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Chapter 593: Trapped

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xia Yin and MoQi XiYuan both knew what the cloaked person meant. If it was just one on one, it was very easy for a Sacred Realm expert to escape.

For the typical Sacred Realm expert, their control over the dimension was three or four times that of a Divine Realm expert. Although they could be obstructed, it was impossible to block them completely, so it was necessary for the rest of them to collaborate.

The three of them belonged to different major powers.

Perhaps Xia Yin could trust Moqi XiYuan. After all, they had come in contact numerous times before and understood each other quite well. Xia Yin was keenly aware that Moqi XiYuan was someone whose trust was borne of trust, and likewise, Moqi XiYuan knew that Xia Yin always stood by her word. But the Black Spider was a different matter.

Many people knew about the Black Spider. They were even more bandit-like than bandits, and they were a group of evil people who did whatever they pleased. One basically couldn’t trust anything they said, since who knew if they would just casually go back on their word. They were people that couldn’t be trusted, unless the sun rose from the west.

The only reason why Xia Yin and Moqi XiYuan weren’t completely committed was because of this. Although they didn’t know the Black Spider’s goal, when they saw how on edge the cloaked person looked concerning the solitary dimension and the treasure inside, they knew that they had already grasped the cloaked person’s weak point.

Xia Yin and Moqi XiYuan quickly shared a look before they finally stopped dragging things along.

The cloaked person didn’t reveal a happy expression. Instead, his expression became even more complicated. He wasn’t an idiot; he could tell that the two of them had most likely come to an agreement.

If they wanted to kick him out after finishing things up, they would still have to see whether his fists agreed or not. The people from the Black Spider weren’t easily bullied. Moreover, it had only ever been the Black Spider bullying other people.

The three of them each harbored their own sinister intentions, but although their calculations were created very meticulously, Ling Xiao wasn’t someone who would allow them to walk over him. His wounds still hadn’t healed yet, not to mention that he had used quite a lot of spiritual energy in the palace in order to refine the White Tiger’s corpse. Fortunately, he still had several bottles of spiritual water which allowed him to recover spiritual energy. He drank several bottles in a row, and his spiritual energy had already recovered by half.

As for You XiaoMo, he seemed to have disappeared.

By the time Ling Xiao reached a safe spot, he wanted to give You XiaoMo a round beating.

You XiaoMo was very bitter, he was extremely bitter. Originally, everything was fine. Nobody knew that he was in the underground labyrinth, and he just needed a tiny bit of time so he could escape from the palace and meet with Ling Xiao, but he hadn’t expected that such an accident would occur.

He was in the underground labyrinth, and the passageways had no sea water, so his circumstances were different from the cloaked person’s. He could only depend on his own two legs to run out of the labyrinth. Even though he had a map, his speed still wasn’t that much faster. As a result, by the time all the sea water drained out of the palace, he ended up being trapped inside it.

You XiaoMo resentfully slapped the membrane trapping him. He didn’t even know what it was; clearly there had been nothing there in the gateway, yet he couldn’t leave, as if he was trapped inside by a clear membrane.

He wanted to attack the clear membrane, but he couldn’t gather the energy. No matter how he called, the soul force in the sea of consciousness had no response. When he received the same response after trying multiple times, You XiaoMo basically had guessed what had happened. It turned out that after changing, the palace had the ability to suppress people’s strengths.

You XiaoMo was locked in the palace. Even though he was powerless, he could still clearly see what was happening outside. Everyone, including Ling Xiao, looked like giants to him, and their rapid movements also slowed down. Now, the only thing he could do was pray for Ling Xiao’s safety.

After confirming that for now, there was no way out, You XiaoMo decided he might as well enter his dimension.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Ping Pong were currently guarding over the spiritual water lake with 120% devotion, since You XiaoMo had threatened to reduce their food expenses. Three pairs of eyes rolled towards him when he entered.

The spiritual water lake was the same as ever. The surface was extremely calm without even a ripple. You XiaoMo wasn’t in a hurry to find the Water Elemental Essence. He walked over and tested the height of the water. Thankfully he had foresight, so the spiritual water hadn’t declined by much.

If the Water Elemental Essence was hidden in Ling Xiao’s dimension, it might be a little more troublesome. But You XiaoMo’s dimension was essentially a part of his body, and he only needed to do a quick check to know what there was in his dimension.

Only a short amount of time had passed before You XiaoMo found the Water Elemental Essence underneath the spiritual water lake.

This fellow was indeed very inclined towards the spiritual water lake. At that moment, it was hidden under the surface of the spiritual water lake, moving slowly. Since the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects were guarding from above, it didn’t dare to move too much. It only sucked in a tiny bit of the spiritual water in the lake each time, and its IQ could even be compared to a cunning human.

If it weren’t for You XiaoMo being trapped in the palace, the next time he would have entered his dimension might have been a few days later or an entire month later. Just thinking about it gave him a sense of lingering fear.

