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Chapter 540: The Contributors

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Please comfort me master!

Even without checking, he knew their mouths would be swollen.

You XiaoMo felt three black lines going down the side of his face. He was hoping they would take a bite out of the Psychic Black Turtle’s head and not its hard shell. Even if they could bite through the shell, it wasn’t going to do any critical damage to it.

You XiaoMo hid them back in his shirt and after he gave some thought to the problem, he decided to call out the Metal Swallowing Beast.

This was the true ‘metal-eating’ professional, no matter the hardness of the metal, he could eat it like tofu. There was no way he couldn’t even bite through turtle skin, right?

The Metal Swallowing Beast gave the ‘leave it up to me’ expression, as eating through turtle skin was a piece of cake for him. Although it was going to taste bad, but as long as master gave him some reward then that was fine. Perhaps with something like that, a few cups would be just perfect.

He sure planned it nicely.

You XiaoMo confirmed that as long as he got the job done, the reward was going to be plenty.


With his chest held high, the Metal Swallowing Beast left You XiaoMo’s air-tight hug. Soon his quacking noise was heard as the rapid currents flowed against him. Exerting all of his strength, his claws clinged to the edge of the turtle shell. If You XiaoMo hadn’t scooped him up on time, he would’ve already been flushed away with the current.

Badly shaken, the Metal Swallowing Beast cuddled in his master arms.

You XiaoMo sincerely thought that he shouldn’t have placed his bets on the beast, that was a really stupid move. By the looks of things, he still had to rely on himself.

After that series of mishaps, You XiaoMo didn’t know how far the Psychic Black Turtle had swam, maybe tens of thousands of meters already. It’s speed hadn’t dropped at all, since Xuan Ze used everything in his power to shake them off. Even though he could’ve turned back to human form, he wasn’t taking any chances.

That was because his human form wasn’t as strong as his original form. He could tell that You XiaoMo was stronger than him, thus his only option was to use his original form and win with stamina.

Due to the Psychic Black Turtle’s large movements, it took all You XiaoMo had to stabilize himself and not only that, all of demon beasts he brought along were useless. If this kept up, Xuan Ze could very well bring him to where his comrades were.

In the depth of the sea, through the darkness only a few rays of light could be seen. Sometimes a wacky looking deep-sea creature would swim pass, but it would quickly be swept by the current, even groups of fishes.

Mid-way through, he had coincidently seen a group of sea-creatures that looked very much like crocodiles swimming past, seemingly in migration.However, due to the passing of the Psychic Black Turtle, the group was scattered and some were swept very far away.

Just as You XiaoMo was feeling troubled, the baby turtle, who was quietly nestled in his shirt, suddenly crawled out of his collar.

Fearing that he would be washed away by the current, You XiaoMo freaked out as he hurriedly dragged the little guy back. The little guy had no fighting power in him at all and with the vastness of the ocean, if he was swept away, there was no way he was going to find him again. What was he going to then?

The baby turtle didn’t struggle at all, actually, acting cute, it’s tiny head even rubbed against his palm.

You XiaoMo didn’t have time to play with it, but just as he was about to stuff it back into his shirt, the Psychic Black Turtle beneath him suddenly shook violently and started slowing down.

You XiaoMo was astonished.

However, Xuan Ze was more surprised than him.

“A Psychic Black Turtle? How? How could there be another Psychic Black Turtle?” Xuan Ze said, unbelievably shocked.

You XiaoMo quickly realized that he probably discovered the existence of the baby turtle, mostly likely by scent. Demon beasts were highly sensitive to the scents of their species and since the baby turtle was young, it hadn’t learned how to conceal it’s presence yet. It goes without saying that Xuan Ze would discover it.

As for why he only discovered it now, he didn’t know.

But it wasn’t just by scent. Since You XiaoMo didn’t know much about the Black Turtle Clan, he didn’t realize that the baby turtle actually made a sound before. It was a small sound frequency that only those of the Black Turtle Clan could hear.

Xuan Ze was so disturbed that he hadn’t realized that by slowing down, he was creating an opening for You XiaoMo.

