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Chapter 552: Nothing More Than a Delusion

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo patted the Metal Swallowing Beast, who was wiggling in his hold, as he ran, following the crowd. When he got closer and closer to the target, he realized that it was to the direction of the hotel.

The hotel was at the center of multiple streets and was accessible from all sides. However, it was now being blocked off by the massive crowd, which looked very much liked an ant army.

For some unknown reason, it seemed that the luxurious hotel was slanted to one side.

If they were at the ShuangYu Hotel, he naturally wouldn’t be worried, but since the hotel wasn’t close to the XiaoYao Institution, he choose this one out of convenience.

This hotel’s background wasn’t as strong as the ShuangYu Hotel, thus, no one came forward when trouble brewed.

You XiaoMo wanted to squeeze in and see what happened, but the crowd had surrounded the building in multiple layers. He couldn’t squeeze past them.

Just as he was troubled over whether to use brute force or not, a conversation around him grabbed his attention. He couldn’t help but perk his ears up in attentiveness.

“Ah, who would have thought, who would have thought. I thought that the one to come would be the Vermillion Blood Clan, and I even considered the Qilin Clan, but to think it was the Demon Phoenix Clan instead.”

“I don’t understand, what does this have to do with the Demon Phoenix Clan?”

“You see, when you were in secluded cultivation, a lot of shocking things happened on the TongTian Continent. This man called Ling Xiao, he has the bloodline of both the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan, but neither is willing to accept him.”

“Oh, but what does it have to do with this case?”

“Of course it does. It’s not like you don’t know that the Demon Phoenix Clan absolutely hates the Qilin Clan. Although it wasn’t as exaggerated as fighting upon every meeting, but secretly stabbing them in the back was normal. Therefore, the Demon Phoenix Clan was taking Ling Xiao’s tainted bloodline as an excuse, saying that it tarnished their pure bloodline. But in reality, it’s because he is half Qilin that they want to kill him.”

“I thought this kind of behavior was called ‘venting one’s anger on someone else’?”

Suddenly that person revealed a devious smile, “What anger, I say this is just depraved desire.”

“What do you mean?” His companion asked, with furrowed brows and a questioning expression.

“Heh, cause, the Demon Phoenix Clan couldn’t kill the Qilin Clan, so they’re using Ling Xiao as a substitute. They’re pretending that they killed a member of the Qilin Clan, isn’t that what you call nothing more than a delusion? Haha!”

You XiaoMo felt black lines coming down his face.

His man became the subject of other people’s delusions?

Even though this delusion was not that depraved, but even though your uncle can tolerate it, your aunt can’t! He would definitely not let them off the hook.

You XiaoMo had an expression so full of killing intent that even the two talking had looked over, as if sensing something. What they saw was him staring at the hotel as if his life depended on it and also as if he wanted to take that hotel apart piece by piece. All they could do was stare at each other wordlessly.

They were not the only ones that sensed the killing intent, the ones in front of him also felt a shiver down their spine. One by one they looked over and everyone that saw You XiaoMo’s expression subconsciously moved away.

Without hesitation, You XiaoMo charged towards the door, but he rashly went in unprepared.

The hotel was normally busy all year round, but right now, the guests that were usually in the lobby were all hiding upstairs or in the corner. Within the empty lobby stood only six people.

Five of them were standing close to the door, and unluckily for You XiaoMo, he knew four of them.

Three of the four were none other than the ones who You XiaoMo had met at the Zhong Ting Trade Fair. It was Ji YunLang, with the other two being his underlings, Ji Wen and Ji Wu.

The last one was Ji Feng, whom he had meant once on Wei Bai’s birthday. Compared with the other three’s arrogant expressions, he stood at the back, calm and collected. His eyes were smiling, as if waiting for a good show to unfold.

As for the fifth, although he didn’t know her, You XiaoMo could feel an immense power radiating from her. This person was stronger, much stronger than he was.

As for who they were all facing, it was Ling Xiao.

Compared with the other five’s upright posture, Ling Xiao appeared very lax.

The table in front of him had turned to shreds and within a three meter radius of him, other than his chair, everything had turned to dust.

Ling Xiao had one of his long legs on the chair, in a lethargic posture, but still somehow emitting a feeling of valiant heroism. Top that with his dazzling face, he was literally the enemy of mankind.

Even in such a tense situation, there were still females in the crowd who shyly looked at him, slightly covering their eyes, as if they would faint with even a look.

Even now you’re still trying to look cool?!

You XiaoMo was feeling sour, as he jealously complained.

