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Chapter 569: Expensive Purchase

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After receiving permission, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao walked in together.

All of the transcendent level magic herbs in the pinnacle section were being sold by the Magic Herb Hall. It wasn’t the same as the other three districts, where outsiders rented the Magic Herb Hall’s stalls to buy and sell magic herbs here.

The transcendent section depended solely on the Magic Herb Hall purchasing other people’s magic herbs and standardizing the sales.

When the two of them entered the transcendent section, everyone inside looked over.

It wasn’t as if only transcendent level mages went to the transcendent section, but everyone who came to this place was definitely an expert. It would be weird if they didn’t get attention, especially since one had an ugly mask and the other a beautiful mask.

When they didn’t see anything much happen, everyone looked away again and continued searching for their own objectives in order to avoid them being stolen away by someone else first.

You XiaoMo glanced around and discovered that the prices of the transcendent level magic herbs were all fixed, or in other words, ‘he who strikes first prevails, he who strikes late fails.’ If two people saw the same magic herb simultaneously, then they would have to do PK or something similar.

t/n: PK (Player Kill), meaning fighting on a one on one battle.

“Gentlemen, I’m Manager Li. Please feel free to ask me if you have any requests.” A middle-aged man suddenly walked over to them. He already saw them when they walked in, and at first, he wanted to see how strong they were, but he wasn’t able to tell, so he didn’t dare neglect them.

You XiaoMo just happened to be looking for someone to ask things to. “Do you guys have the Heart Flower Herb or the Black Lotus Herb?”

Manager Li paused for a few seconds before suddenly hesitating.

You XiaoMo asked, “What’s the problem?”

Manager Li answered helplessly, “Young master’s luck can be considered both good and bad. We indeed do not have the Black Lotus Herb here, but we just received one Heart Flower Herb. The only thing is that it was reserved by someone.”

They finally found one of the herbs, but it was already reserved?

“Isn’t your Magic Herb Shop first come first serve? How did this reservation happen?”

If it was possible, You XiaoMo didn’t want to give up on this Heart Flower Herb, because the higher the level, the harder it was to find the magic herbs. The Reincarnation Pill was one of the four rainbow magic pills, and moreover, this place was different from Zhong Tian, since the marketplace wasn’t as big.

So if they let the Heart Flower Herb go here, they wouldn’t get so lucky next time.

Manager Li explained, “Young master, the situation is like this. Several days ago, someone came to look for the Heart Flower Herb just like you two. However, the Magic Herb Shop didn’t yet have the Heart Flower Herb, so he asked us to keep an eye out. If we found one, then we should notify him. This magic herb was just shipped over this morning, and I was just preparing to send someone over to go notify him.”

You XiaoMo originally thought it was hopeless, but when he heard that last sentence, he suddenly felt hopeful again.

Since Manager Li had no intention of selling them the Heart Flower Herb, there would be no need to tell them that last sentence. Since he said it, did that mean he still had a chance?

“Manager Li, what price did that person offer? I’ll add on an additional ten million spirit gems, how’s that?” You XiaoMo calculated for a moment. Money was only a worldly possession, even though he had already squandered almost all of his spirit gems and was currently on the path towards complete poverty. But if they passed this town, there wouldn’t be another shop, so if he didn’t have to save, then he wouldn’t.

(Ra: you mean, “daddy’s” money >_>?)

“That…” Manager Li hesitated. Ten million spirit gems was already a large sum of money for the Guma Tribe, since all of their assets added together wasn’t over a couple hundred million.

Never mind the fact that Guma Tribe was Dong Zhou’s number one tribe. Some years, they didn’t even earn enough money to cover their costs, because they still had to take care of a lot of people.

You XiaoMo roughly guessed what his misgivings were. “How about this, lastly I’ll add another five million spirit gems.” He purposefully emphasized the ‘lastly.’

Manager Li pretended to be troubled for a second before finally nodding in agreement.

Even though he had promised to inform that person the moment they received the Heart Flower Herb, only a few people in the Magic Herb Hall knew. As long as they didn’t tell him and waited until the next magic herb was shipped over before notifying him, there shouldn’t be a problem.

In order to avoid new issues cropping up, the two sides soon began the transaction.

You XiaoMo held the Flower Heart Herb that he had spent thirty million spirit gems to buy in his arms. This was the most expensive magic herb that he had ever purchased, and he had used up almost all of the spirit gems he had on him. Now he only had five or six million spirit gems left, and there was no way it was enough to buy the Black Lotus Herb.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo still requested Manager Li to help him keep an eye out for the Black Lotus Herb.

Not long after they left, the original person who claimed the Heart Flower Herb unexpectedly showed up. It turned out that an assistant in the Magic Herb Hall accidentally let it slip, and before Manager Li could tell his subordinates not to say anything, the news that the Heart Flower Herb had already arrived reached that person’s ears.

When he saw the youth show up, Manager Li shot a vicious look at the assistant who let it slip. He was seriously a chattering idiot.

