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Chapter 625: Seven Sins Beasts

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Five hundred books cost You XiaoMo about five hundred thousand spirit gems. It was actually pretty expensive, because on average, a single book cost around a thousand spirit gems. However, in order to preserve these books for a long time, the bookstore had to use unusual materials to make all of the books.

Normally, You XiaoMo would just complain once about how it was too expensive, but today he was in no mood for that. His entire mind was full of the books that Ling Xiao bought. It completely ruined his mental state.

After leaving PengLai Bookstore, they didn’t go straight to XiaoYao Institution. In order to select good books, they stayed in the bookstore for two to three hours. By the time they left, the sky was already dark, and the city was ablaze with lights.

You XiaoMo randomly found an inn to stay in overnight, because they didn’t plan on staying out for very long. At night, Ling Xiao suddenly wanted the ten pornographic books from him.

You XiaoMo shrank back on the bed at once with an extreme reaction. He howled, “What do you want to do?”

Ling Xiao, “…”

Several seconds later, You XiaoMo discovered that he had reacted too harshly. When he lifted his head and saw Ling Xiao’s darkening eyes, he suddenly really wanted to smack himself. He really was stupid, wasn’t this just giving him an excuse to use force?

After weighing the pros and cons, You XiaoMo still took out the pornographic books. When they were at the bookstore before, he was only preoccupied with being embarrassed, so he had only seen two of the titles of the books. He didn’t know what else they bought.

“[The Demonic Husband’s Little Lovely Wife]?” You XiaoMo chose a book at random. When he saw the title, he felt unwell immediately. What was up with this kind of heavy romance? Ling Xiao actually liked to read this kind of book?

Ling Xiao plucked the book from his grasp extremely calmly. “Mhm, the shop assistant introduced it to me. He said this was one of the very few male on male stories in the bookstore.”

You XiaoMo sprayed out a familiar mouthful of blood. He wanted to register a complaint. Someone actually dared to corrupt his man, but didn’t they know that his man was already corrupted enough?

“I, I, I… I feel like it’s better if you don’t read this kind of book, it’ll lower your IQ.” As You XiaoMo spoke, he wanted to snatch the book back, but Ling Xiao swiftly dodged him. You XiaoMo looked helplessly at him.

Ling Xiao held the book and shot him a glance. “I have to read it first to know whether it’s good or not. Or are you saying you’ve already read it before?” He narrowed his eyes.

“I haven’t!” You XiaoMo answered extremely quickly. “Why would I read this kind of book?”

Ling Xiao nodded cheerfully. “That’s also true, your IQ has been negative for so long that it can’t go any lower, or else it’ll go into the hundreds.”

You XiaoMo wanted to bite him to death.

However, in the end, Ling Xiao still didn’t read that book. He said that he would wait until he had time and read it slowly. In any case, in the future he would always have time to cover up his tracks. Just when You XiaoMo let out a sigh of relief, Ling Xiao picked up that [Eighteen Methods to Dual Cultivate] book and started flipping through it.

As the name implied, eighteen methods meant eighteen different positions. These were usually illustrated handbooks, with relatively short explanations. However, as long as a man glanced at it once, he could basically understand the fundamental meaning behind the position.

You XiaoMo fearfully crawled onto the bed to sleep. Along the way, he wrapped himself into a human zongzi using his blanket. Half an hour later, when he didn’t see Ling Xiao make any movements, he relaxed; another half an hour later, the human zongzi was peeled apart. Two round, pale buns of flesh swayed as his body was arranged into all sorts of extremely difficult positions, his butt continuously swallowing the man’s enormous object.

You XiaoMo laid on the bed, his entire face flushed. He had been done so much that both his legs went soft, and before he fainted, he vowed that he would definitely find an opportunity to throw away all the pornographic books.

The second day, when You XiaoMo woke up, his throat was still hoarse. Since they did it too excessively last night, the bottom half of his body still felt painfully hot. Ling Xiao wasn’t awake yet, and one of his arms was curled around You XiaoMo’s waist.

You XiaoMo muttered a sentence before his finger moved slightly and he entered the dimension. When he left it, his body didn’t have any more problems, except for a bit of a strange sensation remaining.

He had stayed in the dimension for some time, and Ling Xiao had already woken up. He was dressed properly as he sat next to the tea table, and he spun around a jade stone in his hand. When he saw him, he said, “If you’re ready, let’s go?”

After that, the two of them left the inn.

Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing didn’t know about them coming back. In addition, they were both currently in secluded cultivation for the competition. As for Wan Ya and Zhang LanYu, the former was consolidating her newly advanced realm, while the latter was also in seclusion looking for an opportunity to breakthrough in preparation for the competition. In the end, the only one who had free time was Tian Xin.

Tian Xin knew that she couldn’t attend the competition, so she decided that she might as well give up on secluded cultivation. Without Qiao WuXing to watch over her, she had basically gone wild.

