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(Addis Note: Surprisingly this chapter is about twice the length of a normal chapter, so sit down and get comfy and ready for a longer read than normal.)

Chapter 598: Visit

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Rat beasts enthusiastically cheered for their king. The numerous squeaking noises of the densely packed group seemed to have been magnified by several hundred times, it was so noisy that it caused one’s head to swim.

You XiaoMo was in front of the house. He was in the middle of refining pills and was currently at the last stage of forming the pill. He could not help frowning. Although he was used to blocking out all distractions, he was unable to concentrate no matter how he tried to ignore it with such a sound always by his ears.

The Metal Swallowing Beast seemed to be aware of this situation, and a deep and low threatening growl came from it’s mouth. The pressure of a transcendent level demon beast spread like ripples in the direction of the forest. The continuous squeaking of the rat beasts came to an abrupt end.

When demon beasts of inferior bloodline were facing the demon beasts of higher bloodline, disregarding their strength, the pressure alone was enough for them to give up the idea of resistance.

The Weasel Beast brandished the large metal hammer in its hand, its figure traversed over twenty meters in a flash. It’s demeanor was aggressive as it approached the wooden house.

The Metal Swallowing Beast leaped down from the roof and it’s mini bulk instantly expanded. It was golden-bright and dazzling, like a small sun, but the Weasel Beast did not attach any importance to this increase in size, because the Metal Swallowing Beast which had regained its original size was not even half a meter long.

“Boy, eat my Wolf Fang Great Metal Hammer!” The Weasel Beast bellowed in fury.

The large metal hammer in his hand spun one round in mid-air and smashed towards the Metal Swallowing Beast who was pouncing at him. A golden light flashed, the hammer missed its target and fell into the sand. The sound of the impact was extremely loud and a deep pit of more than three meters was suddenly smashed into the ground.

The metal hammer was the Weasel Beast’s weapon and it was an alloy of many hard metals. The hammer weighed about five hundred kilograms. If one was hit, they would still be seriously injured even if they were not immediately killed. The Weasel Beast had once crushed many monsters who wanted to plunder the island from him with it to death, so he was very confident.

When he saw that the blow had missed, the Weasel Beast suddenly sneered. As his arm strength was more than five hundred kilograms, he easily and quickly lifted the hammer and swung it at the golden shadow. The golden shadow slightly lowered its body and the blow seemed to have brushed past it. However, the Weasel Beast knew he had hit it.

The Metal Swallowing Beast flipped several times in the air and landed on the ground more than ten meters away. It crept on the ground like a wolf and a strange light seemed to have flashed through its blue eyes.

The Weasel Beast did not give him a chance to breathe, but approached the Metal Swallowing Beast step by step. The metal hammer in his hand hit the ground with a ‘thump-thump’ sound. There were soon more than twenty deep pits on the ground and it looked just like the surface of the moon.

In less than half an hour, the two crossed hands hundreds of times.

The Weasel Beast felt that their battle got easier the more they fought. The hammer in his hand seemed to be lighter and lighter. Blows fell one after another, and he was smashing until he was unhappy.

The situation remained in a deadlock until the Metal Swallowing Beast made a mistake. He did not seem to notice that there was a hole beside him. One foot missed its foothold and its entire body rolled down into the pit. When it looked up, the Weasel Beast appeared at the edge of the pit. It raised the hammer in his hand up high, and smashed it down with a nasty grin on his face.


The metal hammer hit the Metal Swallowing Beast head-on and a strong shock-wave instantly spread out from the middle of the impact. The deep pit changed from three meters wide to five meters, and the ground seemed have shook for a moment.

“Ha ha ha…” The Weasel Beast laughed excitedly. There had been none who had not been seriously injured after taking a head-on smash of his large metal hammer. The less powerful ones could even be smashed into minced meat by him. He had seen this so many things that he was not surprised by the result.

“Oh, oh!!!” The excited cheers of the rat beasts started to sound continuously.

