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Chapter 554: Kite Flying

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Time flew by and half a month passed quickly.

The auction that everyone had been waiting for finally arrived. Since the venue was hidden, the Black Spider intentionally released black crows to guide the way to ensure that the invitees could find it.

The black crow was the offspring of a black eagle and a crow and it inherited the black eagle’s vigorous physique and speed. It was a high level demon beast with exceptionally high Intelligence because it was a special type of aberrant.

The black crow which was leading the way for You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had alighted on their roof just as dawn arrived. A piece of paper was tucked under the feathers of the black crow and written on it was the time the auction would begin.

You XiaoMo took one look at the paper before he threw it away and went back to bed.

He was dog-tired for the past half a month.

He had accumulated a lot of mature transcendent level magic herbs due to Mo Jing’s and Wu Cheng’s help, and what he had just managed to make up several sets of materials. In order to familiarize himself with the complex steps in the process of refining a Rainbow pill because he had just advanced to the Second Grade, he took those materials out to practice refining.

To avoid causing a commotion, You XiaoMo did not refine pills in the hotel or the Giganticus.

Originally, the best choice was to refine pills in the Giganticus because it was rumored that the Giganticus was protected by restriction barriers. If Tribulation Pill Lightning came, the restriction barriers could be used to ward it off, but it would cause too much attention if it happened too frequently.

So they ran to an uninhabited mountain and he let Ling Xiao be his guardian.

He had never experienced Tribulation Lightning before and did not know the terror of it. It was only after he had experienced it that he realized that its momentum truly caused the earth to tremble, the mountain to sway, and the Heavens to rend asunder. He would have been so nervous and confused if he did not have Ling Xiao’s help.

However, he did not escape unscathed as a bolt of lightning struck due to an operational error resulting from nervousness. Not only did it cause his hands and feet to feel numb, his hair also stood upright and he was ridiculed by Ling Xiao.

He finally got used to the lightning after much practice.

The restriction array of his Heavenly Cauldron was unable to give a hundred percent guarantee that a Rainbow Level magic pill would not fly away. Therefore, every time You XiaoMo formed a pill he would have to split some of his attention to monitor it.

He did not know about it in the beginning and it was Ling Xiao who reminded him.

At that time, his full attention was on the thunderclouds in the sky and he had not noticed that the magic pill in the cauldron had struck the restriction barrier until such a thin layer remained that it almost seemed to be on the verge of crumbling.

From then on, he did not dare to neglect it any more.

This was the first time that You XiaoMo discovered that refining magic pills was such a hectic affair. His spirit was weary and strength was exhausted during the half month as he did not have any mental preparations. He also suffered a severe psychological blow from wasting a pair of magic herbs due to a mistake. So when the auction came, he was still in a state of having only a breath of life left.

“Sonny~ Quickly get up, we’re setting off soon. ” You JunQi walked over to find his darling son still sleeping in bed. You XiaoMo’s sleeping posture was barely passable, looking soft and floppy.

You XiaoMo turned over and faced his butt towards You JunQi.

“Sonny~” You Jun continued to vary his pitch as he tiptoed to the bed. He looked through the curtain at his son’s sleeping face and almost drooled. This was the first time he saw his son’s sleeping face and it was indeed as lovely as he had imagined.

Ling Xiao caught a glimpse of the idiot father and son duo when he came in. He then opened his mouth and shouted at a certain someone who was pretending to be dead on the bed, “You idiot, if you don’t get up, I’ll go by myself!”

You XiaoMo who was pretending to be dead immediately opened his eyes and jumped up from the bed. He hurriedly exclaimed, “No, don’t! I’m up, you can’t abandon me here.”

You JunQi was saddened. His son once again neglected his father.

You XiaoMo was not in the mood to look after the delicate mental state of his cheap dad and spent five minutes to immediately tidy himself up.

The opening time of the auction was not set too early, but many people would choose to go earlier to avoid missing the opening since all the items sold in the auction were all quality goods.

After the sun had fully risen, the three people were led by the black crow to the auction venue.

The speed of the black crow was extremely fast, as if it was deliberately trying to make people lose their trail. One may not be able to keep up if they were not a genuine powerhouse. It went without saying that the Black Spider did not want their location exposed to too many people.

Ling Xiao suddenly stopped after following the black crow for a thousand kilometers.

You XiaoMo also stopped. He turned his head to ask in surprise, “What’s the matter? ”

You JunQi was also puzzled.

“I once saw a kind of activity called kite flying in the world of mortals at a Middle Level Realm.” Ling Xiao said suddenly without rhyme or reason.

