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Chapter 555: Familiar Faces and More Familiar Faces

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Though the Black Spider’s auctions weren’t the number one in TongTian Continent, they were very renowned. Since this was a black market, many people who had certain needs would swarm in, and because of the unknown yet powerful faction behind them, they had quite a high position in the TongTian Continent.

No one knew when Ebony Plum Town’s underground auction had been created, but the buildings seemed to have quite a few years to them, and it seemed like it was just a sub-faction.

You XiaoMo and company entered through the entrance of the auction, a tunnel crafted entirely from white luminous fragments. This was an extremely tough but beautiful ore. It looked very luxurious, and the end of the tunnel made one’s eyes light up further.

Though they were underground, the place was magnificent and gave people a feeling of awe.

The underground area had been scooped out, and the massive auction house was visible to the naked eye, like the Roman Colosseum. There was a large dais in the very middle and countless seats surrounding it. There were no special VIP box seats or anything. Everyone sat together.

The ceiling of the auction house was covered in a layer of white luminous fragments, which prevented the possibility of a cave-in.

They had arrived rather late and the auction was a bustle of action already.

People flowed in from different entrances, trying to find a seat. The empty seats soon filled, and many people didn’t know each other. Some even hid their faces.

You XiaoMo was surprised by this since many of these people weren’t all that powerful.

It wasn’t until later that he was told that most of these people were old customers or regulars to the auction, and some were people who often brought obscure items to be sold at the auction.

Since they had been registered before, they didn’t need invitations to attend. However, most people were just there to watch. Of course, if they could become one of the Black Spider’s regulars, then they must be talented.

That was when a female attendant walked towards them, smiling softly. “Do you three gentleman have an invitation?”

You XiaoMo handed over their invite.

The female attendant accepted it and glanced over it to confirm their identities. Her smile became exceedingly bright. “Guests with black invites sit in the first row. If you could head all the way down.”

You XiaoMo took back the invite. No wonder the people at the very bottom seemed so familiar, and the area was more empty. The others all seemed to be avoiding that area.

The first row was almost full. Walking down, he could see those familiar faces he had seen in the Cang Alliance.

“I won’t go down with you guys,” You JunQi suddenly said, halfway down.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao simultaneously turned their heads to look at him, the latter looking conflicted.

“Alright, then you can go and find a place to wait.” You XiaoMo didn’t ask why, agreeing instantly.

You JunQi’s expression became teary. “Sonny, aren’t you going to ask daddy why?”

You XiaoMo shrugged. “Do I even need to ask? It as to be because you don’t want any of the Vermillion Blood Clan to see you, so you’re avoiding them, right?”

You JunQi’s face immediately broke out into a smile, hugging him and saying in excitement, “Sonny, you really understand your daddy!”

The corner of You XiaoMo’s lips twitched. He’d rather not understand.

“You XiaoHa!”

He suddenly heard someone calling his name… the name he had abandoned. Right now, many people already knew he wasn’t called You XiaoHa, so who would call him that?

You XiaoMo turned and saw a young man on the second row waving at him. The young man seemed familiar.

“He’s Dao Yun, and the person in front of him is his master, the elusive Thief God,” Ling Xiao whispered into is ear.

You XiaoMo suddenly remembered. Seems like this kid finally found his master, and they were truly master and disciple now.

Just as the thought passed through his mind, he suddenly felt a chill at his back.

There was a blinding gaze on him that he couldn’t ignore.

You XiaoMo looked in the direction of the gaze and met You ZhenTian’s eyes. His gaze was determined yet greedy, as if he was trying to dissect You XiaoMo. In that moment, he felt as if his entire soul was being penetrated. It was a terrible feeling.

Ling Xiao suddenly stepped in front of him and the feeling disappeared. “Let’s go down.”

You XiaoMo nodded and suddenly remembered his cheap dad. He looked around. You JunQi had already disappeared who knows when.

There were still a few seats in the first row. Ling Xiao pulled You XiaoMo over and took two.

Though the first row was given to the powerful Factions, the ones who actually were allowed to sit there were You ZhenTian and the other Sacred Level powerhouses, as well as the ones on the Ten God rankings. As for their clansmen, they took up the seats behind these people. It was the same for the other factions.

You XiaoMo, sitting with a bunch of people whose strength far exceeded his own, expressed that he felt no pressure at all.

Dao Yun and his master were four seats away from them, making talking rather inconvenient, so You XiaoMo simply nodded towards them and turned away.

