LMW Chapter 587

Chapter 587: Illusion Array

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“How about I take you to watch a show?” After the two returned to the room, Ling Xiao said this out of the blue. The ‘how about’ was just a courtesy, dragging the confused You XiaoMo away to ‘watch a show’ before the other could even nod in agreement.

The actors of the play were Mo Xue and Mo Fei, as well as Xia Yin’s two attendants.

The two attendants led the two into a thick forest after leaving the town. The forest was devoid of human life; there didn’t even seem to be a single demon beast here either. It really was a good place to kill and bury people.

Mo Xue and Mo Fei didn’t sense that there was anything wrong and Mo Fei was even cursing people out loudly, Xia Yin amongst them. This was a huge shock to You XiaoMo.

In the inn, You XiaoMo had personally heard Mo Fei call out to Xia Yin with such a sweet tone. Now that Xia Yin was no longer of use, they immediately turned on her?

Soon enough, he knew what the show Ling Xiao had brought him here to watch was.

The two attendants suddenly stopped, one in front and the other behind, cutting off the two sisters’ escape routes. Their gazes were chilling, as if looking at two corpses, and killing intent filled the air.

“The holy maiden told you to escort us back to the tribe, what do you think you’re doing?” No matter how thick-skulled Mo Fei was, this was killing intent thick enough for even her to sense.

However, she probably thought that the two attendants didn’t actually dare kill them and thus wasn’t afraid at all. Mo Xue grasped Mo Fei tightly. She was the older one, after all, and after blow after blow, she was no longer as naive as before. She could see that the two attendants truly did want to kill them.

“Sister, don’t worry, they won’t really dare to do anything to us,” Mo Fei thought that what Mo Xue was expressing was rage.

The two attendants unsheathed their swords.

Mo Fei cried out in anger, “Do you want to die? You dare to go against the holy maiden’s orders? My father will know about this! I’ll make sure he punishes her!”

“The holy maiden’s orders?” Attendant Xiao Qiu sneered. “The order we received from the holy maiden was to kill you two sisters.”

“Xiao Qiu, let’s not waste our breath on them and deal with them quickly, so that nothing unexpected happens.” The other attendant immediately raised her sword and stabbed towards Mo Fei with it, her strikes fatal.

You XiaoMo, watching from a distance, felt his jaw drop in shock. “What’s this?”

Ling Xiao helped him close his mouth and explained, uncaringly, “Can’t you tell? That holy maiden wants to kill Mo Xue and Mo Fei and then frame us. Plenty of people know that there’s bad blood between the sisters and us. With them dead, the Guma Tribe would naturally suspect us.”

“But we have nothing against the holy maiden, so why is she trying to put the blame on our shoulders?” You XiaoMo felt depressed. The women here were getting more and more intimidating.

“I’m guessing that she doesn’t have the best relationship with Mo Ma. The bad blood between us and Mo Xue was a chance, so the person she’s really targeting isn’t us, but Mo Ma.” The corner of Ling Xiao’s mouth curled up, his smile meaningful.

You XiaoMo raised his head. “How did you know that the holy maiden wanted to kill Mo Xue and her sister?”

Ling Xiao said confidently, “In the inn, though she hid it well, I could clearly see that she had been wanting to kill them for a long time.It wasn’t too hard to figure it out after that.”

You XiaoMo glanced at him, deciding to forgo complimenting him.

“Well, if you knew, then you just brought me here to watch the sisters being killed?” Shouldn’t he consider You XiaoMo’s feelings before dragging him out to watch gore? Though he was used to it by now, he preferred to avoid it if possible.

“Of course not, you think I’d let just anyone frame us?” Surprisingly, Ling Xiao denied it.

You XiaoMo was shocked. “You want to save Mo Xue and her sister?”

Ling Xiao cuffed him over the head. “What the hell are you using your brain for all day? Did I say we were going to save them?”

“Then what do you mean?” You XiaoMo covered his head, feeling rather chagrined.

“If she wants to frame us, then why not be more direct and turn what we’re framed for into a reality?” A malicious grin spread across Ling Xiao’s face.

You XiaoMo gaped.

Ahead, the battle between the four ladies was coming to a close.

