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Chapter 612: Refining Pills

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Periodically from the quiet stone room would appear the sound of heavy breathing, mingled with a suppressed groan. It added a taste of charm and grace in the otherwise simple stone room. With the light of the legendary luminous pearl, a shadow of two intertwined figures could be seen reflected on the floor.

You XiaoMo was caught between Ling Xiao and the wall. His hand latched onto Ling Xiao’s neck, his face flushed red and his tongue mingled with Ling Xiao’s. With their noses touching and the breathy air on each other’s faces, they looked inseparable.

Who knows how long it was before Ling Xiao finally let go of the lips he had kissed swollen. As they parted, a silver string stretched out and he licked it away.

No matter how many times they did it, You XiaoMo would still get embarrassed by this lewd action. His cheeks seemed to be stained with a tint of red, his eyes watery, and occasionally a gasp would come out of his lips.

Ling Xiao’s eyes darkened at his display of attractiveness and the thing inside his body got even bigger. You XiaoMo took a breath in and instinctively clamped his legs.

The clothes on his lower half had already been striped away. His two pale legs were hooked onto Ling Xiao’s waist, and his back was against the wall. His body felt like jelly as he took in the thrusting of the weapon. If it wasn’t for Ling Xiao’s hand holding onto his butt, he would’ve probably already fallen.

“It’s only been a while since we last did it, how come it’s gotten tighter?” A breath of heartburn-inducing air suddenly reached You XiaoMo’s ear and with it, Ling Xiao’s voice. The content of his speech made You XiaoMo face bleed in embarrassment.

You XiaoMo bit his shoulder and in a muffled voice, said, “You, you hurry up…”

Beside his ear came a light chuckle, “Roger, wife!”

Just as he finished, the thrusting motion became much more violent, it was as if he wanted to combine their flesh and blood together. After a while, You XiaoMo’s teary voice could be heard on and off. “Wuuuu….I…I didn’t mean this…”

The reply was an even faster movement.

He just wanted Ling Xiao to end quicker, why was it so hard?

In the end, You XiaoMo still laid tiredly in Ling Xiao’s embrace. The movement and the force, was as if unleashing everything that had been saved up for a while. No matter how good his physical condition was, it wasn’t able to take something like this. By the time he woke up, the sun had completely risen.

Ling Xiao was nowhere to be found so You XiaoMo supported his hips and went straight to his dimension. No one could stop him from using the spiritual water to clean up the purple bruise marks on his body. By the time he came out, he was completely refreshed and changed into a pair of clean black clothes.

That was also when Ling Xiao walked in. Seeing that he was jumping around, he knew he was fine.

You XiaoMo was energetic and decided to let him off the hook. Remembering yesterday’s conversation, he asked, “Once I’ve consolidated my grade-four level, I’ll help you refine the Reincarnation Pill.”

He already gathered a few batches of Reincarnation Pill ingredients. Even if he failed, he didn’t need to wait for the next batch to mature before continuing.

“Okay.” Ling Xiao answered without hesitation.

It was a bit of a waste of time to refine pills here in Peach Blossom Ruins. After all, it was a treasure hunting goldmine. Others wouldn’t even have enough time to be cultivating or searching for treasures, much less refining pills.

You XiaoMo had his reasons for being in a rush. The faster Ling Xiao’s wounds healed, the better it was for them. After all, he hadn’t forgotten about You ZhenTian, who was also there. If they met by accident, it would be troublesome for them.

Next, Ling Xiao brought him to his dimension.

Once inside, You XiaoMo was shocked by the amount of stuff he had collected.

For the past two weeks, Ling Xiao had been ‘mopping up’ many Immortal’s Caves. To save time, he wasn’t picky and so he placed everything he could see inside his dimension, which caused him to have a pile of stuff the size of a hill. Good thing he remembered that magic herbs couldn’t be squashed and that his dimension was big.

“I’m going to sort the herbs, you go sort the other things. Once everything is sorted, then I’ll see what we will keep and what we won’t.” You XiaoMo instantly assigned Ling Xiao a job, very smoothly.

The few Immortal’s Cave Ling Xiao scavenged were mostly from the hillside, only one was around the top of the mountain. That one was high levelled, with sixty-percent of the magic herbs being transcendent level ones. There was a bit of everything else as well, so the total amount came up to quite a bit.

You XiaoMo wasn’t going to transfer them to his dimension, as after all those years, most of them had matured. Although there were a few mid-grade herbs, they were mostly high-grade ones.

