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Chapter 584: Ape Shit

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo took one look and turned away. He searched through the man in black’s body but only found one magic bag and there wasn’t much in it either. Nothing to identify him whatsoever.

But, it was because of this that You XiaoMo was sure the man attacked him because there was something below the canyon. He was probably also a professional assassin, so something like them were the only ones who would hide their identity.

“Killing for goods is only something a bandit would do.” It was at this moment that a voice with a slight evilness to it appeared. Although it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, You XiaoMo knew that they were cursing him.

The reason was no other than the fact that the voice belonged to Mo Xue, the woman who wouldn’t go away. You XiaoMo took the magic bag and destroyed the body, then looked thoughtfully at Mo Xue.

Mo Xue knew that she shouldn’t provoke him but she couldn’t help it. Someone she once looked down upon was now above her. Now the one to look up became her and she couldn’t take it. Seeing that You XiaoMo looked over, she subconsciously raised her chin, in stubborn defiance.

A flash of displeasure towards Mo Xue appeared in Xie Jun’s eyes as he pulled her back, “Xue-er, don’t provoke him.”

Mo Xue could understand what Xie Jun was implying and wanted to follow his words but her usual pride kept her from lowering her head. Instead, she said, “Xie-dage, we are a group, why are we afraid of one person?”

Xie Jun carefully made sure to not show his impatience and continued, “Don’t forget he still has a comrade. Not only that, if we were to really fight him, we would pay a harsh price for i. After that, the Dong Yu Bandits would surely set their eyes on us.”

“Xie-dage, why are you arguing for them and dissing yourself. From what I can tell, his comrade isn’t even here, otherwise, they would have surely appeared by now.” Mo Xue knew that Xie Jun was right but she just didn’t want to give up so easily.

Xie Jun chuckled, but deep down he wanted to kill her. If she wasn’t still worth something, he would have left her to die a long time ago. Did she seriously think being the Guma Tribe Leader’s daughter made her invincible?

This was Dong Yu, not her tribe, her status would only scare the weaklings.

It wasn’t long after Mo Xue’s talk that Ling Xiao appeared. His slender figure appeared elegantly beside You XiaoMo, without a warning. Ling Xiao didn’t see the man in black’s vanished corpse, but he could tell that a major fight had happened. Looking at Mo Xue’s group in the distance, he asked, “What happened?”

“I’m wondering if I should kill them.” You XiaoMo said. He didn’t lower his voice for this, rather he purposefully said it loudly, so that Mo Xue’s group could hear him. Just like he thought, the expression on their faces changed.

“All of them?” Ling Xiao asked without batting an eye.

You XiaoMo scratched his head, “Ah, actually I just want to kill this one person, her mouth is so annoying. The things that come out is hard on the ears, but I don’t want to dirty my hands.”

Ling Xiao gently chuckled, “If you want her to never speak again, that’s easy. If you think it’ll dirty your hands, then I’ll do it.”

“Okay.” You XiaoMo nodded, smiling.

The couple simultaneously looked towards Mo Xue.

As if she had fallen into an ice pit, feelings of fear, like the sprouts erupting after the rain, erupted one after another. It was only now, that she started to regret provoking them for her pride. In fear, she held on tightly to Xie Jun’s arm, with half of her body hiding behind him. “Xie-dage, help, help me!”

Xie Jun froze. If he stood up for Mo Xue with the current circumstances, then he was as good as dead. But, it was also an opportunity to completely capture her heart. As he debated, the scale soon tilted towards his fear of death. If he died then what would be the point of capturing her heart? With her heartlessness, she would probably forget him soon after.

But, now he needed to prevent Mo Fei from seeing this side of him. At this moment, he had already changed to focus on Mo Fei instead, but he would soon be rid of his worries.

Mo Xue, who had originally been latched onto him made a scream of terror and shoved him away. Her whole body was tossing and turning on the ground. Her hands gripped tightly at her neck and as her mouth opened, she spit out fire.

