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Luckily we now have two new translators to the ExR team that will be working on the last 45 chapters of SH. Please welcome Rook and Satellite to the team and let them know how they do. 🙂

Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Feisha jumped in shock, “Huh?”

“Yesterday, you didn’t come back the whole night.” Locktini looked like he had just seen his wife with an illicit lover.

Locktini’s imposing manner caused Feisha to take a step back. “So what?” It was not like he was a woman. It didn’t matter if he wasn’t home for one night, right?

“Where did you go?”

“I was visiting others.” Feisha paused for a moment, and then added, “The more I visited others, the sleepier I felt, so I just stayed over for the night.”

Locktini’s expression didn’t lighten. “Where did you visit?”

“What does this have to do with you?” Feisha finally felt that something wasn’t right. He looked suspiciously at Locktini, “Why are you asking so many questions?”

Locktini said coldly, “As an employee of Noah’s Ark, you actually neglected your duty… Why don’t you just make up more lies? Anyway,” he said fiercely, “next time, you’re not allowed to sleep somewhere else at night!”

His strange words and actions caused a scary thought to pop up in Feisha’s mind, causing him to stare at Locktini.

“What are you looking at?”

“No-nothing.” It can’t be real right? If it was real, that would be too… too terrible! After all, in the search for love, Locktini was a flawed candidate with too many blemishes on his record. (1)

First, it was giving Dea a curse, then it was a revolt, stabbing one’s own brother — the fairy king Alemdande. This was definitely a romantic lunatic who didn’t care about his life and became unreasonable and illogical when he fell in love!

In his heart, Feisha secretly prayed for God’s protection. Locktini was a romantic lunatic who was beyond redemption. He definitely wouldn’t have illicit affairs nor was it possible for him to fall in love with someone else. At the very, very, very least, it was definitely impossible for Locktini’s feelings to be transferred onto him.

“What are you mumbling about?” Locktini asked resentfully.

Feisha hurriedly replied, “I suddenly thought of a very, very important thing that I have to do. It’s something that I need to do right now, er, why don’t you do what you want? I’ll make a move on first.”

He had just turned around when he saw Locktini move in front of him in a flash. “Am I not a customer?”

Feisha sighed and said, “Actually, I forgot to tell you, I just took leave.”

“Took leave?” Locktini’s face looked like frost was spreading over it.

Feisha spread his hands and replied, “It’s really unlucky. Come to think of it, when I was lost in the forest, I saved you. We can be considered friends, so I should treat you properly, but yesterday, I just applied for leave… Sigh, it really can’t be helped.”

“Where are you going now that you’re on leave?”


When speaking, one shouldn’t be so direct, because now Feisha was in a tough spot.

Feisha said, “It’s not like I must go somewhere. It’s just that I’ve worked so long, I want to give myself a break, rest for a while.”

“Such a coincidence?” Locktini said. Flames slowly extended from his hands, causing the pink gentleman to slowly be burned into ashes.

Feisha felt a large drop of cold sweat drip from his forehead into his collar and slide down his collarbone. The sweat was so cold it could terrify people. It took quite a while before he could say something. “That, that flower is innocent…”

Locktini said, “In this world, many people are innocent, but that doesn’t mean they won’t die early.”

This was a threat, definitely an undisguised threat.

Feisha said, “In life, although we can’t stop others from committing crimes, we should at the very least control ourselves so we don’t commit crimes.”

Locktini stared at him with a expression that was hard to figure out.

Did he have feelings for him or not? Or was he just purposely messing with him for fun? In his heart, Feisha nervously tried to guess.

“Since you’re on leave and have nowhere to go, bring me to look around the hotel.”

Look around again? Feisha wanted to faint. Lies just fell out unthinkingly from his mouth: “I have someplace to go.”

Locktini stared at him.