Though Mo Xue had been injured, it had only destroyed her beauty and hadn’t affected her skill. However, the sisters weren’t as strong as the two attendants and soon fell to a disadvantage.

Seeing that they wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer, Mo Xue suddenly took out an item.

Seeing this item, the two attendants knew that this wasn’t good. They had forgotten that Mo Xue and her sister were Mo Ma’s daughters and were certain to have special tools they could use to save themselves when attacked. If they managed to escape and inform Mo Ma, then the holy maiden’s plan would fail.

Mo Xue grinned, her face becoming terrifying; the veil she was wearing had fallen off early into the fight. When Xiao Qiu charged over, she immediately activated the magic tool. The tool was something her father had specially made to help her flee from dangerous situations. It used spacial force to teleport the user instantly across a short distance. Before, when she had appeared in front of You XiaoMo, it had been through this treasure.

“Sister, wait for me!” Seeing her older sister activate the magic tool, Mo Fei hurried over, but was blocked by Xiao Qiu who managed to stab her thanks to this distraction.

Mo Xue looked at her younger sister apologetically, silently saying sorry. One of them surviving would be better than if both of them died here. After she returned to the Guma Tribe, she would have her father avenge her younger sister. She let the spacial force that seeped out of the magic tool envelop her.

The attendants cursed silently at the current situation, intending to charge over regardless, but that was when something strange occurred.

The spacial force that enveloped Mo Xue suddenly began to thrash wildly, from gentle to violent, and Mo Xue took the brunt of the damage.

“Aaaaahhhh!!!” The violent spacial force cut through Mo Xue’s flesh, blood gushing out. In under a minute, she had become nothing more than bits of gore and blood, the spacial force cutting through her like a hot knife through butter. Half an arm, a leg, half a head, and so on. The entire scene was horrifying.

Everyone stared in shock.

Mo Fei, originally angry at her sister for fleeing without her, began to retch in disgust.

When the violent spacial energy disappeared, Mo Xue was completely dead. Once upon a time, she had a position that drew everyone’s envy, and now she was no more than a pile of flesh and blood.

After staring, dumbstruck, for five seconds, Xiao Qiu snapped out of her stupor and raised her sword, stabbing it through the retching Mo Fei. Though she had no idea what happened, she thanked the heavens that they were on the holy maiden’s side.

After killing Mo Fei, she covered some of her wounds and made some more on her own body, as if she had just fought to the death with someone, before heading back to the town.

You XiaoMo had thrown up everything he had eaten that morning. He had eaten two bowls of tofu pudding that morning and the current scene really was too alike, making him sick.

Ling Xiao took him back to the inn and, rather nastily, ordered a bowl of tofu pudding for him. From then on, whenever You XiaoMo saw tofu pudding, he’d feel sick.

In a different inn, Xia Yin had just received a report of what had occurred. For Mo Xue’s death, even Xia Yin would’ve never thought that it was Ling Xiao who had done it, simply treating it as a malfunction of the magic tool. However, to make the story of the attack more realistic, she had Xiao Qiu feign her death and become a different attendant before sending someone to report back to the Guma Tribe.

Mo Ma was already tens of thousands of years old. Mo Xue and Mo Fei were his only daughters and he didn’t have any sons, so despite these two ladies not being the best of people, he truly did love the twins. If he knew that they had been killed, he’d be absolutely furious.

In the afternoon, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao prepared to enter Dong Yu again.

This time, they carefully covered their tracks and went directly to the Black Canyon. They looked around the north side and, as expected, didn’t find their target.

With this, You XiaoMo was certain that the white tiger’s right eye was at the bottom of the canyon.

After making some preparations, the two jumped down the canyon.

The canyon was over two kilometers long and two to three hundred meters wide. Due to the intense wind and miasma that was present, as well as the violent spacial energy even further down, most people couldn’t possibly get down, so very few people knew how deep the canyon truly was.

You XiaoMo was settled on Ling Xiao’s shoulders. If it wasn’t for the fact that this place had been discovered, he actually would’ve preferred to come down after Ling Xiao was fully recovered.

A layer of flame surrounded them, and they plummeted like a shining star.

They had fallen for around three thousand meters or so before You XiaoMo realized that they were at the bottom because the spacial force had disappeared, replaced by a wide, open world with blue skies, white clouds and a pleasant breeze. Did who did this think they were born yesterday?