Soon, she was unable to scream, as if her throat had been burned. One half of her face caught on fire as well, making it eerily hideous. She kept rolling on the floor because of the pain and her fingernails broke due to the pressure, but that pain was nothing in comparison.

“Sis!” Mo Fei screamed as she was about to rush over.

With quick reflexes, Xie Jun caught her, “Don’t go there, that’s not a normal flame, even you would be burned if you go.”

Mo Fei’s body froze for a second and she didn’t dare go up anymore, instead, she cried into Xie Jun’s arms.

Somewhere in him, Niu XuYang felt a little bad for Mo Xue. If this was before they had entered Dong Yu, then he would have stopped at nothing to save her. But now, with her cynicism and her intimate actions with Xie Jun, she had worn off any love he had for her.

Now, he was eerily calm watching everything unfold.

The strange flame burned Mo Xue’s throat and half of her face. The scars moved as if there were worms on her face and it was red like a soldering iron. No one dared to go up to her and seeing the ugliness of her face, everyone shifted their gaze away in disgust.

Xie Jun hesitated for a second before pulling out a magic pill for Mo Xue to eat. She was still the daughter of the Guma Tribe’s leader, after all.

On the other hand, both Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were gone. With Ling Xiao’s power, he could easily have Mo Xue taste her own medicine with a flick of a finger.

As for Guma Tribe’s possible revenge, that wasn’t a consideration of theirs. After all, the Guma Tribe were close with the Vermillion Blood Clan, there was no way they wouldn’t be on opposite sides.

You XiaoMo didn’t get to see Mo Xue’s sad state since they quickly left, but with Ling Xiao’s usual tendencies, he could already see Mo Xue’s misery.

“Okay, now can you tell me what happened? Who were you fighting with and for what?” Until they couldn’t see Xie Jun anymore did Ling Xiao asked once again.

You XiaoMo quickly re-accounted the ambush and his suspicion that the right eye was below the grand canyon, but he was only thirty percent sure.

Ling Xiao searched all the way over, and of course, he hadn’t seen anything suspicious along the way. They could be certain that the white tiger’s right eye was not here. It was either on the other side or below them.

“Do you want to go down now?” Ling Xiao confirmed.

You XiaoMo thought about it for a second and shook his head, “Let’s do it another day.”

There were still other people around searching for the right eye. It was better the less people knew about it and Ling Xiao’s wounds hadn’t healed yet, so before he was sure of the strength of the people below, he wasn’t going to take chances. As for whether or not he acted rashly, which might alert the enemy, with the corpse burned, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Ling Xiao didn’t oppose it.

The two took another look at the canyon before leaving for Dong Yu. With them, Xie Jun’s group had also left due to the severity of Mo Xue’s injuries. Due to her position, everyone agreed to leave early for the town.

It wasn’t long after You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao returned that Xie Jun’s group arrived too. Mo Xue’s three man group didn’t stay in the same place as them but Xie Jun’s exploration team did. It was closer to Dong Yu, thus, when they returned to town, they headed there. They caused a big commotion and many people peaked out their heads to take a look.

You XiaoMo was curious too and purposefully opened the window to get a closer look.

But because of that, Xie Jun, who was carrying Mo Xue, arrived in front of him. Seeing him, his whole body froze and his hurried footsteps came to a halt.

The people behind him pulled their emergency breaks too. Just as they were about to speak, they saw You XiaoMo leaning against the window with a devious smile. Everyone of them froze like a zombie and Mo Fei even hid behind Niu XuYang.

This was what you call ape shit!

But, they were able to meet twice in Dong Yu, which was a much bigger place, it was actually not that much of a surprise that they would meet up here in town. Maybe they were just fated to meet each other.

You XiaoMo waved, smiling, “Hello.”

