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The final votes are in!

Thank you to everyone, all 938 of you, who voted and to all of those who took the time out of your days to draw a piece for the competition. Here are the final tallies!

1st Place, made by @aphin123 with 364 votes, goes to:


Their banner will now be one of the permanent ones that will cycle through our current banners. Congrats! Their banner is a quick sketch of Jiang Cheng from The Grand-master of Demonic Cultivation which, as most of you know, we are currently translating into English. Go check it out!

2nd place, made by @rara0587 with 97 votes:

ki senseo

Rara’s banner will also go into our permanent cycle. Her banner is based off of Addis’ original novel, Never, My Alpha featuring Ki-sensei and Jun, go check it out!

3rd place, made by Fly Shun with 60 votes:

wanjixwuxian final.png

4th place, made by our very own Pollens with 57 votes:

lwjwwx copy 1.jpg

5th place, made by Mary R with 49 votes:


Thank you again to the rest of you who sent in your submissions!

We hope any of you will submit again in one of our next art competitions! Great job!


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November 3, 2018 11:45 am

JC is so pretty!!!

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