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Chapter 681: Encountering Danger

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Lin ShaoYi’s expression was unreadable. He had painstakingly faced great danger in order to obtain the Four Ancient Beast Clans’ bloodlines. He had plotted for a long time to come up with this plan.

In the past, the biggest reason he belittled Ling Xiao was because of this!

When Lin ShaoYi didn’t yet have a seven star cultivation base, by chance he happened to find out about the ancient legend concerning the domination of the Four Ancient Beast Clans. Many people thought that this legend wasn’t true, and that it was impossible for the Four Ancient Beast Clans’ bloodlines to be combined, creating experts above the Four Ancient Beast Clans.

But Lin ShaoYi discovered that the legend about the Four Ancient Beast Clans was actually true from an ancient text.

At first, he didn’t believe it either. He only believed it later after verifying it numerous times. After that, he set his heart on it.

Compared to breaking into the Almighty’s realm on his own, it was clearly much easier to become someone that existed above the Four Ancient Beast Clans. The probability of succeeding was also much greater, because anyone who could combine the Four Ancient Beast Clans’ bloodlines received the opportunity to enter the Almighty realm. Even though there were risks, just the fact that the chance of succeeding was high caused people to ignore the danger.

Ever since then, Lin ShaoYi started plotting how to collect the Four Ancient Beast Clans’ bloodlines.

However, since the Four Ancient Beast Clans watched over their clan members very closely, including the dead, and his strength back then wasn’t as powerful as it was now, he could only act in the darkness. He secretly sent people to capture the descendants of the Four Ancient Beast Clans, and his plans only slowly came to light because he had to gather all of the Four Ancient Beast Clans’ bloodlines.

Ling Xiao possessed the Qilin Clan and Demon Phoenix Clan’s bloodlines. Even though he was born with them, it was still only two types, so from beginning to end Lin ShaoYi had never considered Ling Xiao as his opponent, since he only had two different bloodlines.

This way of thinking had never changed for over ten thousand years.

Lin ShaoYi had firmly believed this the entire time, all the way up until this moment. So once he found out that Ling Xiao actually possessed the True Dragon Clan’s bloodline, it was easy to imagine the shock in his heart.

“How do you have the True Dragon Clan’s bloodline?” Lin ShaoYi’s expression was exceptionally severe, and it basically contained an anger that nobody had ever seen before. He stared straight at Ling Xiao, the look in his eyes extremely terrifying.

Would Ling Xiao answer him?

Of course not.

The legend about the Four Ancient Beast Clans’ bloodlines was Lin ShaoYi’s secret, but it was also Ling Xiao’s secret. The only difference between them was that one was acquired and the other was innate. It didn’t seem like much of a difference, but everybody knew that one that was acquired definitely wouldn’t have the advantage that one that was innate would have.

Lin ShaoYi desperately wanted to know whether Ling Xiao’s bloodline was acquired or innate. Even though he didn’t receive an answer, the answer in his mind was already leaning towards acquired. If Ling Xiao really did have the four different bloodlines, he would’ve heard something by now.

Lin ShaoYi flew into a rage and finally grew infuriated. The aura around him surged frantically, and the fire Qilin once again condensed. Just like Ling Xiao, he had also mixed in The Breath of the True Dragon, and the grandeur of the fire Qilin exploded at once. A shocking pressure immediately swept outwards.

The TongTian Emperor’s eyes flashed next to him.

Even though the two of them hadn’t explained it clearly, he had already associated it with what happened at Xi Jing. Adding on how Lin ShaoYi had two different bloodlines that weren’t his in his body, the Emperor was slightly stunned.

No wonder he acted as if he had a card up his sleeve. Sure enough, he had something to fall back upon. The only thing was that Lin ShaoYi was rather too fearless. However, the Emperor’s original plan to take advantage of Lin ShaoYi before betraying him involuntarily faded quite a bit. He had never controlled someone who had four different bloodlines before.

Two fire Qilins took shape once again. This time, they seemed about evenly matched, as the two powers tangled together, neither yielding to the other.

When he saw this, Lin ShaoYi’s expression suddenly darkened and was extremely ugly, as if he thought of something unpleasant.

The contrast between acquired and innate could be seen from power.

Ling Xiao was one star apart from him, but his advantage was that his power was innate, which made up for the gap. There wouldn’t be a huge disparity between their power levels.

As for why the first fire Qilin was utterly destroyed, it should be because he only had two different bloodlines at the time, so the effect wasn’t that apparent. Now that he had The Breath of the True Dragon, the difference would appear.

Even the TongTian Emperor could see this gap.

Be that as it may, but overall Lin ShaoYi still had the advantage. His expression was unreadable for a while before he recovered his calm and collected attitude. The gaze that he used to look at Ling Xiao still had scorn, but it also contained an imperceptible heaviness.

The two fire Qilins tore at each other again. The activity that it generated this time was much stronger than the first, and the fierce winds that it generated were extremely large. Fang Yang, who was far away, couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

Lin ShaoYi looked at Ling Xiao, who was right in front of him. When he saw that his expression wasn’t looking very good, Lin ShaoYi’s eyes flashed. His lips moved slightly, as if he was transmitting a message to the TongTian Emperor.

