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Chapter 541: Identity Revealed

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Hai Chu didn’t ask where they were going. There wasn’t much point in trusting or not trusting them over this kind of thing, and as long as they didn’t leave Whale Island it was fine.

You XiaoMo indicated that he was a bit tired after shopping for several hours, but he was clearly trying to chase him away.

Hai Chu didn’t really say anything else either and only told them that the Black Turtle Clan’s people would be coming tomorrow morning, so it would be best if they could try to stay at the inn as much as possible. Even if there was something important, they should try their best to notify him first.

You XiaoMo agreed.

However, their pal Hai Chu was truly awfully slow.

You XiaoMo had a sort of deep concern over the future of his baby turtle. The Psychic Black Turtle didn’t seem to be a very peaceful clan either, and indeed, power struggles could be found everywhere. If things continued like this, could his baby turtle still grow up peacefully?

At night, You XiaoMo took out the baby turtle and teased his little head with his fingers. The baby turtle’s little head swayed back and forth before he finally lost the last of his patience and used his newly grown teeth to bite You XiaoMo’s finger.

You XiaoMo raised his hand, and the baby turtle refused to loosen his jaws. After You XiaoMo laughed, he couldn’t help but sigh. “Baby turtle, ah, baby turtle. Tonight is probably the last time we’ll meet. Starting from tomorrow, you’ll return to the Black Turtle Clan. When that time comes, you must be obedient and do your best to become strong, so you can chase out all of the bad guys in the clan.”

“What are you saying to him? When he returns to the Black Turtle Clan, he’ll forget you before long.” Ling Xiao said dismissively after he heard what You XiaoMo was saying.

“That’s why I’m saying this now.” Of course You XiaoMo knew this. After the baby turtle returned, his master would most likely brainwash him and wipe away all of the memories they had shared.


You XiaoMo was deep in thought until a pain came from his finger. Only then did he discover that the baby turtle had actually bitten through the skin of his finger.

Ling Xiao instantly walked over. “What’s wrong?”

You XiaoMo hurriedly withdrew his finger from the baby turtle’s mouth. There was indeed a wound from the baby turtle’s bite, but there wasn’t much blood flowing from the wound, and it seemed that the baby turtle had sucked it up thinking that it was something tasty.

Ling Xiao picked up his hand and took a look. The wound wasn’t very deep.

Most likely because he knew he was in trouble, the baby turtle pulled his head and limbs into his shell.

You XiaoMo picked up the shell and shook it a little. It seemed that this little fellow was actually pretty clever.

On the second day, the people from the Black Turtle Clan indeed arrived. They came directly after finding the inn, and there was a total of three people. One of these people was someone You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao knew, for better or worse: Xuan Ming.

Xuan Ming still felt like a slowpoke to You XiaoMo, even though he hadn’t come at the last second, most likely because he was with his companions. He didn’t seem to recognize them.

Once they entered, the only elder of the group instantly looked around the inside of the room with an eager gaze. When they heard that there was a possibility that two strangers had escorted the baby turtle back home this time, the Black Turtle Clan was basically scared out of their wits.

“May I ask if the two of you are the ones who escorted my great-grandson back? Where is he?”

The old man’s name was Xuan Zong, and he was the second elder of the Black Turtle Clan. His position was very high, and the baby turtle was his great-grandson. Before, when he had heard that Mo Jing encountered trouble and his whereabouts were unknown, he had almost worried off all of his white hair.

A bit of astonishment flashed across You XiaoMo’s eyes.

This old man was actually the baby turtle’s great-grandfather, that was truly unexpected!

But if he knew that the baby turtle was with them, then it seemed that it was very likely that Mo Jing had contacted them. You XiaoMo pulled out the baby turtle from his clothes and grudgingly handed him over. “This is your great-grandson.”

Xuan Zong trembled as he received him, but when he saw what the baby turtle looked like, his expression froze involuntarily. Was this actually his great-grandson?

You XiaoMo blinked.

Ling Xiao whispered in his ear, “You forgot to wipe off the paint.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Xuan Ming smiled tightly. Actually, he could tell with one glance whether the baby turtle was part of the Black Turtle Clan or not. Clan members of the same bloodline had an instinctive response; it was just that he hadn’t expected that they would actually paint over the baby turtle. However, this way was indeed safer.

Except he was suddenly very curious as to what exactly they had done that would allow Mo Jing to entrust the baby turtle to them. There was no way Mo Jing didn’t know the importance of the baby turtle to the Black Turtle Clan.