“Ling Xiao, be good and come back with us to the Demon Phoenix Clan. If I’m happy, maybe I’ll even say a word in your favour to the Head Elder, so that he can spare your stupid life!”*

The silence was broken by Ji YunLang‘s arrogant expression. Just like their first meeting, because he had the Demon Phoenix Clan as backup, Ji YunLang always talked without restraint.

It wasn’t just You XiaoMo who frowned at that.

The girls, with Ling Xiao at the center, also expressed their disgust.

For those who don’t know how to be proper, even if his status was high, there wouldn’t be many who truly respected them.

“Sorry I didn’t hear that, can you repeat yourself?” Playing the role, Ling Xiao also picked at his ear. His perfectly handsome face showed no hint of distress but instead one of teasing a puppy and without a doubt, Ji YunLang was that puppy.

Ji YunLang didn’t notice the mockery and opened his mouth to repeat before being stopped by Ji Wen. In a whisper, he said, “Young master, you can’t, he is toying with you.”

Ji YunLang paused for a moment before his expression turned to rage.

With all the new and old grudges, his level of anger towards Ling Xiao was almost as high as Ji NingYu, who was quickly replacing his position in the clan. Of course, that was You XiaoMo’s Xiao Ji.

“Young master, lets leave this to Elder Rui, we can’t have her have a bad impression of you.”

Ji YunLang glanced over at Ji Rui, who had eyes that spoke of ancient history yet she had a glamorous appearance. Feeling his heart tighten, he agreed.

Ji Rui was a Level Twelve practitioner and one of the few females in the Demon Phoenix Clan. Her position was truly second to none. Having her here was to guarantee the success of the mission, and the mission was to bring Ling Xiao back. If he was being too difficult then, he would be dealt with on the spot.

Ji Rui glanced over at Ji YunLang but didn’t comment on his actions. Then she shifted back to Ling Xiao. Although she had the air of a powerhouse, deep within, her eyes spoke of the same arrogance and disdain as Ji YunLang. Then she spoke, “You’re not bad, but still not a match for me.”

Basically implying that he should be good and surrender.

As for You XiaoMo, who was peeking out behind the door, he scrunched his nose and snickered.

Ji Rui was strong. At this point in time, every Sacred Realm practitioner was the best of the best of the TongTian Continent. One could say that they could do whatever they wanted but even then, there was a difference in level between Sacred Realm and Divine Realm.

Although he wasn’t sure what star she was at, he was certain that this women called Ji Rui was not as strong as Ling Xiao.

The reason for Ji Rui’s misconception was that she was not only weaker than Ling Xiao but also that Ling Xiao habitually held back. Thus, his level appeared to be at Level Twelve one star.

Ling Xiao didn’t response immediately but instead his gaze suddenly swept over towards the door, coincidentally meeting You XiaoMo’s prying eyes. The latter instinctively retreated back behind the door.

Good thing he did too, because there was slight ‘laugher’ that escaped Ling Xiao’s eyes which was discovered by Ji Rui. Instantly she looked over to the door in alarm but all she saw was a bunch of bystanders.

It was a messy crowd and with You XiaoMo intentionally being stealthy, Ji Rui didn’t discover him immediately.

Seeing no response, Ji Rui’s eyes darkened slightly, “If you don’t want your comrade to be injured then come with us right now. I can promise that he won’t be harmed.”

However, if You XiaoMo lost Ling Xiao, his safety helmet, he definitely wouldn’t be safe anymore.

Many believed that You XiaoMo was only able to get this far because of Ling Xiao. Theoretically their thought process was right, but only by fifty percent.

“Old hag, you’re really annoying. If you want to fight then just do it.” Suddenly, Ling Xiao lost his patience and his looked at Ji Rui with killing intent.

As if Ji Rui’s face had been brushed over with charcoal, her eyes turned cold. Although her age was high, she was still the prettiest women in the Demon Phoenix Clan and her taboo subject was others calling her an ‘old hag’. Ling Xiao had successfully enraged her.

“If you want to die, then i’ll grant your wish.”

With that, almost in the same second, she appeared beside Ling Xiao. It didn’t even take a second before a burning red flame erupted by Ling Xiao’s face.

Similarly to the flame that Ling Xiao often used, when it appeared, it was followed with a beautiful tail. As it tossed and turn in a scorching hot wave, everyone’s face was tinted red.

Just as the flame was about to touch Ling Xiao, in that small crack, a fiercer red flame exploded. All the crowd heard was a ‘titter’ before it pounced on Ji Rui’s flame like a beast…

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