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Chapter 657: Duel

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo had just run out of the tunnel when a beam of devouring cold light suddenly attacked straight towards him. If it weren’t for him being prepared, it would have most likely hit him.

The one who attacked him was Fang Yang, who had run out of the tunnel before him.

After dodging the ray of light, You XiaoMo saw that Fang Yang was standing at the entrance of the cave with a dark and ruthless expression on his face, staring at him. He had weapon in his hands that he got from who knows where, and he waved it a few times as rays of sword light crisscrossed towards him.

There was no way to make large movements in the narrow cave, and You XiaoMo had no choice but to raise his hand and erect a defensive barrier. The sword light sliced against the barrier and dissipated after a while, allowing him to swiftly return fire. You XiaoMo flicked several Resonance Bullets towards him, but they were all blocked by Fang Yang’s blade.

You XiaoMo’s figure flashed, and he disappeared in an instant.

Fang Yang’s eyes grew apprehensive, and he suddenly turned half to the left as he sliced downwards with the sword in his hand simultaneously. With a ‘clang,’ the sound waves erupted, causing their ears to throb, and a golden colored shovel showed its true appearance along with You XiaoMo’s figure.

Using a shovel as a weapon?

Fang Yang’s mouth was about to reveal a sneer when You XiaoMo didn’t give him the chance to do so. He swung the golden shovel and continuously attacked Fang Yang, faster than lightning, and Fang Yang had no choice but to use his large sword to block him over and over, always on the defensive. The metallic sounds echoed in the narrow cavern.

Very quickly, Fang Yang found that something wasn’t quite right.

After his weapon, the large sword, collided several times with his opponent’s golden shovel, it actually started to change shape. The middle of the blade was beginning to curve at a speed visible to the naked eye, as several small nicks appeared in it at the same time.

Fang Yang was completely shocked. Master had rewarded him this blade, and its degree of solidness could be compared to black iron. It had brought him success for countless years, but now it was actually ruined by an unremarkable shovel?

You XiaoMo saw that it really was working, and his movements grew even sharper as he started to smash the golden shovel towards Fang Yang even more feverishly. Immediately, his sword began to curve even more, and it didn’t look like it could take much more.

Fang Yang’s expression was extremely gloomy, and he had no choice but to withdraw.

You XiaoMo was waiting for this exact moment. Right when he was withdrawing, the golden shovel smashed towards his head quickly and violently.

Fang Yang only had enough time to defend as both of his hands lifted towards the top of his head as an expansive burst of spiritual energy condensed into a thick barrier instantly above him. You XiaoMo’s golden shovel had already slammed downwards, and the reverberating energy struck the walls of the cave, creating a tiny hole.

The energy and blood in Fang Yang’s body was churning as a mouthful of blood welled up in his throat. He almost spit it out, but it was forcefully suppressed back down by him.

Before this, he hadn’t expected to get hurt. Even though he knew he would most likely run into You XiaoMo, he had never looked very highly upon him. Because Ling Xiao’s brilliance was too great, many people only paid attention to Ling Xiao and unconsciously forgot that there was someone super-talented beside him.

However, it wasn’t because of this that Fang Yang held You XiaoMo in contempt.

You XiaoMo’s profile was long since circulated within the Black Spider. He was a grade four mage, equal to the one or two star Sacred Realm level. Meanwhile, Fang Yang was a three star expert, so it was clear from the start who should be strong and who should be weak.

But Fang Yang had also made a mistake. It wasn’t as if You XiaoMo was dead, so he could always advance. Anyone who was vaguely familiar with his advancement circumstances would know that he advanced extremely quickly and unsteadily. For example, compared to the profile from a year ago he could very likely have advanced in that time.

It seemed like the price for his mistake was to get injured.

You XiaoMo saw that his complexion wasn’t very good, and he immediately pressed in to finish it with a very excited expression, continuously chasing him and hitting him like a madman.

Fang Yang was essentially being suppressed and smacked, and he discovered that his own strength level was actually a little lower than You XiaoMo’s. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to change his plans, because You XiaoMo didn’t give him a chance to breathe at all, slamming down his golden shovel like he’d gone crazy.

Up until there was a ‘crack’…

Wood shavings went flying, and the golden shovel that the Metal Swallowing Beast spat out flew upwards, broken.

You XiaoMo calmed down at once. Only then did he find out that, even though the golden shovel was made out of gold, the handle wasn’t. Instead, it was made from wood. Because he used it too frequently and too forcefully, no matter how hard the wood was, it couldn’t bear it, and it finally splintered.

Fang Yang’s expression was extremely panicked, and he was finally able to take a breather. He saw that You XiaoMo looked like a sinister demon that had crawled out from the pits of hell, ominous and menacing, as if he wanted to flay Fang Yang alive and pull out his bones. It had been a very long time since he was in such a sorry situation.

However, You XiaoMo’s reaction time wasn’t slow. After the golden shovel broke, he grabbed the handle and swiftly stabbed it towards Fang Yang along with a surge of churning soul force.

