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Chapter 588: Underwater world

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The one who set up this illusion array meant to kill everyone who was lost in it. They didn’t hold back at all. It wasn’t just an array that created illusions, the wind became razors, the grass became lethal, it was a death trap everywhere. Unless they found the core and destroyed it, they were going to die of spiritual energy depletion.

The one who made a move was surprisingly not Ling Xiao but rather You XiaoMo. Ever since Ling Xiao was injured, he took the initiative on many manual labors.

This illusion array looked abnormal and difficult to break but for You XiaoMo, the crescent moon up in the morning sky was a dead give away.

Thus, without hesitation he attacked the moon. With a Azure Hand attack, he slapped the moon flat. In an instant the illusion array was broken, but before he could feel happy about it and reflect on it, they were attacked.

Same as the man in black who surprised him before, these people were in the same costume. The three man in black attacked ruthlessly. Just as they came out of the array, their swords went straight for vital organs.

Ling Xiao, however, was prepared. Two slivers of flame, like a snake, slithered out and wrapped around the man in black’s swords. Climbing up the sword, they quickly reached towards the men’s bodies. To protect themselves, the men in black couldn’t help but retract their attack.

Like last time, You XiaoMo used his ugly woven gloves to catch his sword bare-handedly. This time he didn’t break it but rather sent him flying against a wall with a kick. You XiaoMo thought that he was going to be half-dead if not dead, but instead he quickly got up again.

The man in black let out a deep roar, like a wild beast, as his shirt started to rip inch by inch. He turned into a gorilla with dense black fur.

Gorillas were a high grade demon beast, with great offensive and defensive capabilities. One could say that they were like a cockroach, unkillable. Thus, that kick You XiaoMo did, didn’t affect him much.

Pounding on his chest, the gorilla let out a roar and quickly ran towards You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo thought of its incredible defenses, especially the chest area, and thought to win by speed. In the meantime, they exchanged a few blows and You XiaoMo felt numb from the shock of his force. Looked like he had no choice but to end it quickly.

Once Ling Xiao burned two of the men in black to dust, he turned just in time to see You XiaoMo pierce the back of the gorilla.

You XiaoMo wiped his face. Gorillas were truly tough with thick skin. He had to use so much force to plunge that sword in that he almost ran out of breath.

Ling Xiao kneeled in front of the gorilla and grabbed his arms as if double checking something, then destroyed the evidence.

“What happened?” You XiaoMo quickly asked.

Ling Xiao thought about it for a bit before replying, “I just found the spider logo on the gorilla’s right arm. It seems that these men in black are members of the Black Spider.”

You XiaoMo was shocked, “How did they know about the treasure here?”

“It’s likely due to the map you bid from the Black Spiders. If they could pin point that it was around the Dong Zhou, southeast direction then they must have investigated it before. I suspect that they brought out this map for auction was to find people who would bid for it and follow them for the other three maps. To bad for them, the moment we left the auction, You ZhenTian was there and halted their plan.” Ling Xiao figured.

You XiaoMo scratched his head, “But that’s weird, if they knew that the treasure was in the Black Canyon, then why would they need the other three maps?”

Ling Xiao said with indifference, “That’s why you can only be an idiot!”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Hey, no personal attacks!

“They probably waited here for a while, but since there was only a few guards, that means they haven’t found out the position of the right eye yet. The Black Spiders probably thought that they needed the complete map.” Ling Xiao continued to explain.

Hearing his analysis, You XiaoMo just pulled out the map and stared at it. Wasn’t it just a map, what secret could a map hold?

Just as the thought crossed his mind, the map changed.

In an instant the map became as hot as a burning coal, causing You XiaoMo to throw it away immediately.

The map turned into a ball of red light staggering to float up and in the next second, it quickly flew towards a certain direction.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao quickly followed.

At the same time, what they didn’t realize was that above the Black Canyon appeared many people. The Guma Tribe, the ShuiXi Tribe, and the Black Spiders, one by one they appeared.

“Master, it’s like you suspected, a lot of people became suspicious of the Black Canyon. It shouldn’t take them long to find out the legendary cave dwelling at the white tiger’s right eye. By then, it should be another blood bath.” An elderly walked towards a man wearing a purple-gold crown. The elder wore an expression of complete seriousness and was greatly respectful towards the man.

The man gave off a slight lethargic impression. His handsome exterior was as if craved by god, carefully sculpted. Different from Ling Xiao’s ‘manly’ handsomeness, this man, from his expression to the air around him, gave off the devil’s lure.

Currently, the man leaned into a velvet covered chair, wearing a luxurious purple gown, appearing both mysterious and high-class. His elegance matched one of royalties.

