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Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A long time later after a long time later.

So much later that everyone’s feet had become fossils, so much later that Gin’s eyelids had started to fight. Feisha stood in his original position and said softly, “Just now, did something happen?”

Gin looked at him wordlessly. He always believed Feisha was smart. At least, before Feisha opened his mouth, Gin still believed firmly without a doubt.

“Or was everything that happened just now all a dream?” Feisha’s eyes swept repeatedly left and right. He suddenly clapped his hands and said, “Aha, I know now. Actually, just now, Isefel didn’t come here at all. Baal is still undefeated, everything was a hallucination that I had dreamt of.”

“Feisha.” Hughes looked worriedly at him.

“Oh yeah. Isefel’s wings are black, I’ve seen them a few times. How could they suddenly turn white? Even if he used correction fluid to dye each feather after feather, they won’t turn white so quickly.” Feisha mumbled to himself. “I must’ve imagined everything and I must’ve been daydreaming. Isefel is still at Noah’s Ark now. Yes, yes, yes, he can’t leave Noah’s Ark. Mmn, it was all a hallucination, a hallucination… but I actually hallucinated him kissing me, and in front of so many people too, that’s really…”

“Feisha!” Gin rushed before him in big steps, grabbing his shoulders, sounding like he was bellowing as he shouted, “You weren’t dreaming anything just now. Baal has really been defeated. Isefel’s wings really turned white, and… he really truly returned to heaven, it happened just now, in front of all of us!” If there really must be a villain to wake Feisha up, then let it be him. Anyway… being a villain was not as terrible as he’d imagined.


Feisha stared blankly at him, “How is that possible? I’ve never heard that fallen angels can still ascend to heaven. Even the Bible didn’t say anything like that.”

“That’s because there has never been a fallen angel who could wash off his sins.” Gin said, “At least, to my knowledge, Isefel is the unprecedented first.” This fact didn’t sit well with him either.

“So… He went back?” Feisha asked dazedly.

Hughes couldn’t hold back and hugged him lightly from behind. “If you want to cry, then cry.” He knew how it felt. Because, just before, Gin had also disappeared right before his eyes while he could only watch helplessly. But he was fortunate because Gin had only turned a corner and taken the war chariot back.

Feisha smiled forcefully and said, “Why should I cry? Going back to heaven is a good thing. You don’t even know how many people in the human realm do good deeds everyday, trying to be a good person, all with the hope that one day, they’ll ascend to heaven. Isefel, he… he doesn’t even need to register, nor to queue. He doesn’t even need to make an appointment to ascend to heaven, isn’t this a good thing? I should be happy for him.” He lifted his head, doing his utmost to pour back the tears that were forcing their way out of his eyes. “Also, Baal has been defeated. This is an even happier fact.”

“Even though now isn’t the time to rain on your parade, I still want to say… Baal only disappeared temporarily. Once he finds a suitable body, he’ll be back anytime,” Gin said.

Hughes glared at him.

Feisha laughed hollowly, “It looks like he has so much more freedom than Isefel.”

Hughes hugged him tighter again.

Gin looked at how they looked joined at the hip and said, a bit upset, “Do you two biscuits need some filling in between?”

Layton slowly climbed to his feet. As a matter of fact, ever since he had knocked Baal aside, his legs had been so weak he had to sit on the floor and he couldn’t get up. “Then, what should we do now?”

Lanka said, “Hand over the rest of this to Genesis for us to handle.” He looked at Gin, then looked at Hughes and said blandly, “I think right now, Noah’s Ark needs people.”

Isefel had returned to heaven.

Asa had betrayed them.

Shamal had went missing.

Right now, Noah’s Ark was only left with an empty shell.

Antonio suddenly said, “If the Novem Union was to attack Noah’s Ark now…”

He hadn’t even finished speaking, but everyone could guess what he was going to say.

Gin said doubtfully, “Although Isefel isn’t here, Asa and Shamal are still guarding Noah’s Ark, right? He hasn’t sent any signals for help. That’s a good thing, at least.”

Hughes said, “Asa is a member of the Novem Union.”

Gin was so shocked he gaped. Who was going to tell him how much content he had missed.

Locktini said, “You go back first. I’m staying to look for Shamal.”

Upon hearing that, Gin was stupefied. “…what else don’t I know, tell me in one go.”

Hughes let go of Feisha, walking to his side and gazed at him. “Why don’t you tell me why you ran into the crystal coffin?”

“I wish I knew.” Gin mumbled, “I only chased someone who looked exactly like you but went around hugging and biting others madly. I went into an open space (1), and then… when I opened my eyes again, Layton was bending over, staring at me, looking like he wanted to kiss me.”


Layton said, “I only wanted to pull him out from the coffin.”

Gin slanted a glance at him and looked at him in askance. “Pulling me onto Abaddon’s ship?”

“…..that was an accident.” Layton coughed dryly.

Antonio said, “Don’t you all think that we can talk about this nonsense on the return trip?”


“Then what are we waiting for?” Layton took the lead and headed out.

“Where are you going?” Lanka asked from behind him.

