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Chapter 680: Trap

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo had prepared to share the good news with Ling Xiao, but when he ran over all excited, he discovered that Ling Xiao had disappeared again. Did he have to watch him himself so that he wouldn’t run off somewhere?

At the same time, faraway from the plaza, above the steep and rocky mountain stood two figures. One was Ling Xiao, who You XiaoMo couldn’t find and the other wasn’t a stranger to him either. He was Fang Yang, the one who threw the black needles was him.

Seeing that Ling Xiao was tight on his heels, Fang Yang didn’t show any sort of fear, rather he looked at him with glee. Laughing out loud he shouted, “You were fooled!”

Ling Xiao calmly looked back. He wasn’t sure when, but there stood a figure with his hands behind his back as he stood against the wind. He had a handsome face that couldn’t be more familiar and stood there proudly. His dominating presence was even stronger than before, when they saw the blood shadow.

“We meet again.” Lin ShaoYi said with a carefree expression. His lips curled into a unscrupulous smile, his eyes spoke of ease, but with one look, the aggressive arrogance of his could not be ignored.

Ling Xiao slightly raised an eyebrow, “You lured me here on purpose?”

“Correct.” Lin ShaoYi said with his lips curled up, “My intention was you all along, those black needles were made by Fang Yang on my orders too. It was all to lure you here.”

Ling Xiao looked at him calmly, “Oh, you want to kill me before the competition ends?”

Lin ShaoYi knew what he meant and wasn’t agitated at all, instead he smiled with arrogance, “I never cared about that pact we made. If it wasn’t for those two old farts pressuring me, you think I would have followed some ‘rules’? I know you’re thinking of the same thing.”

“You came to say you aren’t afraid of them anymore so you want to break the contract?” Ling Xiao said as his eyes narrowed.  

Lin ShaoYi looked at him as if he was naive, “What, you think I would have kept to the rules? Maybe I thought too highly of you.”

“Of course not.” Ling Xiao replied.

“You must be thinking, why I’m here even though I’ve been grounded by the Qilin Lord?” Lin ShaoYi was in no hurry to take care of Ling Xiao, as he said before, he never considered him an equal. Even if he did defeat the TongTian Emperor, that didn’t mean he acknowledged him.

If You XiaoMo heard this, he would’ve have snorted in contempt.

Although he and Ling Xiao were both of the Qilin Clan, with a bit of a blood connection, but who was he? Why would Ling Xiao need his acknowledgment?

Who did he think he was!?

“If you want to fight then fight.” Ling Xiao said as he looked up at the clear sky. His wife was about to finish, if he didn’t hurry back on time this time, his wife would definitely get angry at him.

Lin ShaoYi gaze chilled, Ling Xiao always had the ability to piss him off.

“You think you can escape this time? This was a trap especially made for you. If it doesn’t keep you here than I’m not Lin ShaoYi.”

“Then prepare to get your name changed.”

“You sure are confident, lets see how long that confidence lasts.” The one who followed up Ling Xiao’s words wasn’t Lin ShaoYi but rather a dark shadow that appeared behind a mountain top, behind Lin ShaoYi. The shadow firmly landed beside Lin ShaoYi.

Beneath the black cloak appeared the sickly expression of TongTian Emperor’s handsome face. Ever since he was hurt by Ling Xiao’s attack, his wounds hadn’t been able to completely heal. Not only that, the destruction of his domain was a heavy blow to him as well. At that point, he hadn’t known Ling Xiao had used the same move against You AnTai, thus he wasn’t prepared and got hit directly.

It was only after that he remembered Ling Xiao was half Demon Phoenix Clan, and they had the ability of rebirth, self-destructing their domain wasn’t as harmful for them.  

After that, his underlings decreased a lot because of him too, he always kept that in mind, waiting for the day to get his revenge. When Lin ShaoYi found him, he had actually expected it. He had long heard of what happened in Dong Zhou and Xi Jing, and since they had the same aim, without clashing interests, then working together was for the best.  

Ling Xiao’s expression darkened as he stared at Lin ShaoYi and the TongTian Emperor.

Seeing Ling Xiao like this, both of them felt a feeling of joy from the bottom of their hearts. Especially Lin ShaoYi, he had been attacked by Ling Xiao’s nonchalant expression for so long, that even in his dreams he dreamed of a day where his expression would change. Now, he finally got his wish.  

Immediately, Lin ShaoYi’s feeling went through the roof.

A moment later, three incredibly strong forces rose to the sky. An almost heart crushing pressure quickly spread out.

Fang Yang quickly got away from them, it wasn’t till he was really far away did he stop. He looked at the scene with lingering fear. It was the first time he had witnessed three powerhouses explode in pressure at the same time, it was a shocking scene. If he didn’t react quickly, he probably would have been bleeding all over by now.  

Once he was safe, Fang Yang looked at the three’s tangled shadows with fervor. As if the sky shook and the earth shattered, with a drastic change, the mountain ranges nearby exploded into pieces. That was the power of an expert at the pinnacle. Some day, he would also reach that realm.

Two seven stars against a six star, if he told it to anyone else, they probably wouldn’t believe him, but it actually happened. Every hit shook the sky and earth. If they weren’t deep into the mountains, away from the plaza, by now, the two major Associations would’ve definitely appeared.

