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Chapter 613: Unexpected Man

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The appearance of thunderclouds meant that You XiaoMo was about to succeed at forming the pill. Next, it would be time to face the thunder tribulation, but since there was a Restriction outside the Immortal’s Cave, if the thunderclouds wanted to strike down, they would still have to get through the Restriction first.

“Keep an eye on them. Inform me when they get within a thousand meters at once.” Ling Xiao instructed. Right now, all of the major powers were focused on the mountain peak. If someone really came here, they most likely wouldn’t be very powerful, so it would be fine as long as they were chased away before they got close.

“Yes, Boss.” After the Weasel Beast shouted this, he instantly ran out of the Immortal’s Cave. During this time, he had collected several dozen subordinates. Even though quantity couldn’t be compared to the amount he had during his time at the small island, he had more than enough to keep an eye on those people. When he left the Immortal’s Cave, the Weasel Beast instantly transformed into a human shape and snuck into the ground.


“Did you hear something?” A person wrapped in a black cloak suddenly stopped walking so rapidly. He looked pensively in front of him, as if he had discovered something.

The man walking side by side with him also stopped when he heard him speak. He murmured, “Now that you mention it, I also heard some weird noises, like the sound of thunder.”

“How could there be thunder in Peach Blossom Ruins!” The cloaked person said in a low voice. His words had some reason to it. Spirit Mountain was in a dimension in between; even though there was day and night, the sun here was actually just an imitation. It was spring all year round, so it was impossible for there to be thunder and rain.

A light bulb suddenly went off in the black-robed person’s head, and he whipped his head to look at the cloaked man. “Unless someone is refining pills!”

The cloaked person’s eyes darkened. “Only rainbow level magic pills can summon thunderclouds…”

“Haha, it’s a blessing from Heaven!” The person in black instantly started to laugh. It took some guts to dare to refine pills in Peach Blossom Ruins. Now, they could confirm that the opposite party was a rainbow level mage. Even if they didn’t go up Spirit Mountain now, they could still definitely get some riches.

“Let’s go take a look.” The cloaked person could tell what his companion was thinking with one glance. Not coincidentally, he was thinking the exact same thing. In this kind of scenario, even those that flaunted themselves as being open and candid would probably be tempted, let alone the Black Spider, who had always had that kind of bandit-like reputation.

The only ones who would dare appear at a time like this could be nobody else except the Black Spider.

Ling Xiao killing the black-robed person had an extremely large impact on the Black Spider. Since their only Sacred Realm expert died, their next highest cultivator was only at the seven star pinnacle Divine Realm level, and it was clearly not enough to compete with the other major powers over the magic pills and items in the Eight Mansions. It was even possible that it would be used as an excuse to kill them.

The Black Spider was full of a bunch of selfish people. When they discovered that it was much more dangerous to go up Spirit Mountain, they decided not to painstakingly fight with the other major powers. Therefore, the remaining four members decided to take advantage of the fact that the other major powers were still at the top of Spirit Mountain and try to find some other previously undiscovered Immortal’s Caves. That’s why they appeared here.

The four of them quickly moved.

Originally, with their slow flying speed, it would have indeed taken them an hour. But after adding on the speed, they didn’t even need half an hour.

After the Rat Beasts discovered the situation, they instantly reported it to the Weasel Beast. They had a unique messaging system that was much faster than the human counterpart. When the Weasel Beast received the information, he immediately hurried back to the Immortal’s Cave. With their speed, there was no way the thunderclouds would disperse that quickly.

Upon hearing the Weasel Beast’s report, Ling Xiao was quiet for a moment. “There are four people in total, and they’re all wearing black?”

“Yes. It won’t take long for them to reach this place, should we stop them before they do?” The Weasel Beast nodded as he spoke. Naturally, he didn’t know who they were, since he used to be holed up all year round on the small island.

“No need, just let them come.” Ling Xiao waved his hand. “Let those Rat Beasts continue to keep guard nearby. If more people get close, let me know immediately.”

“Yes!” This time, the Weasel Beast didn’t leave the Immortal’s Cave. He only emitted a special noise and transmitted the information to his subordinate.

Those people arrived extremely fast. The thunderclouds had just finished brewing.

The sky was dark and heavy, as if lightning would strike at any moment. The Immortal’s Cave below it was faintly discernible, and the magic herb field outside of it had indeed been dug clean of magic herbs.

The four people in black hid themselves several meters away. They were already certain that the person refining pills was inside the Immortal’s Cave. In case the person refining pills had a partner, they agreed to split into two teams. One team would go in from the front, while the other would sneak in through the back. The thunderclouds required an hour to disperse, so for now, they had more than enough time.