Since Dao Yun had yelled You XiaoHa, over half of the people in the auction house were looking at them. After all, the main character of all those rumors very rarely appeared in public. They had to take this chance to get a good look at the two and their true appearances.

Of course, there were some who looked at them like they wanted to kill them.

For example, sitting diagonally opposite them was Ji Rui, who they had fought a mere half month ago. With her constitution as a member of the Demon Phoenix Clan, her internal injuries had long since healed, but her broken reputation wasn’t something she could easily get back.

Apart from her, there was also the second Elder of the Demon Phoenix Clan. The second elder wasn’t looking at them without malice. He was Ji YunLang’s grandfather, Ji He. It was expected that he wanted to kill them.

Then there was the Qilin Clan. Coincidentally, there were also familiar faces.

While that young master called Lin HaoWu didn’t look at them with a gaze that said he wanted to rip their skin off, his eyes were full of disgust and hatred.

After counting, he found that he and Ling Xiao were practically hated by the Demon Phoenix Clan, the Vermillion Blood Clan and the Qilin Clan; three powerful factions. A normal person would probably be trying to get drunk off their ass in regret at having bad blood with even one of the three.

You XiaoMo retracted his gaze and looked towards his left. Wei Bai’s pale face was the first thing he saw. Seeing that his attention was finally on this side of the room, Wei Bai’s cold expression revealed a hint of a smile.

“Xiao Shidi, thank you.”

You XiaoMo wasn’t sure how to react at first.

Wei Bai continued in a low tone, “I’ve heard from my teacher. I thank you for the pill recipe.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I’m not giving it to you for free. I’ll be asking for payment soon enough.” You XiaoMo scratched his head. He wasn’t so generous.

Wei Bai smiled. “The pill recipe my teacher had failed to find for two-hundred years was found by you. You deserve this thanks, otherwise I would’ve died.” His life had been sustained by medicine, and he had long since become tired of it. Now, he had something to hope for.

“Don’t say that, second shixiong, you’ll get better.”

“Thank you for your blessings.”

You XiaoMo didn’t realize this, but in a place he couldn’t see, there was a person cursing him with murderous intent. Though his eyes could no longer see, his heart was filled with a terrible hatred. This person was Jiang Liu.

His beautiful future had been once again ruined when the two had reappeared. Ever since he became blind, all the consequences of his rapid advancement began to occur.

Using soul force weakened him, and when he tried to refine pills, it would congest or freeze, reducing his success rate to lower than ten percent. If it wasn’t for what little value he still held, the Vermillion Blood Clan would’ve disposed of him already.

Jiang Liu hated them, and wanted nothing more than to rip off their skin and drain their blood.

However, he had no power, so he could only pray, pray that they died soon, pray that You ZhenTian killed them soon.

Jiang Liu knew he had become twisted. He had no way out, so he could only twist himself further. If he had not been blinded, then he would kill You XiaoMo no matter what he had to give up to do it.

The gong sounded timely, signaling the beginning of the auction.

The lively auction house slowly quietened, and a man appeared on the center stage. He seemed around thirty and was the only member of the Black Spider that showed his true face.

He was the auctioneer of the auction today, a Seven star Divine Level.

In an auction house where powerhouses were a dime a dozen, his power was only second to those sitting in the first row – sans You XiaoMo and Wei Bai.

“Welcome, everyone, to the Black Spider’s auction. Before the auction begins officially, can everyone please turn their attention to the crystal tablet in front of them. In the following auctions, you can enter the price you’re offering through the crystal tablet.”

It was only then that You XiaoMo noticed the items. They were the same as the ones in the Giganticus.

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October 3, 2018 10:40 am

Today it was the day, my first comment (sorry about that) But today is the day when finally I don’t have more chapters to read… and I feel lonely, by the way, thank you for all your hard job doing all the translations, I really appreciate your hard work.

October 3, 2018 11:21 am

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Thanks for the chapter, Jouissance!

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For it to be so rare, there seem to be a lot of seven star divine level people. 😭😭😂😂

Thank you for the translation!

January 11, 2021 9:06 am

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Ah! What a touching reunion 😌

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Ok so its not the thief god but maybe Han Gong, You XiaoMo and Wei Bai’s principal(? the ‘owner’ of the DaoXin academy

September 8, 2021 4:17 am

Form an orderly queue to attempt destruction of 2 thorns in many sides. Not that easy, thank goodness.
Jiang Lu just can’t give up.
Is this how Giganticus is funded? Are they behind the Black Spider?!
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 19, 2021 6:24 pm

I wonder why Dao Yun called him Xiaoha, because Xiaomo introduced himself by his real name when they met

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