Ling Xiao’s expression became more and more serious. If it was only Lin ShaoYi, he could definitely escape intact. Before this, he didn’t think someone as egotistical as him would join forces with the TongTian Emperor. One mistake led him into this dangerous situation.  

A massive fire QiLin roared as it charged towards Lin ShaoYi. The purple and red fire QiLin rushed against each other, the flame’s heat could even be felt from afar. Anyone closer probably would’ve felt their body burning.

Seeing this, Lin ShaoYi simply let out a cold chuckle. Ling Xiao wasn’t the only one with a mutated flame on this continent. With a roar, two flames rose to the sky above his head, it turned into an identical fire QiLin as Ling Xiao’s. It’s pressure even felt slightly above Ling Xiao’s.

Seeing this, Ling Xiao furrowed his brows.

As a purebred Qilin Clan member, Lin ShaoYi actually had the Demon Phoenix Godfire!

Instantly, Ling Xiao thought of the disappearing Four Ancient Beast Clan member, his brow tightened even further. Looks like he underestimated Lin ShaoYi, to reach his aim, he would actually do something like that and he had planned it for a long time. From the look of things, he had succeeded.  

“Surprised? Today is your last day!” Seeing his slightly shocked expression, Lin ShaoYi smiled insolently. His hair and cloak had caught the wind, as if demons were dancing.

It didn’t take long before the two fire QiLin tangled together, roaring, devouring and tearing each other apart. Probably because there was a slight difference in strength, Ling Xiao’s fire QiLin looked to be on the verge of disappearing.

Just as Ling Xiao was about to increase his strength, a black light bypassed his ear. Behind him, TongTian Emperor came attacking him, so he could only turn around to deal with him.

Even though the TongTian Emperor was hurt, his strength was still there. Not only that, his main objective was to stall Ling Xiao, to mess with him so that he couldn’t fully concentrate, that was enough.

On the other side, without his master’s attention, Ling Xiao’s fire QiLin finally disappeared, devoured by Lin ShaoYi’s Qilin. Only a flicker of a flame was left.

Ling Xiao’s body shook for a moment. The fire Qilin was made from his true fire, once it was devoured, it more or less effected him as well. Other than the last time against You ZhenTian, he rarely had this kind of feeling. His gaze became even colder.

His figure instantly backed hundreds of meters away from the other two.

Neither Lin ShaoYi nor the TongTian Emperor chased immediately. In their eyes, Ling Xiao was a sitting duck.

“You can’t run.” Lin ShaoYi declared calmly.

Ling Xiao’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t become frightened or scared just because he was at a disadvantage. If two flames didn’t work, then three. The flames within in his body came bursting out once again, its loud entrance was earth shaking.

Lin ShaoYi didn’t think he would try again, and by the looks of things, with another fire Qilin. With a cold laugh he said, “No matter how many times you try, the answer’s still the same. If you want to die so fast then I’ll grant you your wish!” After that, another impressive power came from within his body, almost the same as Ling Xiao.

He was at seven stars, of course his fire Qilin was stronger than a six star. However, just as his fire Qilin was about to take form, a vast, endless force erupted in a gold light with Ling Xiao as the center. It quickly hit his fire Qilin and after a bit of turmoil, they merged as one.

Instantly, both Lin ShaoYi and the TongTian Emperor’s expressions changed.

Now the gold embedded fire Qilin was more than double the strength of the previous fire Qilin and that was only with the addition of another power.

“The Breath of the True Dragon?” Lin ShaoYi cried out involuntarily.

Ling Xiao had the True Dragon Clan’s blood? How could that be!?

Could it be that like him, Ling Xiao took the blood of the Four Ancient Beast Clan’s infants and exchanged a blood transfusion with himself?

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February 5, 2019 12:13 am

thank you so much!

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Lol didnt he steal it? Or more like momo(s beasts) did?
Ahh ling xiao it’s okay to be weaker, but you have to endure until for once your wife comes and saves you!

February 5, 2019 6:38 am

Omo. I already forgot how ling xiao hot the true dragon blood T^T

February 5, 2019 8:11 am

Thanks for the chapter

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February 5, 2019 11:25 am

Lin ShaoYi acted so high & mighty, insulted Ling Xiao but still using two 7-stars to fight a 6-stars Ling Xiao. What a shameless & coward geezer!

February 7, 2019 11:35 am

Nooooo don’t die Ling Xiao! Your wife is waiting for you T^T

February 7, 2019 8:25 pm

Thank you for the chapter! Ugh. I hate those two shameless bastards. They can’t win so they gang up and use tricks. Also stealing that blood and thhose powers with them. Disgusting.

March 17, 2019 5:06 am

Lol he isn’t as dirty as you that needed to kill infants/younglings! Ling Xiao was born with it, the powers were sleeping in him and he just needed a tiny drop of the blood to awaken them 😒

Go hubby, don’t lose. Your wife was waiting to share his mischief 😆

April 3, 2019 1:49 am

This is a shitty situation..

[Could it be that like him, Ling Xiao took the blood of the Four Ancient Beast Clan’s infants and exchanged a blood transfusion with himself? ]

WTF..😱 Lin ShaoYi is so despicable.. to kill infants.. 🤬

September 15, 2021 11:58 am

I hate it when characters are so full of themselves, yet shamelessly gang up on their opponent, whilst at the same time banging on about how great they are! De-lu-sion-al 🙄
This is really bad for LX though and he’s suffered another soul injury. It’s not cut & dried this time 😬
Thanks for translating.

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