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Chapter 677: Old Grievances

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You Quan was a mage from the Vermillion Blood Clan. Much of the reason he was able to become a grade six mage was due to the hidden treasures that the You Family had preserved since the ancient war. If he didn’t have those items to help him cultivate, it would be impossible for him to become a grade six mage.

As the only grade six mage from the Vermillion Blood Clan, his position was second only to You ZhenTian. However, he was even older than You ZhenTian since he was born not long after the ancient war ended.

If he was alive before the ancient war, he definitely wouldn’t have received much attention from the family, because back then there were countless talented people from the You Family. No matter what, it wouldn’t have come to You Quan, who was from the side branch. But that wasn’t the case after the ancient war.

During that war, nearly all of the original You Family’s people died.

As a result, You Quan inevitably rose up. After the Vermillion Blood Clan was established, You Quan became an influential person of power in the clan.

Every single family head of the Vermillion Blood Clan would rope him in. With his support, the family head position was pretty much solidified, up until You JunQi and You ZhenTian’s generation.

The former generation hoped that You Quan would support You JunQi, but You Quan chose You ZhenTian. The reason You ZhenTian could win over the Vermillion Blood Clan was in a large part related to You Quan. But very few people knew that there was actually a promise between the two of them.

You Quan helped You ZhenTian steal the family head seat, and You ZhenTian would give the Inheritance Jewel to him in return. But afterwards, You JunQi disappeared with the Inheritance Jewel and didn’t appear for many years, so they had no choice but to temporarily set aside that part of the deal.

Later, You JunQi returned, and You ZhenTian learned about the secret of the Inheritance Jewel by chance. He began to ponder how he could take the Inheritance Jewel for himself, but he didn’t have a chance to carry out this plan because he could never catch You XiaoMo.

When You Quan learned about this, You ZhenTian took advantage of the situation and told him.

Up until now, You Quan had always believed that You XiaoMo had stolen what was his. He also knew the secret about the Inheritance Jewel, or else he wouldn’t have made this request to You ZhenTian. The Inheritance Jewel could only be passed on to mages. He was the Vermillion Blood Clan’s strongest mage, so naturally the Inheritance Jewel should be returned to him.

When enemies met, they would inevitably be infuriated!

You XiaoMo wasn’t very clear about the ins and outs of the situation, but he didn’t like the expression in You ZhenTian’s eyes at all. It was the same as You ZhenTian before, full of greed and malice. With one glance you could tell he wasn’t a good person.

“You’re so young, yet your cultivation base is already at this level. Your potential is indeed not bad, but if you didn’t have that object, there’s no way you would be at this level of cultivation. Aren’t I right, You XiaoMo?” You Quan’s eyes were full of envy, and his tone carried a hint of imperceptible unwillingness.

You XiaoMo furrowed his brows. He knew that the other person was referring to the dimension. The dimension had indeed brought him much convenience; in order to obtain his cultivation base at this day and age, the dimension was invaluable. But this old fart was clearly trying to imply that his success was completely due to the dimension.

When he saw You Quan’s confident expression, You XiaoMo silently sent him a single word in his mind — moron!

People who were especially jealous would always find excuses for other people’s success. Even though it was clearly just because they were greedy, they insisted on having an attitude of righteousness, which was evidently just an insult to the word righteousness itself.

“As long as you hand it over, I can spare your life!” You Quan saw that You XiaoMo was ignoring him, and fury raged in his heart. But when he remembered that this was the competition grounds, he had no choice but to repress it.

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes and attacked him without saying anything else. The small maze did nothing to obstruct the use of soul force. The thick soul force appeared before You Quan immediately. Like a nimble snake, it opened its mouth before biting down.

You Quan’s expression grew cold. He didn’t retreat; instead, he faced it head on. He simply didn’t believe that a mage who had just advanced to grade six could be stronger than him, who had already existed in the grade six realm for over ten thousand years. Reality proved that he was strong.

Zu Ma had also stayed in the grade six realm for a long time, but she was still beat up by You XiaoMo. In the first place, age didn’t have much to do with strength.

You Quan’s soul force was hit to the point that he was knocked back a few steps, and a severe expression exploded at once in his eyes. Sure enough, he couldn’t look down upon You XiaoMo. Or, in other words, he couldn’t underestimate the Inheritance Jewel. When he remembered this, his greed for the Inheritance Jewel grew deeper and deeper. From beginning to end, he believed that the only reason You XiaoMo could accomplish what he had today was completely due to the contribution from the Inheritance Jewel.

Two concentrated soul forces started to fight in the tiny space. Even though they were being constrained by the exquisite jade, the burst of formidable pressure still discharged without reservation. Some that were closer to them were nearly knocked over.

