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Chapter 581: Hero Rescues Beauties

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Such a beautiful pair of sisters!”

A familiar sentence rushed into You XiaoMo’s ears like a persistent vengeful demon, especially those last four words. They had clearly shaken them off not too long ago, yet they miraculously ran in front of them again. Could it be another pair of beautiful sisters?

You XiaoMo repeatedly comforted himself.

However, after he saw the two beautiful sisters, Mo Fei and Mo Xue, with his own eyes, he finally knew that this many dislikable coincidences truly did exist in this world.

About a hundred meters ahead, Niu XuYang, Mo Xue, and Mo Fei were currently being surrounded by a crowd of people. Considering the way that crowd of people were dressed, as well as their behavior, they should be the so-called Dong Yu bandits.

“How did they get in front of us?” You XiaoMo couldn’t help but ask Ling Xiao. Even if they used all their strength to press on with their journey, it was impossible for them to get in front of them so quickly.

“They probably used some kind of method.” Ling Xiao couldn’t say precisely why either. Everyone had their own secret tricks, or they had an item that could allow them to shorten the distance.

You XiaoMo nodded his head, not quite understanding. However, this did seem to be the first time that he had encountered a ‘hero rescues the beauty’ scenario. It was a pity that he didn’t want to save them, it was truly a hard opportunity to come by!

You XiaoMo instantly fished out a magic fruit from his dimension and handed it to Ling Xiao. “Let’s watch as we eat fruit from the side.”

Ling Xiao took the fruit and said, “Didn’t you want to go find the White Tiger’s right eye?”

You XiaoMo said matter-of-factly, “That’s not urgent. In any case, besides us, nobody else knows where it is either. This is the first time I’ve encountered a good ‘hero rescues the beauty’ show, so of course I want to watch.”

As he spoke, he took a bite out of the fruit with a crunch.

Before them, Niu XuYang and the rest had just encountered the Dong Yu bandits not too long ago. Even though the three of them felt that it was very unexpected, they didn’t show any signs of panic, especially the two sisters. Their expressions were calm and collected, as if the bandits surrounding them were just like the men who worshipped them.

“You guys look so ugly, you should scram at once out of my sight, or you can just wait and see what happens.” Mo Xue wore an expression of haughty, cold elegance and her eyes held disgust as she looked at the bandits.

Mo Xue’s aesthetic standards were extremely strict. In her eyes, men who looked ugly were all dirty objects, and dirty objects should beat it far, far away from her. As for her standards for ugliness, one could refer to the delicate, pretty, and adorable You XiaoMo.

As for Mo Fei, although she wasn’t as obsessive over people’s outer appearances as her sister was, she had already been imperceptibly influenced by her sister over the years. Her requirements for looks shot straight up like a rocket. For example, Niu XuYang could actually be considered a handsome young fellow, but in the two sisters’ eyes, he was just average.

The two sisters naturally enslaved the men who looked just average. In their hearts, they even felt that Niu XuYang should be honored.

This kind of woman was very terrifying. Their ability to cause trouble was directly correlated to their nitpicking over looks. Niu XuYang could also be considered getting what he deserved. Who told him to like this sort of top-notch woman like Mo Xue.

“Boss, this girl has quite a temper!” A bandit immediately started to laugh loudly after he heard Mo Xue’s words. They were already defenseless, yet she was still telling them to scram. Wasn’t she just acting recklessly!

A man with a face full of hair rubbed his beard and smiled lewdly. “No matter, no matter. I like this kind of forceful woman, it feels great when you do them on the bed!”

The others instantly revealed lascivious expressions, and they all started to laugh.

Mo Xue turned livid with rage.

“A crowd of reckless dirty objects dares to speak so insolently about my older sister? If we were to tell you who we are, it’d scare you to death!” Mo Fei instantly leaped forward. Even though they were twins, her figure wasn’t as full or impressive as Mo Xue’s. She looked fairly frail and weak, but the bandits still felt that she seemed very lively and cute.

“This old man hasn’t tried out twins before!” When the bandit chief saw Mo Fei, his eyes immediately lit up. “Little girl, why don’t you tell us who you are?”

Mo Fei’s face turned red from anger after his first sentence. When she heard what he said after that, she said viciously, “Listen well. I am the Guma Tribe’s second young mistress Mo Fei, and the great Guma Minister is my father.”

“Oh, so you’re the second young mistress. Many apologies for not recognizing you. This humble man has failed to recognize your eminence.” The bandit chief suddenly saw the light.

“It’s fine as long as you know. Now, everyone slap their mouths one hundred times for me. After that, scram far, far away. It hurts my eyes just to look at you all.” His flattering words were very useful against Mo Fei.

Mo Xue still looked at them coldly.

The band chief suddenly snorted coldly before his previous attitude vanished in a heartbeat. “I was just giving you face since you really thought you were the second young mistress. Brothers, get them! Seize these two little girls, I’ll share them with you all after I’m done enjoying them. As for the man, kill him.”

