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Chapter 562: The Sluggish Ball of Light

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Neither side were willing to yield to the other!

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao’s back worriedly. He did not know if Ling Xiao would be able face up to You ZhenTian. He would like to believe in Ling Xiao, but You ZhenTian was different from the previous opponents they had faced before. His strength was higher than Ling Xiao’s by more than two stars and he was by far their most powerful opponent.

Ling Xiao’s aura was clearly inferior to You ZhenTian’s on the surface, especially when You ZhenTian’s fierce tiger appeared, his aura and spiritual power seemed to climb step by step, before it suddenly went off the charts.

As for Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo stared at his figure that was steadfastly standing his ground and nearly wanted to ask the Gods, the Buddha and every type of deity and immortal to protect Ling Xiao and ensure that he was safe and sound.

A sudden movement came from the front just as he was thinking about this.

You XiaoMo looked past Ling Xiao and saw that You ZhenTian’s fierce tiger was currently converging into a shape. You ZhenTian’s entire person was particularly like an immense and invincible wall. It seemed that there was still a little time before the fierce tiger would completely form, but he himself did not seem worried that others would interrupt his technique while it was in the midst of forming.

His gaze shifted back to Ling Xiao and he was suddenly stunned.

At this time, the faintly discernible figure of a Qilin overlay-ed Ling Xiao’s body. This was the first time he was seeing Ling Xiao’s original form. But in a blink of an eye, the figure of a Qilin suddenly became the figure of a Demon Phoenix, then it became a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon and then a Psychic Black Turtle.

These figures appeared very quickly. He would not have noticed it if he did not happen to be paying attention to Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo’s heart suddenly thumped. He felt as if Ling Xiao was about to release a powerful technique. The terrifying fluctuations were actually more shocking than the feeling that You ZhenTian’s fierce tiger gave him.

After You ZhenTian saw very strange-looking demon beasts flashing in the ball of light, his eyelid violently twitched. He actually felt his heart palpitate from within his chest. How was this possible?

Ling Xiao no longer held back his strength.

You ZhenTian clearly felt a strength that was much higher than one star. Although he was shocked, neither did he panic nor did he have time to panic. Ling Xiao was not his opponent even if he was at five stars.

You ZhenTian was already bent on killing Ling Xiao at this time. His growth was too fast and Ling Xiao was likely to cultivate to a level equal to him in the future if given some more time. When that happened, before speaking of whether he could kill Ling Xiao or not, he himself would be in danger instead.

He wanted to kill potential threats in the cradle.

Once he thought of this, You ZhenTian turned his right hand over. A small dark green snake appeared on his hand. This snake was exactly alike to You Ming’s contracted demon beast, the Jade Devil Snake, yet it differed to some extent.

This Jade Devil Snake had two heads. The eyes of one head was red, while the eyes of the other was green. A sense of alarm seeped out from a glance at the snake. It was the king amongst the Jade Devil Snakes and only one would appear from every tens of millions. Few knew that its venom was the most powerful poison in the TongTian Continent and even the Qilin Godfire would be unable to neutralize the venom for a while.

You ZhenTian immediately instructed the Jade Devil Snake to fly towards Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo just happened to see this scene. Although Ling Xiao had told him not to rush out no matter what happened, his body acted before he could process it.

You XiaoMo quickly placed himself in front of Ling Xiao and mobilized his soul power to as a defense at the same time. He believed that his current strength should be enough to ward off the Jade Devil Snake but the it easily tore through his defense and pounced on him with bared fangs and brandished claws.

During his time of imminent peril, the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects which had felt the danger their Master was in rapidly jumped out from his chest pocket and immediately fought with the Jade Devil Snake.

They fought to a standstill despite it being three to one.

This was the result of usually being gluttonous and lazy. You XiaoMo had some admiration for himself for even being able to think of these at this moment.

However, the Jade Devil Snake was soon at a disadvantage.

The venom of the Jade Devil Snake may be effective against humans and other demon beasts, but the Golden Winged Insects and the Metal Swallowing Beast were not ordinary demon beasts. For good or ill, they were still legendary beasts from ancient times.

The venom of the Jade Devil Snake did not have much of an effect on them. The Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects only felt a little numbness which soon disappeared.

Taking advantage of when the Golden Winged Insects had drawn most of the Jade Devil Snake’s attention, the Metal Swallowing Beast ferociously threw itself onto the Jade Devil Snake’s body. The seven inches of body that had copper scales and iron bones was grabbed by the Metal Swallowing Beast’s sharp claws. Despite its formidable appearance, it was still scratched by him and the green blood flowed out, carrying with it a strong corrosiveness.

The Jade Devil Snake let out a miserable shriek.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects seized the opportunity to take turns making a move.

The Jade Devil Snake was soon at the point where it was at its last gasp and it dropped from the sky.

You ZhenTian was close to seeing red upon seeing this scene. The Jade Devil Snake that he had managed to get after much difficulty had been defeated. How can he not be shocked? However, he looked like he had just eaten shit when he saw the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects.

You ZhenTian looked down at the place where the Jade Devil Snake had fallen. He did not have the time to see if it was dead now. His anger towards You XiaoMo was currently not any lesser than his anger towards Ling Xiao.

