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Chapter 626: Freed Slaves?

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There were many rooms, both big and small, in the palace. Some were as big as a house and a whole family could live inside the room with no problem. The small ones were still twice as big as a thatched cottage in a village and not a single one of these rooms were empty.

You XiaoMo chose two rooms next to each other as his own pill room and study. For convenience sake, he let Ling Xiao knock down a portion of the wall between the two rooms and constructed an arched door in the middle for easy access. He then blocked off the door of the other room so that there was only one entrance in the room. This was to avoid others sneaking inside from the other door when he was not paying attention, though the chances of this occurring were slim.

Fu ZiLin and You JunQi were nearly finished while they were out these few days.

You JunQi helped his darling son chisel out hundreds of jade cabinets as there were quite a lot of magic herbs. Each cabinet had ten compartments, and each compartment was able to hold more than twenty stalks of magic herbs.

The materials for these jade cabinets were unexpectedly found and dug up by You JunQi during his previous travels and he had stored these inside his dimension ring. He immediately took them out when he heard that his son wanted to make jade cabinets out of jade. The quality of the jade was a first-rate Xia jade that was glittering and translucent. There were several colors, such as purple, white, blue and so on, and every one was splendid and magnificent.

In order to decorate his son’s pill room more beautifully, You JunQi specially selected six kinds of jade with different colors and evenly chiseled out twenty compartments. Thus, two different levels of magic herbs could be stored in each jade cabinet, which was much more convenient.

As You XiaoMo’s requirement for the bookcases were lower than the pill room, Fu ZiLin had completed them in less than two days.

A study had to have the smell of books before it could be called as such. Therefore, You XiaoMo did not allow them to make the bookcases out of jade. Instead he took out the trees he had transplanted from the island in the past. Those trees could also be watered with spiritual water, and the quality was much better than that of the trees on the island.

You XiaoMo accelerated the maturation of ten thick and solid trees. Fu ZiLin used them to carve more than a dozen bookcases according to the height of the study. Each of the bookcases were extremely huge.

You XiaoMo took out his books and arranged them according to their different categories. However, he found that the books he bought were only a drop in the bucket and he could not even fill three bookcases. Looking at the empty bookcases, he felt them to be an eyesore and really wanted to find a pile of books to stuff inside. He surveyed this situation and decided that he had to continue to buy more.

You XiaoMo did not want to go to Zhong Tian again, so he had to buy it next time he went out.

Afterwards, they went to the pill room. The cabinets in the pill room were all set up. The reason why other mages had a pill room was because they did not have a dimension. Although it seemed troublesome, You XiaoMo himself was taking pleasure from this even if he had a dimension to store these in.

Over the past few years, You XiaoMo had stored a lot of magic herbs in his dimension – low level, middle level and high level were all available. There was a particularly large amount of high level magic herbs as they were used to refine transcendent level magic pills, so he had continuously been planting a large number of high level magic herbs.

Ling Xiao wanted to leave, but You XiaoMo did not allow him to.

Don’t joke around. He had managed to get Ling Xiao as a laborer after much difficulty. No matter what happened, he had to properly grasp this chance. How could he let Ling Xiao slip away?

Besides, please forgive him for being a little petty. He was tormented so much on the bed that his waist nearly broke. Off the bed, he definitely had to order Ling Xiao around as much as possible.

“Put these herbs in the eleventh compartment of the purple cabinet.” You XiaoMo picked up a sieve filled with magic herbs and passed it to Ling Xiao while beaming. This was called working in cooperation with a due division of labor.

Ling Xiao gave him a profound stare before he took the sieve.

Behind him, You XiaoMo was grinning so widely the his whole row of teeth could be seen.

Seeing this scene from the door, You JunQi almost burst into tears of joy. He thought that his son had always been the one enslaved. He did not expect that there was still…uh, he remembered that there was a phrase for this from a particular realm, oh yes, a time when freed slaves would be singing songs of freedom. It had really been hard.

You XiaoMo would definitely give You JunQi a sound beating at any cost if he heard his thoughts. Slave what slave, it was just too unpleasant to hear. How can you compare your son to a slave?

It was dark outside by the time they packed all the magic herbs.

You XiaoMo stood up and stretched. When he saw Ling Xiao walking over, he ran to him immediately and patted Ling Xiao on the shoulder with a grin, “It’s really been hard for you today.”

Ling Xiao indifferently glanced at the smile on his face and soon after, he said profoundly, “It’s not hard. It’s alright as long as you can still smile when the time comes.”

You XiaoMo shivered. This feeling where he was about to suffer a calamity was definitely not an illusion.

In the dead of night, the light emitted from the Night Pearl faintly stretched the shadows of two figures till they were long and slanted.

The sixth brother of the Seven Sins Beast seem to have fallen asleep. His contracted demon beasts had been playing crazily all day and each and every one was snoring deeply in their own room. As for second-shixiong and his cheap dad, it was because of their help that his pill room and study could be completed so quickly.

Although it seemed like there were a lot of people, in actual fact, the palace was still cold and lonely as it was too big.

