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Chapter 582: Nothing Goes Unpunished

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There were only five men on the bandit chief’s side. Although their overall numerical strength was high, the members of the expedition team were double theirs and the strength of the captain seemed to be on par with his.

After quickly weighing the gains and losses in his heart, the bandit chief determined that there would not be any advantages for him and efficiently fled with four of his men. At the same time, he stole the magic bag of the beautiful sisters while making his getaway.

“Are the two young ladies all right?” The captain was called Xie Jun and he was the first to rush to them. He looked at Mo Xue’s sorry figure in concern. His gaze drifted to the two shining white mounds of flesh at her chest. He swallowed a little before immediately turning his eyes away.

Mo Xue saw that Xie Jun was very handsome and since his looks were to her liking, she fell into his arms when her legs went soft.

Xie Jun immediately supported her with a slightly embarrassed expression as he asked with concern, “What’s wrong, Young Lady? Are you injured anywhere?”

Mo Xue weakly leaned on his chest while she sobbed and shook her head, “I’m not hurt, I was just crying tears of joy. If Sir hadn’t arrived in time, I, I…*sob sob*. Mo Xue doesn’t know how to repay Sir’s life-saving grace.”

“There’s no need for Lady Mo to do so. This Xie didn’t do much too.” Xie Jun said hurriedly.

Mo Xue clasped his hand and looked at him tenderly, “No, there’s no need to be modest, Xie-dage. It is true that you saved us two sisters. Mo Xue will surely repay you.”

Xie Jun smiled and pulled out his hand, “Lady Mo, recently DongYu has not been very peaceful and the number of bandits have been increasing. It’s better if you wait for more people to come back, otherwise it’s easy to be targeted.”

Mo Xue just thought he was especially handsome and considerate. In addition, he was strong and she was quickly taking a liking to him. She promptly agreed with Xie Jun when she heard what he said, “Xie-dage is right, but we cannot find our comrades at the moment…”

Knowing what she meant, Xie Jun immediately answered, “If Lady Mo finds it acceptable, you can join us.”

“Really? Then I’d like to thank Xie-dage.” Mo Xue smiled through her tears as her soft hands gripped Xie Jun’s hand again. She looked at him with her dainty and charming eyes.

Xie Jun did not pull his hand out this time. He smiled as he replied, “You’re welcome. It’s only right to take care of beautiful ladies.”

Mo Xue’s alluring face became bashful and she was almost drunk on his honeyed words.

“Let go of Mo Xue!” A voice akin to an eyesore sounded like a thunderbolt in their ears. Not far away, Niu XuYang had already stood up after the churning blood and qi in the pit of his stomach gradually calmed. Though his face was originally red in color, he soon turned redder with anger when he saw Mo Xue and Xie Jun who were almost clinging on to one another.

Mo Xue’s expression immediately chilled upon hearing Niu XuYang’s voice, “Niu XuYang! Xie-dage is our rescuer, how can you shout at him? Would we have fallen to this extent if you weren’t so useless?”

“Mo Xue, I…” Niu XuYang knew that he was in the wrong. He was unable to refute these words, but he just could not bear to see Mo Xue do her utmost to please a man.

“I what I, you’re still not coming over to apologize to Xie-dage?” Mo Xue unhappily snapped.

Niu XuYang frowned. His eyebrows formed a into a ‘川’ character, “Mo Xue, actually, the one who saved you was not him, but another person.”

He had personally witnessed a fruit pit hit the bandit chief’s hand with his own eyes. Moreover, the fruit pit came from the opposite direction of Xie Jun’s group.

Mo Xue hesitated for a moment. She did not see the direction where the fruit pit came flying from, but since their backs were to Xie Jun’s group at that time, it was indeed impossible for Xie Jun to have done it.

Niu XuYang saw that she was wavering and immediately pointed in the direction of You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao as he cried out, “I saw it with my own eyes. The fruit pit came from there. They should be hiding behind the stone.”

You XiaoMo was behind the stone. He felt an irrepressible urge to cut off Niu XuYang’s tongue.

If you feel jealous, then just be jealous. Why on earth did you have drag him down? He can only be an unnamed hero.

Ling Xiao was at the side smiling with joy from the calamity and delighting in the disaster.

“May I venture to ask which Master saved us? Would it be possible to reveal yourself to us?” Niu XuYang clasped his hands in obeisance as he shouted loudly. He added another match to You XiaoMo.

Mo Xue and Mo Fei expectantly looked over. If it was a handsome guy, they’d behave a little more enthusiastically. If not, they would just carelessly say a word of thanks.

No one noticed Xie Jun darkly eying Niu XuYang.

The moment everyone was expecting arrived as a black head was poked out from above the stone, revealing a face that was incomparably familiar to Niu XuYang and the two ladies. Mo Xue and Mo Fei’s smiles immediately froze on their faces.