“Returning to Noah’s Ark.” Layton was walking extremely quickly.

“Noah’s Ark isn’t there, there’s only a deep valley there.”


Layton walked extremely quickly back.

Gin looked at Lanka. “You really don’t need us to stay?” Baal was, after all, a powerful demonic lord. Genesis’s power alone might not be enough to subdue him.

Lanka said, “I have Gin’s communication signal. If there’s a need, I can contact him anytime.” (2)

“Genesis’s affairs is best handled by Genesis. Take it as I never asked.” Gin grabbed Hughes and locked him tightly in his embrace, declaring his ownership.

There was a pang of pain in Lanka’s heart. He forcefully turned to say to Locktini, “Since the third prince went missing in Genesis, I will be responsible for finding him.”

Everyone had a mutual tacit understanding about where Shamal had disappeared to. Jesse’s standing within Genesis was very special, even though the Lord of Genesis had always been from the invisible people. But that was because only the invisible people could subdue any abnormal changes to the magnetic field. Now, it was proven that abnormal changes to the magnetic field were caused by Baal, thus, the biggest reason for appointing invisible people to the position of Lord of Genesis no longer existed. Then, the clan leader of the biggest clan within Genesis, Jesse, obviously became the strongest candidate for the position of the Lord of Genesis. In this kind of situation, suggesting that he had kidnapped the prince of the faerie world was likely to cause ties between the two to collapse.

Locktini might be worried, but he wasn’t unaware of this fact. Hence, he didn’t expose Lanka’s excuse.

Gin said, “Looks like we’ve talked through all the problems. We can go back now.”

Antonio and Layton obviously didn’t have objections. They had always been the ones who most strongly supported returning.

Although Hughes was worried about Genesis, yet he knew that right now, Noah’s Ark needed people more, so he didn’t disagree.

Comparatively, Feisha had no wishes and no desires. He only pricked his ears, allowed his soul to drift, and went along with anything, whether they wanted to stay or leave.

“Wei!” Just as he was about to follow everyone in a muddleheaded way, Locktini suddenly stopped him by calling his name.

[T/n, ‘wei’ is like ‘hey’]

Feisha stopped walking, turned around and smiled.

Locktini stopped before him, suddenly reaching out and pressing down heavily on his lips to wipe them.

Feisha backed away in pain. Although he was feeling muddleheaded, his pain sensitivities hadn’t become numb.

Locktini hesitated for a moment and then said in a low voice, “My original suggestion will be true forever.”


True forever?

His feelings seemed to have suffered a direct hit. He was dragged back into the past in a flash.

—“Although I won’t be able to leave Noah’s Ark, the Black Star can condense my energy. It should be enough to protect you and ensure your safe return.”


—“Those words will always be true.”

He really hadn’t went back on his words.

He really strove to ensure his safety.

But he didn’t see him returning to Noah’s Ark.

A strange thought abruptly appeared in Feisha’s mind, if something happened to him on his way back to Noah’s Ark, then would Isefel appear to keep his promise?

He should, right?

It was as though a hopeful flame began burning stubbornly in his heart, flickering and leaping.

Only in this way would he see Isefel again.

The hopeful flame burned brighter and brighter, higher and higher, swiftly becoming a blaze.

It was torturous in his heart. He couldn’t seem to control the intensity of the blazing fire.

“Feisha.” Hughes’ voice suddenly pierced through the flame, entering his mind.

“Hmm?” Feisha’s pupils very slowly focused onto his face.

“Are you alright?” Hughes’ face was full of worry and concern for him.

“Of course I’m alright.” Subconsciously, the corner of his lips turned up.

“That’s good.” Hughes patted his shoulder. “Because of me, you were dragged into this. Go and take a bath. Remember to get a good night’s sleep so that when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll realize that everything is still the same.”



Feisha came to his senses and became aware that he was actually already standing in the lobby of Noah’s Ark without his noticing.

He felt the familiar light shining onto him from all directions.

He lifted his head. Right above his head was still the ceiling that couldn’t be seen.

They were already… back?

A immense wave of disappointment surged through his heart.

“Hughes, my leg hurts, my hand hurts, my entire body hurts… Can you bathe me?” Gin draped himself over the bannister, looking down at them from above.

Although the distance between them was very far, Feisha still sensed the rage emanating from him.

“Mm, Hughes, I’m fine, you go ahead.” Feisha still knew what ‘tactful’ meant.

Hughes still asked fretfully, “You’re really okay?”

“Of course I’m okay. Hehe.” Feisha patted himself. “Ah, there’s so much dust, I’ll go and take a bath first.”


“That’s the stage.” Hughes was even more worried.

Feisha took his time to stroll around the stage and turned back to say, “I only went there to check if the door is closed properly.”


That door has probably never been closed, right?

Hughes stared at Feisha’s lonely back, feeling deeply concerned.



(1) Actually, Gin says he went into a ‘transparent’ (透明 Tòumíng) space but I think he probably meant an open space where everything could be seen with no place to hide.

(2) I think Lanka is referring to the gemstones they use to communicate with each other

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