Xie Jun was the first to react. If he left now, that would appear too deliberate, so he could only clench his teeth and continue walking. If they let them off the hook before, they probably wouldn’t do anything now.

Mo Fei wanted to follow him but she was afraid of becoming like her sister, so she just glued herself to Niu XuYang. Using him to block You XiaoMo’s vision so that even if something happened, it would happen to Niu XuYang first.

Seeing them run away as if they had seen a ghost, You XiaoMo laughed whole heartily.

It was the first time he had seen someone so afraid of him. Before, it was only him being afraid, now it was the other way around. As they say, what comes around goes around.

Congratulations! (to him)


As he was thinking that, he was knocked on the head as Ling Xiao’s voice came from within, “What are you standing around there stupidly for? Get your ass in here!”

Ah! Ling Xiao was so annoying!


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November 1, 2018 6:06 am

I wanted to ask something about the book
In chaper158 is LX the legendary master of beast???
I belive so but… To know

November 1, 2018 7:21 am

DAYUUUM, MOMO! You need to chill the frickk up. Shiiiett, dude, the spoiled girl was just talkin smack. She didn’t do any other thing wrong to you, Momo. He mutilated her ass as if she murdered Piqiu or sth like that. The right thing to do at that moment was to chill and have Ling Xiao screw you in broad daylight right in front of their faces. XD That oughta shut her up.

Damn, Momo. I’m suddenly craving for grilled chicken now? Anyways, thanks for the translation!

November 1, 2018 8:28 am

Thank you for the chapter~ Lil Momo is so happy, haha. I hope LX gets better enough soon so they can go down there.

November 1, 2018 12:37 pm

Oof, jealous Xiao Mo ain’t gonna let that woman go! I’m also angry at that type of woman.

November 4, 2018 9:29 am

Ah Momo. You’ve been converted by LX. Haha. But i love how LX dote on his wifey. Doing the dirty deeds to appease him. And Momo has become a bit evil and i am lovin it.

November 23, 2018 8:16 pm

Thanks for translating, Crystal!

January 16, 2019 2:41 am


feels kinda bad momo's getting used to ling xiao's murderous ways but… well… cultivation world /shrug

March 28, 2019 7:38 am

[Now, he was eerily calm watching everything unfold.]

Good.. 👍
And the ending.. hahahahha.. I love it. 🤣🤣🤣

May 6, 2020 11:48 pm

I understand LX now. He teaches Momo the reality of the world, but also knocks MoMo down when he gets too prideful. Though his methods are so bad and abusive, I guess it has a purpose.

July 27, 2020 4:28 pm

Oooophhh I like dark Momo (…sometimes)

September 13, 2020 3:38 pm

Momo getting cold…. Well, other people should just get warmer! You’d think the Bird of Pride would be more powerful since it’s all these people are concerned about. Very few are mature like Boss and Momo. Humble yourselves!

February 16, 2021 10:34 pm

That woman deserves what she got. Like that XJ’s thought, that woman is an idiot thinking her tribe is so powerful that it could save her. Death is a luxury for her given her brainlessness.

November 24, 2021 6:54 pm

some of u people forget this is a cultivation world, lots of selfish people (it’s dark if u think harder), i miss old momo but what do u expect? Ling Xiao change him.. If momo now is momo before, he would act differently obviously, ofc without ling xiao influencing him.. That boss didn’t blink an eye to help someone, he’s more ruthless
Not supporting their actions though, but i always keep in mind they’re not a hero in this story

January 16, 2022 4:22 pm

Some of y’all are mad momo isn’t a saint LAMSK HES HUMAN CRY ABT IT tf y’all acting like that girl wouldn’t have met a worst fate if momo hadn’t humbled her 💀 like stfu I love how he doesn’t try to be nice and understand this is a literal dog eat world the only unnecessary thing I’ve even seen him do was that rape comment. Boss is literally the best knocks him down when he gets too prideful but literally backs him up whenever

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