Fang Yang had already calmed down and steadily caught the handle. When he looked at You XiaoMo, he saw him reveal a sudden smile towards him, and Fang Yang’s heart went cold.

You XiaoMo wasn’t trying to attack him at all. What could a handle do, after all? He didn’t think that this thing could hurt Fang Yang. His true goal was was just to make the other lower his guard, and after Fang Yang gripped the handle, a burst of accumulated soul force soared angrily towards Fang Yang.

Fang Yang was caught off guard and had no choice but to meet this burst of energy head on. Two energies collided against each other, and their bodies flew several steps backward because of inertia.

You XiaoMo was waiting for this exact opportunity. He quickly retreated towards the exit of the cave. He had long since determined the correct angle, and the exit was behind him. By the time he retreated to the cave exit, Fang Yang had already recovered, and he immediately released a wrathful roar, about to rush over.

You XiaoMo waved his hand, and the dirt that he piled in his dimension before immediately cascaded out. Even though there wasn’t that much, it blocked the exit. The dirt was soft and loose, so it definitely wouldn’t block Fang Yang for very long. While You XiaoMo ran, he threw out the dirt from his dimension.

After Fang Yang got rid of the first pile, he discovered another pile after that. The same pattern looped over and over like that before it finally vexed him, and he wanted to slam a fist into the secret passageway, but fortunately, his reason returned at the last moment.

Triggering a trap in the secret passageway would change the entire layout. Even though the secret passageway was actually created from an enormous transport circle, he couldn’t guarantee that he would be sent out of here. If it changed into another secret passageway, he would very likely be trapped in this place. By the time the battle ended, he would be the turtle in the trap.

So even though he knew that You XiaoMo was about to escape right under his nose, he had no choice but to bear with it and clean up the dirt in front of him that made him so annoyed that he wanted to kill somebody.

You XiaoMo hadn’t expected the dirt to be so useful either. Originally, he wanted to just wait until things finished up before stuffing the dirt back into the tunnel, covering up the truth about them digging the passageway here, but Fang Yang’s arrival ruined his plan. However, the results were still exceptionally good.

The tunnel collapsed, covering up all their traces. After this, even if MoQi XiYuan found out, it would most likely be many years later.

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo felt like he should thank Fang Yang. If it weren’t for him, their work wouldn’t have finished up so beautifully.

You XiaoMo only found out that the tribe had already descended into chaos when he ran out of the secret passage. He could hear the ruckus float over from this far away, so it was no wonder nobody found out what was happening underground.

Just as he was thinking, a sharp burst of energy suddenly attacked from his right side. It slid across his cheeks and hit a nearby tree that was two arm spans wide. The tree immediately fell over with an enormous crash.

You XiaoMo warily raised his hands and just happened to block a leg that swept over horizontally. He was knocked backwards quite a few steps, and the black shadow charged at him unwaveringly again, full of killing intent. Only the person’s eyes were revealed, gleaming with cold light and staring straight at him, as if they wanted to curse him to death.

You XiaoMo was startled. It looked like this was the black-clothed person who had infiltrated ShuiXi Tribe during the past few nights. Sure enough, his target was also the transcendent level Spirit Eye, and judging from his attacks, he knew that the transcendent level Spirit Eye was with You XiaoMo.

He couldn’t understand why each and every one of them knew about their plan!

He didn’t have time to think about it further before the black-clothed person broke his train of thought with his attacks. However, he attacked only with his fists and feet, no particularly flashy moves, as if he was afraid of drawing over ShuiXi Tribe’s people.

You XiaoMo discovered that his cultivation base was at the Sacred Realm two star level, and he was slightly surprised. Nowadays, were Sacred Realm experts already of so little value? But something even more shocking was to follow.

Just after they exchanged a hundred blows, another black shadow suddenly appeared out of thin air and inserted itself between them.

You XiaoMo blurted out a curse. Another one showed up? In addition, this one’s cultivation base was also quite high, Sacred Realm one star. As expected, Sacred Realm experts were already as common as Chinese cabbages.

The second black-clothed person was weaker than both of them, but he was very experienced in battle. Luckily, they didn’t seem to be accomplices, so it wouldn’t be too strenuous for You XiaoMo to fight them. However, he didn’t dare to be too zealous in fighting, as he had to remember there was still Fang Yang behind him. He would come rushing over in a short while, and then it would become one versus three, which he absolutely had no way of dealing with.

Taking advantage of when the two of them were dueling, You XiaoMo turned and ran.

The two people both gave a start. They were about to chase after him when a large explosion came from behind them abruptly, followed closely by someone running out. It was the battered and exhausted Fang Yang.

He didn’t have a chance to say anything yet before ShuiXi Tribe found them. A large crowd of people ran over in this direction, interspersed with a few phrases like ‘they’re behind the mountain’.

The three of them swiftly shared a look before they each picked a different direction and fled. It was no longer pragmatic to continue chasing You XiaoMo.

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February 5, 2019 6:15 am

He saw that You XiaoMo looked like a sinister demon that had crawled out from the pits of hell, ominous and menacing, as if he wanted to flay Fang Yang alive and pull out his bones.

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