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Chapter 666: Wrecking A Good Thing

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The woman stood up amidst the pressure from the crowd. Her expression remained unchanged as she steadily declared, “I want to use this Dragon Ginseng Grass to exchange for a Grade Six pill recipe, preferably a recipe for a pill that can increase one’s survivability.”

The crowd burst into an uproar upon hearing that.

She actually wanted to exchange a stalk of Dragon Ginseng Grass for a Grade Six pill recipe?! Who knows when in one’s lifetime would they actually have a use this magic herb? It’s truly indulging too much in fantasy!

Many felt that this transaction was preposterous. Even if the Dragon Ginseng Grass was of a rarely-seen high grade, its practical value was still too low for it to be exchanged with a Grade Six pill recipe. Besides, Grade Six pill recipes were also extremely rare. There would definitely be no one who was willing to exchange for it.

The hall was quiet and everyone looked down while thinking.

Fifteen minutes later, there had still been no response to the woman’s deal.

You XiaoMo looked at everyone. The woman’s request was not a problem for him as he had a lot of Grade Six pill recipes on hand, and casually taking one out to exchange was no sweat.

Although the woman had anticipated this lack of interest, she was still rather disappointed that no one came up. She sighed, picked up the jade box and was about to put in into her dimension when a charming and soft voice suddenly sounded.


Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and what met their eyes was the sight of a person in a black cloak walking out of the crowd with two people following closely behind them. Based off their voice, that person should be a girl.

You XiaoMo stared in surprise. He never imagined that someone would make a move at the last moment. He had been about to call out to the woman, but he was a step slower and could only look on helplessly as the woman in the black cloak walked up to the woman holding the Dragon Ginseng Grass.

“I know who she is.” Ling Xiao’s voice suddenly sounded from beside his ear.

You XiaoMo turned his head and looked at him in surprise. “Who is it?”

Ling Xiao calmly replied, “If I’m correct, she should be that woman.”

You XiaoMo, “…” That woman?

He racked his brains and tried to recall when Ling Xiao had mentioned these two words ‘that woman’. After a while, he finally remembered.

“So it’s Zu Ma!”

“Not bad.” Ling Xiao laughed.

You XiaoMo immediately became excited and clapped him hard on the shoulder, “Leave it to me. I promise to let her taste the feeling of riding on a roller coaster.”

“Huh?” Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow.

You XiaoMo explained, “It’s a kind of stimulating ride that goes up and down.”

Ling Xiao’s expression suddenly became strange.

Unfortunately, You XiaoMo did not notice this.

Zu Ma’s face was covered by the cloak and only a pair of black eyes could be seen. She looked over the jade box before staring at the woman’s face and calmly stating, “I want to see the Dragon Ginseng Grass.”

A hint of pleasant surprise flashed in the woman’s eyes. There was finally light at the end of the tunnel. Her hand that was holding the jade box trembled slightly in her excitement. It was only when she heard Zu Ma’s words did she reply, “Of course.”

With that, she opened the jade box.

A golden light shot out all of a sudden and those close to the box had to squint their eyes a little. What everyone saw next was a golden-colored magic herb lying inside a jade box. The magic herb exuded a faint pressure and those who had the physiques of demon beasts had the slight feeling of being suppressed by the magic herb.

Transcendent level magic herbs had the ability to intimidate demon beasts. The rank of the Dragon Ginseng Grass was very high, so the people present could still feel it even if they were strong.

“Sure enough, it’s a high grade Dragon Ginseng Grass!” Zu Ma’s voice contained a trace of suppressed surprise.

A few seconds later, the woman placed the lid of the jade box back and looked at her with gleaming eyes.

Zu Ma did not hesitate to take out pill recipe scroll with the three words ‘Jade Dew Pill’ written on it, “I don’t have the pill recipe of a life-saving pill that you requested for, but I do have a pill recipe of a Grade Six pill called the Jade Dew Pill, which can raise one’s cultivation. Do you want to exchange it?”

The woman frowned at once.

The best pill recipes were those life-saving pills, and those that could improve the soul’s grade. Although the number of pill recipes for the former were lesser, there was still a market for it. However, there was almost no market for the latter. The women knew that no one would willingly take such a pill recipe out so she did not mention it.

Zu Ma had said that she did not have the pill recipe for a life-saving pill, but anyone who had a little brains would not believe that. All the mages here were rainbow grade mages and some were even famous and long-standing figures. Although the identity of the other party could not be seen under the cover of the cloak, many mages would definitely have some precious objects. For one of Zu Ma’s status, it was even more impossible for her to have nothing.

However, the reason she dared to say as such was probably because she had something to rely on to an extent.

In her opinion, she was the only one here willing to exchange a Grade Six pill recipe for the Dragon Ginseng Grass. The woman only had one choice – unless she did not want to exchange it any longer.

The pill recipes for Grade Six pills were extremely precious regardless of what effect it had and it would be hard to gain this opportunity again if she missed it.