“You XiaoMo, you’d better not fall into my hands.” You ZhenTian gnashed his teeth as he snarled. Then he immediately put on a burst of speed, preparing to make a preemptive move before Ling Xiao could strike.

You XiaoMo took back the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects. He had already speedily evacuated from the battlefield.

The finishing blow of two powerhouses were definitely enough to destroy the heavens and the earth. He would just be waiting for them to bombard him if he stood in the middle. Furthermore, he could feel that You ZhenTian was really itching to kill him now.

Ling Xiao was also done just as You ZhenTian’s fierce tiger was about to take shape.

The size of the fierce tiger was akin to a mountain. It was tall and ferocious as if it would rush over at any time. You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao and when he took two steps back, he saw the light ball in front of Ling Xiao had four forces intertwined with each other. Maybe because the forces were mutually rejecting each other, the impact when they collided was extremely violent.

You ZhenTian suddenly howled, “Roar, Fierce Tiger!”

The Fierce Tiger Secret Art was a transcendent level skill training technique that You ZhenTian cultivated. It was a continuous attack technique and could be applied whether one wanted a blitzkrieg strategy or a drawn-out battle. Its attack power was very strong so it became the technique he was known for.

Since he used this technique on the first move, it was clear that he really wanted to send Ling Xiao off to the netherworld.

As his howl came to an end, the fierce tiger let out a tremendous roar as if it had gone mad. The roar shook the heaven and earth and in the next second, it shot towards Ling Xiao like an arrow that had left the string of a bow.

You XiaoMo’s heart was pounding non-stop as he watched. His eyes closely followed Ling Xiao. They would all be doomed if Ling Xiao could not withstand this move.

Ling Xiao held the completed ball of light in one hand. The four different colors of energy that seemed to be mutually rejecting each other could be vaguely seen in the light ball, but were forced into equilibrium by some unknown power.

It seemed powerful, but could backlash on oneself if one was not careful.

The four energies represented the Four Ancient Beast Clans. The bloodline of every Emperor Beast was mutually repulsed each other. Their energies could never be fused together unless through force, but doing this could bring about great harm.

Ling Xiao immediately sent out the ball of light in his hand when the fierce tiger was halfway through its charge.

It traveled slowly as there were four different energies colliding with each other in the light ball. There was only a third of the distance between it and the tiger.

You XiaoMo could not help face-palming as he saw the sluggish ball of light.

When the small, exquisite and sluggish ball of light arrived in front of the fierce tiger, the latter opened its big scarlet mouth and swallowed it in. At the same time, Ling Xiao dashed towards You XiaoMo in a flash, lifted him by the waist and carried You XiaoMo on his shoulder as he immediately ran away.

You ZhenTian wanted to chase after them upon seeing this, but as soon as he took a step forward, a sudden palpitation in his heart caused him to withdraw his foot. Instead, his shrewd eyes stared at the fierce tiger in shock.

The fierce tiger let out a wrathful and mournful roar the next second after it swallowed the light ball. Its illusory body warped, appearing as if it would crumble at any moment.

You ZhenTian was alarmed and he rapidly retreated backwards, but it was too late.

The sluggish light ball demonstrated its power inside the fierce tiger’s body. Not only did it explode the fierce tiger’s body, it also absorbed some of its energy. Then it flew towards You ZhenTian as swiftly as a sudden clap of thunder.

An almighty boom suddenly rang out.

You XiaoMo looked back and saw an immense mushroom cloud appear where You ZhenTian was standing. The power of the explosion unceasingly spread out as the mushroom cloud rapidly expanded. It was obvious they were retreating, yet he could see the mushroom cloud growing bigger. It was evident how powerful the explosion was.

That’s not right!

You XiaoMo finally found what was wrong. Ling Xiao’s speed was so fast. How could he be slower than the speed the mushroom cloud was expanding at?

You XiaoMo turned back and before he could see how Ling Xiao looked, he discovered a few glaring drops of blood on the spotlessly white clothes. It frightened so much that his voice was shaking, “You-you-you, you let me down.”

Ling Xiao did not retort. Instead, he obediently let You XiaoMo down, then he wiped off the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth in passing. He had suffered an internal injury in order to control the equilibrium of the four forces.

“How are you doing?” You XiaoMo nervously asked upon seeing the bloodstain on his hand.

Ling Xiao shook his head expressionlessly, “It’s nothing serious for the time being. But we must find a place for me to recover after this.”

You XiaoMo looked back in the direction of the mushroom cloud. You ZhenTian could catch up to them at any time. He immediately took out a teleportation talisman once he thought of this, “We’ll use this to leave.”

Ling Xiao did not have any objection, he was thinking the same too. They did not use this as they had no way of stalling You ZhenTian earlier. Rashly using the Dimensional talisman would allow him to disturb the space and interfere with their escape. Now that You ZhenTian was currently being stalled by the ball of light, it was time.

Thus, when the battered and exhausted You ZhenTian, who had half his arm blown off by the explosion, appeared again, the two had already fled without a trace. You ZhenTian’s roar of rage could be heard from thousands of miles away.

On this day, people from thousands of miles away could feel the shock that quaked the earth and shook the mountains. The ones that felt it the most distinctly were the people of Ebony Plum Town.
Ra: The moment has come, Ling Xiao is no longer the strongest man that can do a one hit one kill anm. The damn old monster of Momo’s clan is too strong.

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