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Chapter 597: Weasel Beast

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After that day, Ling Xiao went to do secluded cultivation.

You XiaoMo keenly felt that it was because Ling Xiao knew that he wouldn’t be able to eat beggar’s chicken for a while after this, so he decided to go do secluded cultivation.

However, in order to refine a Heart Vein Pill , he had no interest in going back to the forest to catch the Red-Crowned Turkey.

The Heart Vein Pill was a type of grade three rainbow level magic pill. Its rank was quite high among the grade three magic pills, and it had many uses. Its first benefit was that it could calm the heart and qi energy. When mages used this pill, it could raise the success rate when refining pills, especially when refining transcendent level magic pills.

Its second benefit was that it could strengthen and protect the meridians, just like adding a layer of steel on top of fragile glass. It ensured that when some explosive energy was used in the meridians, they wouldn’t receive a blow.

There had always been very few pill recipes for this kind of magic pill. You XiaoMo had searched in the jade drive for several minutes before he discovered a few pill recipes, selecting the Heart Vein Pill in the end.

The Heart Vein Pill just happened to be a grade three magic pill, and it had the highest rank among the pill recipes. With his cultivation base, it wasn’t hard to refine a Heart Vein Pill, but some of the magic herbs that were required for the pill weren’t ripe yet.

Originally, he wanted to nurture the magic herbs in the magic herb field step by step. After all, spiritual water was precious, and he couldn’t just casually waste it. Because he had watered them too many times in one day, if the magic herbs couldn’t absorb it in one go, then it would lead to part of the spiritual water being wasted.

You XiaoMo didn’t have time to wait, so he figured that if it was wasted, then it was wasted. Plus, the spiritual water would seep into the magic herb field and be absorbed by the soil, so the magic herbs that would be cultivated later would still grow very well even if they weren’t watered for a certain period of time.

So he watered the magic herbs at least ten to twenty times a day. They grew extremely satisfyingly; not even a month had passed before the magic herbs were close to maturing.

You XiaoMo re-planted the seeds that the magic herbs dropped in the same magic herb field. Since he constantly watered this field, the soil contained a rich amount of spiritual water. Even if he didn’t water them, the seeds would absorb the spiritual water in the soil on their own and grow quickly.

You XiaoMo placed the magic herbs, which he had washed cleanly, into a sieve. He was worried that it wouldn’t succeed in one try, so he prepared several portions. There were several hundred magic herbs, an extremely large amount.

On a bright and sunny morning, You XiaoMo adjusted his vigor so it was at its best condition and prepared to begin refining pills.

In order to prevent people from disturbing him in the middle, he told the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects to keep an eye out nearby.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects had been with him for a long time, and they had eaten quite a few of his magic pills. Even though their cultivation base wasn’t as high as SheQiu’s and the rest, but ancient demon beasts naturally were much stronger than the typical demon beast.

You XiaoMo had checked out the situation at the small island before. In general, the strength of the demon beasts here wasn’t very high. Most of them were mid-tier demon beasts, and there weren’t that many high level demon beasts, so even if there was actually a leader, their strength wouldn’t be very high. The Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects should be able to deal with them, but if they couldn’t defeat them, he would probably consider cooking them.

Afterwards, You XiaoMo took out the Heavenly Cauldron.

He controlled the Heavenly Cauldron and made it into a large cauldron that was two meters tall. This was the first time he had made a cauldron this big. The bigger the cauldron didn’t necessarily mean it was better, but he could adjust based on the circumstances.

You XiaoMo decided to throw all of the supplementary magic herbs into the cauldron together to refine it. His technique for refining magic herbs now had already improved a lot compared to before, and it wasn’t much of a problem for him to control a hundred or more high level magic herbs at one time. On the contrary, he could even use it to strengthen his mind and multitask.

When all of the magic herbs were thrown into the cauldron, the cauldron had long since been filled to the brim with soul force, and it methodically separated the magic herbs in an instant…

Eight hours later.

You XiaoMo sat in front of the cauldron, and his hands formed complex yet extremely practiced hand signs in front of his chest. In the cauldron, he had already refined the hundred magic herbs into round balls of colorful, sticky liquid. Quite a bit of the black impurities landed on the edges of the cauldron.

After finishing the last sequence, You XiaoMo used the edge of his sleeve to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

It had taken quite a while to refine the magic herbs this time. However, he hadn’t lost too much of his soul force, so for now, he still didn’t need to drink spiritual water.

You XiaoMo picked up the transcendent level magic herbs that he had prepared long in advance. These magic herbs were fairly valuable, so he didn’t dare to be negligent, and he only threw in ten at a time. Even though it was a bit harder to refine these compared to high level magic herbs, he was already extremely familiar with the procedure, so it wasn’t too bad.

Once he finished refining all of the magic herbs, the sky was already light.