“What’s wrong with him?” Xuan Zong said doubtfully. He had already wiped off the paint on the baby turtle’s shell, but the baby turtle still hadn’t moved, and his head and limbs were still pulled inside his shell. Xuan Zong had originally believed that the baby turtle refused to come out because of the paint on his shell.

You XiaoMo said awkwardly, “Uh, he’s been like that since last night.”

After he had bitten his finger last night, the baby turtle had refused to come out. At first You XiaoMo had thought that it was because the baby turtle was afraid of being scolded and so he had ignored the baby turtle, but it was only this morning when You XiaoMo discovered that the baby turtle was still like this that he found out there was a problem. It seemed very much as if he was throwing a temper tantrum.

You XiaoMo explained the gist of the situation, and he also emphasized that he absolutely had not hit or scolded him.

Xuan Zong wasn’t willing to admit that his great-grandson was exhibiting this strange behavior because he didn’t want to leave this human, so he hastily urged, “Little Le, I’m your great-grandfather. Hurry and come out to see your great-grandfather…”

Xuan Ming looked at You XiaoMo and explained, “The baby turtle’s name is Xuan Le.”

You XiaoMo nodded. This name wasn’t anything much, and it wasn’t even as good as the name he had given the baby turtle.

Ling Xiao didn’t even need to guess to know what he was thinking.

Over there, Xuan Zong coaxed him for quite a while, but the baby turtle didn’t respond as if he had made up his mind to not come out. It was worrying Xuan Zong to death. The Black Turtle Clan’s people were all extremely obstinate, and it was clear that the baby turtle had also inherited this bit.

“Second elder, it might be best if you let this fellow You give it a try.” Xuan Ming suggested.

You XiaoMo abruptly raised his head and looked at Xuan Ming. He actually knew that his surname was You?

Unless Mo Jing had already contacted them, since they had only told their names to Mo Jing before.

“No need to look anymore, he’s known for a long time now.” Ling Xiao said absently. When they had divulged their names before, he had guessed that such a day would come.

Xuan Ming laughed a bit and didn’t deny it. Actually, even without the information that Mo Jing had sent over by chance three days before, he would still have guessed that they were You XiaoHa and Ling Mo, but they might better be called You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao instead. Since there were rumors currently flying wildly around outside right now, and the only two parties involved were coincidentally absent, their images fit too well if someone looked at the two of them.

Xuan Zong gave it his all but was still unable to persuade his great-grandson, and he could only do as Xuan Ming said and hand over the baby turtle. There was a clearly unwilling struggle in his eyes. He actually had to depend on an outsider to coax out his great-grandson, and it left a very bad taste just thinking about it.

You XiaoMo held the baby turtle in his palm and stared at the hole in the shell. “Baby turtle, be good and go back with your great-grandfather obediently. We’ll have a chance to meet again someday.”

After three seconds, the baby turtle’s little head slowly stretched out, and his eyes, which looked as if they were emeralds inlaid in his head, gazed tearfully at You XiaoMo.

His spiritual Intelligence wasn’t actually as incomplete as You XiaoMo had thought.

Except his Intelligence right now was equal to that of a three or four year old toddler. But even a toddler could recognize people, much less an Emperor Beast.

When he heard that You XiaoMo was going to give him away, the baby turtle was unhappy and withdrew into his shell as protest. But since You XiaoMo thought that he was afraid of being scolded, he had ignored him for the entire night, and the baby turtle was even more hurt.

You XiaoMo gently patted his little head. “A real man can’t cry. Only good will come out of going home with your great-grandfather, nothing bad. If you want to see me, then you should grow up quick and become strong fast. Then you can come find me.”

The baby turtle bumped his head against the palm of You XiaoMo’s hand.

You XiaoMo took it as an agreement, and he gave him to the second elder, who was so sour that he could only froth at the mouth.

Xuan Zong’s expression was extremely complicated. His great-grandson refused to be intimate with him, his great-grandfather, but he was intimate with an outsider instead. Plus, he was persuaded with just two sentences, and the old man’s heart was greatly unsettled. He only said one more thing before leaving the inn with his great-grandson, leaving everything else to Xuan Ming to take care of.

Very quickly, only the three of them were left in the room.

Xuan Ming said seriously, “This time we are much obliged to the two of you. If you ever encounter any difficulties, may the two of you feel free to come find us. The Black Turtle Clan fully welcomes you both.”

