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Chapter 678: Utterly Defeated

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels ScanlationsYou XiaoMo’s battle with You Quan was fiercer than the one over at Zu Ma’s side.

Before this, the audience did not expect that there would be many high grade mages fighting within the small world of the Exquisite Jade Stone. Despite the obstruction of the Exquisite Jade Stone, they still felt the pressures of their auras.

Each and every one stared at the several high level mages confronting each other.

However, You XiaoMo and You Quan were the most prominent ones.

Both of them could be regarded as members of the Vermillion Blood Clan. You XiaoMo’s grudge with the Vermillion Blood Clan had spread all over the TongTian Continent. Now they were confronting each other face to face and this immediately aroused the interest of many.

Ling Xiao looked at You XiaoMo below. An imperceptible purple glint flashed through eyes that carried hidden depths before disappearing after he blinked.

At the same time, it was not known when some strange-looking people had mingled into the crowd and occasionally moved around As the competition reached its climax, everyone was watching the Exquisite Jade Stone, so few people noticed these people.

While You XiaoMo was fully focused, a killing intent appeared behind him. Although he did not look back, he could feel that the killing intent came from the audience.

A tiny needle slid silently behind him and the silver needle flashed by with a thin black tip, as if dipped in poison, but hardly anyone noticed.

You XiaoMo frowned before he immediately ignored the silver needle.

Just as the silver needle was about to hit him, it suddenly stopped in mid-air like it had lost its momentum and fell down.

The man who shot the silver needle had fled when it had been shot out.

In the next second, more silver needles were shot at You XiaoMo at the same time. But without exception, these needles were intercepted mid-way and they fell to the ground, turning into a puddle of water that evaporated in a moment.

When one of the needle shooters saw this situation, he gathered his robes with the intention of leaving immediately. Yet, a hand suddenly landed on his shoulder. He was startled and collapsed before he could respond. Another man helped him up and took the opportunity to bring him out of the audience.

This happened in many corners at the same time, and soon these people were rooted out.

But just as they were taken away, a young man in the crowd suddenly raised his head as the corner of his mouth lifted in a strange smile. When he raised his hand, a black needle that was difficult to perceive unexpectedly appeared between his fingers.

“What a bunch of fools. I just knew it’s going to be like this. It would have been better for me to do it myself.”

After that, the young man’s eyes fell on You XiaoMo who was concentrating on dealing with You Quan. A vicious and malicious glint flashed through his eyes.

“You XiaoMo, this time I’ll see how you can escape.”

Others may think that all the needle shooters had been caught and they would definitely let down their guard at this moment. This was what he was aiming for. Who would have thought that the group that went first was just a group of small fries while the real needle shooter was here. The man almost wanted to laugh when he thought of You XiaoMo’s fate. He could finally get revenge for being tricked that day.

The man composed himself and the black needle in his hand aimed at You XiaoMo. When the battle reached its climax, the black needle shot out instantly at a very fast speed, as if it was able to take You XiaoMo’s life in the next second.

Just when the needle was less than ten meters away from You XiaoMo, a figure suddenly appeared in the path of the black needle and lightly hit it. The black needle immediately changed direction and shot out in another direction.

The distance of ten meters was already with the competition arena. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the people in the competition except for the guards, so they did not notice.

The man was stunned. When he saw the face of the person who suddenly appeared and met that ice-cold gaze that was directed at him, his heart suddenly chilled and he fled without thinking. The person did not intend to let him go and immediately gave chase.

The man lowly cursed as he became aware of the situation behind him. He might still have a chance to win against someone else, but he was totally uncertain about his chances if he was up against that man. That was the man who could injure and cause the TongTian Emperor to suffer losses.

The man who was anxious to escape did not discover that the direction of the black needle he had shot had changed, and it was directed at Zu Ma. The black needle was specially made to deal with high level mages. No one knew what would happen if one was shot by it.

Zu Ma, who specialized in combating enemies, suddenly shivered as she felt danger approaching at an extremely fast pace. Between defeat and her life, she decided to choose the latter. There was no one who treasured their own life more than her. However, this evasion let the experts from the Mage Association and the Beast Transfiguration Guild seize an opportunity to press home their attack. Two groups of  soul force, one from the left and another from the right, attacked Zu Ma’s soul force. The latter instantly paled.

The black needle hit the ground with a ‘ding’ and turned into a small puddle of black water.

When Zu Ma caught a glimpse of the puddle of black water from the corner of her eyes, her expression became extremely unsightly in an instant. She also knew about this plan but did not expect for it to have failed. She looked sharply at the judges. The expressions of the five judges did not change at all. It was as if they had not noticed this scene.

Of course, it was impossible for them to have failed to notice this. It was just that they were now reaping what they had sown and were indifferent to it. Moreover, there was nothing that could be done even if they were exposed in public. Though the forces present seemed peaceful because of the Mage Assemblage, but in fact they were all fiercely competing against each other.

You XiaoMo who was on the arena did not know about these things. He was frowning as he stared at You Quan.

