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Chapter 530: The Proprietress of the Restaurant


Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo actually had a clan mark, it was just that his mark was in a state of concealment.

The clan mark on his forehead faintly appeared once when he was fully acknowledged as the master of the dimension. It appeared once more after that, but he had never discovered it because he could not see it on himself.

As for why he could inherit the Inheritance Jewel, this matter was very easy to comprehend too.

You XiaoMo’s last name was also You in his last life. Thus, it meant that the You family was legitimately part of the You Clan since he could become a successor. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to activate the dimension when he came over when the original owner did not get the slightest reaction after harboring it for eighteen years.

There must be some secret hidden by the You family that he was unaware of if the You family’s circumstances were really as he had suspected. You XiaoMo felt that he did not even discover this secret even after his death despite living there for eighteen years.

“That man probably knew that the legitimate successors of the You Clan were dying out in ancient times, so he stayed until now for the purpose of witnessing that someone had inherited the Inheritance Jewel. It was likely that the You Clan had depended on your dimension to establish their hegemony in ancient times.” Ling Xiao explained.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath. Many secrets had finally uncovered their veil at this moment.

However, he was even more anxious to return to Earth in the Lower Level Realm now. He wanted to know what secrets the You family had that he was unaware of.

Besides, it turned out that Dan Qing was his ancestor when everything was said and done.

The original owner of his dimension and the red-colored Jade drive was presumably Progenitor Dan Qing’s too. He felt that everything he got were all things that belonged to his family. It was truly the god of destiny making a fool of the people.

You XiaoMo was preoccupied with his own thoughts and forgot to ask what else the handsome white-robed guy talked about with Ling Xiao.

The two men passed through White Bone Town again. The people in White Bone Town were really efficient. Though they had only been away for a few days, most of the buildings had already been rebuilt.

However, they directly left the town instead of stopping over.

The Living Waters River Boundary lay to the north of Xi Jing and it spanned over most of Xi Jing from the Weeping Ghost Shore. Thus, You XiaoMo directly took out a teleportation talisman after leaving the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.

Recently, they always been running up and down outside, and it felt as if the usage of the Dimensional talisman was becoming more intemperate the more it was used.

The northern side of Xi Jing was near a vast ocean. There were other Tortoise Clans living there besides the Psychic Black Turtles and most were living under the protection of the Psychic Black Turtles.

The Dimensional talisman directly transported them to the vicinity of the Living Waters River Boundary.

Though it is said to be the vicinity, they were still quite a considerable distance from the Living Waters River Boundary.

The capital city they were currently at was the only capital city in the north of Xi Jing – the Nature City. The capital city was extraordinarily large and it was also the most peculiar city in the TongTian Continent as it enclosed a forest within its walls.

You XiaoMo let PiQiu and the rest out.

It was said that the Nature City was not too hospitable, especially to the human race which they loathed the most.

Despite them loathing humans, they would not refuse to let humans enter the Nature City. Even so, the cordiality towards humans were definitely worse than those directed towards demon beasts and some may even make things difficult for humans.

PiQiu and the rest were demon beasts. He directly let them out as every and very one had the strength to protect themselves. Moreover, there was no need to stay in the dimension and grow mold after their strength had risen.

You XiaoMo also took the Giant Roc and the rest out. He then stuffed the baby turtle who could not transform, the Golden Winged Insect and the Metal Swallowing Beast into his clothes.

With that, the group of people entered the city in a grandiose manner.

You XiaoMo was sandwiched in the middle of a group of demon beasts so his aura had been concealed. Thus, the soldiers guarding the city did not find out that he was a human.

The Nature City was literally a city overflowing with demonic aura.

The streets were full of big and tall men. Women were rarely seen and only a few were occasionally sighted. This was the so-called ‘a thing is valued if it is rare’. Despite how ordinary the women looked, they were very popular with men here.

Along the way, You XiaoMo saw not less than five dramas about fights for a woman’s favor, where several men got into a free-for-all fight in order to vie for a woman. Each and every one of the onlookers had an expression which declared that they were accustomed to this.

After crossing a street, they finally saw a block of hotels next to each other. Although the quality was not as high as those in human city, the facade looked quite clean and tidy, and the majority of the hotels were bustling with noise and excitement.

You XiaoMo picked a restaurant that was bustling with people.

The restaurant was packed with customers and the tables at the lobby were nearly completely filled. Everyone was whispering to one another’s ear as they periodically looked in the direction of the second floor. It was only until the proprietress came down that You XiaoMo and his group realized the reason for this behavior.

It turned out that the restaurant only had a proprietress and no proprietor. Furthermore, the proprietress was a beautiful woman that was as fair as a flower and beautiful as the moon. She was more beautiful than any of the women that You XiaoMo had ever seen. Charming and sexy, there was not a single trace of the vicissitudes of life on her. Unlike those women who casually flirt at others on the street, she was akin a pure and moving goddess with a beautiful temperament.