A showdown between heavyweights suddenly attracted many people’s attention.

When Zu Ma saw this scene from nearby, she remained expressionless, but inside she was praying that it would be best if they both lost so that first place would be hers.

As the number of people declined, it was as if some people were suddenly enlightened. They stopped searching dedicatedly for the exit. Instead, they started to clear away the threats nearby, and the moment they found someone who was about to succeed, they kicked them out. The person who was doing the most here was Zu Ma.

Zu Ma wanted the Grade Water from first place, so she had to be the first one to find the exit.

Her frenzied actions scared away quite a few people. The moment they saw Zu Ma, they immediately ran far away. But no matter how strong Zu Ma was, she couldn’t multitask and take care of that many people, so there were still some people who got ahead of her.

Back to where You XiaoMo was fighting with You Quan. After a while, the two of them had exchanged at least a hundred blows, and You Quan finally discovered that You XiaoMo was a bone that was hard to chew. Even though he had just advanced to grade six recently, his soul force was even more concentrated than You Quan’s. This discovery made You Quan very shocked. His desire for the Inheritance Jewel grew even more intense.

If You XiaoMo knew what he was thinking, he would definitely be rendered completely speechless.

The soul force had an inseparable relationship with the soul. If the soul was powerful, then the soul force would be powerful. The reason his soul force was concentrated was because of his soul, and it didn’t have much to do with the dimension. His soul was already very powerful when he was born.

You Quan was worried that fighting here with You XiaoMo would end up benefiting Zu Ma. As a result, when he discovered that he wouldn’t be able to take him down in a short amount of time, he left through a crossroads to the side. It wasn’t that he was scared of You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo saw that he wasn’t going to continue bothering him, and he didn’t give chase either.

His opinion was actually the same as You Quan’s. He didn’t want Zu Ma to have her way.

However, they weren’t the only three high grade mages who entered the Mage Assemblage this time. The other high grade mages weren’t weaklings either. Zu Ma was destroying everybody all around, but simultaneously she had incited other people’s hostility. She was currently being attacked by two people.

One of them was from the Mage Association, and the other was from the Beast Transfiguration Guild. Although neither of them were grade six mages, you still couldn’t look down on them.

The last round of the competition had already entered its latter half. As everyone grew closer and closer to the exit, the pathways in the maze also slowly became clearer.

You XiaoMo didn’t join their fight. His eyes continued to search for the exit. Since he had played quite a few maze games in the past, he had somewhat of an advantage compared to other people. With his analysis, he found that there were two paths that were feasible for now.

One of the paths was in the direction of Zu Ma and the other two, and they were currently fighting very intensely. The other one was very unfortunately in the direction of You Quan; it seemed like he had decided to benefit from their fight.

You XiaoMo glanced at the other people’s positions and unhesitatingly chose the second path. This time he wouldn’t let this old fart escape.

You Quan was very happy. He had just randomly chosen a path, and he originally wanted to block other people, since he found out that the brat from the Mage Association seemed to have almost found the exit. He hadn’t expected it to allow him to see the light of first place.

The inside of the exquisite jade was full of twists and turns. The inside was nearly hollowed out completely, but it wasn’t all sealed. There were still ten exits in front of them, and there was still the issue of the wind direction, so as long as they got close to the exit they could feel the wind, indicating that there was an exit ahead of them.

You Quan grew excited. The Grade Water was also one of his goals. He was older than Zu Ma, so he was stuck in grade six for even longer than she was.

When he thought about how the Grade Water was about to become his, You Quan immediately sped up. He didn’t make any large movements, and he had just finished fighting with You XiaoMo, so not many people noticed him.

The exit was right ahead of him when someone blocked his path.

When You Quan focused his gaze, his rage flared up immediately. It was You XiaoMo again. He originally wanted to let him go, but yet he came looking for him on his own. With the exit right there, You Quan definitely wouldn’t let You XiaoMo ruin this for him. A vicious look flashed across his eyes instantly, and his calm, hibernating soul force was affected by his mood. It released a devouring killing intent at once.

You XiaoMo immediately felt that ice cold killing intent, which was even stronger than the first time they exchanged blows. It seemed like he was about to fight for real.

In the tiny passageway, two powerful soul forces collided loudly together. The aftermath battered the walls, and the large exquisite jade stone instantly started to shake. The other mages were all caught off guard and given a fright.

Fortunately, the quality of the exquisite jade was very high. Adding on how the mages’ soul forces had all been constrained, even if they fought violently, they wouldn’t do much damage to the exquisite jade stone. However, the two of them were fighting as if they were staking their lives on this.

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