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Chapter 682: Revealing Secrets

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
The dense forest was filled with birds and beasts.

A gust of wind blew and two more figures appeared in an open space. One of them was wrapped in a black robe from head to toe that seemed to have the effect of obstructing the gazes of others.

Ling Xiao broke free from his hold and scanned the black robed man with a penetrating glare before he calmly looked away. Then he sat down in a cross-legged position and and began to recuperate from his injuries. Since the man had rescued him, he did not need to worry that the other party would take the opportunity to mount a sneak attack on him.

The black robed man did not say a word. Instead, he looked at Ling Xiao in silence. It was as if he was not the one who had just saved Ling Xiao as he unobtrusively watched Ling Xiao with rapt attention.

After an unknown period of time, a deep and hoarse voice that seemed to be suppressing something suddenly sounded in the air, “You’re not curious about who I am and why I saved you?”

Ling Xiao did not reply for a long time. After about half an hour, he opened his eyes and met the black robed man’s uncovered eye as he serenely replied, “I’m quite curious. Speak then.”

The black robed man, “…”

After being given such a reply, the black man was unable to relish speaking of it. Sure enough, he was right. This kid’s character was a little flawed.

The black man deliberated for a moment, “I can’t tell you about it yet…”

“Then you don’t have to speak about it,” Ling Xiao interrupted.

The black robed man, “…”

In actual fact, it was not just a little flawed but quite a few flaws.

Ling Xiao stood up and dusted off the leaves on his body before he looked at the man and calmly stated, “I’m leaving if there is nothing else. My wife is looking for me now.” After that, he turned around and left.

“Wait a minute.” The black robed man called out to him at once. This kid was really impossible to deal with. If he had known earlier in the beginning…

Ling Xiao suddenly turned back. It was not because of what the man had said, but because he had suddenly remembered something, “Oh yes, I almost forgot to say thank you. If you hadn’t appeared out of the blue and saved me, I would be heavily injured instead of having slight injuries. So thank you very much.”

Then he continued walking forward.

“Stop right there you little brat!” The black-robed man seemed to be at the end of his patience, but his tone had a little helplessness, “Although you are an adult, how can your personality be so be so unlovable? A-Gu (阿古) had even told me that you’ve grown very well, but it seems like it’s all just superficial. How can your wife tolerate such a personality like yours?”

“Because my wife is smarter than you.” Ling Xiao rebutted.

The black robed man snorted and laughed. His voice was no longer deep and hoarse, but full of masculinity and dominance. One could imagine how handsome and tyrannical he was just by his voice, “You’ve clearly guessed who I am, yet you’ve intentionally said these words to provoke me, right?”

Ling Xiao finally turned around with a nasty smile on his lips, “I’m just acting in concert with you. Could it be that this isn’t the result you wanted? If so, then you should remember to mention it earlier the next time. As a son, I will try my best to coordinate with you and let you play to your heart’s content.”

Lin Ming laughed instead of getting angry. He had always thought that this kid did not know much. Now it seemed that he had to get to know him once more. This kid knew more than he expected.

“How did you guess it was me?”

“Do you still have to guess for something like this?” Ling Xiao asked unconcernedly, as if the question was not worth mentioning in his mind.

Lin Ming no longer hoped that he would speak nicely. Thus he could only take on a slightly humble attitude, “Take it as if I don’t know about it and tell me ba.”

Ling Xiao looked at him with ridicule, as if to say, you totally didn’t know about it, yet you’re not ashamed to speak so pompously, you’re even worse than my wife.

Lin Ming understood the meaning of the first half of his sentence, but was unclear about the latter half. Fortunately, his face was thick enough so he accepted Ling Xiao’s ridicule and disdain calmly. This aspect was where the two were very similar to each other.

Ling Xiao explained, “The person who is able to save me from Lin ShaoYi and TongTian Emperor should have a cultivation of at least seven stars. I know how many seven star experts there are in the TongTian Continent. Unfortunately, I’ve never had dealings with these experts so they don’t have any reason to save me. At first, I thought it might be the Qilin Lord, but I immediately overturned this conclusion.”

“Why?” Lin Ming asked.

“I remember that Uncle Gu once told me something about the Qilin Lord. The Qilin Lord was the only one among the Four Ancient Beast Clans who had survived since the Ancient War, but he suffered extremely serious internal injuries and had been in secluded cultivation since the end of the Ancient War. From then up till now, the number of times he came out could be counted on one hand and nobody knows whether his injuries have recovered. I think even Lin ShaoYi doesn’t know, right? ” Ling Xiao shot a glance at him and replied with a question like he had a plan in advance.

“You concluded that I was not the Qilin Lord just because of this? Isn’t that too hasty?” Lin Ming frowned and seemed dissatisfied with this answer.

