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Chapter 568: The Town’s Magic Herb Shop

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dong Zhou was organized in tribes, with three main tribes.

Two of them were what Cheng XiangRong had mentioned beforehand, the Guma Tribe and ShuiXi Tribe. The third was the GuanZhou Tribe and amongst them, the Guma Tribe was the strongest, with the most territory.

The biggest town in Dong Zhou, WuShan Town, was part of the Guma Tribe.

To find the last two magic herbs for the Reincarnation Pill, by the logic of going to the closest place first, they arrived at WuShan Town. It was many small tribes that combined into one town, which followed the path of the continuous mountain range, thus it didn’t look as flat and tidy as a normal city.

The WuShan Town was the headquarters of the Guma Tribe, there were many powerhouses guarding the town, so they couldn’t make a big splash like they did at JiJiu Town. Due to the connection between the Guma Tribe and the Vermillion Blood Clan, they couldn’t just swagger out into the open either.

At the town’s outskirts, You XiaoMo looked towards the town’s direction, it was truly bustling with energy.

“Ling Xiao, how about you wait for me here and I’ll go in alone to see if there is the two type of herbs. That way, the chances of us being caught would be lowered, how about it?” You XiaoMo asked as he turned around to look at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao glanced at him, “You want me to say yes, don’t you?”

Guilty of that, You XiaoMo rubbed his nose.

“To bad for you, you’re going to be disappointed!” Ling Xiao continued, “With your troublemaking skills, I’m afraid you’ll come out with every powerhouse of the Guma Tribe.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Rendered speechless, You XiaoMo could only go into WuShan Town with him. But, to prevent them from being recognized, You XiaoMo pulled out the two outfits he bought from JiJiu Town out of his dimension. One, he gave to Ling Xiao, the other, he kept for himself so that no one could tell, with one look at least, that they were outsiders.

After they changed, You XiaoMo pulled out the silver mask Ling Xiao wore before for him to wear again. Although it was a bit striking, it was better than being recognized.

As for him, he reluctantly wore another ugly mask. If CatQiu was around, he wouldn’t have to suffer from being ugly.

So the two became one beauty and one ugly. (So they turned into the Beauty and the Beast)

By the time they arrived at the entrance, they’d already caught half of their attention.

The TongTian Continent weren’t void of people who covered their appearances with masks, even in the WuShan Town it was common. However, it was so extremely rare.

By the looks of things, they were even more eye-catching than before. You XiaoMo felt especially guilty, it looked like they attracted more attention.

Ling Xiao walked passed him and said, “Idiot!”

The entrance fee of the natives was really cheap, only one spirit gem. It was probably because the clothes they were wearing was native that the guards mistook them for people of Dong Zhou.

You XiaoMo felt rejoice from his foresight.

The two followed the crowd into the busiest street. You XiaoMo was transfixed by the local culture present, it was vastly different from the outside.

“It feels a bit like an aboriginal village.” You XiaoMo mumbled. Of course he wasn’t talking about their clothing but how the town felt. It wasn’t comparable to the prosperous towns outside, but there really was a colorful assortment of beautiful goods on display.

Puzzled, You XiaoMo stopped and asked, “Where’s the place that sells magic herbs? How did we not find one after searching for so long? Could it be that the WuShan Town doesn’t have a magic herb shop?”

“That’s probably not it.” Ling Xiao said, “There is only a small portion of mages in Dong Zhou, thus the market for magic herbs isn’t as good as magic pills. Due to that, the shops for magic herbs are far and few between.”

“What are we going to do then, unless we’re returning to Zhong Tian?” After hearing that, You XiaoMo instantly became spiritless. If he knew beforehand that Ling Xiao needed the Reincarnation Pill, no matter what he would have collected the magic herbs before.

Ling Xiao continued walking and said, unconcerned, “What’s the hurry? Sure there was only a few of those shops, but they can’t not have one. After all, WuShan Town is the headquarters of the Guma Tribe, they must have a place that sells magic herbs.”

You XiaoMo hurried to catch up. By the looks of things, they could only ask around. Due to their special identity, it was better if they didn’t reveal themselves too early.

After picking around for a few minutes, You XiaoMo finally found his target – a seven to eight year old that was sitting by a corner, eating a candied fruit.

Just as he was about to walk over, Ling Xiao stretched out his long arm and grabbed him by the collar as he said derisively, “Idiot, at least pick someone who would know.”