Hearing the elder’s voice, the man opened his eyes and with his magnetic voice, that had a quality of laziness, tingling the ear of the listener, he said, “Good, but I want to make sure that we are the ones getting it.”

“Master, don’t worry, even if we have to use all our resources, we would bring that item over. It’s just…master, are you sure you don’t want to see that person personally?” The elder asked with a bit of hesitation.

The man chuckled and said, “It’s not the time yet.”

The elder didn’t know when was the right time but he was smart enough to not ask further. Some things were better left unknown if one want to keep their life.

Once the elder left, the man stood up from his chair. The two gorgeous maids came from the side to serve him.

At the bottom of the Black Canyon, with the guide of the red light, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were finally able to find the correct location of the right eye. It was a crack that was only four to five centimeters wide and with a flash, the red light went in.

Ling Xiao casually broke the crack and of course, there was a black tunnel hidden inside that went straight ahead. Beneath them was damp soil and the deeper they went, the wetter the soil became, when it finally became a puddle of water. The red light had disappeared.

“Could it be that the white tiger’s right eye is just a water cave?” You XiaoMo clicked his tongue. As they went further in the tunnel, the deeper they were going as well. Just after one or two hundred meters and they were already seeing water. If they went further, it might just be an underwater world.

That seemed to be the case.

Dong Yu was in the southeast direction and between Dong Zhou and the South Continent was a vast ocean. Thus, it wasn’t too weird for the underground of Dong Yu to be filled with water, especially considering the element of the white tiger.

There were many who believed that the Psychic Black Turtles were of the water element but in fact they were wood. White tigers were the ones with the water element. Now everything had a clear explanation.

Once they reached the end of the tunnel, it suddenly became incredibly spacial with a light coming from somewhere. Deep beneath the water one could see a luxurious palace and above it was a red ball of light.

The two hurried over as the red light flew over as well, hitting a barrier creating ripples upon ripples.

Ling Xiao grabbed You XiaoMo and with his quick reflexes, rushed inside. Inside the barrier was a air-tight space, blocking out all the sea water and the red light turned back into a map.

You XiaoMo ran over to pick up only to find the map had changed.

Before, it was the geography of the white tiger, now it became a map full of twists and turns.

“No need to look, it’s the map of the palace.” Ling Xiao patted him on the head as he walked first over to the palace gate. On the gate was a sculpture of a white tiger’s head, that was incredibly realistic with two eyes made of sapphires. Sometimes light would shine and reflect off of it, creating the illusion of it being alive.

“Looks like this guy knows how to enjoy life.” Ling Xiao said as he stared at the gate.

You XiaoMo asked offhandedly, “You said before that the white tiger could have suffered a grave injury and came here to rest. Do you think he’s going to be here?”


“Oh…” You XiaoMo paused before realizing what he said, “What did you say?”

If the white tiger was still in the palace, then they were trespassing. White tiger was a powerhouse from the ancient times, even if they were injured, they were still powerful. What if they just slap them flat due to anger?

“What I said was a human language.” Ling Xiao glanced at him and was about to open the gate to walk inside.

You XiaoMo quickly pulled him back, “If he really is inside, can we just go in like this? What if he gets mad?”

Ling Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Who was the one so excited about finding the treasure? Now, you’re at the gate and you hesitate? When did you become this cowardly, don’t you still want the treasures inside?”

“Well I’ll still need to be alive to get it!” You XiaoMo said embarrassed.

Ling Xiao lightly patted his cheeks, “You have to believe in…”

“Believe in the aura above my head, right?” You XiaoMo glared at him. He had heard this many times before, it’s nothing new.

Ling Xiao stared at him and said sensually, “No, what I want to say, is that you can believe in your man.”

You XiaoMo was embarrassed.


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November 4, 2018 11:41 pm

Maybe the White Tiger is still alive and will be part of the Qiu squad, Bai Qiu? :v

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Ling Xiao stared at him and said sensually, “No, what I want to say, is that you can believe in your man.”
You XiaoMo was embarrassed.
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I believe that Boss has the right to tease about Momo’s intelligence! Since the start of their relationship, Momo has been depending on Boss to explain what is going on, including what their enemies’ plans are. I’m not saying that Momo is a dummy, heck I’m as clueless as Momo when it comes to understanding certain events or predicting their enemies’ schemes, so I’m GLAD that Momo never ceased to ask the hubby various questions. Plus, Boss now has the turtles’ wisdom. I imagine that whenever the hubby teases Momo’s IQ, he says it in a light teasing way. I’m… Read more »

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