When she learned that You XiaoMo returned, Tian Xin ran energetically over, and when she saw him, she almost threw herself over. Even though she clearly wasn’t little anymore, her personality was still that of a careless and impatient young maiden. If there was any change, it was that her strength had grown some more.

You XiaoMo’s breath was knocked out of him when she slammed into his chest.

Tian Xin didn’t notice. She only complained, “You XiaoMo, you’re really ungrateful. You actually didn’t come back to see this friend of yours for so long.”

You XiaoMo thought, if he had to be hammered by her every single time he came back, he would rather not come back.

“Nobody else is here? Why is it only you?” You XiaoMo changed the topic.

Tian Xin giggled. “They’re all in seclusion preparing for the upcoming competition. Right now, there’s only me. Did you come to participate in the competition? If you have anything you don’t know, you can ask me. Even though I’m not planning on participating, I still know everything.”

Sincee Ling Xiao couldn’t go up, they left XiaoYao Institution and found a quiet teahouse to chat. Tian Xin rarely found acquaintances during these past few days, and she clearly seemed very happy. She didn’t wait for You XiaoMo to ask before she started to chatter away.

After taking into consideration the Mage Assemblage, this year TongTian Palace’s competition was more simple than it had been in previous years. Rumor had it that there were only two tests. One test was testing the control that mages had over their soul force, while the other test considered willpower and patience. They would have to wait until it was time for the competition to know the details.

But it wasn’t as if all mages could participate in the competition. Even if some rainbow level mages met the strength requirement, they might be rejected because they didn’t meet some other qualifications. This was a common occurrence.

After confirming the information about the competition, You XiaoMo didn’t linger, and he parted with the reluctant Tian Xin. He and Ling Xiao went back to Xi Jing after that. There was still a month between now and the competition, so there was still enough time. Right now, his Pill Room and Library were the most important.

The moment they stepped inside, his clingy dad told him that someone came to find him the day before, and that they had waited until now.

You XiaoMo mulled it over for a bit for guessing who it probably was. If it was his contracted demon beast, his clingy dad wouldn’t have phrased it as ‘waiting’. Those fellows would definitely find a cozy room for themselves immediately.

Since the palace was too large, You XiaoMo felt like it took too long to walk to a seat every time he went in, so he converted the side chambers into places to receive guests. The decoration was fairly simple inside, about the same as a private room in an inn, except larger.

You XiaoMo pushed open the door and walked in. Everyone inside turned around, and he felt like he heard the frantic thumping of several strong and vigorous hearts. After that, he saw a familiar face among the six people.

“Master!” LanQiu walked over excitedly. Finally, the person they were waiting for had returned. They had already been waiting for this moment for a whole year.

Besides the Wolf of Greed, who had already died a long time ago, all the other Seven Sins Beasts were here. They had probably heard a lot about You XiaoMo from LanQiu by now, and the five of them didn’t look to be on guard after seeing an unfamiliar expert. Instead, they looked appraisingly at them, but when their gazes touched on Ling Xiao, they contained a faint trace of fear.

As a family head’s… wife, You XiaoMo told them all to sit with the appropriate air and demeanor. However, not a single one sat down. They had endured waiting for so long, but when they finally met each other, the six brothers were still very anxious.

You XiaoMo could understand their feelings slightly. He didn’t keep them in suspense, and he directly took out the box that contained the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal and handed it to them.

LanQiu took it excitedly. He hadn’t opened it yet, but they could already smell the Wolf of Greed’s scent. It was indeed the Wolf of Greed’s Life Crystal, and the six brothers were so stirred up that their faces turned red.

The fourth one looked lazily at his brothers’ agitated state before glancing at You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao’s calm and composed appearance. He was the first to break the balanced atmosphere. “This Life Crystal is very important to us. I don’t know what requests the two of you may have, but as long as it is possible for the Seven Sins Beasts to accomplish it, we will definitely do it.”

Everyone else calmed down immediately. That’s right, they hadn’t said they would give the Life Crystal to them yet. Since the ancient times, there was no such thing as a free meal.

You XiaoMo paused. “For now, we don’t have any yet, but you all don’t need to worry about that. We bid on this Life Crystal for LanQiu in the first place. He’s my contracted demon beast, so if his brother’s Life Crystal met misfortune, of course I’ll help him out.”

His brother’s Life Crystal met misfortune…

What kind of figure of speech was this?

Everyone’s expression was strange, except for LanQiu. He was already used to You XiaoMo occasionally saying something weird. He also knew that You XiaoMo had always been very generous to him, so he had no qualms about accepting the Life Crystal. Of course, repayment would be required.

After a while, You XiaoMo told LanQiu to take his brothers and find rooms to stay in on his own. In any case, there were many rooms in the palace, and they wouldn’t even have a problem letting several dozen more people stay there. Then he and Ling Xiao went to the Library.

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