“Ka-cha, Ka-cha~~” At that moment, a soft gnawing sound drifted over in bits and pieces out from the bottom of the hammer. The sound grew louder and louder.

Finally, it caught the attention of the Weasel Beast. Before he could move the hammer away and see happened, a golden head suddenly came out from the bottom of the hammer. It was the Metal Swallowing Beast which he thought was smashed into minced meat.

The Weasel Beast was so shocked his mouth fell open, but in the next second, the actions of the Metal Swallowing Beast thoroughly struck him dumb.

The Metal Swallowing Beast opened its mouth and took a bite of the hammer. ‘Ka-cha, ka-cha’ sound rang out as it followed the edge of the hammer and ate its way up. The five hundred kilogram metal hammer was decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye. The interior of the hammer had long been eaten by the Metal Swallowing Beast into an empty shell.

When the Weasel Beast reacted, his hammer weighed less than one hundred kilograms. As the metal handle which contained gold was already more than fifty kilograms, one could imagine how much of the hammer was left.

The width of the Metal Swallowing Beast was still very small even after eating such a large piece of metal. He, seemingly in disdain, even spit out a mouthful of black dregs. The taste was not only much worse than the metal he usually ate, but also could not compare with the food his Master cooked.

It must be known that that he was used to eating only the best metals, and it was already the greatest charity for him to have eaten such a small piece of metal. The Metal Swallowing Beast looked at the Weasel Beast in contempt, before he returned to the roof.

The Weasel Beast’s face turned red. He was actually looked down upon by a small demon beast!

They were both demon beasts and aberrants, but the vision of the Weasel Beast was obviously narrower and shallower. How many demon beasts in this world would eat metal? He had not yet discovered the fact that the breed of the Metal Swallowing Beast was too eminent and unapproachable for him.

At this time, the Weasel Beast’s head was full of the contemptuous eyes of the Metal Swallowing Beast. Do you think I am a sick cat if this tiger does not demonstrate his might?

Just as he was about to launch a second attack, that is, to let his men attack the wooden house, the sky suddenly rumbled and lightning flashed across the sky. Immediately following that was a vast stretch of black cloud gathering on this side. The black clouds stretched for several hundred of meters and was accompanied by lightning. It looked extraordinarily spectacular.

The Weasel Beast and his comrades were stunned.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and two Golden Winged Insects had long become inured to the unusual. It is not the first time their Stupid Master refined a rainbow-level magic pill. They had already seen this phenomenon for more than ten times.

The appearance of the thunderclouds represented the success of You XiaoMo forming the magic pill, and following that was the time to resist the Lightning Tribulation.

Under the gazes of the Weasel Beast and his little companions, a blue figure suddenly appeared in the sky. It looked so small and insignificant beneath the thunderclouds that filled the whole sky as the booms following the lightning continued to ring in unbroken succession. When the thundercloud brewed till it was saturated, a black tribulation lightning suddenly struck from the sky without warning. The target seemed to be the blue shadow.

The next scene stupefied them when they thought the man would be struck dead.

They did not see that person make any big actions. He only gently waved his hand at the black lightning and it was as if the black lightning had crashed into a piece of soft and velvety cotton. A silver light suddenly appeared in the shape of a half-moon as it flashed a few times before blocking the black lightning.

After that, several lightnings strikes appeared successively, each of which had different colors and seemed to be more powerful than the previous, but they were still blocked by the man.

Although they were not directly below the thundercloud, the Weasel Beast could still feel the astonishment that made it unable to breathe. They appeared particularly insignificant before the might of this apocalyptic force.

The Weasel Beast finally knew how arrogant and ignorant it was to provoke him. With such power, even a hundred or a thousand of them were not his opponents.

The thunderclouds soon dispersed and the sky turned blue, as if it had been washed clean. The brilliant sunshine warmed the ocean surface, creating a sight of the gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight.

