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Chapter 656: Collapse

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The quake deep beneath the ground didn’t affect the ancestral temple above ground because the moment it happened, the temple was destroyed by the black-clad men who barged in.

The elders who guarded the ancestral temple discovered the two black-clad men. At first, they thought they were comrades but soon realized they weren’t. The ancestral temple was destroyed by the one who came after. The massive, stateliness building crumbled before the clan members.  

Tens of millions of years of worship, all of the ancestors of the ShuiXi Tribe, now all buried beneath the ruins.

The elders were outraged and seeing that the situation was getting more and more out of hand, they finally sent someone to inform MoQi XiYuan.  

The two black-clad men were incredibly strong and the ShuiXi Tribe members figured out that they were of the Sacred Realm, although a lower star. However, most of the powerful members of the tribe were fighting another battle, all those left were Emperor and Divine Realm practitioners. None of them were their opponents.

The black-clad men didn’t stop there, their real motive was the transcendent level Spirit Eye beneath the ancestral temple. After a few nights testing, they were sure of its whereabouts.

Now that the tribe was in a mess, with everyone trying to find the two black-clad men, a third person secretly entered. His objective was the mountain behind the tribe, where the lower grade Five Blessing Spirit Eye was.

With a spy’s map, that person quickly found the entrance to the Five Blessing Spirit Eye and the disappearance of the guards helped him in. Once he easily passed through the maze, he also encountered Ling Xiao’s barrier.

“As expected, I can’t enter the barrier. Good thing I came prepared…” In the darkness, their eyes glinted insidiously and in complantency, as if they were certain of obtaining the object inside.   

At the same time, You XiaoMo had already leaped into the layer of ice. Almost the moment he broke through it, another layer froze on top of it. The icy world became an enclosed world, once again.

The transcendent level Spirit Eye emitted a warm and calming spiritual energy, causing You XiaoMo to feel sleepy. He felt the urge to simply sit down and cultivate, however, he regained his senses quickly.

Slapping himself in the face, You XiaoMo tried to get rid of his sleepiness. He didn’t think the five colored spiritual energy would feel this comfortable, it would be bad if he was lured into sleeping.

Thinking it this far, You XiaoMo walked in front of the Five Blessing Spirit Eye.

The Spirit Eye was a meter in length and width. He had thought that the transcendent level Spirit Eye would be much bigger than the lower grade one, but it was actually tiny. However, that was much more convenient for him.

You XiaoMo investigated the surroundings and the depth of the Spirit Eye, it wasn’t more than two meters deep. It wasn’t connected to anything either, that way it was possible to just move the whole thing into his dimension. Taking action, he pulled out a shovel and tried to shovel out the Spirit Eye, but that was when the steel shovel…broke…

You XiaoMo looked at the shovel handle speechlessly. In frustration he slapped his head. When he punched through that layer of ice above, he thought that the ice layers would be very fragile, but what he didn’t realize was that the closer it was to the Spirit Eye, the harder it was.

Just then, the Metal Swallowing Beast jumped onto his head and spit out a piece of metal. With a thunk, it dropped beside You XiaoMo’s foot.

You XiaoMo was shocked and when looked down, it was a piece of metal the exact same shape as the broken shovel. Even though he had been contracted with Metal Swallowing Beast for a long time, it was the first time he realized that this little beast could also spit out metal and in different shapes as well.

The gold metal was the toughest one they saw when they reached the end of their tunnel digging adventure. You XiaoMo took off the broken piece of metal and replaced it with the new one. The next time he plunged it into the ice, it worked.

You XiaoMo used his soul power to its maximum efficiency and in less than fifteen minutes, he dug up a three meters deep, two meter wide groove. He could only use the dumbest, but also the most useful method for getting out the whole Spirit Eye.

Although it wasn’t time efficient, the outcome was pretty good.

With the past few days of digging, You XiaoMo’s skill had drastically improved. After an hour, he dug out the ground beneath the Spirit Eye, now only one side was still connected to the Spirit Eye. But, if he dug it out and the Spirit Eye tilted, then broke, all of his efforts would have gone to waste.

You XiaoMo thought long and hard about what to do and then suddenly turned his gaze onto the two little demon beasts.

Both the Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping felt a shiver down their spine.

Ten minutes later, You XiaoMo carefully dug at the last piece of ice, as long as this layer broke, the Spirit Eye would be completely separated from the ice. He tried to keep it in, but still couldn’t help but say to the little demon beasts below, “Guys, be careful, we’re almost there.”