“Of course not!” Ling Xiao looked at him with a smile that was yet not a smile, “This was only what I had first suspected. What really struck me as odd was the Qilin Lord’s attitude towards me.”

Lin Ming roughly understood after hearing this.

Ling Xiao continued, “The Four Ancient Beast Clans attach great importance to the purity of their bloodlines. I’ve looked through a lot of information and the Qilin Clan is the one that takes it the most seriously. Someone told me something afterwards. That was the crux.”

The Qilin Lord was the leader of the Qilin Clan and he shouldered the heavy burden of increasing the numbers of the Qilin Clan. In the Ancient War, the first person to declare his position regarding the person from the legends of the Four Ancient Beast Clans was the Qilin Lord. He did not approve of that expert who had the bloodline of all Four Ancient Beast Clans and it could even be said that he hated him. The most crucial evidence was that of his injury.

The injury of the Qilin Lord was not from the first TongTian Emperor, but from that person instead. It was because the Qilin Lord refused to accept him leading the Four Ancient Beast Clans and went on to provoke that man. In the end, he was certainly not his opponent.

So the one who loathed that person from the legend of the Four Ancient Beast Clans the most was the Qilin Lord. However, this was a secret and there were no more than three people who knew about this and had survived.

Unfortunately, one of them was the white robed man in Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.

His soul still existed in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range although he could no longer be termed as a person.

When the white robed man discovered the secret of Ling Xiao’s bloodlines, he not only told Ling Xiao the secret of how the bloodline was stimulated but also told him about the circumstances of the Qilin Lord.

This was because if Ling Xiao really became the one from the legend that led the Four Ancient Beast Clans in the future, then if the Qilin Lord was still alive, he was the one Ling Xiao should guard against the most. However, the white robed man also told him that the Qilin Lord had suffered grievous wounds that were extremely difficult to recover from!

These words from the white robed man confirmed that the Qilin Lord was not the real Qilin Lord.

If he was the real Qilin Lord, it is impossible for him to value Ling Xiao and recognize him as one of the heirs of the Qilin Clan when he knew that Ling Xiao’s blood was impure. His immediate reaction should be to expel him from the Qilin Lord and never acknowledge him, or to simply erase his existence.

This was the reaction that the Qilin Lord should have had!

“The person you mentioned was probably the ancestor of the You Family, You Qian. I’ve heard the Qilin Lord say that he was an extraordinary man. I didn’t expect that he would be trapped in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. Now that his wish has been fulfilled, he should have been reincarnated ba.” Lin Ming lamented.


Ling Xiao had once accompanied his wife to the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range again when the two stopped over there afterwards, but the white robed man was no longer present. The remnants of the soul that remained said that his wish was fulfilled, so he had entered the cycle of reincarnation.

His soul has survived for too long and could no longer withstand the depletion. Otherwise, he would disappear from both Heaven and Earth if he waited till his body and soul were eradicated. The souls there were very happy without his suppression.

Lin Ming nodded, “It’s fortunately that you’re lucky enough to actually meet You Qian. He should be the one who told you about your bloodlines. You’ve guessed correctly, the real Qilin Lord died ten thousand years ago. The person you came into contact with after the event was actually me. I have a relatively high freedom of action within the Qilin Clan with the identity as the Qilin Lord. The situation in the Forbidden zone that you’ve been unable to investigate was actually due to my orders and even Lin ShaoYi is unable to go in. So he didn’t know that I was not in the Forbidden zone and that the one summoning him every time was me!”

“Lin ShaoYi did not stay in the Qilin Clan to reflect on his actions like what you ordered. You knew this, so you were able to hurry over to save me in time.” Ling Xiao calmly continued Lin Ming’s explanation.

“Not bad.” Lin Ming did not keep Ling Xiao guessing. Anyway, he had already talked about it and there was nothing to hide. He believed that his son would be able to guess it with his IQ, “I also knew that he was the leader of the Black Spider. At first, I didn’t know about his plan. It was afterwards that I discovered that he was behaving strangely and that he actually ignored my orders and left the Qilin Clan. I guessed that he might have some big plans so I followed after him and happened to see him and the TongTian Emperor working together to kill you. That’s how I managed to save you.”

“I already know all these things you’ve said. But I’ve always had a question. I think you should know what I want to ask.” Ling Xiao remained calm and composed as he looked at Lin Ming with deep and serene eyes. His behavior totally did not resemble that of a son.

A slight trace of guilt appeared on Lin Ming’s face, it was only that Ling Xiao was not able to see it. Of course, he knew what Ling Xiao wanted to ask. In actual fact, he had been thinking about it long ago on how to explain it so that his son would believe him!

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