This fellow didn’t want to hide anywhere else except below the spring. It wasn’t hard to believe that his target was the spring.

The high-IQ Water Elemental Essence was currently happily absorbing the spiritual water in the lake. When it finished absorbing all the spiritual water and swallowed the source of the spring, it could transform and become the first ever transforming Elemental Essence in the whole world. Then, it could go settle the score with the White Tiger and get revenge for being imprisoned for countless years.

The Elemental Essence was blessed by the heavens, but it wasn’t easy at all to nurture Intelligence. Its Intelligence had already taken shape since the ancient times, and after countless years of experience, its Intelligence had long since reached the IQ of a human’s. It learned how to wait patiently like a human, and it learned how to calculate like a human.

It originally thought that it was dead for sure when it fell into humans’ hands this time, but it hadn’t expected to find a spiritual spring here. With a human-level IQ, it knew very clearly the worth of the spiritual spring.

The extremely excited Water Elemental Essence instantly calmed back down. For many years, it had been unable to transform because it didn’t have enough energy, so it had never been able to break through that layer of restriction. Now the Heavens gave him this opportunity, and he definitely would have to grasp it well.

Only a few minutes had passed before the human who had captured him put three demon beasts inside.

The Water Elemental Essence was quite disdainful towards them. Before, it was only because it was careless that it had caught the attention of the glittering demon beast. In its heart, they had the IQ of small children, and it would be very easy to deal with them.

So the Water Elemental Essence quietly slunk to the bottom of the spring and started to implement its plan.

You XiaoMo’s appearance told it that although its plan was perfect, reality was brutal.

An invisible force pulled it out from the depths of the spring, and the Water Elemental Essence fearfully began to struggle, but its resistance was like that of a three-year-old toddler. It didn’t have the capability to resist at all.

Several seconds later, it was delivered to You XiaoMo.

“Are you very surprised?” You XiaoMo laughed gloatingly. If it weren’t for this fellow being so sly back then, he wouldn’t have wasted so much time in the labyrinth, causing him to be unable to meet up with Ling Xiao. Even though he sounded a little angry, right now, what he needed was a way to vent the worry in his heart.

However, You XiaoMo had clearly underestimated Ling Xiao’s abilities.

After the three reached an agreement, they caught up to Ling Xiao, who was still injured. The moment they entered the sea territory, the three of them quickly surrounded Ling Xiao.

“Heh heh heh, Master always says that I should not underestimate you too much, but in my opinion, you’re just so-so.” The cloaked person looked at Ling Xiao with a dark smile. Right now, he was just like a turtle in a jar, caught by their scheming. How could this kind of person be an opponent for Master? The cloaked person felt that Master looked too highly upon him.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes indifferently. The ‘Master’ he was talking about was most likely that person. Since the beginning, he had suspected that the Black Spider had something to do with that person, since the Black Spider’s underhanded tricks and way of doing things were way too similar to that person’s. Now, when he heard this person speak, he was extremely certain.

Xia Yin’s eyes flashed. Judging from his tone, they were acquaintances?

But Ling Xiao didn’t bother with the cloaked person. Instead, his gaze moved to Xia Yin, and his mouth unexpectedly revealed a faint smile. “After parting paths at the small town, I never would have thought that I would meet the Holy Maiden here. I wonder if Chief Mo Ma’s two twin daughters are doing well right now? This humble subordinate dearly misses them.”

Xia Yin’s pupils shrunk, and her hands curled into fists inside her sleeves. For him to suddenly mention Mo Xue and Mo Fei, it couldn’t be that he knew something. It most likely wasn’t very likely, after all, her plans were only made at the last minute, so it was impossible for them to be leaked out. But as the saying went, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Although a war was going on in Xia Yin’s heart, her face remained expressionless. “If Your Excellency wishes to see them, you can go to the Guma Tribe and visit them if you have a chance in the days to come.”

Ling Xiao chuckled. “In the days to come? I’m afraid I won’t be able to see them.”

Xia Yin’s heart jumped. She suddenly was very certain that this man knew that she had killed Mo Xue and Mo Fei. Was this a suggestion or was it a threat?

“You have quite a bit of self-knowledge. If you want to live, then hand over the solitary dimension, and I can consider letting you walk away alive.” The cloaked person started to laugh loudly. He hadn’t heard the suggestion in Ling Xiao’s words; instead, he thought that Ling Xiao knew that he would be unable to escape. The cloaked person felt extremely pleased in his heart and looked down on him even more.

“You’re so loud!” Ling Xiao looked at him, annoyed.

The cloaked person’s laughter came to a halt suddenly. He was about to counterattack when his heart suddenly throbbed with terror, and he quickly retreated backwards. In the next second, a fire snake abruptly shot up in the spot where he had just been standing. If his reaction was one beat slower, he would’ve been done for.

But the main reason why he could dodge it was because they were in the ocean. Although the ocean couldn’t extinguish Godfire, it could obstruct the Godfire a little bit. It was this tiny difference that allowed him to avoid disaster.

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