He spoke as if the two of them were going to encounter great difficulties.

The reason You XiaoMo wanted the Black Turtle Clan’s repayment was definitely not so he could resolve some difficulties.

“Did something happen outside?” Ling Xiao’s indifferent black eyes swept over Xuan Ming, who wore the clear expression of someone who had something to say. It seemed that Ling Xiao already had a guess in mind.

“It seems the two of you are unaware about that matter.” Xuan Ming said clearly.

“What matter?”

Xuan Ming didn’t talk in a roundabout way and got straight to the point. “Your identities have already been exposed by the Vermillion Blood Clan. Right now, the Vermillion Blood Clan is using the title of ‘traitor’ in order to drag fellow You back. They’ve even found the XiaoYao Institution, and as of now the power level of all parties involved is still unclear.”

“How did the Vermillion Blood Clan know?” You XiaoMo cried out in alarm.

Xuan Ming shook his head. The Black Turtle Clan had never really cared about the outside world’s affairs, so he was also unfamiliar with the specifics of the situation.

There wasn’t a trace of surprise on Ling Xiao’s face. Rather, he revealed a strange smile. “They should be spreading information about me outside as well, right?”

Xuan Ming hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Ling Xiao’s identity was the true explosive point.

Basically nobody had thought that the Ling Mo who had defeated You AnTai and the Eagle Guild was actually the descendant of the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan. Moreover, he was a descendant that had been cast out.

Ten thousand years ago, this matter had once created a huge sensation in the TongTian Continent.

If only it wasn’t because it had happened so long ago, this matter would’ve long since been unearthed by someone.

Both the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan refused to acknowledge Ling Xiao as a member of their clans, which they had already expressed ten thousand years ago. After this piece of information had leaked out, the Vermillion Blood Clan called him out shamelessly. Now, there was a great deal of people who were waiting for them to appear so they could watch a good show.

Even though the Vermillion Blood Clan was saying that You XiaoMo was a traitor, there were still ‘kind-hearted souls’ who dug up the truth of the Vermillion Blood Clan’s connection to them.

His multiple crimes included killing You AnTai, killing You Ming, killing one of the four Battle Gods You XiangDong, barging into his own clan’s forbidden zone and releasing numerous ferocious prisoners, and destroying Yu Xian City. Each act endlessly shocked people, and not even a day had passed before it swept across TongTian Continent like a tornado.

“You two most likely cannot go back to Zhong Tian. You ZhenTian is giving the Mage Guild and the Beast Transfiguration Guild some face because he doesn’t dare to go to the XiaoYao Institution to make a move on you, but as long as you two make an appearance, he won’t let you two go. Right now only Xi Jing can still be considered safe.”

Xuan Ming’s suggestion was that the Vermillion Blood Clan most likely wouldn’t be able to extend its reach into Xi Jing. But he didn’t believe that the two of them would hide in Xi Jing. Since they had dared to provoke the Vermillion Blood Clan so many times already, they definitely wouldn’t cower just because they might be discovered by You ZhenTian.

But to tell the truth, he still admired You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. After doing all of those things, they actually still dared to walk boldly in front of You ZhenTian. They had more courage than most.

You XiaoMo thought of the magic herbs that he had requested Wu Cheng to find. No matter what, he still had to go back one more time.

Moreover, he had just reached the ninetieth floor, and he hadn’t even gotten the chance to live there once yet. In the end his relationship with XiaoYao Institution was even more shallow than his relationship with the Dao Xing Academy. He had finally taken care of everything after much difficulty, and now he couldn’t even go back.

Finally You XiaoMo knew why Xuan Ming told them to find the Black Turtle Clan if they ever encountered trouble.

You ZhenTian was a Sacred high-star level expert, and there were only a few people who could stand on the same level as him in all of TongTian Continent. Even though Ling Xiao had the bloodlines of the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan, in the end he was still considered part of the younger generation. Although he was also a Sacred Realm expert, there was still a few stars’ worth of difference.

Before leaving, Xuan Ming also passed on Mo Jing’s message for them.

As of right now, there wasn’t much hindering Mo Jing. He had already gathered some of the magic herbs that they were looking for, but because he had been pressed for time, there weren’t very many.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao spent the night at Whale Island before leaving the next day.

Their goal was ZiRan City, which they had passed before, since Mo Jing was there right now. But when they arrived, for whatever reason, ZiRan City only allowed people to enter and not leave the city. Many people were stuck outside, because not being able to leave the city meant having no freedom.

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