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Chapter 658: The Curtain Falls

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
The war between the Guma Tribe and the ShuiXi Tribe was extremely tragic. The battlefield was strewn with dead bodies and both sides had heavy casualties.

After that day where Ling Xiao stepped in and defeated Zu Ma, the pure and holy white lotus, in front of the experts from Three Great Tribes, it became certain that Zu Ma’s strength was no longer at Grade Six – which was the level that everyone knew about.

Ling Xiao had forced her to use all her strength and her cultivation base had also been exposed.

Although she was not a genuine Grade Seven mage, she had half a foot into the realm of a Grade Seven mage, and her cultivation base was equivalent to a six stars Sacred Realm, which was almost the same as Ling Xiao.

However, this was not the source of Zu Ma’s self-confidence. She felt that Ling Xiao could not be her opponent because of his battle with the TongTian Emperor.

The TongTian Emperor was extraordinarily powerful. At that time, the reason why Ling Xiao was able to retreat was because he had self-detonated his domain. For people of their realm, the backlash to be withstood would be multiplied once the domain was destroyed. She concluded that Ling Xiao’s injury had not completely healed, as it would take time for the domain to be re-cultivated. His strength would be greatly reduced without the domain.

The impact of that war was so great that many people got the news.

The information that the Black Spider got was more accurate and the battle between Ling Xiao and the TongTian Emperor was recorded word for word. Zu Ma had seen that record earlier.

Unfortunately, she did not take unexpected factors into account.

You XiaoMo’s lake of spiritual water was something in defiance of the natural order. Ling Xiao used one third of the lake of spiritual water to recovery from injury. If his internal injury was not healed, that would be something beyond logic and above reason!

Furthermore, not only was the injury from that battle completely healed, the residual effects from forcefully breaking through to six stars had also disappeared, so Ling Xiao’s condition could be considered to be at its peak.

Ling Xiao would only have tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex towards his wife. Moreover, for the sake of his wife, it was impossible for him to show mercy to Zu Ma even if she was a woman.

He had not forgotten that a few months later would be the stipulated time for his arrangement with Lin ShaoYi. Even if the Mage Assemblage was not held, he knew that Lin ShaoYi would not leave the matter at that. Since the person who would be fighting at that time would probably be Zu Ma, he should still pave the way for his wife first even if he was not going to deal a blow to Lin ShaoYi.

Zuma was badly injured by Ling Xiao. A white lotus that had become a ravaged lotus was carried back to the Black Spider and the Guma Tribe’s camp. It was unfortunate that You XiaoMo was not there, otherwise he would be able to witness the awe-inspiring scene of his man which had left the scene almost in complete silence at that time.

Finally, the first person to react was Wan Tong, who led the experts of the WanSha Tribe to pursue the retreating enemies and coordinated with MoQi XiYuan.

However, the Guma Tribe and the Black Spider would not be easy to bully just because of Zu Ma’s defeat as they were still very strong. The two sides fought till it was pitch-dark, and there constantly were people sustaining injuries and dying. Everyone knew that this war would draw a conclusion to the thousands of years of struggle in Dong Zhou.

The battle lasted two days and two nights. The situation of the Guma Tribe and the Black Spider became worse and worse. This was especially so for the Black Spider as most of the experts brought by Zu Ma were slaughtered by Ling Xiao. There were just one dozen left of the dozens of experts, and those people only managed to keep their lives because they ran away quickly.

The Black Spider no longer zealously continue fighting afterwards, instead, they abandoned the Guma Tribe and ran away.

The pressure on the Guma Tribe increased sharply and Mo Ma eyes became red with anger when he saw that he was about to fail. He knew that he would come to no good end if he fell into the hands of MoQi XiYuan and Wan Tong, so he chose to self-detonate.

Some people were caught up in the power of his self-detonation. Those unfortunate ones had no corpses left, while the fortunate ones still suffered heavy injuries. In the end, both sides suffered. However, the Guma Tribe was reduced to becoming the spoils of war of the two great tribes without the help of the Black Spider.

You XiaoMo arrived while everyone was cleaning up the scene.

MoQi XiYuan had already rushed back to the tribe with some people. The news regarding the ancestral temple had already been conveyed to them some time ago, but he was unable to leave because of the tense and messy situation of the battle. Therefore, he could only rush back after the battle. However, he cleverly asked Fu ZiLin to stay behind.

Ling Xiao felt it immediately as soon as he appeared.

You XiaoMo stealthily signaled the gesture of ‘OK’ to Ling Xiao. Though others could not understand it, Ling Xiao could because You XiaoMo had explained it to him before.

“Were you hurt?” Ling Xiao came up and gave him a look-over. Besides his clothes being a little dirty, there was really nothing that had happened.

You XiaoMo stuck out his chest and proudly declared, “How could something have possibly happened to me? Those people aren’t as strong as me, and I’ve already shook them off.”

“Those people?” Ling Xiao asked as he raised an eyebrow.

You XiaoMo nodded, “Yes, there were three people and their goal was the highest grade of Spirit Eye. There were two men in black with masks and the other was a man in purple clothes. I didn’t expect such people to know about the highest grade of Spirit Eye. However, that man in purple saw me keeping the Spirit Eye in my dimension and I’m afraid that he would reveal the information about it.”