You XiaoMo descended from the sky back to the front of his cauldron. He let out a sigh of relief once the lightning tribulation was over. He finally did not fail midway, otherwise, he would have to spend three days and three nights to refine a Heart Meridian Pill. It was not that he had no energy, but that he felt distressed over wasting so many magic herbs.

A buzzing sound came from the cauldron at this moment. Sure enough, when he went to the cauldron and took a look, he found that the Heart Meridian Pill which he had just refined was desperately ramming the restriction of the cauldron.

Although the restriction could prevent the magic pill from escaping, the higher the rank of the magic pill, the lesser the effect of the restriction was. The magic pill would really have escaped if he was slower by a few seconds.

Under You XiaoMo’s suppression, the magic pill finally calmed down.

You XiaoMo kept the magic pill, then put the cauldron and the rest of the magic herbs into his dimension before cleaning up the debris on the ground. He walked to the back of the house and saw that the beautiful beach had turned into a pitted surface like that of the moon. There were big and small deep pits and one was likely to fall down if they were careless.

“Where are the people?” You XiaoMo looked up to the roof and asked.

The Metal Swallowing Beast opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, before it suddenly burped.

You XiaoMo, “…”

You brat, what did you eat in the sly when I wasn’t paying attention?

You XiaoMo was not intending to cook at night, but in order not to douse the enthusiasm of his little demon beasts, he decided to reward them with food. After all, if they had not intercepted those demon beasts which launched a surprise attack, his process of refining pills would not be so smooth.

After getting a look at Ling Xiao’s situation and seeing that he was still in secluded cultivation, You XiaoMo left the three behind and entered his dimension alone.

He had not entered his dimension for several days, but the magic herbs in the magic herb fields were still flourishing. The growth of the magic herbs planted a few months ago, including the magic herbs that he lumped together and planted, were also very pleasing. Those were the ingredients for the spirit wine recipe which he won at the Black Spider’s auction.

They had already drunk half the bottle of spirit wine and the remaining half had been hidden away by You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao liked drinking tea, but that did not mean he did not like drinking wine. It was just that he preferred to drink tea when comparing the two. However, tea was limited after all. Ling Xiao had already used half of the tea leaves presented by the shopkeeper as a gift, and he was not willing to finish the remaining half in one go.

The spirit wine was of a high level, so it needed dozens of kinds of magic herbs. Furthermore, they were all high-grade magic herbs. Two stalks were even transcendent level magic herbs. The production cost was very high, and the price did not even cover the cost. No wonder few people in the TongTian Continent were willing to use magic herbs to make wine, and few spirit wine sommeliers were willing to use magic herbs.

You XiaoMo decided to brew a pot of spirit wine first. Although the effects of restoring spiritual energy with a transcendent level spirit wine was a little worse than drinking spiritual water, the spiritual water was odorless and tasteless after all. To men, wine was indeed good stuff, and it was a wonderful thing to be able to recover spiritual energy while enjoying its taste.

However, he did not have any stock left for two of the transcendent level magic herbs that he needed to brew the spirit wine. He now had a very high demand for transcendent level magic herbs. and the magic herbs would be used up in a short while once they were matured.

The magic herbs were already approaching maturity. If it developed normally, it would be mature in a few days.

You XiaoMo hesitated for a moment before he dropped a few drops of spiritual water onto the magic herbs. After half an hour, the magic herbs had matured. He skillfully dug them out, washed them with spiritual water and put them together with other magic herbs. Then he carried out a big jar he had bought in the past and the ingredients for the brewing the spirit wine.

He had already bought the items listed on the recipe, it was just that he had no time to brew it. Now that he had time, he moved everything out.

You XiaoMo stuffed all the magic herbs into the jar according to the steps of the recipe, before proportionally pouring some spiritual water into the jar. The recipe did not say that spiritual water should be used. After all, spiritual water was an extremely scarce good. It only stated that ordinary water should be used.