Finally, You XiaoMo had gotten away from the miserable suffering of being pushed and swayed by the current. As Xuan Ze was talking, he took the chance to jump on his head and without another word, brought his fist down.

“Ah!” Xuan Ze let out an angry cry of pain.

This punch held seventy to eighty percent of You XiaoMo’s power. Although it didn’t smash through like Ling Xiao, on a fragile body part like the head, it was painful enough for Xuan Ze.

All Xuan Ze was felt was a dull pain coming from his head, stopping him from thinking and finally, the continuously moving body of his stopped at unknown waters.

You XiaoMo did not stop because of that and swung his fist down a few times. Xuan Ze howled in pain as he violently tried to shake You XiaoMo off of his head.

As for the Golden Winged Insects and the Metal Swallowing Beast, who were in his shirt, they immediately jumped out to regain their lost face and pride. Each insect took a merciless bite out of Xuan Ze’s eyes and when he closed his eyes, they flew away.
The Metal Swallowing Beast didn’t back down either, he landed straight on the neck that was below the shell and proceed to bite the hell out of it. As expected, his teeth were very sharp, see, he got through the skin…

Just as You XiaoMo was about to land the critical blow, the latter finally couldn’t take it anymore. As if a heart beating, the massive body of his shook and instantly he returned to his human form.

Startled by the sudden lack of footing, You XiaoMo quickly fished back the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects.

Right below them Xuan Ze was slowly sinking as he was on the verge of death. The brain was an extremely fragile part of the human body and You XiaoMo had aggressively knocked it four to five times. The fact that his head hadn’t shattered was already impressive enough, there was no way nothing happened.

Maybe Xuan Ze should be glad that he wasn’t in his human form, because if he was, You XiaoMo’s punch would have definitely knocked his brain out of his head.

One wouldn’t know until they saw it, but when You XiaoMo flew over to Xuan Ze, he was completely taken back.

Xuan Ze looked tragic. His whole face was bleeding, his eyes couldn’t open due to the handiwork of the Golden Winged Insects and the wound on his neck, bitten by the Metal Swallowing Beast, was gushing out blood. All the blood attracted many demon beasts to gather but they only dared to watch from afar.

You XiaoMo was afraid that they would be seen and grabbed Xuan Ze, ready to run.

However, he was still a step too slow. A vigorous force suddenly appeared from behind, wrecking havoc along the way, as if a rampaging tsunami. It’s force scared away all of the surrounding demon beasts.

This scent wasn’t Ling Xiao’s but it’s power was the same, definitely a Level Twelve expert. Just like that he met one?

How unlucky was he!

What You XiaoMo didn’t know was that this was Xuan Ze’s intention all along.

The Psychic Black Turtle clan wasn’t the only force to be reckoned with in the Living Waters River Boundary. There was many ancient demon beasts that had resided there from tens of thousands of years ago. The lord of this sea area, the Red Thunder Flood Dragon, was just one of them.

If there wasn’t the Black Turtle Clan above him, the Red Thunder Flood Dragon would’ve been the overlord at the Living Waters River Boundary.

What You XiaoMo didn’t know was that the region he was in right now, was the true Living Waters River Boundary. The part of sea that surrounded the Whale Island and He Town was just normal waters. However, where he was now, all the demon beasts that resides here, although not all, many were extremely tough.

The Red Thunder Flood Dragon was a three star level twelve practitioner, a true powerhouse. Even the younger members of the Psychic Black Turtle clan would have to pay him respect. However, if the Psychic Black Turtles were in trouble, he wouldn’t just watch on the sidelines.

The fight between You XiaoMo and Xuan Ze alerted the Red Thunder Flood Dragon.

He came over to make sure that the Psychic Black Turtles wouldn’t have a mishap in his territory.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath. He had heard Tian Dao talk about the Red Thunder Flood Dragon. By the looks of things, he could only let go of Xuan Ze, but just as the thought crossed his mind, a hand suddenly pressed against his shoulder, scaring him.

Once he regained his senses, he was already in Ling Xiao’s dimension and below him was the ‘corpse’ of Xuan Ze.