There must be quite a few people pursuing such a beautiful proprietress.

The proprietress was wearing a pure white dress which looked simple, but upon closer examination, the material was exceptional. One could see her pithy and generous temperament enveloping her from head to toe, leaving a very good first impression.

The proprietress slowly approached them slowly as she smiled gently and politely, “Three Honored Guests, please come inside. Would you like to seat at the lobby or in a private room?”

“A private room.” You XiaoMo replied.

He glanced at the lobby and saw that there was only one empty table left, but the location was quite poor. The stink of stale sweat would definitely be unavoidable whilst being sandwiched in the middle of a group of hot-blooded men.

“Very well. Please follow me, three Honored Guests.”

The proprietress led them to a private room on the second floor and personally got an attendant to bring a pot of hot tea and a small jar of wine to them. She had thought that Ling Xiao would drink wine, so she specifically put the wine in front of him.

“Honored Guests, please enjoy. The dishes you’ve ordered will be up in a moment.”

The proprietress’ limpid gaze fell on Ling Xiao’s face before she smiled at him and left the room. During the moment she was closing the door, she saw Ling Xiao expressionlessly move the wine away before the tender and beautiful woman accompanying them courteously poured a cup of tea for him.

The door closed gently.

With a smile on her lips, MaoQiu’s face was full of charm, “Boss’ charmingness is still as destructive as ever. Even this alluring proprietress was attracted to you.”

MaoQiu was the only one following You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. PiQiu and the three others had ran off.

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao’s face and muttered in a bad mood, “Attracting bees and butterflies.”  <strong>t/n: Attracting bees and butterflies means to attract the attention of the elegant young idlers.</strong>

They were walking about with their original appearance as only a few people knew them in Xi Jing. As a matter of fact, You XiaoMo did not like to keep changing his face and felt that it was the most comfortable to use his own face.

“She is neither a bee nor a butterfly, but a Cat Demon.” Ling Xiao stated solemnly.

You XiaoMo stared blankly, “A Cat Demon?”

MaoQiu laughed and explained, “The Cat Demon is a type of high level demon beast. Although their strength is nothing great, each and every beast from the Cat Demon Clan will look like an an outstanding and exquisite beauty after transforming. They are very popular in the demon world and some great demon beasts who are powerful like to keep a Cat Demon as a pet.”

“Then the proprietress… Weren’t we told that this restaurant was without a proprietor?” You XiaoMo asked in surprise.

“On the surface, there is none. But there must be a big backer behind her, otherwise it would be impossible to open a restaurant in the Nature City with her being a Cat Demon. Master just has to carefully observe and you’ll know. There was only admiration in the eyes of those people in the lobby when looking at the Cat Demon.”

Xiao Mo finally understood. To put it plainly, she was being kept.

Before long, the proprietress got the attendant to send the food up.

The table was brimming with food and the fragrance of the dishes assailed the nose. You XiaoMo paid more attention to his desire for good food and was staring at the food with avariciousness and insatiability. He has not eaten much these days because Xi Jing had lesser cities and towns unlike the Southern Continent or Zhong Tian.

MaoQiu did not hold back too. She rarely tried human food and enjoyed having it once in a while.

Although most of the population in the Nature City was made up of demon beasts, meat was also their main food. Nonetheless, some hotels will instruct their chef to make some human food in order to have more variety.

Ling Xiao had eaten a lot of human food while following You XiaoMo and his palate had been raised very well.

A table of dishes was cleanly eaten up in less than half an hour.

You XiaoMo then called for two servings of after-meals fruit and ate till his stomach was close to bursting.

They were not intending to stay in the Nature City for too long and were planning to leave after they ate. As for PiQiu and the rest, they agreed to meet outside the city gates in an hour before they entered the city.

You XiaoMo called the attendant over and prepared to foot the bill.

After calculating for a while, the attendant politely quoted, “Honored Guest, the total is twenty-one thousand spirit gems.”

You Xiao thought that he had misheard it and could not refrain from picking his ears, “Sorry, how much did you say it was? I didn’t hear you just now. Could you repeat it again?”

The attendant repeated the price again with the same expression that was neither obsequious nor supercilious.

The atmosphere in the private room immediately chilled.

You Xiao sneered, “Are you taking us as idiots? We only ordered ten ordinary dishes and two plates of after-meals fruits, yet you are asking for twenty-one thousand spirit gems? Are you trying to defraud us?”

“This Honored Guest, this is the price in the shop.” The expression of the attendant remained unchanged, appearing as if he did not care about their indignation.

You XiaoMo would really be stupid if he believed the attendant’s words. He did not believe that there were still so many people who could afford it if one meal was so expensive. This was because most of the demon beasts were gluttons. Furthermore, Xi Jing was unlike the other places and most of the demon beasts were poor. He absolutely did not believe that the price would be set so high.


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