You XiaoMo stared blankly for a moment. The next second his entire expression brightened. His eyes particularly seemed to be like a night pearl radiating brilliant rays of light as his mouth split open in a grin.

His reaction was always exceptionally fast towards such bad hobbies.

You JunQi was not able to connect to their brainwaves. He was completely baffled upon hearing this sentence, but he soon understood.


It was generally assumed that the Black Spider would host an auction in a place like a mountain off the beaten track as only in this manner would they not be prematurely exposed.

However, everyone who reached the auction venue knew that their idea was wrong. Moreover, it was so excessively wrong because the auction was not in the mountains, but in a small town in Zhong Tian. That small town was the Ebony Plum Town.

The Ebony Plum Town was an unremarkable and small town, but the flow of people there was two or three times more than another small town of the same level. Although one reasons was that Ebony Plum Town had a miniature Dimensional Teleportation portal, how many people could actually afford to use the Dimensional Teleportation portal?

Therefore, the real reason for the Ebony Plum Town’s prosperity was actually due to the auction of the Black Spider, which was located underground beneath Ebony Plum Town.

You XiaoMo could finally understand why the Black Spider understood their whereabouts so thoroughly after knowing this. It turned out that they had been in other people’s territory.

Ebony Plum Town was as lively as ever.

Unknown to the people of Ebony Plum Town and those who passed through, hidden beneath the prosperity was a grand auction that was about to be held.

Many fractions in the Tong Tian Continent would gather beneath their feet at noon.

The entrance to the auction was not at the entrance to Ebony Plum Town, but in the dense and thick mountainous area one kilometer to the right of Ebony Plum Town. With a chain of continuous mountain ranges between the entrance and the forest, as long as one did not go rummaging there, almost no one would find it.

At this moment, between the stretch of long and unbroken hills, was a continuous stream of people arriving behind the mountains. Each of them were well-known figures. After casting a sweeping glance around their surroundings, they then headed down toward an entrance guarded by two powerhouses wearing black robes.

Only until the sun was reaching its zenith did a black crow that should not be appear fly over.

The black crow leading the way generally lead the guests invited by the Black Spider to the foot of the huge mountain outside Ebony Plum Town before leaving. Since the morning, there had never been the phenomenon of a black crow flying inside.

Thus, the abrupt appearance of the black crow succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention, including two black-robed men guarding the entrance.

The black crow was flying askew, and upon looking closely one could see a thin thread tied to its claws. It was extremely long and how far it stretched was unknown.

When the black crow attempted to fly to the two men in black robes, the thread was suddenly pulled and the black crow went ‘ga ga’ as it cried out and dropped like a stone while fluttering its wings. When it fell on the hill, the thread once again moved and pulled it backwards.

The crowd followed the thin thread to the top of the hill. Ten seconds later, three figures appeared. The thin thread was the hands of the young man in the middle. Before long, the black crow was left dangling from the hands of the young man.

Different people would have different understandings about of this idea of using the black crow to guide the way. However, people with brains would all think of the same thing: Being led around by a domesticated animal and running behind it with its speed always varying really made people feel uncomfortable. There was a feeling of being toyed around by it, so many people would feel like they had lost face even if it was a guide. This was the first reason. The second was that it would be even more humiliating if they were not able to keep pace with it.

How could one be toyed with by a domesticated animal?

So all the people who arrived here actually caught their black crows, but they released them outside the mountain.

People like them who tied their black crow as if they were flying a kite were really unique.

“Fuck, this is too freaking awesome. Who are they?” A man who was shocked by their action could not help swearing.

However, they were soon recognized. They had changed back to the original appearance so very few people recognized them, but with the affair with Ji Rui from the Demon Phoenix Clan made many people know what they looked like.

“It’s You XiaoMo who is wanted by the Vermillion Blood Clan and that Ling Xiao. I didn’t think they’d dare to appear. I remember the Vermillion Blood Clan seems to have entered already, but they would surely meet once they go in. ”

“Interesting, we’ve got a good show to watch now.”

You XiaoMo untied the thin thread and the black crow immediately flew away as if it was running for its life.

The journey from Central City to Ebony Plum Town filled it to the brim with grief. Perhaps it ought to rejoice that it had traveled most of the way by a Dimensional Teleportation portal or it would have been tormented to death while halfway through the journey.

Not many people witnessed this scene as it was almost time for the auction to begin and many people had already gone in.

The three then entered the auction venue after releasing the black crow.

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