Zu Ma was certain that the woman would agree.

The woman gritted her teeth. It had not been easy for her to get this Dragon Ginseng Grass, but she really needed a Grade Six pill recipe and the Dragon Ginseng Grass was useless to her even if she kept it. Thus, she had no choice but to conduct the exchange. The woman replied with a tone of compromise, “That…”

“Wait a minute!” An anxious voice interrupted her without delay.

The woman looked in the direction of the voice in a daze. A petite figure came up from the corner and swiftly squeezed through to crowd to walk up to her. It seemed to be a young man from his voice and another man was also following behind him.

That person was You XiaoMo. He had just been preoccupied with talking to Ling Xiao and had nearly missed his opportunity.

Zu Ma didn’t recognize them. It was just that the deal that was about to be successful was suddenly interfered with. Her expression was extremely ugly and her hands that were hidden under the black robe clenched tightly into fists. She had thought that she was the only one who would take out a Grade Six pill recipe, and did not expect that there would be another. Once she thought of this, she malevolently glared at You XiaoMo who was under a black cloak.

“The deal hasn’t been finalized yet. I should still have a chance right?” You XiaoMo walked up to the woman and asked with a smile. He did not even need to look at Zu Ma’s face at this moment to know that she looked like she had eaten shit. What he wanted was this result. Her expression would probably be even uglier if she knew who he was.

You XiaoMo and Zu Ma had never seen each other, so Zu Ma did not recognize his voice.

The woman nodded and excitedly responded, “Of course!”

She had originally thought that this was her only choice and did not expect someone else to come out. She was in a state of agitation. To be honest, she was not very willing to agree to the exchange before. She had heard of the Jade Dew Pill, and knew that it’s value was on the low side for a Grade Six pill recipe.

Zu Ma’s intentions were not unknown to her. She would not be standing here today if she believed in Zu Ma’s words.

You XiaoMo also took out a pill recipe scroll. This was what he had later asked Ling Xiao to help copy, as despite the jade drive being more convenient, he had too many pill recipes and it was more troublesome to look through it one by one. Ling Xiao’s handwriting was elegant and nice-looking so he gave him this task.

“This is the pill recipe for a Six Grade pill called the Luck Creation Pill. I’m sure that Your Excellency has heard of its effect even without me going into further details.” You XiaoMo confidently stated.

The Luck Creation Pill, one would know that it was extraordinary just by hearing its name.

The woman had naturally heard of it and had long became too excited to speak. She stared at the pill recipe in his hand with gleaming eyes and was simply itching to get her hands on it. The fact that this pill recipe had been offered was already far beyond her expectations.

Not only her, but other people were also astonished.

As its name implied, the Luck Creation Pill was was the most valuable pill amongst the life-saving pills and it was able to bring about great fortune. In addition to being able to preserve one’s life in a critical situation, it could also bring about great fortune in the form of breakthroughs in cultivation, soul variation, and so on for those whose luck were slightly better.

Furthermore, the Luck Creation Pill had disappeared as early as after the ancient war. Over the years, people had only heard of its name, but never really seen it.

You XiaoMo’s action seemed extremely inconceivable to many people.

Generally, people with a Luck Creation Pill would definitely hide it away safely. Who in the world would take it out? And he even wanted to use the Luck Creation Pill to exchange for a Dragon Ginseng Grass? Everyone thought that he had really made a huge loss.

Zu Ma’s expression was as dark as a devil crawling out of hell when she heard the three words Luck Creation Pill. You XiaoMo would have been cut into hundreds of pieces by her if her eyes could kill, however… A trace of greed that was difficult to perceive flashed through Zu Ma’s eyes when she looked at the pill recipe for the Luck Creation Pill in You XiaoMo’s hands. It was impossible for her to remain unmoved with the words ‘Luck Creation’.

The excited woman took a deep breath and asked when she had calmed down, “Your Excellency is really willing to exchange the pill recipe of the Luck Creation Pill for this Dragon Ginseng Grass?”

You XiaoMo smiled, “Of course, otherwise would I take it out? But you also know the value of the Luck Creation Pill. Although the Dragon Ginseng Grass is good, it’s value is much lower than the Luck Creation Pill. No matter what, you should compensate me a little more.”

With that, his lips lightly squirmed a few times.

The woman’s eyes flashed, “If it’s only the Dragon Ginseng Grass, I admit that it’ll definitely be taking advantage of Your Excellency. I’m willing to give you another magic herb…”

The woman took out another jade box and handed it directly to You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo didn’t open it, but silently felt it out. What was inside was indeed something he needed. He then handed the pill recipe to the woman and the woman passed the Dragon Ginseng Grass to him. Thus, the deal was concluded.

As for Zu Ma, she had stomped furiously away with her people when the deal was concluded.

You XiaoMo smiled smugly while watching her departing figure.

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