You XiaoMo looked at the liquid floating peacefully inside of the cauldron. He was finally done. Next was fusing them together. In order to carve all of the steps into his memory, he had drilled it in his mind numerous times yesterday. Now, he tested it out and went through it again in his mind. Only after ensuring that there were no emissions did he begin.

At the same time, in the depths of the forest.

“You guys have confirmed that that person is refining pills?” A slightly sharp male voice drifted out from behind the red curtain, and the tall and sturdy figure of the person sitting behind the curtain could vaguely be seen.

A mouse spirit kneeled in front of the curtain. Even though he had already transformed, characteristics of the Demon Rat still remained on his body. One could tell from one glance that his original shape was that of the Demon Rat.

When he heard this, he instantly responded, “Yes, my king. This subordinate saw that person take out many magic herbs from a cauldron with my own eyes. He’s already sat in front of that cauldron, unmoving, for a whole day and night. He’s definitely refining pills.”

That person instantly stood up, hauling out a long and fluffy tail from behind him. When he threw aside the red curtain, he revealed that his half-human-half-beast appearance was that of an awe-inspiring Weasel Beast. His tail was at least two meters long.

“Well done, we’ll take this opportunity to teach that person a lesson. He dared to eat all of the turkeys that I like the most, there’s no way we can let him off easily!”

The Weasel Beast’s face revealed a hint of vindictive pleasure. He knew that mages didn’t allow outsiders to disturb them when refining, or else not only would the refining fail, it was also easy for them to be counterattacked and harmed. However, he more so hoped for the latter.

“My king is brilliant!” The Demon Rat’s flattery instantly followed.

“We’ll set out right now.”

The Weasel Beast’s outer appearance was very similar to that of a weasel, except its body was four or five times bigger than the average weasel. There were also some varying characteristics, but most of the Weasel Beasts didn’t like to eat chickens. Or, in other words, they didn’t consume chickens as food, but this Weasel Beast was a mutation. He extremely loved eating turkeys. The turkeys that You XiaoMo massacred were the ones that his subordinates had specially raised for him, so that it was easy for them to catch one whenever their king wanted to eat a turkey.

Half a month before, the Weasel Beast suddenly wanted to have a turkey feast.

A turkey feast was different from just eating one or two turkeys like normal. One table at the turkey feast required at least ten or so turkeys, so the results were easy to imagine.

The Demon Rats searched all over, but they only caught five turkeys. This was also when they started to suspect that someone had arrived on the small island. After following the fragrant scent, they discovered that a house had been erected on the beach who knows when.

After observing it for half a month, they finally confirmed that the disappearing turkeys had all been killed by the master of this house. Moreover, the turkeys that that person made were a hundred times tastier than the ones they made, and one could tell just from the scent.

They didn’t actually tell their king about the delicious turkeys, but the truth couldn’t be concealed. In the end, it was still discovered. Their king still remembered the turkey that that person made, and he had almost charged over numerous times without a care. If it weren’t for them stopping him just in time, he probably would’ve met disaster already, since that person didn’t look like he was weak.

He had endured it for half a month, but his opportunity had finally arrived.

The Weasel Beast decided to capture that person and force him to make delicious turkeys for him every day. His dreams were very ambitious, but reality was very harsh!

They had clearly forgotten that it wasn’t just You XiaoMo by himself. Even though Ling Xiao stayed in the house the whole time, he was only recuperating. It was most likely because of this that led to their mistake; they thought that Ling Xiao didn’t have much capabilities, and as for the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects, they were too small, so they didn’t notice them.

The Weasel Beast led a vast horde of subordinates to the edge of the ocean. They laid low for two more days, up until the point where You XiaoMo’s magic pill entered its final stage in the cauldron.

The course of refining the pill went very smoothly. It had taken slightly longer, since the time it took to fuse the magic pill was one or two times the amount it took to refine the magic herbs. He had already concentrated his vigor at a high level for almost three days now, and at this critical moment, he couldn’t fail no matter what.

He hadn’t discovered the Weasel Beast and his subordinates, but the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects had.

The three of them leaped up at once, and they looked warningly towards the back of the house. In the dense, pitch-black forest, they could faintly make out multiple pairs of eyes that glowed green, and their intent was clear at a glance.

Not long after, the Weasel Beast led his underlings out from the forest. Demon Rats could tunnel under the ground, and not only would they not be discovered, they could even carry out sneak attacks. But what they didn’t know was that their movements were all witnessed by the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects.

“Awooo~” The Metal Swallowing Beast released a warning howl: if they came any nearer, it would kill them all.

If they really couldn’t suppress these Demon Rats as ancient demon beasts, then they really might as well return to the cauldron and be remade.

The sudden howl scared the Demon Rats so bad that they really didn’t dare to get any closer. However, the Weasel Beast was still a high level demon beast in the end, and moreover, it was a mutation. He didn’t pay any attention to this warning, he was only surprised that there were actually demon beasts guarding the house.

“Interesting, I will personally go pay you all a visit.”

The Weasel Beast carried an iron hammer on his shoulder and walked over.

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