned against the cupboard for a moment before he went out.

Less than a minute after going to the window, his expression suddenly changed. Without any hesitation he grabbed a chair and fiercely threw it at the window.

The glass broke like a scatter of water droplets, fell down, and raised loud sounds of complaint below.

Feisha anxiously yelled at Isefel, “Watch out behind!”

In fact, even if he did not say anything, Isefel felt the change in the flow of air behind him.

Gin finished off the werewolf at hand, looked up, and immediately let out a low curse.

Isefel slowly flew up.

The train underfoot seemed to be an unhooked fish and fell silently into the boundless darkness. Behind it, three trains that were identical to the first one drove forward together.

Shamal looked at Asa and Antonio, who had already started to clear the grounds. “They can’t get in without our permission.”

Gin shook his head, “The enchantment still has a power limit. With their numbers, they can use brute force.”

Everyone’s face paled with defeat.

Was there anything more gloomy than after a fierce battle, thinking that victory is in sight, only to find out it was a mirage?

Isefel flew into the building and put away his wings. He spoke from up on high, “Temporarily hide inside the hotel.”

Asa shook the bloody mace angrily and shouted, “I am not afraid of them!”

Isefel raised an eyebrow. “This is an order.”

Sounds of dissatisfaction came from Asa’s throat.

Above the reception area, the trains had begun to rally to break through the enchantment.

Isefel turned, pulled up Feisha and left.

Feisha’s body suddenly felt limp, the considerations and conclusions that were originally forming in his mind were all gone.

They went straight upstairs. Since Noah’s Arc’s rooms were infinite, as long as they walked high enough, it was almost impossible to find them.

Gin, Shamal, Antonio, Layton and Asa also caught up to them from behind. The group of people climbed the stairs silently.

For the always-hoping-for-a-shorter-route Feisha, it was the first time he discovered the benefits of Noah’s Arc — he could go hand in hand with Isefel forever. The only shortcoming was that there were too many extras following behind.

After an indisconcertable amount of time, the repeating floors suddenly showed a different configuration, with a total of nine rooms side by side.

Isefel explained without waiting for him to ask, “This is the 205th floor.”

Is 205 also popular here?
[T/N: 二百五 or 205 is also Chinese for idiot, disappointing and/or half-hearted]

Feisha looked at the serious faces of the others and swallowed the words back.

“Choose your room to rest.” Isefel lightly left those words. Actually, he could still go higher. Feisha grasped Isefel’s hand and refused to let go.

“What about those intruders?” Shamal burst out, unable to suppress his agitation.

Gin laughed and said, “When they enter Noah’s Arc, they will find that it is not as fun as they imagined.”

“What do you mean?”

“Temporarily secret.”

Asa, Layton, Feisha and Shamal looked at each other.

Compared to Isefel, Gin, and Antonio, the four of them were considered new and they didn’t know enough about Noah’s Arc. But, since they did not say anything, they also didn’t ask again, only waiting for things to develop further.

“Right. Did Hughes and Lanka go back?” Feisha felt quite sorry, otherwise there would be two more powerful forces. The transparent nature of transparent people was always a treasure.

Gin’s made an ugly expression and let out a noise of confirmation.

Everyone picked a room and prepared to enter the door. Feisha reluctantly let go of Isefel’s hand and took a couple of steps before suddenly made an “ah” sound.

Shamal and Layton were suddenly nervous, “What’s wrong?”

Even Isefel and Antonio looked back at him.

“I’m hungry.” Feisha held the doorknob in one hand, held his stomach in another hand, and looked at Isefel pitifully. “This, how long will it take Noah’s Arc to wipe out the enemy?”

Gin glanced at Isefel and turned his eyes and said, “Let’s find someone to go to the kitchen to get some food.”

Obviously the time needed was definitely longer than expected.

The floor suddenly went quiet.

Gin stared at Layton and smiled.

Layton was depressed, “Why me?”

“Because Hughes is not here, your body type is best.”

Layton said, “I am short, but I haven’t gotten to ground level height; invisible to others, right?”

Gin said: “At least it’s easy to overlook. Otherwise, can you find someone here that’s easier to overlook than you?”

“…” Layton didn’t even look and lowered his head and went downstairs.

Feisha gratefully looked at Gin. But Gin just looked meaningfully at Isefel. Feisha suddenly “ah”’ed again.

Gin didn’t have a good tone, “If you are worried that there is no place to defecate after eating, then you don’t need to. There is a bathroom in the room, a toilet in the bathroom, you can sit on it day and night.”

“No, I am worried about the injury on your back.” Remembering Gin’s rescue, Feisha naturally ignored his ridicule.

“Then how do you want to repay…” Gin began joking, but he suddenly felt a chill on his body. He turned his head and saw Isefel staring at him. The words about to leave his mouth immediately changed directions. “It’s no use. Because I never look for repayment for good deeds!”

Shamal looked at the wound on his back, “I will mend it for you.”

Gin reached out and touched the wound gently, “Okay.”

“But first, let’s make it clear,” Shamal smiled, “I definitely look for repayment for good deeds.”

After the big battle, everyone was very tired. Although Feisha was only responsible for the two steps of notification and watching, but the two hundred plus floors were not casually climbed. At that time, the excitement and adrenaline kept him going. But now that things had calmed down, his muscles began to ache and complain.

He took a shower and was so tired that he was about to drop. Just then, the doorbell rang. He opened the door and saw Layton standing outside, panting and holding two bags of things in his hand.


“Bread and jam.”

Feisha eyes gleamed with greed and opened it. “This…should be called Shacha sauce?”

Layton looked at him blankly, “Is there a difference?”

“One is sweet, one is spicy.”


Feisha turned over the Shacha sauce for a long time and suddenly said, “Say, do you think they would use poison?”

“Poison? What is it used on? Shacha sauce? But that’s sealed tight.”

“Bread. This is not sealed.”

Layton looked back and forth. “So, will you eat the Shacha sauce directly?”

Feisha, “…”

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