“Hi, everybody!” You XiaoMo waved to them. He had proposed to leave immediately, but Ling Xiao refused, saying that since they had already saved the two, they should at least show their faces. Show what shit ah! He clearly felt that Ling Xiao just wanted to watch a good show!

“It’s you!” Mo Xue gnashed her teeth in anger.

You XiaoMo nodded and smiled mischievously, “Who else can it be but me?”

Niu XuYang did not think it would be them. He knew that Mo Xue and Mo Fei did not like him. However, rather than letting Mo Xue fawn upon Xie Jun, he would rather that person being fawned over to be You XiaoMo. At the very least, Mo Xue would never have a favorable impression of him because his looks did not meet Mo Xue’s standards.

“So it’s this Sir who saved us…”

“Niu XuYang!” Mo Fei suddenly shouted his name and fiercely glared at You XiaoMo, “The one who really saved us is not him. At the most, he just stopped the movement of the bandits. It’s Xie-dage and the rest who really scared the bandits away.”

Mo Xue hatefully echoed, “That’s right. What more, I suspect that he had been watching on the sidelines for a long time. That fruit pit is the proof. Why would he wait till the last minute to make a move if he genuinely wanted to save us?”

With a look at the moist pit of the fruit, one could tell that it had just been finished.

That was ironclad evidence.

However, the Mo Xue sisters who could deny everything were truly marvels, Mo Xue in particular. At least You XiaoMo stopped the bandit chief’s hand from grabbing her undergarments. Even if it was not him who rescued them, her entire body would have been seen by this group of men.

You XiaoMo suddenly understood why Ling Xiao was smiling like that.

It turned out that he already knew that Mo Xue would deny this fact. Sure enough, he just wanted to watch a good show.

No good deed goes unpunished ah!

You XiaoMo leaned back into Ling Xiao’s embrace, “I’m so sad. My first ‘hero saves the maiden’ and she even complained that I did not immediately make a move. How can there be such a shameless person in the world?!”

Ling Xiao stroked his hair as the corner of his mouth raised up, “It’s not the first time you’ve seen a shameless person. Remember this incident the next time and don’t just save anyone you see. Some people harbor evil intentions and may not thank you for your help. This kind of person should be given a taste of despair.”

After speaking the last sentence, his eyes fell on Mo Xue with a smile that was yet not a smile.

Mo Xue entire body became cold and she started shivering.

You XiaoMo muttered to himself, it’s like this every time. He always must let me do it before he reminds me. This kind of method was not the least bit awesome, though it did leave a deep impression on him and make him learn from his mistakes. However, he really regretted saving her now.

“All right, all right. I will remember it next time and will deeply engrave this onto my heart.”

“And also,” Ling Xiao indifferently added, “remember to be extremely vigilant in the future. Don’t steal the limelight of others when there’s no need for you to step in.”

You XiaoMo blinked, what do you mean by that?

Xie Jun’s heart jumped when he heard this. This man knew that they were nearby?

That’s right, both You XiaoMo and Xie Jun had long arrived here and none of the groups had immediately come to the aid of the ladies. It so happened that Xie Jun was a step slower than You XiaoMo. This phenomenon was a very common thing as no one had the obligation to save another. It was only after hearing Mo Fei disclose her identity that Xie Jun began to have some ideas.

He believed Mo Fei’s words, yet he still did not step in immediately. Instead, he intended to choose the most critical moment, so that the two sisters would have a deeper impression of him and be even more grateful to him.

However, he did not expect that someone would step in before he did. He was afraid of his plans being wrecked by You XiaoMo, so he ran out with his teammates.

Mo Xue and her sister did not understand the meaning of Ling Xiao’s words. She only felt that she was deeply despised by this man who looked at her as if she was a lowly ant. This made her burn with rage.

“Who asked you to save us, you meddler!” Mo Xue was shamed into anger. Flames were almost shooting out of her beautiful eyes. She was really the model of one devoid of gratitude. Anyway, You XiaoMo did not expect her to repay his kindness.

You XiaoMo restrained himself even though he really wanted to give her a tight slap, so he decided not to hold back on his words. Thus, he smiled at Mo Xue and said before he left, “Pretty Miss, I’d like to say a word to you and your sister before I leave – I wish you are raped as soon as possible.”

After he was done, he immediately pulled Ling Xiao along and walked away.

Mo Xue was so angry that her heart was violently spasming. They actually dared to speak to her in such a tone! If they were in the Guma Tribe, she would have long gotten someone to tear his mouth to pieces.

Niu XuYang looked at Mo Xue, whose face was twisted with anger, with a complicated expression. Originally, he quite liked Mo Xue’s outspoken character, but now he was unsure. For him and Mo Fei, it was Xie Jun who really saved them. But for Mo Xue, the one she should be more grateful to was You XiaoMo.

Mo Xue and Mo Fei finally decided to join Xie Jun’s team and go with them. Niu XuYang thought about it before he decided to join them. He did not have the strength to protect himself in DongYu.

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