“Looks like you have a trouble-attracting constitution.” From his ear appeared the unwavering tone of Ling Xiao’s voice.

You XiaoMo felt the corner of his mouth twitch violently.

That he definitely did not agree with. He wasn’t the one who summoned the Red Thunder Flood Dragon, it was Xuan Ze, at most he was just a tiny part of the cause.

Quickly switching the topic, You XiaoMo asked, “What are we going to do about the medicine now?”

There was a Flood Dragon outside who was about the same strength as Ling Xiao. Even if they went out, things wouldn’t look favorably, but if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to return to the Whale Island.

If Hai Chu noticed their disappearance, connecting that with Xuan Ze and Xuan Sheng’s disappearance, he might guess that there was some connection. Although, Xuan Ze and Xuan Sheng was traitors of the Black Turtle Clan, no one would thank them for killing their clan members.

“You think I can’t beat the Red Thunder Flood Dragon?” Ling Xiao stared at him with his black eyes that shone an odd lustre.

Letting out a dry laugh, You XiaoMo replied, “Definitely not.”

Ling Xiao didn’t question him further as his dimension was different from You XiaoMo’s, it couldn’t move. Their only choice was to wait for the Flood Dragon to leave or go out and fight.

Ling Xiao didn’t have a choice thus he dragged Xuan Ze to where the dead Xuan Sheng lay.

You XiaoMo made a face as if he still wanted to say something, before he was interrupted by You JunQi as he suddenly ran over with a face of excitement, “Son, you finally came to see your daddy, daddy’s missed you very much!”

As he finished shouting, he pounced on You XiaoMo.

Dodging instantly, You XiaoMo questioned why this tens of thousand year old man would try to act cute like a child.

Even though You JunQi hadn’t hit the mark, he wasn’t disappointed but instead looked at him with innocent eyes.


“Stop! What do you actually want?” You XiaoMo said as he felt goosebumps all over.

“I missed you, can you please forgive your daddy?” With expecting eyes, You JunQi looked at him.

You XiaoMo just couldn’t understand why missing him had anything to do with forgiving him? Was he trying to just brush over his past mistakes?

Don’t even think about it!

“No way!” You XiaoMo thought that his mother for this life really got the wrong end of the stick. Such a young flower got plucked by a ten thousand or so year old cow.

You JunQi looked at him, hurt.

Ignoring him, You XiaoMo walked over to Ling Xiao, who had taken the last remaining life force of Xuan Ze. To prevent his body from returning to its original form and not fitting in the dimension, Ling Xiao was currently cremating his body.

For such an arrogant person, one that bragged about killing them, he was now left with nothing, not even a corpse.

It was the first time that they had actually killed one of the Four Divine Emperor Beast clan.

All You XiaoMo hoped was that the Psychic Black Turtles would never find out it was them who did it. He still held a favorable impression of them, not only that, he still had the moe baby turtle.

At the same time, the moment Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo entered the dimension, the Red Thunder Flood Dragon arrived. He did sense the presence of a Psychic Black Turtle, but he had no obligation to take care of a junior of their clan, thus after fifteen minutes he left.

It didn’t take long for Ling Xiao to extract three drop of Life Blood from Xuan Ze. The Four Divine Emperor Beasts differed from normal demon beasts because they had no dantian. Otherwise, You XiaoMo would have a level eleven dantian.

Ling Xiao wasn’t in a hurry to stimulate the Psychic Black Turtle bloodline within him, instead he placed the Life Blood into a bottle and brought You XiaoMo out of the dimension. They left the whining You JunQi alone to face the massive, headless, Black Turtle. He finally realized that he wasn’t able to see his sonny often in the dimension!

Once they left the dimension, the two left for Whale Island without a pause.

The fact that Xuan Ze appeared in his original form didn’t affect the Whale Island residents very much, they just thought it was a rising tide or something. Also, because You XiaoMo had not fought with Xuan Ze near the island, Hai Chu hadn’t discovered them.

But, he did find out that they weren’t in their rooms.

Just as Hai Chu was about to sent a search party, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao arrived at Whale Island.

The two parties met at the doorway of the inn.

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