His subordinates instantly started yelling gleefully and vied with each other to be the first to pounce at Mo Fei and Mo Xue. Ever since they had become Dong Yu bandits, it had been a very long time since they encountered such high-quality women.

Niu XuYang turned pale with fright. He hadn’t imagined that they would act as soon as they said so, and he was about to rush over when the bandit chief abruptly blocked his path.

“Boy, your strength level isn’t bad. It’s too bad you met this old man.” The band chief had realized what his cultivation base was long ago. He was only one star lower than him. Although the gap wasn’t large, he still couldn’t be his opponent.

Niu XuYang instantly went on alert.

At that moment, Mo Xue’s flustered and exasperated voice suddenly rang out. “Niu XuYang, what are you standing around in a daze for! Why aren’t you coming to rescue me?”

Mo Xue’s level of strength was only at the Emperor three-star level. In reality, it wasn’t low, but all of the subordinates under the bandit chief also were around the same level. If she fought them one-on-one, it could perhaps result in a draw, but it was impossible if it was two-against-one.

They had just started fighting, and Mo Xue was already at a disadvantage.

Niu XuYang was so worried that his eyes turned red. He wanted to charge over and rescue Mo Xue, but the bandit chief abruptly launched an attack towards him. It was a deadly blow, causing him to be unable to go over.

Mo Fei was in even more dire straits than Mo Xue. In the first place, her strength was worse than Mo Xue’s, and she was seized at once. The two bandits leered at her as they manipulated her, and the young woman was so scared that she almost started crying, continuously shouting for her sister to come rescue her.

How could Mo Xue go rescue her? She was unable to even protect herself, but when she heard her little sister’s cries for help, she accidentally got distracted. A bandit caught her around the neck, and her pretty face went red with a lack of air.

“Boss, we’ve caught them.” That bandit immediately shouted happily and excitedly at the bandit chief.

When Niu XuYang saw Mo Xue fall into their hands, his heart jumped, and it was hard to avoid making a mistake. He accidentally let the bandit chief strike him in the chest, and he spat out blood as he went flying, his internal organs almost displaced.

“A useless good-for-nothing like you also wants to be a hero? More like a coward.” The bandit chief snorted coldly before walking towards the captured Mo Xue. She finally knew to be afraid.

“What on earth do you guys want to do? If my dad knows about this, he definitely won’t let you go!” Mo Xue howled wrathfully, although her body had already started to shake in fear.

What she didn’t know was that the bandit chief had never once listened to what she was saying. It didn’t matter if she was telling the truth or lying. In any case, he had already offended her, so he might as well offend her to the end. Moreover, it was worth it if he could get a taste of the Guma Tribe’s first and second young mistress.

The bandit chief reached towards Mo Xue’s chest with a hideous grin. With a ripping sound, the clothing at her chest was torn off, revealing her pink undergarments. Two large round white mounds sat at his beck and call.

Mo Xue screamed and seemed like she was about to faint.

“Beast!” Niu XuYang’s eyes were red as he watched, and he seemed like a crazed bull.

The bandit chief’s grimy hands stretched even closer to Mo Xue’s undergarments, and Mo Xue looked like she was going to pass out. In this moment of extreme crisis, a fruit pit flew over out of nowhere and smashed into his hand. There was quite a bit of strength behind it, and it made his entire hand go numb when it slammed into him.

“Who’s there?” The bandit chief covered his hand and stared in shock in the direction that the fruit pit had come flying over from. He actually hadn’t known that there were other people nearby, could it be that their strength was above his?

His cultivation base was at the Divine two star level. If he showed off this kind of strength outside, many people would definitely invite him to join their courts. However, he would much rather stay in Dong Yu and lord over other people, only because this place was more lax than other places. Nobody cared if they raped and looted, and moreover, with his strength, there were few people who could be his opponents in Dong Yu.

“What are you doing?” Ling Xiao still held a half-eaten fruit in his hand. He looked at You XiaoMo, whose hands were both empty, and he raised an eyebrow in surprise.

You XiaoMo rubbed his nose guiltily. “Even though I don’t like that pair of beautiful sisters, violating women in broad daylight is a bit too obscene.”

Ling Xiao suddenly revealed a thin smile, heavy with meaning.

Outside, the bandit chief, who didn’t receive a response, was about to send his men in to take a look, when another wave of people appeared. They weren’t bandits; they were an exploration party of about ten or so people. When they discovered the situation over here, they instantly charged over.

“It’s the Dong Yu bandits. Everyone, get them!”

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October 29, 2018 3:37 am

I think Ling Xiao now has plans to do obscene things to Momo like screwing him outside in broad daylight. Oh, Momo, did you realize you just gave him ideas? XD

October 29, 2018 8:52 am

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Momo is always a good boy

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Thanks for translating.

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