You XiaoMo felt that his IQ had been seriously underestimated.

“As expected, someone is down here. And they’ve created such a massive illusion array to welcome us, too,” Ling Xiao exclaimed.

You XiaoMo said in frustration, “Exactly! Do they think we’re brainless? I can’t believe they thought we wouldn’t realize, how stupid.”



“You are. I’m not.”


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    1. LX is such an ungrateful guy! There are so many people out there in love but never get the chance to be with their loved ones. Here he has his partner always on his side even though he isn’t even human. Momo opened his heart even though LX is cruel. It’s not enough that he bullies him for his own satisfaction but he also slowly kills his kind heart. YXM is degrading being with such a killer beast which makes me sad…

      1. Why is it people just can’t leave them alone? Saying that Ling Xiao is the one stupid, not even human and all?
        Have you ever seen them do the deed when Ling Xiao is in his beast form? No, right. So, stop complaining about how he’s not even a human and yet still with a human.
        This is a fantasy book, honey. Not a reality genre book.
        He’s in a freaking human form.
        And him killing others? I’m sure there ain’t any cultivators that has clean hands. This is a world of survival of the fittest.
        And him, being cruel?
        Have you ever seen him abuse Momo physically? No.
        Has he ever left Momo in danger? Freaking NO.
        Has he ever torture Momo? NO.
        Ling Xiao just like to poke Momo’s bauble.
        Does it look like Momo is being dead depressed over his hubby poking his bauble? No.
        Why? Because Momo is strong. Stronger than you think. You, questioning that, means you’re questioning Momo’s strengths. So, stop. You’re not even seeing the whole picture and just focusing on the small part. Open your mind and freaking see the clues in this book. Don’t just read it and not imagining, feeling or even understanding the whole picture.
        It’s like you’re eating a Five Star dish and not even savoring the deliciousness of it cuz you’re Trillion dollars worth and a few thousand dollars meal is not worth you attention.

      2. I like LX and YXM relationship more than other couple bcuz they are funny Husband loves to tease his wife but he protect him at the same time. Wife hate being tease but always think about his husband~ This kind of relationship is better than any romance that I’ve ever read.

      3. @lizzylittlelazykitty wow, rude. Let other people have their own opinions, on? There is no need to be condescending “honey”. Also, Momo and LX’s relationship is obviously not healthy, no need to look for “clues” since it was one-sided since the beginning with LX directly threatening Momo into it. Not only is he constantly berating Momo, he also uses sexual violence against him, even forbids him of using spiritual water to recover. He is also economically abusive , since the beginning he ate momo”s source of income, the pills, even though those pills don’t do anything to someone of his level. So why so triggered about Izida’s comment? Maybe you are the one trying to see things that aren’t there.

      4. @Vicky, huh.
        -obviously not healthy, no need to look for “clues” since it was one-sided since the beginning with LX directly threatening Momo into it.-

        Huh. https://s3ri.livejournal.com/41187.html
        It must be said that this word makes him feel as if enlightened. The hazy feelings he has towards You XiaoMo these few days becomes clear in an instant. Turns out the reason why he is always teasing You XiaoMo is because he likes him?
        The great Ling Xiao can’t figure it out since he has never been in love. Who knows what a person in love is like?!
        But because of the thoughts of Elder Jiang, the look Ling Xiao gives You XiaoMo is no longer purely a teasing or joking one. Instead there is an added thread of something inexplicable and complicated. He thinks that he might have fallen under a spell!” – LX’s thoughts.

        “He was so done now, he really had feelings for him.” – Momo’s thoughts.
        And really, Momo knows that LX likes to tease him.
        ” “Xiao Momo, how do you feel about how I usually treat you?”
        You XiaoMo lifted up his head, thought a little, then seriously said, “Bad.” ” – from the same chapter.

        But, you know why he still sticks together with LX?
        “Because he could feel Ling Xiao by his side, since he had now confronted his true feelings, he felt rather calm now.
        Together with a man? Then so be it, as long as his feelings are true, screw what other people think. The most important thing is to follow your heart, he could feel that he couldn’t separate from Ling Xiao anymore.” – Momo’s thoughts.

        -sexual violence against him-

        Oh. I never knew there was a BDSM chapter in LMW.