“Oh yes.” You XiaoMo suddenly turned around and looked up at Ling Xiao. He walked backwards while asking, “I’ve heard before that the Life Crystal of the Seven Sin Beasts is an extraordinary item and it cannot be used by others. Could it be that it can only be used by the other brothers of the Seven Sin Beasts?”

After all, a Life Crystal was just a Life Crystal. Even if he was carrying the Life Crystal, the Wolf of Greed would probably not be able to come back. Therefore, he did not understand why they were so agitated.

“Of course not.” Ling Xiao replied, “The Seven Sins Beasts are a type of demon beasts that are rarer than the Four Ancient Beast Clans. There can only be one in each world and there will never be a second one unless the body of that demon beast perishes. The newborn beast would not have the memory of its last life, and the gestation of a Seven Sins Beast will take a long time. However, it would be different with the Life Crystal…”

The reason why the Life Crystal of a Seven Sins Beast was so special was because it could resurrect the demon beast.

Like what Ling Xiao had said, the Seven Sins Beast was a special type of demon beast. If there was a Life Crystal left after his death, his brothers would not have to wait for the heaven and earth to naturally gestate a second Wolf of Greed. Not only would it take a shorter time, but the reborn Wolf of Greed would have the memory of its previous life.

The seven brothers of the Seven Sin Beasts had deep affections towards each other. Although the newborn Wolf of Greed was still their brother, they were more willing to do it this way if they could restore the original Wolf of Greed.

You XiaoMo suddenly understood why they were so nervous and worried. If the Life Crystal was not in his hands, it would be nearly impossible for them to get the Life Crystal back with so many people in the world.

When they finally walked back to their room, You XiaoMo paused for a while when he saw the screen. Then he suddenly started yawning heavily.

“Ah, after bustling around all day, I’m dead tired. Go to bed, go to bed. There’s still a lot of things to do tomorrow. I’m going to bed early and getting up early.” You XiaoMo climbed up onto bed in a flash, kicked off his shoes and clambered inside without even taking off his clothes. He fished up the quilt and dove into it before wrapping himself up like a meat dumpling, showing only a downy head. His black and innocent eyes watched Ling Xiao who was standing beside the bed undressing.

Ling Xiao hung his clothes on the shelf, turned to bed, and saw You XiaoMo who had wrapped himself tightly. He laughed softly, “Wife, why are you not taking off your clothes?”

Every time Ling Xiao said ‘wife’, the next thing he would do would be to take liberties with You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo blinked his eyes, “Uh, I think wearing clothes to sleep is also very comfortable, so I don’t have to take them off. You should go to bed as soon as possible too. There’s still things to do tomorrow.”

“There’s no hurry. What we have now is time.” Ling Xiao sat in front of him and looked at him like this, “Wife, sleeping in clothes is a bad habit that you must get rid of. If you feel that it’s troublesome, your husband can help you take them off.”

With that, he then reached his evil clutches out towards You XiaoMo.

“There’s no need for that!” You XiaoMo cried out in horror. Yet, no matter how much he resisted, he was still stripped till he had no skin left as he had been the last time. Perhaps this was his greatest miscalculation. He would have taken it off himself if he had known earlier. Maybe then Ling Xiao would not be able to use it as an excuse.

Ling Xiao had recently read a lot of pornographic books, so he was extremely intrigued in matters between the sheets. How could he let You XiaoMo off so easily? Ling Xiao pulled him over and thoroughly experimented with everything, taking note of the positions which were pretty good so that he could use them again later.

You XiaoMo sat on Ling Xiao’s lap with his back facing Ling Xiao’s chest. His legs were spread open and he was forced to keep Ling Xiao’s imposing and formidable masculine symbol inside him. You XiaoMo’s entire body weight was resting on Ling Xiao and Ling Xiao would be pushed extremely deep into him every time he sat down. The squelching sounds were so loud in the silence of the night that his entire face was red from embarrassment. Although this position did not require him to use his strength, it was basically just allowing Ling Xiao to fiddle with him as he wished.

The repercussions appeared the next day.

You XiaoMo had no choice but to climb into his dimension. The water in the bucket was the same spiritual water he had poured in the last time. He had been repeatedly using this bucket of water to wash his body.

As spiritual water had a purification effect, the dirty things would soon disappear after they were poured into the water. Then, the spiritual water would become as clean and transparent as before, as if it had never been been used.

In the beginning, You XiaoMo had some psychological apprehensions, always feeling that the water was dirty and could not be used any more. His psychological apprehensions became stronger as he felt that he could not keep using the water to water the magic herbs. Later, he became accustomed to it after a period of time.

LanQiu and PiQiu could be contacted with the transmission stone, but they were sent out by Tian Dao during this period. After all, they were in the territory of others and with the TianGou facing financial constraints, they had inevitably been ordered about by Tian Dao for a while.

You XiaoMo wanted to go to the Weeping Ghost Shore to find them, but he had to temporarily shelve this idea away. However, on the same day, he received news from Long Yue that he had gotten a batch of Life Crystals, which were the Level Eleven Life Crystals he had mentioned the last time. Long Yue asked You XiaoMo if he still wanted them, and then they agreed on a time to meet.

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