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Chapter 551: Pill Recipe Trade

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After trading a few polite courtesies with Elder Gan, You XiaoMo looked around for a target.

Since Elder Gan and the others were in very high positions, the amount of points they could gain every month was comparatively higher.

However, since the things they wanted were usually rather hard to find, most of the time no one succeeded, thus they had quite a lot of points in storage.

Jiu Ye told You XiaoMo, so long as they could deliver something they asked for, the elders wouldn’t be stingy. It was very different from Block one and two.

You XiaoMo glanced at the requirements each elder had. As Jiu Ye had said, their demands were tough to reach.

Some wanted the Life Crystal of a level eleven demon beast. Some wanted transcendent level magic herbs, and some even wanted transcendent level pills. Those who wanted the pills probably didn’t have the ability or maybe the materials to refine the pills themselves.

Unfortunately, You XiaoMo didn’t have most of the magic herbs they were looking for.

Even the ones he had he only had immature ones, or a stock of only one stalk. In such a circumstance, You XiaoMo could only sigh.

“How was it?” The two took a look around and Jiu Ye asked.

You XiaoMo was a little disappointed, about to shake his head when he noticed a rather out of the way stand and the words on the plate hanging underneath and paused.

Jiu Ye followed his gaze and looked over, immediately realizing what You XiaoMo was thinking. “That Elder Lu is the one responsible for the ninety-sixth floor. He has a rather strange temper, and comes two or three times every month at random times. Since very few people are able to deliver what he asks for, very few people try.”

“He wants recipes, right?” You XiaoMo had noticed the word ‘pill recipes’ scrawled on the plate.

Jiu Ye nodded. “That’s right, and no ordinary recipes. Elder Lu only wants rainbow pill recipes. He’s a second grade rainbow mage.”

You XiaoMo had a sudden idea. Never mind rainbow pill recipes, most people couldn’t even get their hands on nine or tenth grade recipes. This Elder Lu really did have high demands.

You XiaoMo thought for a while before walking over.

A flash of confusion passed through Jiu Ye’s eyes, but he didn’t stop the other.

The two arrived in front of the stand. The so-called Elder Lu was curled up in the stand, napping, not even opening his eyes at their approach.

You XiaoMo glanced over the words on the plate. It said that he wasn’t accepting anything but grade one and two rainbow pill recipes. It was clear this guy was a stubborn old man from the words.

Jiu Ye asked him with a strange expression, “You want to trade with him?”

Just now, they had gone to several stands, none of which appealed to him. Elder Lu’s was the only one he was willing to consider so far.

You XiaoMo didn’t give a direct reply, “I’ll see if it’s appropriate, if it is, then sure.”

Jiu Ye didn’t reply. The napping Elder Lu opened his eyes, looking half asleep, but his shrewd gaze immediately shot over, analyzing them. After realizing You XiaoMo had a transcendent level first grade cultivation base, surprise flashed through his eyes.

“Hey kid, are you for real?”

You XiaoMo had guessed that the guy was feigning sleep and grinned. “Of course. Elder Lu definitely knows that rainbow pill recipes aren’t something people take out for fun.”

“Alright, if you can give me one first grade rainbow level pill recipe, I definitely will make it worth your while.” Elder Lu’s tone was excited. He know that he was a very stubborn person, asking for things that seemed impossible, but he wanted to give it a try. He didn’t expect that someone was really willing to trade. If this kid had such an intention, then he definitely wouldn’t let the other go.

The other elders, hearing their conversation, all looked over in surprise.

Elder Lu’s luck had turned this time, finally meeting someone who was willing to part with a rainbow level pill recipe. In that moment, everyone felt a sense of indescribable jealousy.

The one thing You XiaoMo didn’t lack was pill recipes. However, if it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t deliver anything else the elders were asking for, he wouldn’t be willing to give away the pill recipe he had.

His pill recipes were not normal pill recipes after all. Ancient pill recipes were something that generally didn’t exist anymore in this time, and the effects of the pills were better, too.

You XiaoMo took out a jade drive with a first grade rainbow level recipe inside.

This pill recipe was a relatively simple one amongst the first grade rainbow level pill recipes he had. Even if others saw it, they wouldn’t suspect it was an ancient pill recipe.

“My pill recipe is for a first grade rainbow pill called the Red Blaze Pill. After ingestion, it can increase one’s cultivation base by one or two stars in combat for about four hours.” You XiaoMo didn’t hand the jade drive over, simply describing the Red Blaze Pill.

Elder Lu’s gaze burned on the jade drive in his hand, his eyes practically shining with excitement. Thought this pill’s effects were temporary, the amount of time it could last was shocking.

Usually, a pill like this that increased cultivation base wouldn’t be able to last over two hours. He trusted that You XiaoMo didn’t dare trick him. But the most shocking thing to him was the value of this pill recipe.

A pill that could help one survive was far more valuable than a pill that merely increased cultivation base.

Elder Lu took a deep breath. “I’ll give you thirty points, along with a Heart Fortification Pill and a mid-grade level twelve magic herb. How does that sound?”

Thirty points was all but five of what he had earned in this past year. However, he knew that thirty points was nowhere near what the Red Blaze Pill was worth, so he added two extras.

Before You XiaoMo could express his opinion, the other elders burst into discussion.

Elder Lu had really given it all to get this pill recipe. Everyone knew that this Heart Fortification pill was his only successful one after breaking through to a grade two mage.

However, no one thought that he wouldn’t benefit from the transaction.

You XiaoMo was stunned. He hadn’t been expecting Elder Lu to offer so many points at once, even adding two additional offerings. However, it made sense, considering how much they valued pill recipes.

