Dear anyone who reads on our site,

Please comment and acknowledge you’ve read this.

We know you guys get excited when we post our work on our site, but we just wanted to remind you that we do not give anyone permission to repost our novels to other sites. This includes Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, pinterest, Instagram, Wattpad or your own site. It doesn’t even matter if you are still including our credits.

Someone has been posting our work to their Facebook account and then sharing it to as many yaoi groups as they could. I mean, they are still keeping our credit line, so they aren’t claiming it to be their work, which is better than them deleting it. They have also been using MTL to finish the novel. We can’t stop someone from using MTL, though we do highly not recommend doing so as there are a ton of mistakes that occur when doing so. They have also claimed we are dropping novels, leaving them abandoned. We aren’t dropping any series. Had they been deleting our credit line, it would be a bigger issue. We would rather have a link to our site or the chapter then copying and pasting our work elsewhere.

If you want to share our work, please link to our page. Do not copy and paste it elsewhere.

If this continues to become an issue, we will implement a function where you are unable to select text to copy. Please think about the effort we put into our work before trying to share it in underhanded ways.

Ps: The 12 hour sharing rule is for our MANGA. We have never allowed our novels to be shared on any other platforms.

If you see anyone posting our work elsewhere, please link them this post as well as the one below.

This link below has been on our site since we started, obviously no one read it.


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