You XiaoMo felt that if one could make such a delicious spirit wine with ordinary water, the taste must be out-of-the-world if spiritual water was used. Moreover, spiritual water itself had the effect of restoring spiritual energy. If he made wine according to the recipe… He was suddenly looking forward to the result of the spirit wine.

As he only accelerated the maturity of two magic herbs, he could only make one pot of spirit wine. He would have to wait for the remaining magic herbs in the magic herb field to mature before using them to brew spirit wine.

You XiaoMo stoppered the lid on the jar and then moved it to the yard to hide it. The recipe stated that there were two important factors for the successful production of a first-rate spirit wine.

The first was that it must ferment for enough time. Too short a time would probably spoil a jar of good wine; the second was that it had to be sealed well. It must be completely sealed, as the taste of the spirit wine would be destroyed once the air leaked in and result in a failure.

You XiaoMo dug a hole in the courtyard, then he buried the jar in it and stomped the earth level to make sure that there was no problem before leaving the dimension with the remaining half bottle of spirit wine.

Those who were fond of drinking spirit wine was not only Ling Xiao, but also the Metal Swallowing Beast and Ping Pong.

The last time he took out half a bottle of spirit wine, the three of them only drank one cup. As they were lightweights, they were all dead drunk in less than half an hour after drinking it.

They did not have any hangovers after the event, but they could not forget the taste of that spirit wine.

The reason why many chronic drunkards preferred spirit wine was partly because of the effect of restoring spiritual power, and partly because they found the taste of spirit wine irresistible.

However, spirit wine was something that only the rich and those willing to spend spirit gems could afford to drink. So high level and transcendent level spirit wine was also known as the Noble’s Wine.

You XiaoMo reappeared in front of the house with the spirit wine. The Metal Swallowing Beast who had a particularly keen nose immediately rolled down from the roof and pounced towards the spirit wine in his arms. You XiaoMo dodged at the last second, and the Metal Swallowing Beast closed in on empty air before it landed on all fours in the ground.

The Golden Winged Insects, who had reacted one step slower, immediately took joy in calamity and delight in disaster as they laughed it.

Who asked your nose to be so keen. Now you’ve suffered a calamity.

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes at them. They had already taken fifty steps and still had the face to laugh at someone who had already taken a hundred steps. They were all clearly birds of the same feather, “All right, don’t fight, everyone has a share.”

With that, You XiaoMo took five cups from his dimension and put them on the table. Although Ling Xiao had not come out yet, he could not go wrong by preparing a cup for him. Maybe Ling Xiao would even come out a while later.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Ping Pong Qiu immediately took the initiative to ‘sit’ at their own places like obedient kids. In actual fact, they were just three future drunkards with great potential. Obviously, one only eats metal, the other two only eat Seven Leaf Grass, now they really ate all sorts of miscellaneous things.

You XiaoMo had just filled three cups of wine when the three immediately ensconced the cups belonging to them into their embrace.

The Metal Swallowing Beast even ran to the corner with his own cup. The Golden Winged Insects wanted to imitate him, but they were about the same size as the wine cup. They could not hold the wine cup even if they wanted to imitate him, and would spill the wine if they held the cup in their mouth, so they had to obediently sit on the table.

You XiaoMo poured himself a cup. Although he did not really drink, he could still taste wine. The three of them were even licking the cup after drinking their wine. You XiaoMo put down the cup and ran into the house. Probably because he smelled the aroma of wine, Ling Xiao suddenly opened his eyes.

You XiaoMo thought of the Metal Swallowing Beast and the two others, and could not help laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Ling Xiao looked at him and lightly asked.

You XiaoMo shook his head, “I’m not laughing at anything ah!” He would not say it, or else Ling Xiao would definitely use it as an excuse to torment him.

Ling Xiao eyed him suspiciously, and then his eyes immediately moved to the spirit wine in his hands. The aroma of a transcendent level spirit wine had always been rich. He could already smell it inside the house when they had just been drinking outside.