Nothing changed about the TongTian Emperor’s expression. He only nodded slightly after Lin ShaoYi finished speaking, and he unobtrusively retreated two steps to the back before disappearing completely.

The two Qilins were basically at a stalemate.

Lin ShaoYi didn’t have time to wait for one of them to gain an upper hand. With a flip of his palm, a blue fan abruptly appeared in his hand. He opened it with a slap. There was a small Qilin drawn on it, vivid and lifelike, as if it were alive.

He cast away the two fire Qilins, and his figure disappeared instantly from where he was standing. When he reappeared, he was already quite close to Ling Xiao, and the spiritual energy inside of him exploded outwards at once, while he simultaneously waved the fan in his hand forcefully a few times. Numerous strong winds flew towards Ling Xiao like spirals, ripping the air apart, astonishingly imposing.

Ling Xiao lifted a hand, and when the strong wind grew closer, he immediately spat out the Breath of the True Dragon. The blistering aura immediately drowned out the numerous winds, and everything was silent for a moment after.

His shoulders relaxed slightly, but there was suddenly a subtle movement from behind him, light to the point that it could be easily overlooked. The look in Ling Xiao’s eyes grew cold, and he quickly dodged. The TongTian Emperor’s figure slipped by him at the same moment. He most likely hadn’t expected Ling Xiao to be so wary, but his attack ended up being dodged, and he couldn’t help but reveal a faint trace of surprise on his face.

But Lin ShaoYi didn’t give Ling Xiao a chance to breathe. He charged over, holding his sharp-edged fan. When he waved the fan, it was possible to see with the naked eye the air being sliced apart as the space around it seemed to faintly distort.

Caught between two transcendent level experts, and one of them an Emperor Beast just like him, Ling Xiao had no advantages whatsoever. This battle was very exhausting, and no matter how nice his clothes were, he couldn’t help it as they gradually grew more and more ripped. In order not to let him make any big moves, Lin ShaoYi closed in on him with every step.

Finally, the TongTian Emperor hit Ling Xiao in the shoulder.

With the protection of Lin ShaoYi closing in hard on Ling Xiao, it wasn’t hard for the TongTian Emperor to land a blow.

Ling Xiao’s face paled as he swiftly pulled away from them, landing on a cliff. If things continued like this, he would lose sooner or later. He had to think of a way to free himself from this situation.

Lin ShaoYi saw that Ling Xiao was almost exhausted beyond his abilities, and he had received an injury as well. His long-lived wish was about to become a reality at last, and he could no longer remain calm. His expression grew wilder, as his eyes conveyed a very obvious happiness.

The TongTian Emperor also grew slightly excited. Ling Xiao, who had caused him to fall to this level, was about to die. But he hadn’t hated hated Ling Xiao for very long, so he recovered very quickly and said quickly, “Strike while the iron is hot to prevent anything unexpected from happening!”

Lin ShaoYi immediately restrained the excitement leaking out from his expression and coolly nodded his head. The two of them wanted to surround Ling Xiao, and their figures disappeared suddenly.

Ling Xiao’s expression darkened, and his hands started to flip rapidly. Vast amounts of soul force immediately swept out from his palms. For today’s plan, the only reason he could escape this trial was because he fully utilized the four different bloodlines. Even if Lin ShaoYi found out, nothing could be done. Between his life and a secret, he would always have to choose the former. Furthermore, his wife was still waiting for him!

However, the two of them obviously wouldn’t give him a chance to make his move.

Their figures flashed twice in a row before appearing in front of Ling Xiao, attacking right after. One palm, one fan, both extremely fast, were about to land on Ling Xiao…

A fierce look unexpectedly flashed through Ling Xiao’s eyes, and the soul force inside his body rushed up frantically. Within a few seconds, it rose to a critical level. Just when it looked as if it was on the verge of exploding at any moment, a hand pressed down silently on his shoulders. He was startled, and a vigorous energy erupted instantly, with Ling Xiao as its core.

Lin ShaoYi and the TongTian Emperor, who were attacking from the front, were both caught off guard. They couldn’t withdraw their attacks in time and collided. It was as if the attacks sank into soft cotton, and in the next instant, they rebounded. The sudden change in events made the two of them open their eyes wide in disbelief. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to see who came to rescue Ling Xiao before the person just vanished with him. The air quivered slightly before instantly calming back down.

The two of them were stunned.

Ling Xiao and the other person had already disappeared from before them.

It seemed as if only the two of them were left in the spacious and empty world, as well as an expanse of dead silence. The terrain littered with holes below them indicated that a desperate battle had just taken place.

“He actually escaped. Who rescued him?” There was a hard to conceal shock on the TongTian Emperor’s face. Just then, he thought that Ling Xiao was about to die, but someone suddenly appeared to save him, just like a pipe dream. He almost couldn’t believe it.

Lin ShaoYi’s expression was abnormally ugly.

If he hadn’t guessed incorrectly, the one who could rescue Ling Xiao so easily from their grasp was probably that person.

That old fart actually destroyed his plan!

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