You XiaoMo shrunk his neck.

Ling Xiao put him down and walked towards the old man that was selling candied fruits. Then he stretched out his hand in front of You XiaoMo, “Give me two spirit gems.”

You XiaoMo paused for a moment before pulling out two spirit gems. As he handed it over, he muttered, “How old are you, wanting candied fruits? Aren’t those for kids?” But he was surprised that the practitioner world would have such a thing in the first place.

Ling Xiao ignored him and handed two spirit gems to the old man. “Give me a few sticks of those candied fruits.”

The old man smiled and immediately took five sticks of candied apples off the rack and handed over. He also mentioned, “Sir, five sticks doesn’t cost so much.”

Ling Xiao just stuffed the two spirit gems over and asked, “I’m just going to ask you a question, where do they sell magic herbs in the WuShan Town?”

The old man paused for a moment before understanding what he meant. He took the spirit gems and answered his question.

After that, Ling Xiao passed the five sticks over to You XiaoMo and turned around to leave. All You XiaoMo could do was hurry over while holding the sticks.

Following his principal of not leaving anything to waste, You XiaoMo started to eat as he walked. He definitely wouldn’t admit that when he saw the kid eating it, he was already drooling over it.

At first he thought it was the same as the ones he ate before with haw apples, but when he bit into it, he realized it was something similar but three times larger, with more juice and sweeter.

Hearing the chewing sound, Ling Xiao suddenly turned his head around. You XiaoMo quickly stopped in his tracks and blinked at him.

Ling Xiao said in all seriousness, “Aren’t those for kids? How old are you!”

You XiaoMo, “…”

He actually used his words against him.

The two continued walking as You XiaoMo stared at his half eaten candied fruit and suddenly lost all appetite, but he didn’t want to throw it away either.

Just then, the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insect, who had been lying in wait in his arms, suddenly peaked out their heads. With eyes green with greed, the Metal Swallowing Beast quickly stretched out his neck to take a bite, when You XiaoMo wasn’t looking. Then he went back to share it with the Golden Winged Insects.

That startled You XiaoMo and he quickly took a look around to see if anyone saw. When he realized no one did, did he breathe a sigh of relief. Afraid that they would it do it again, he threw out the rest when he had a chance. Of course he didn’t notice the look of disappointment on his beasts.

It didn’t take long before they reached their destination.

The shop that sell magic herb in Wushan Town was under a general collective term, Magic Herb Hall, with the Guma Tribe as their patron.

There was only one magic herb shop in the WuShan Town and it took up a huge space. It had almost every kind of magic herb and the prices were fair.

In the ancient times, many mages would cultivate their magic herb fields in Dong Zhou. Although it wasn’t as popular as before, the Guma Tribe still had massive lands for magic herbs, it was one of their main sources of income.

With a goal in mind, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo walked inside.

One couldn’t tell from the outside, but inside it was a huge market place, full of stalls that sold magic herbs. And the further one went in, the higher quality the magic herbs.

The two walked straight ahead.

The vendors who were about to call out, found their words stuck in their throats, as they saw them walking straight towards the end.

There was four sections in the marketplace, low, middle, high, and pinnacle sections. It corresponded to the level of herbs sold and by the high section, and there was guards.

The two walked in but the guards didn’t stop them.

You XiaoMo turned around to take a look, he thought that they would need to prove their identity or something, but it looks like they were just for show.

Ling Xiao didn’t even look at the high section magic herbs and instead walked straight ahead to the transcendent level.

You XiaoMo thought that Ling Xiao felt even more like a mage then him, and a vigorous one at that. His walking speed was almost the same as him running.

It was then when they were finally stopped.

“Who are you guys? This isn’t a place you can just wander into.” One of the guards said with severity.

You XiaoMo instantly let out a sliver of his soul force, “I’m a mage and I want to go in to see some transcendent level herbs, that’s okay, right?”

This sliver of soul force gave the guards quite a bit of pressure. Even though they were really strong, they weren’t at You XiaoMo’s level, so they were shocked after finding out his level as transcendent.

“We’re deeply sorry, you may go in now.”

In Dong Zhou, a transcendent level mage earned more respect than a Divine Realm practitioner, even some Sacred Realm practitioners too. Their status was much higher too. If one let someone from Dong Zhou chose between a Sacred Realm and a transcendent level mage, eighty percent of them would pick the latter.

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