You XiaoMo immediately brought the cup to him. There was still a lot left in the jar. After all, it cost ten million spirit gems to buy it. It would not be worth the money if it was finished in a couple of mouthfuls.

“Didn’t you plant a lot of magic herbs in the magic herb fields before? How’s it going?” Ling Xiao received the wine jar, and raised his head to drink one mouthful, the spiritual energy that had just been consumed immediately started recovering bit by bit.

You XiaoMo replied, “I have buried a jar of spirit wine in the ground, but it will take three months before we can dig it out.”

Generally, the longer the wine was fermented the better it was. Three months was already the shortest time and the taste would certainly not beat those that were fermenting for over a year. In any case, it was still a transcendent level spirit wine and the taste should not be too bad. He knew that as soon as the spirit wine had been finished, Ling Xiao would definitely ask about it.

“When are you going into secluded cultivation?” Ling Xiao asked.

You XiaoMo scratched his head, “I’m planning to make another Heart Meridian Pill tomorrow. I’ll find some time after I’m done. How are you now?”

“About the same. Tell me when you’re about to start.” Ling Xiao finished the remainder of the spirit wine in one gulp. He had a bold idea in his mind, but it was not time to implement it now.

“You’re in hurry?” You XiaoMo asked.

They had been on this island for more than two months and did not know the situation in the outside world. Although he was not in a hurry, it would be nice to know some news about the outside world. After all, they were not completely free of all constraints and attachments.

“No hurry, but we can’t stay here too long. It’s probably a mess on the outside now.” Ling Xiao indifferently stated.

You XiaoMo didn’t ask him why. He could probably guess the current situation of TongTian Continent. When they were in DongCheng Town before, they had heard about the situation in Xi Jing and Nan Ling, and both were already open. This was a development that could overturn the heavens!

The next day, You XiaoMo began to refine the second magic pill.

Ling Xiao did not go into secluded cultivation this time, so naturally he was the person who was his guardian. With him keeping watch, You XiaoMo could fully immerse himself into refining and his movements were more nimble than those of the first time.

Originally he thought that the Weasel Beast would not come back, but You XiaoMo found that he had underestimated its face. It was not that of a general thickness. Just as he had progressed till the last day, the Weasel Beast appeared again. The difference was, this time he brought fewer people.

“Master!” The Weasel Beast and his men stopped thirty meters away from the house. When Ling Xiao indifferently looked over, he suddenly knelt down and roared loudly. His head was lowered so he didn’t see that the man who appeared was Ling Xiao. Words rattled from his mouth like a torrent.

“Master, this lowly one has eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai and had offended you a few days ago. Today this one has comes to make amends. I am willing to sign a permanent contract with you and serve you for life. I hopes that Master will accept this lowly one and give me a chance to make up for my mistakes. I vow that I will never betray you.”

“A Weasel Beast?” The voice with a slight ridiculing tone suddenly drifted to the Weasel Beast’s ears.

The Weasel Beast was stunned. He looked up and saw the aloof man under the eaves. He was wearing a gorgeous white brocade robe and had handsome features. He was adopting a casual posture, but a noble temperament emanated from his whole body. After a few seconds, the Weasel Beast reacted and immediately shouted, “Who are you?!”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow and did not speak. He just enigmatically looked at him and the few people he brought. The numbers were certainly several times lesser than that of the last time. There was indeed ‘sincerity’.

The Weasel Beast suddenly began to feel the stress increasing, could it be that this man be Master’s comrade? He remembered that his men had told him that the master also had a comrade besides a few contracted demon beasts. It was just that person often stayed inside the house, so he had never seen his face. It was very possible that this person was him.

“I got it! You must be the Master’s subordinate. I apologize, I am the Weasel Beast who will soon become the Master’s subordinate too. I resign myself to your guidance!” The Weasel Beast decided to strike up a good relationship with the Master’s subordinate first. It would be even better if the man could help the Weasel Beast say some good things about him in front of his Master.

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