He spent half a day before finally digging them out. By then, Ling Xiao was already done.

Most tables and chairs were a set, but every cave’s owner had their own unique taste. Some preferred lavish pieces while others like a more simplistic style. You XiaoMo pondered for a bit before deciding to place the spirit-stone-made-furniture into the White Tiger’s Palace.

There were very few pieces of furnitures in the palace. When he first took a look around, there was only one set of furniture, everywhere else was barren.

As for other furniture, he picked a set to place in the dimension then told Ling Xiao to throw out the rest. Other than that, it was a miscellaneous pile of stuff, like magic pills, soul training, skill training booklets and weapons.

Since Ling Xiao didn’t like to eat pills refined by other people, You XiaoMo never paid much attention to magic pills they scavenged. Other than that, soul training manuals weren’t all that useful either, so he picked out the higher leveled ones and left the others in the corner.

“You really don’t want it?” You XiaoMo raised a bottle of high level magic pills towards Ling Xiao.

Ninety-percent of the pills inside were high grade ones, with only a few mid-grade ones. If Ling Xiao was only picky about eating high grade ones then these were edible, especially since he hadn’t given anything for him to eat for a while.

Ling Xiao glanced at him and said tsundere(ly), “No.”

You XiaoMo felt the corner of his mouth twitch, fine don’t eat it. Although it may reduce the effectiveness of the pills by leaving it out for so long but it would still sell for tons of spirit gems. Since he last bought magic herbs in the Guma Tribe, his magic bag had been feeling a bit empty.

Once he left the dimension, You XiaoMo started to consolidate his grade-four level. It was a month after when he felt that he was ready and started preparing the ingredients for the Reincarnation Pill. Although it was a grade-four magic pill, it was quite challenging for someone who had just advanced, thus he prepared three sets of ingredients.

That day, Ling Xiao went out to do some information gathering. He double checked to make sure that all the major forces as well as most of the lone practitioners were headed or on top of the mountain already, with no chance of backtracking, before he headed back.

On the morning of the second day, You XiaoMo got ready to refine the pill.

The Reincarnation Pill needed double digit more herbs than a grade-three pill. In total there were two hundred or more, a very large amount. You XiaoMo didn’t dare do it willy nilly, he was even more cautious than the last time at the island.

However, no matter how careful he was, when he was combining everything, there was a small mistake and the three days he spent extracting herbs was wasted.

You XiaoMo looked depressingly at the liquid laying quietly in the bottom of the cauldron. It was extracted from a few hundred herbs, but now it was just a puddle of black water. He would like everyone to know that if sold, these herbs would definitely be worth over one hundred million spirit gems. Now, one hundred million spirit gems were just gone.

Knowing that he couldn’t rush it, You XiaoMo regrouped his thoughts before starting his second attempt. This time, he wasn’t going to make the same mistake.

Three days passed by quietly.

Ling Xiao stayed outside the whole time, as to not interrupt him. Seeing that he hadn’t come out after six days and there wasn’t a thunder cloud above the cave, he knew You XiaoMo failed again.

As for the results, he wasn’t a bit surprised. He knew his wife was very concerned over his pill, so his mentality was more or less different than usual. As they say, the more you care, the more mistakes you’d make.

Another day passed by and the sun already rose.

It was then when the Weasel Beast came running in a flurry. Before he spoke, Ling Xiao furrowed his brows and looked intensely at the outskirts of the cave. “Someone’s coming?”

The Weasel Beast took a moment to register the deep voice before replying, panting, “Boss, it’s bad, I just saw something headed this way.”

Since You XiaoMo was refining pills there, Ling Xiao didn’t want anyone to interrupt him and thus had the Weasel Beast stand guard.

Although the Weasel Beast was only level ten, there were plenty of demon beasts in the mountain and even Rat Beasts that were weaker than him. Thus, he summoned some Rat Beasts to guard the Immortal’s Cave’s surrounding, alerting him if anyone was nearby. This was the news he got from one of the Rat Beasts.

“How long?” Ling Xiao voiced calmly.

The Weasel Beast replied, “With their speed, it shouldn’t take more than a hour.”

But just as he finished, the sky suddenly darkened. Ling Xiao looked up to see the once-clear-sky filled with thunder clouds. It took up a few hundred meter radius from their cave and one could even see lightning flying through. Not surprisingly, even the Peach Blossom Ruins couldn’t stop a thunder cloud arriving because of a refined pill.

Now, it was even more eye-catching.

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Thanks for translating this chapter, Crystal!

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