“Er, actually, actually I was going to go…” Feisha’s mind whirred quickly. The human world was off-limits, and it was not like he could go to the other worlds as he wanted, he needed some pass. It was a pity Gin and Hughes weren’t here, otherwise with their status, visiting the vampires or going to Genesis wouldn’t be difficult. There was Layton left, but who knew his relationship with the dwarf world. Antonio and he were neither close nor distant. Shamal… that was just like sending a lamb into the lion’s den.

The only person left was Isefel…

But humans’ attitude to Hell and Heaven and places like that was always avoidant or fearful in the extreme, who would willingly go?

“Go where?” Locktini coldly smiled and waited for Feisha’s answer. He looked as though he was a wolf chasing the lamb into a run-down alley.

“Accompanying me to Hell,” Isefel suddenly appeared beside him.

This sentence was like a flash of lightning, forcing the originally dead-end alley to form a new road.

Feisha nodded without the slightest hesitation and said, “Yes, yes, going to Hell… to walk around. Haha.”

Locktini slowly turned around and met Isefel’s eyes and in that instant, it was like the whole building turned into an icehouse, with cold air hitting one’s face.

Feisha sneezed twice.

Locktini opened his mouth and coldly said, “Hell? You aren’t familiar with this place, are you?”

Isefel indifferently said, “Is that your business?”

Locktini shut up.

Feisha walked quietly on tiptoe past Locktini and ran behind Isefel, very naturally grabbing his hand and said, “Since we’re going to travel, we should quickly pack our luggage.”

Isefel lowered his head, looked at their hands and then looked at Feisha’s face that was full of anticipation and his winning smile. Then he slowly tightened his fingers, turning around and pulling Feisha upstairs.

Locktini rushed forward two steps before suddenly stopping and said in a low voice, “Come out.”

Shamal took his time to fly up from below, clinging onto the railing while smiling. “Brother.” (2)

Locktini stared at him. “Are you forgetting to tell me many things?”

Shamal innocently said, “Obviously, you never asked me anything. Also, yesterday, you sent me off like a servant.”

“Huh, now I allow you to open your mouth and tell me.”

“But I don’t want to say anything,” Shamal smiled affably.

Locktini looked at him out of the corner of his eyes. “In the spirit world, the only one who can beat me is Alemdande.”

Shamal smiled even more affably and amiably asked, “What do you want to know?”

Feisha looked at Isefel’s back and whispered, “You really want to bring me to Hell?”


“If humans go, can we return?” This must be asked clearly. If he can’t return, he preferred to travel to Heaven.

Isefel said, “It’s my first time.” After he fell from Heaven, he was immediately sent to Noah’s Ark, so what kind of place Hell was was something he only knew from books.

Listening to this, it didn’t sound very safe. Feisha’s steps were hesitant.

A good while later, Isefel said indifferently, “If I return, you’ll return.”


Was this… was this a confession?

Feisha’s mouth dropped open wide in shock, immediately after which, he felt so touched he wanted to find a writing brush and write down that phrase properly on fine writing paper, then mount it and hang it on a wall. Today was really a good day for romance, with both good and bad romances dropping into his lap. (3)

Isefel suddenly stopped walking, turned around and let go of their hands, slowly saying, “Locktini…”

“I have no relationship with him whatsoever,” Feisha replied at lightning speed.

Isefel stopped speaking, yet his eyes showed some warmth.

Feisha suddenly said worriedly, “What should I wear to visit Hell? I’ve heard it’s very hot there. Maybe I should bring the swimming trunks.” Speaking of swimming trunks, his gaze slowly travelled down, stopping at Isefel’s abdomen.

Isefel: “…”

As though sensing his speechlessness, Feisha hurriedly explained, “I was just thinking, if I wear swimming trunks, what should I wear on top.”

Isefel replied, “It’s only a day, we might not be able to see anything.”


He explained: “Hell is very big.”

“…” A day’s time. Feisha suddenly thought of Noah’s Ark’s policy for leaves, and gloomily asked, “Don’t tell me, this time I’m also using annual leave?”