Speaking of, Elder Lu’s Heart Fortification Pill was just what he needed.

The Heart Fortification Pill was a second grade rainbow pill, primarily focused on reducing the negative effects of a cultivation base that grew too quickly. It was exactly what You XiaoMo needed right now. Before, he had been considering refining a Heart Fortification Pill, but he couldn’t do so with his current cultivation base. Plus, even if his cultivation base was there, he didn’t have the necessary materials.

You XiaoMo looked at Elder Lu’s slightly anxious expression and grinned. “Ok!”

He didn’t say any more than that.

Elder Lu’s expression immediately relaxed. This kid really was the kind of person he enjoyed dealing with. He didn’t stall or twist his words. The elder took out both the magic herb and the Heart Fortification Pill, transferring thirty points to the other through their cards.

You XiaoMo was delighted, seeing what magic herb was in the jade container.

This magic herb was called Luoguo Herb, small red fruits blooming between the leaves. It was coincidentally one of the herbs he did not possess.

This transaction was absolutely perfect.

Accepting the magic pill and magic herb, You XiaoMo handed the jade drive to Elder Lu.

Elder Lu accepted the jade drive and took a look, finding the expected Red Blaze Pill. He nodded in satisfaction and tucked the jade drive away, saying with a smile, “Kid, I like you. If you have more pill recipes, don’t hesitate to come and find me, haha.”

You XiaoMo was feeling very content, too. “Elder Lu thinks too highly of me. I don’t have that many pill recipes.” He couldn’t let his guard down so easily, he understood that.

Then, the two left the area.

The entirety of Block three was in a buzz. Elder Lu was finally happy, too.

Since he had too high requirements, no students ever visited his stand and some of the elders liked to taunt him.

Elder Lu had often been met with such vexing situations that made him glare and huff.

You XiaoMo bid Jiu Ye farewell at level ninety, entering his room and then his dimension. He watered his fields and got rid of the newly sprouted weeds before leaving.

After preparing everything he needed, You XiaoMo headed towards the Meditation Room and Beast Transfiguration room. In the next twenty something days, he was unlikely to leave the two rooms. He had informed Ling Xiao beforehand.

You XiaoMo went into the Beast Transfiguration Room first, choosing a few practical Beast Transfiguration techniques before heading to the Meditation Room next door. He was preparing to stay for a while, so he paid the points after confirming the number of days.

The Meditation Room was different from the Beast Transfiguration Room. The Beast Transfiguration Room was a single square room while the Meditation Room was divided into multiple small stone rooms. Each room could only fit a single person.

The Meditation Room was made up of a stone called the Deep-Mind Stone. This stone helped facilitate people’s entry into a cultivating state, making their cultivation go twice or thrice as fast. In addition, rumor had it that there was an array working underneath to prevent the spiritual energy from leaking, filling the air inside with twice as much spiritual energy as usual.

However, this was just a portion of the Meditation Room.

When he first came inside, the mentor on guard had told him that the three rooms in the very back were special. They had better effects than normal stone chambers, but required a point per day to use.

Normal stone chambers were a point every three days.

You XiaoMo didn’t choose the special stone chambers. What he needed to do right now was consolidate his cultivation base, not rapidly improve his strength. Otherwise, it would become a huge problem to his future development.

You XiaoMo looked around. As expected, there was only one stone bed.

You XiaoMo took the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects out from his clothes. Ever since they returned to Zhong Tian, he had restricted their actions. They were probably dying of boredom.

As soon as they gained freedom, the three began jumping up and down.

“Don’t disturb me when I’m cultivating, and, you can only stay in the stone chamber. If you go out, there will be very harsh consequences!”

After warning his contracted demon beasts, You XiaoMo crossed his legs and sat, ingesting the Heart Fortification Pill before closing his eyes and beginning to cultivate.

The spiritual energy inside the room slowly began to move, being absorbed into his skin bit by bit. The absorption rate wasn’t fast, perfect for his current state. The Heart Fortification Pill slowly began to work its magic inside him, its effects spreading through his limbs and even making his very soul feel refreshed.

Having been warned by their master, the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects calmed after jumping around for a while. They settled themselves in the empty space on the bed left of You XiaoMo, three pairs of innocent eyes quietly gazing at their master.

The process of consolidation went much more smoothly than advancement; there were no obstacles at all. However, to fully absorb the effects of the Heart Fortification Pill, You XiaoMo spent ten whole days there. Everything was going as planned, but right when he was about to stop, he abruptly achieved a breakthrough.

The spiritual energy in the stone chamber began to swirl wildly, flying into his body. The rainbow ball in his sea of consciousness also began to spin.

When You XiaoMo opened his eyes, the spiritual energy had calmed.

After ten days of consolidation, he could feel that his soul seemed much more durable than before. The Heart Fortification Pill really was great. Since he had advanced too quickly before, You XiaoMo always felt that when he used his soul force, there was a slight friction. He didn’t dare refine pills like that. If he failed, it’d cost a set of materials.

You XiaoMo jumped off the bed in excitement, grabbing the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects and running out.

He had half a day left in the stone chamber and paying for another three days was a waste since he could refine pills elsewhere, too. He needed to tell Ling Xiao the good news though.

As for his cheap dad, he didn’t even surface in You XiaoMo’s mind.

Ling Xiao and his dad were settled in a tavern nearby the XiaoYao Institution.

In less than twenty minutes, You XiaoMo was on the street. The street was as busy as usual, but he soon realized that something wasn’t right.

The crowd was coming from all directions, but all running in the same direction.

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