You Quan was only a little weaker than Zu Ma, but as there was a restriction in the Exquisite Jade Stone battlefield, so he was unable to manifest his full power and was unable to immediately take You Quan down for a while. However, You Quan was more anxious than him, especially when he saw Zu Ma being defeated. If he could not throw You XiaoMo off, the first place would probably be seized by the people from the Mage Association and the Beast Transfiguration Guild.

When he thought of this, You Quan could not help grinding his teeth. It seemed that he could not longer keep his weakness unexposed.

You XiaoMo was surprised to find that the aura of You Quan had changed, and even his soul force seemed to have become more solid. The menacing aura that was emitting bit by bit practically ran through the entire tiny labyrinth. He looked down and found that You Quan’s hands were forming seals. He… Was he about to use a skill technique?

You XiaoMo showed a somewhat odd expression.

Skill techniques were an important manifestation of a mage’s combat effectiveness. However, one could cover most of the labyrinth with only a little bit of soul power because the labyrinth was too small. Therefore, it was impossible to use fully use any skill techniques at all. The technique could only be turned into a mini version as the dimension was small. However, this was a test of the mage’s expertise.

You XiaoMo thought, if You Quan could do it, there was no reason why he could not do the same too.

So, the Exquisite Jade Stone had started shaking more and more severely when the crowd finally reacted. Loud rumbling sounds fall incessantly in their ears. The mages who were trying to find an exit all looked towards You XiaoMo and You Quan in shock.

In the transparent Exquisite Jade Stone, a golden light suddenly appeared. On the opposite side of the golden light was a blue arrow. The arrow was giving off an aura that could devour a person. In a small space, the arrow could be fully utilized.

“Boy, you’d better remember that this old fellow is called You Quan. It’s your honor to taste defeat in my hands!” You Quan glared fiercely at You XiaoMo. The smile on his face seemed as if he had a card up his sleeve.

In actual fact, he had been long been informed about the contents of the third round of the Mage Assemblage. He had repeatedly experimented in order to be able to use skill techniques in the Exquisite Jade Stone. This arrow emitting a formidable power was the result of his efforts. He had intended to use this to deal with Zu Ma, but did not expect that he would have to use it on You XiaoMo first. However, this was also fine. He had long wanted to give an unforgettable lesson to this little devil who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth.

“Good!” You XiaoMo smiled in reply. He did not look like he was ashamed into anger at all. Did this old ignoramus think that he was the only one who could do it? It was really such a big joke.

A whirling seal was finally revealed when the golden radiance dissipated. This was the Xu Seal of the Sumeru Seal. Now that he was a Grade Six mage, the formidable power of the Xu Seal had grown larger and larger. He did not know if this would break the labyrinth, but he knew he did not want to let You Quan get away.

You XiaoMo did not know what had happened in the Vermillion Blood Clan before, but since this old ignoramus knew about the dimension, he must have been in collusion with You ZhenTian for a long time. There was a ninety percent chance that he had something to do with what had happened to his dad. Furthermore, he was the only Grade Six mage in the Vermillion Blood Clan. It would definitely be a great blow to the Vermillion Blood Clan if he destroyed You Quan.

“These two guys are really crazy!” The Chairman touched his bare chin as shook his head and laughed.

“They won’t be able to destroy Exquisite Jade Stone, will they?” Another representative of Mage Association was worried. The competition would not be able to proceed if this was destroyed.

Geezer Shen laughed, “Rest assured, I’ve made contingencies for this situation from the start. In addition to the suppressive effect of the Exquisite Jade Stone on the mages, there’s also a defensive barrier put down by Old Lei and me.”

The man was immediately relieved.

While they were speaking, the gold seal that You XiaoMo had compressed had already collided with You Quan’s arrow. The force from the collision swept through the surroundings, constantly battering the walls of the Exquisite Jade Stone. The stone wall suddenly emitted a layer of light that blocked the remaining force when it was about to reach its limit.  This was the defensive barrier that Geezer Shen was talking about.

At this moment, You Quan’s expression had drastically changed as he stared at You XiaoMo in terror.

You XiaoMo was pleased with himself. His Xu Seal had a special characteristic – the smaller the compressed volume, the stronger the power was. He had spent a lot of effort in order to compress this gold seal. He even divided his soul force into two portions, one to guard against others and another to form the seal, and the result did not disappoint him.

The arrows did not penetrate the golden seal as You Quan had wished. Instead, it  crumpled like a dried leaf against the golden seal and was utterly defeated. The protection barrier started flashing wildly, signifying that the destructive force was extremely strong. Every time it was smashed to pieces, You Quan’s face grew a shade paler till there was no blood left in his face.

A mouthful of blood sprayed from You Quan’s mouth. He retreated a couple of steps back and swayed as if he would fall down in the next second. He was as pale as a ghost as he stared at You XiaoMo with hatred.

Not only was his soul force utterly defeated by You XiaoMo, he had also lost contact with that portion of his soul force, causing an injury to his soul. If someone had said this to him before today, he would never have believed it! At this moment, he finally understood!

You XiaoMo was no longer a person whom the Vermillion Blood Clan could make use of.

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