The highest grade of Five Blessing Spirit Eye was the number one treasure in the world. If news of it spread out, who knew how many wolves, tigers and leopards would be drawn over. He would have surely killed Fang Yang to silence all witnesses if it was not for his fear of being discovered by the people of the ShuiXi Tribe.

“If I’m right, he should be Fang Yang of the Black Spider.” Ling Xiao muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment. He had heard MoQi XiYuan mention that the Black Spider had another general named Fang Yang. He was a Sacred Realm expert who also wore purple clothes. That man had already died in his hands, but his strength was obviously not as strong as what MoQi XiYuan had said.

If it was known by Fang Yang, it meant that Lin ShaoYi would also know about it.

If that Lin ShaoYi really attached that much importance to a highest grade of Spirit Eye, maybe the confrontation between him and Ling Xiao would be brought forward.

You XiaoMo was somewhat worried. Although he had not personally seen Lin ShaoYi up to now, his strength would definitely not be at an ordinary level for him to be able to subdue an expert like Zu Ma.

“Rest assured, Lin ShaoYi is not an impulsive person. He would first make a plan before he acts even if he knows that you have the highest grade of Spirit Eye. After that, everything will be alright as long as you don’t leave my side even by one step.” Ling Xiao saw through the worry in his heart and patted his head to placate him.

Even if the Heavens fell, there was someone tall blocking it.

You XiaoMo thought over it and felt relieved, it was precisely that – his man’s build was tall!

The ShuiXi Tribe and WanSha Tribe spent half a day cleaning up the battlefield. The rest were all spoils of war except for the victims from their tribes, including the experts from the Guma Tribe and the Black Spider.

In this event, Ling Xiao was the one who had contributed the most, so he was assigned the largest share and these naturally fell into You XiaoMo’s pocket.

After dealing with these trivial matters, everyone began to discuss on how to deal with the Guma Tribe.

The Guma Tribe had become a group without a leader once Mo Ma had died. But its background was still very deep as the first of the Three Great Tribes in Dong Zhou. Not only was it difficult to make the experts from the Guma Tribe acknowledge allegiance to them, it was also very troublesome. It was still a arduous problem no matter how they distributed it.

However, Xia Yin had an agreement with MoQi XiYuan that she would help MoQi XiYuan deal with Mo Ma, but she wanted the entire Guma Tribe after everything was over with.

According to reason, the best solution was to hand over the Guma Tribe over to Xia Yin.

Though Xia Yin had a falling out with Mo Ma, her reputation in the Guma Tribe had not suffered much loss. The people of the tribe may be more willing to let Xia Yin rule them, however there were some hidden dangers. MoQi XiYuan and Wan Tong were both unwilling to see the Guma Tribe rise up once more.

This problem had been discussed for a long time but no conclusion could be reached.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were not interested in these things. The curtain was nearly dropping on the war in Dong Zhou and they had already gotten the Spirit Eye. They did not need to stay any longer.

But Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin wanted to leave with them.

The crisis in ShuiXi Tribe had been resolved and MoQi Rong had long been able to take up his station. The position of the priest could be passed on to him. You XiaoMo heard that MoQi Rong and Yan Hui had fought once. Both of them were evenly matched and none could get the upper hand. In the end, Yan Hui and the rest of the people from the Black Spider fled together.

However, MoQi XiYuan was reluctant to let Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin go, especially Fang ChenLe. Fang ChenLe was much more valuable to the ShuiXi Tribe than he had ever imagined. It would be a huge loss to the ShuiXi Tribe when he left.

However, MoQi XiYuan also knew that it was impossible to keep Fang ChenLe. It was still all right if You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were not here, but he knew that it was impossible to persuade them after knowing of their relationship.

Yet, they agreed to stay for a period of time at the beseechment of MoQi XiYuan.

You XiaoMo thought that his relationship with his two shixiongs was known to all, so he decided to stay with them for a while and return together to Xi Jing with them.

During this period, he did not dare to enter into his dimension to cultivate the Spirit Eye as he was afraid of being discovered by MoQi XiYuan. Perhaps MoQi XiYuan heard of some rumors as he had constantly been investigating who was the true culprit who had destroyed the ancestral temple.

On the day of the incident, two black-clad men had run to the back of the mountain, so You XiaoMo was worried that MoQi XiYuan would make an association with the Five Blessing Spirit Eye at the back of the mountain and discover the tunnel inside.

Fortunately, MoQi XiYuan did not do much investigation because the Guma Tribe’s matters had not been resolved. Things took a turn for the better with Fang ChenLe’s guidance afterwards. In the end, it was decided that the Guma Tribe was to be handed over to Xia Yin, but they wanted Xia Yin to swear that she would never be enemies with the ShuiXi and WanSha Tribes. Of course, this was provided that they did not take the initiative to attack the Guma Tribe.

Half a month later, they finally set out to return to Xi Jing with a group of five people.

The situation in Xi Jing was also developing faster than You XiaoMo had anticipated.

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