Isefel said, “You have other leaves?”

Feisha pretended to be in pain and covered his stomach, saying, “What about maternity leave?”

Isefel apathetically said, “When the time comes, I’ll be in charge of cutting your stomach open.”

“…” Feisha refused to give up and said, “What about marriage leave?”

“Your partner?”

Feisha blinked a few times and stared at him.

Isefel turned around and walked off.

“Where are you going?” Feisha eagerly ran after him.

“Didn’t you say we should pack our luggage?”

Three hours later.

Isefel said to Feisha, who was happily flopping around in the pool, “Annual leave is cancelled.”

“…Damn it!” Feisha doggie-paddled to the edge of the pool. “Why?”

Isefel said in a heavy voice, “Gin and Hughes are in trouble.”

Facing that angry face, Shamal felt like his spirit was on the edge of collapse.

“They’re staying in one room?” Locktini narrowed both eyes and his whole body began to radiate waves of danger, like he was going to explode at any moment. (4)

Shamal reminded him, “It’s only a room. Feisha sleeps on the floor.”

“Noah’s Ark has so many rooms, why must he share a room with Isefel?”

“Eh, I already explained this just now.” Shamal saw that Locktini was getting angrier, but he was still able to speak normally, so he let out a breath of relief in his heart. Compared to the old Locktini who almost went crazy from jealousy when he knew Dea and Alemdande were together, the Locktini before his eyes was doing not bad. At least his wits were still with him — even though it wasn’t a lot.

“Haven’t the culprits of the Liberation Resistance been wiped out?” Locktini said coldly. “Staying alone being dangerous… isn’t that just an excuse?”

Since he knew it was an excuse, then he should stop bringing this up. Shamal said, “Brother, haven’t you realized, actually, in the spirit world, most of the fairies are prettier than Feisha?”

Locktini said, “So what?”

Shamal said, “Not only that, their characters are refined, none of them are so vulgar, cunning and shameless like Feisha.”


“Most importantly, they are all fairies. Their speech and life habits are more similar. It will be easier to get along with them.”

Locktini warned, “Shamal.”

Shamal raised his hands and said, “One last thing. The person Feisha likes right now is Isefel, whose battles…”

Locktini interrupted, “No matter how glorious he was, or how immeasurable he will be in future, the him right now is merely a fallen angel trapped at Noah’s Ark because he fell from the sin of coldness.”

“…” What ‘trapped’! Shamal said, aggrieved, “Actually, being able to work at Noah’s Ark is quite immeasurably glorious.”

(1) — this is a bit hard to translate directly. The original Chinese is: “毕竟在求爱之路上,洛克蒂尼也太多的斑斑劣迹!” bì jìng zài qiú ài zhī lù shàng, Luòkè dì ní yě tài duō de bānbān lièjì. This translates literally to: after all, on the road to seek love, Locktini had too many stains and a bad record.
(2)– the original Chinese is “王兄” wáng xiōng which translates literally to ‘royal brother’.
(3) — original Chinese: “今天真的是他的桃花日啊,好桃花和坏桃花一起开的日子。” Jīntiān zhēn de shì tā de táohuā rì a, hǎo táohuā hé huài táohuā yīqǐ kai de rìzi. This translates literally to: “today was really his peach blossom day, good peach blossoms and bad peach blossoms both blooming today”. ‘Peach blossom day’ is a pun on ‘peach blossom luck’ which means luck in romance. So it’s a pun on Feisha having a good romance day where there’s both good and bad romances.
(4) — original Chinese: “全身上下都散发著随时会爆发的危险物气息” Quánshēn shang xià dōu sànfàzhe suíshí huì bàofā de wéixiǎn wù qìxí. This translates literally to something like: “whole body was emitting dangerous particles that would explode any second”. It’s hard to translate this and if someone else has a better translation, feel free to correct me, but I chose to go with the gist of the sentence rather than a direct translation.
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