        -forbids him of using spiritual water to recover-

        “Lady”, in my memory of LMW, which is quite strong cuz I’ve read it dozens of times, LX never forbids Momo from using spiritual water, except for the time when they make love, which is because LX doesn’t want to see his mark fade too fast. He’s possessive. AND CULTIVATORS HEAL FREAKING FAST, NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT HEMORRHOIDS BECAUSE LX KNEW WHAT’S RIGHT AND WRONG. Pardon my French, lest someone says I’m being rude.
        Momo can use spiritual water when he’s making pills, watering the plants, when he got hurt, when his spiritual was low. So, you see. He can USE spiritual water EXCEPT FOR ERASING THE LOVE MAKING MARK. Again, pardon me for my French.

        -economically abusive-

        “Lady”, LX is the extravagant type. The ‘I do what I want to do’ type. And Momo knew this. Why in the world do you think when he gave money to LX, he gave quite of an amount, which he figured he would never see those money ever again, is because he knew how LX is. Momo knows how to handle LX. And really. LX is 10,000 years old. If a 30 year old rich guy fell into bankruptcy, can’t even manage their way of buying things, what’s more of an 10,000 year old guy, who lived his life the way he wants.

        -ate momo’s source of income, the pills-

        From the beginning of the story, LX and Momo bargained about this. And Momo agreed, might I remind you. Of course, you’re gonna say it was unfair, that was Momo’s hard work, he did all the job, why should LX eat it for free. LX does his part in raising those plants. It’s not like he’s doing nothing. And LX didn’t eat all of his pills, for hell’s sake. Even he knew they need the money.

        -So why so triggered about Izida’s comment?-

        Even with all those words from my past post, and you still don’t understand. Then, let me tell you. Cuz I like these two guys. I like them very much so I posted the comment. Still don’t understand? I love these two guys.

        -Let other people have their own opinions, on? There is no need to be condescending “honey”.-

        So, you’re saying that what I posted wasn’t an opinion? If what I posted wasn’t an opinion, what is it then, “Lady”?
        But of course. Each to their own opinions, as they say. Correct? (^_^)

      5. Very well said @lizzylittlelazykitty. It’s been on my mind since the last chapter with comments going on about how You xiaomo being a ‘bad person’ I just tend to play it cool and tell myself that it’s just their opinion and it won’t matter but as I continued to always see those comments, My teeth started to itch, like what’s wrong with this people ? Haven’t they heard that it’s a cultivation world and in ancient time too thats why the characters have a mindset of survival ? And its FICTION FOR BATMAN’S SAKE. I respect their opinion but they are saying rude comments about the characters that I really love and I have this feeling to defend YXM and LX.

        And why am I saying this ? Just to enlighten them that they should just keep their opinion on theirself or if they don’t want the growing personality of YXM and LX. They shouldn’t read this FICTION NOVEL.

        I love this characters and I don’t want any hate or rude comments about them, and that’s how much I LOVE THEM. It’s makes me relate to how YXM’s growing and not being the always MARY SUE TYPE in other cultivation world where they act like they have a ‘clean hands’.

        I don’t really want to comment but for the continuous chapter that I’m reading, It’s always filled with hate opinion about YXM’s personality.


  1. Why do I feel LX only want Momo for sex only? And Momo seems so dense…Well, His IQ are lower than average. I want at least to see Momo get injured and LX take care of him…or that scene already came out but I forgot about it…? 😂😂

    1. Umm i think LX just like to tease momo. And it seems that to momo it’s not a big deal though. I think that’s just how LX is expressing his love. U know when someone became a married couple some of them skipped those overly lovey-dovey scene and behave more normal.

      Besides, many people can tell that they’re more than friends with a few glances. So i think it was quite clear.

      Hehe sorry no offense though

  2. Mo Xue badmouthed his wife, LX still disfigured & made her deaf. I don’t think he will let Xia Yin go for setting them scapegoat, LX just kills 2 bird with 1 stone by making sure that those twins dead so Mo Ma will definitely kill Xia Yin, his best attendant!.

    Since If anyone doesn’t too dumb, should be able to tell that a Sacred Realm expert can kill that twins right away since the beginning, It would be so stupid to ambush them later after all people knew about their conflict..