“Manager Li, I heard that the Heart Flower Herb already arrived. Is this true?” The youth wore a blue-green robe, and his appearance was delicate and pretty. He seemed quite intelligent, and he looked expectantly at Manager Li.

Manager Li put on a forced smile, and when he heard him speak he hurried to say humbly, “Young master, I have truly been unfair to you. This assistant of mine is new, and I told him to look out for the magic herbs that have been coming in, but he accidentally thought another magic herb was the Heart Flower Herb.”

The youth made an ‘oh’ noise, and his suspicious gaze jumped between the two of them.

The assistant knew that he was in trouble, so he didn’t dare to say a single word.

Manager Li hastily put on a smile. He had already been the manager of the Magic Herb Hall for many years now, and he had seen countless adverse situations. He could control the expression on his face extremely well by now, but it was not necessarily the same for the assistant.

Remembering this, Manager Li hurriedly shouted at him, “Useless assistant! Why aren’t you leaving already, are you trying your best to make a fool out of yourself? If you make this kind of mistake next time, then you can scram!”

“Yes sir, I won’t do it again next time.” The assistant trembled with fear and withdrew.

The youth couldn’t spot their weak point, and he could only say, “Since it was an accident, then we can forget about it. However, I hope that next time Manager Li will notify me at the earliest possible moment. Spirit gems are not a problem.”

Manager Li patted his chest and promised that he would notify him at the first moment, before he suddenly sent him out of the Magic Herb Hall with all smiles.

After leaving the Magic Herb Hall, the youth turned and walked towards the crowd, the expression on his face suddenly extremely gloomy. He didn’t notice the manager rejoicing in the doorway of Magic Herb Hall for having bypassed a disaster at all.

When he returned to his residence, the youth picked up the cup and teapot on the table before smashing it on the ground. Some of the broken pieces even flew outside, but even though the entire room was in chaos, it was still unable to put an end to the anger in his heart.

“Shidi, what’s wrong with you? Who made you so angry?” The person who heard the noise and walked over to check it out just happened to see this scene. On the outside, his age looked to be about the same as the youth’s, but what was different was that the man had a more mature aura around him.

When he saw him, Su Lang’s thick brows raised. “Da-shixiong? Didn’t shifu give you a task to do? Why are you still here?”

The man stepped all over the broken pieces as he walked inside. “The target of that task isn’t there, so there’s not much point for me to stay there. Even shifu himself said so, so he told me to come back first and said there’s another task.”

“Shifu is so good towards you. He gives you all kinds of responsibilities.” Su Lang said with a strangely dark tone that carried a hint of unexplainable jealousy. He also helped shifu out, but every time shifu had a task he would always consider da-shixiong first. He would only come to find Su Lang if there weren’t enough people, and it made him very jealous.

The man didn’t take his words to heart, and he continued the previous topic. “You still haven’t said what’s wrong, did someone make you mad?”

Speaking of this, Su Lang was full of pent-up anger. “I’ve been searching for the Heart Flower Herb for these past few months, and I even specially told the Magic Herb Hall to notify me the instant that received the magic herb. Yet they actually hid the truth from me and sold the magic herb to another person, thinking that I wouldn’t know, even trying to trick me.”

“Do you know who?” The man asked, very interested.

Su Lang shook his head. “That Manager Li wouldn’t even dare to tell me. But I’m guessing that in order to make Manager Li nod his head and agree, that person must have invested some capital. There’s only a few people in WuShan Town who can buy such an expensive magic herb, so I’m guessing that he most likely isn’t from here.”

The man stood up before walking outside. He stopped at the doorway and turned around. “Since there are so many weak points, we just have to investigate a little and we’ll know who it is.”

Su Lang was disgruntled. Even without da-shixiong saying so, he would’ve gone to check for sure.

Furthermore, after You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left, they didn’t continue shopping. Rather, they directly left WuShan Town and had no idea what troubles were ahead.

Originally they wanted to find an inn to stay at temporarily in WuShan Town, but You XiaoMo was struggling again with how to earn spirit gems. He only had five or six million spirit gems left on him, which definitely wasn’t enough, since a transcendent level magic herb was at least ten million.

He thought about it over and over before finally deciding that there was only the option to refine pills. So they left the town and went directly to find a place deep in the mountain without people.

You XiaoMo had considered refining pills in the dimension, but refining transcendent level magic pills would attract thunderclouds. If the dimension was revealed because of this, then the loss wouldn’t be worth the gains, so he never once dared to try it.

Dong Zhou had many mountains, and it didn’t have a lot of flat land.

The two of them set out, doing their best to go as far as possible from WuShan Town. Finally, they found a relatively hidden place before sunset.

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September 8, 2021 10:19 am

“…no idea what troubles were ahead” Oh dear, they really are magnets for it and LX isn’t even healed yet.
I get why Momo can’t make pills in his dimension now, but they could stay in it overnight to save money?
Thank you for translating.

April 27, 2022 4:38 am

Even just buying something can bring disaster. This world really isn’t safe, if you don’t have strength, you can’t do anything to stand out.

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