The two little demon beasts were flushed red as they held the transcendent level Spirit Eye above their heads. You XiaoMo used them as support for the Spirit Eye.

After that, You XiaoMo rubbed his hand together and lifted his gold shovel, ready for the final strike.


The sudden explosion scared both the beasts and the human. The world beneath the ice layer started to shake violently and with it, sounds of something cracking could be heard.

You XiaoMo instantly turned towards the direction of the noise and discovered a blurry, human shadow appearing behind the ice layer that they came in from. The other was forcefully breaking through the ice layer and by the looks of things, he was about to succeed.

You XiaoMo turned pale from fright, wasn’t there a barrier outside?

If someone touched the barrier, there was no way he wouldn’t have noticed.

Just then, a small cracking sound appeared, and it came from beneath his feet. Looking down, You XiaoMo expression changed drastically, but before he could do anything, the crack beneath his feet spread.

At that moment, You XiaoMo had an unspeakable gratefulness to his foresight. If the Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping wasn’t there holding it up, the transcendent level Spirit Eye would definitely have spilled over. By that point, who knows if it was still transcendent level anymore.

In the nick of time, You XiaoMo transferred the Spirit Eye to his dimension.

At the same time, the one outside broke through the ice layer and got in. It wasn’t a black-clad man but rather a man in purple clothes, with an evil expression. His eyes were cruel and fierce as they locked on You XiaoMo.

This was an unknown person!

You XiaoMo quickly came to the conclusion. At the same time, he knew they were of the ShuiXi Tribe, so how did he get in?

You XiaoMo had the sudden thought of killing him to silence him. If he got out the word that he and Ling Xiao had been digging a tunnel here, MoQi XiYuan might turn against them. Although it made no difference for them to offend the ShuiXi Tribe, his Da-shixiong and shuixi tribe was here. With MoQi XiYuan knowing their relationship, it was possible that he might do something to them.  

When the purple clothed man broke through the ice layer, he just happened to see You XiaoMo taking away the transcendent level Spirit Eye. His expression instantly darkened and as if throwing daggers, he said, “Hand over the Spirit Eye!”

You XiaoMo called the Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping over to his shoulder. The Metal Swallowing Beast came happily, but this time, Xiao Ping didn’t listen to him, rather, it looked menacingly at something on the purple clothed man’s shoulder.

When he looked over, You XiaoMo finally realized why he could break through Ling Xiao’s barrier.

The other also had a Golden Winged Insect, maybe it wasn’t as strong as Xiao Ping, but the ability for them to devor barriers was inherited.

“I’m going to say this one last time, hand over the Spirit Eye!” The purple clothed man repeated again with a darkened expression. As if a poisonous snake, his eyes locked onto You XiaoMo. If eyes could kill, You XiaoMo would have already been pierced through by him.

You XiaoMo smiled, “Stupid, you think that’s going to happen?”

The purple clothed man was Fang Yang. When Zu Ma appeared, he got someone to pretend to be him and sneaked out to come here.

He didn’t think their prediction was going to come true, that Ling Xiao did discover the transcendent level Spirit Eye beneath the ancestral temple. Not only that, by using the partnership he had with the ShuiXi Tribe, they had dug out a secret tunnel. However, he was still one step too late, now he could only pressure You XiaoMo to hand the Spirit Eye over.  

“Once I kill you, you’ll know if it’s possible.” Fang Yang said as his face twisted into a menacing expression. The aura around him suddenly exploded and headed straight towards You XiaoMo.

But You XiaoMo wasn’t afraid of him. If this was before he advanced then he might have been a bit worried, but Fang Yang was very unlucky, attacking him when he had just advanced. With the help of the Five Blessing Spirit Eye, his level was very stable, so even if they fought, he might not lose.

His grade five mage pressure emitted from his body, like a tiger, it pounced at Fang Yang. The two strong forces collided and their impact quickly spreaded, hitting the ice around them. Suddenly the ice world shook again, but this time, they weren’t as lucky.

Sounds of things cracking occurred in quick succession and was spreading at an alarming speed. By the looks of things, it was about to collapse…

Fang Yang’s expression shifted and he quickly dashed out.

You XiaoMo quickly ran after him, he didn’t want to be buried underground either. Going into the dimension wasn’t an option either, if it collapsed, he would still be buried when he came out. Also, they were quite deep underground, if they were buried, the chances of them making out was quite slim.

Fang Yang knew that, which was why he hurried out so fast.

Just as You XiaoMo got out of the ice, behind him came the sound of something crumbling. Not only that, the tunnel couldn’t handle the pressure either and quickly collapsed as well…

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