But just when they were about to move, a husky, low voice suddenly spoke from behind them. It carried the dangerous tone of someone who had just caught their prey, as well as an irrepressible delight. “Aha, I’ve discovered four mice…”

The four people’s bodies froze, and they reacted in 0.1 seconds, really just as if they were startled mice. They fled a hundred meters away, splitting in four different directions. The Immortal’s Cave was right behind them, but they couldn’t care less about it anymore. The person who had suddenly appeared was undoubtedly very powerful, if he could just soundlessly get close to them!

The four of them looked warily in all directions, but they discovered that their opponent was only one person, and their gazes landed on his body.

The man wore a black embroidered robe, his features handsome but cold. A smile that seemed faintly bloody hung on his lips, and they weren’t sure if it was directed at them, or if he was just born like that. He held a weapon that looked like a fire iron in his hand, and the thick scent of blood reeked from his body as he stood less than two hundred meters away from them.

This also meant that they hadn’t even noticed that this person had gotten within a hundred feet of them just now. Cold sweat formed involuntarily over all four of their bodies.

“Emperor Beast?” One of the four couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air. Even though he wasn’t as strong as their opponent, he could clearly tell that the man’s original form was that of a Level Twelve Emperor Beast.

His companion’s expression was very grave. “I’ve never seen this person before. Could it be an Emperor Beast that lives in Spirit Mountain?” This wasn’t impossible. The high level demon beasts were trapped for tens of thousands of years in Spirit Mountain, and they most likely wanted to get out. But he hadn’t imagined that they would be so unlucky as to encounter an Emperor Beast. This wouldn’t be easy.

“Should we withdraw?” The third black-robed person wanted to retreat a bit now. Even though it wasn’t impossible for the four of them to win against a Level Twelve Emperor Beast, but the Immortal’s Cave was right behind them, whose danger was still unknown. If the person inside attacked them when they weren’t paying attention, the risk was greater than normal.

“It looks like the plan is useless. It looks like we’ll each have to depend on fate for this next part.” The first person in black also didn’t want to stay here any longer. He suspected that it was very likely that this man had something to do with the mage currently refining pills in the Immortal’s Cave. If he could delay them until the thunderclouds dispersed, it would be hard for them to escape while being attacked from the front and back. So if they wanted to run, it would be best to do so now.

He had just finished speaking when he moved first.

The other three weren’t slow either, and they split into three different directions in tacit agreement with each other.

The smile on the man’s face deepened. He looked meaningfully in the direction of the Immortal’s Cave before chasing after the one who was the most powerful. In an instant, his figure disappeared.

When he sensed that someone was chasing after him, the first black-robed person’s face darkened, before he unhesitatingly changed direction — towards the direction that the second black-robed person had fled in.

One more person meant a higher chance of winning. Of course, it also meant another scapegoat. The other two people were secretly happy, and they hastily sped up to increase the distance. They definitely didn’t want to be dragged over to become doormats. From far away, they could hear the sound of the second black-robed person cursing loudly, since nobody would be happy to be involved.

“You guys seem to be very pleased?” Just when they were feeling overjoyed over living, a black vortex suddenly appeared in front of them. A man slowly walked out from the vortex, a sinister smile on his pretty and bewitching face. He held a knife in his hand, and it seemed as if he had been waiting here for them for a long time. From time to time, purple demonic flames would flash through his black eyes.

The two of them rapidly came to a halt, and they stared in shock at the man who had suddenly appeared. It felt as if there was cold sweat covering their backs.

“Who are you?” Even though they asked, they already knew the answer in their hearts: there could be nobody else except the person hiding himself in the Immortal’s Cave.

“It’s not important who I am. What’s important is that I don’t like you.” The man lowered his eyes, revealing a dangerous expression. The black vortex disappeared on its own from behind him after he walked out of it.

Their expressions went cold. Their reactions were already extremely fast, but the other man was even faster. Fresh blood splashed onto the fourth black-robed person’s face, and his comrade’s scream flew into the sky along with his arm, which had been chopped off, before it landed back on the ground. He was completely dumbfounded.

In any case, they were still four star Divine Realm experts. But they didn’t have any ability to fight back?

The fourth person in black turned, wanting to flee.

But the man had already appeared in front of him in an instant. He sliced his knife from the top of his head down, and the fourth person in black watched as his own body was split into two. Two seconds later, his consciousness finally disappeared. The third person in black, who had lost an arm, stared fearfully at this scene.

The man flicked off the blood on his large knife a bit unnaturally. He said to him warmly, “It’s your turn next. Would you rather be steamed or fried?”

The third black-robed person’s legs gave out from under him.

Of course he wouldn’t choose, so in the end, the man helped him pick a more heroic way to die — dismemberment by five horses!

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