  3. Well.. though I agree that LX’s Intelligence-related comment are too much already, he does have his good points andd that’s how they work in this relationship. No one is allowed to question that. As long as its nice it’s fine.

  4. Thank you for the update!

    While we are at it, I think Ling Xiao really loves Momo and Momo really loves Ling Xiao.
    There is no such thing as someone being unworthy of the other just because they are beast/human, or their IQ is high/low, or their cultivation level/aptitude is higher/lower.
    When you fall for someone, it’s your own responsibility and your privilege alone to evaluate that person based on your personal values and feelings. Comments from outsiders do not really concern you.
    I personally do not think Ling Xiao wants Momo only for sex.
    And I personally do not think Momo’s IQ is in the double negatives. Just because Ling Xiao says so does not mean it is universal truth. You need to judge a character by yourself.
    I personally do feel that Ling Xiao has a cruel personality. But as I mentioned above, Momo has the privilege to choose his own significant other if he thinks he can bear Ling Xiao’s shortcomings and appreciate his good points.
    I personally do think that Ling Xiao is being excessive with IQ-related remarks, and wish for him to stop. But if that’s how author wants to roll, I can do nothing but stop reading this novel when I can’t stand it anymore. And Momo seems very tolerant of his hubby, although he does hate being talked down. He already knows Ling Xiao is an S, so he doesn’t hold high hopes in lovey-dovey field.

    I do wish this story will include more lovey-dovey scenes (BEFORE IT ENDS lol)

    1. But Ling Xiao is a beast anyway)) beasts are more straightforward when they have no need to hide their intentions and they may seem “cruel” to humans. His temper is quite “natural” for a magical beast I think))
      Are wolves or lions cruel? Not particularly, that’s their nature.

  5. Does anyone know which chapter Ling Xiao released he was in love with MOMO… I remember him saying he now understands why he can’t leave him alone … He loves him ect… Or something along those lines… If anyone can remember which chapter that would be awsoawe… Else I’ll just have to read from the beginning again

  6. ah so many people questioning LX’s love for momo… i suddenly remembered all the things LX did for momo. and that scene when YXM almost got kidnapped and LX said he’d kill his way over to the higher realm fufufu~ they love each other. and that love is powerful. so stop and just love em both~ ♡

  7. Ah, those two.. xD I also think that most of the people they meet would get it quite quickly. Thank you for the chapter!

  8. Wasn’t expecting a fight to break out here but personally I feel that LX does love Momo he’s nust an asshole. Like realistically speaking he’s lowkey verbally/emotionally abusive but he does love Momo overall. It’s displayed in the little actions he does. And he was the one to fall in love first. He’s just not very good with expressing genuine feelings and prefers teasing Momo. Momo has thick skin which is good because honestly most people would have left regardless of how powerful LX is. Honestly if Momo had more backbone I’m pretty sure he could actually knock some sense into LX. Honestly, though I doubt it would happen, I would love an arc where Momo snaps and leaves LX alone and LX realized how his actions do have consequences. But they do love each other it’s just a bit of a toxic relationship but it certainly could be worse.

    1. *Just

      Also wanna day LX’s character is actually pretty interesting because when you read this story using a critical lense you notice that while he might be very handsome and strong and intellectually smart he lacks emotional intelligence. Certainly he can read the atmosphere or detect people’s feelings but he himself struggles expressing and handeling his own feelings. He’s not used to being in love with someone. He’s not used to having more “tender” and “soft” feelings and therefore reacts to it the only way he can. By teasing it and acting harshly. In a world where he had never been truly loved or truly felt love Momo is his first experience with this type of emotion. That doesn’t make his actions right (though in a fictional setting it’s a bit comical) but it certainly makes him a interesting character.

  9. Okay, honestly, just because LX has done many things for YXM does not make it alright for him to continuously make jabs at YXM’s IQ. I know he loves YXM but he doesn’t think of YXM’s feelings when he insults him. It’s because LX keeps saying YXM’s IQ is low, even YXM himself starts believing it. I really like LX but these comments are not OK. He can be sweet with his words (and I die whenever he says them to YXM) sometimes but when it comes to insulting YXM’s intelligence, I can’t stand it and I hate it. It’s not funny at all and it’s getting really old. Those IQ comments should have been dead chapters ago.

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