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Chapter 684: Hero

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The moment Ling Xiao appeared before You XiaoMo, he got kicked. A big fat and very black footprint appeared on his expensive robe, just like the relationship between a fresh flower and cow’s dung.

To find Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo went around the plaza multiples times, then ran to the Mage Association, but still couldn’t find him. Then, he looked all over, even the WuShuang Hotel, and then remembered he could use a transmission stone, but before he took it out, Ling Xiao appeared.

“Wife, aggression is not a good means to an end.” Ling Xiao said as he calmly looked down on the footprint on his clothes.

His tsundere wife replied with his chin held high, “Okay, I’ll make note of it.” If he didn’t appear so tsun tsun, maybe he would be believable!

Ling Xiao didn’t say anything.

You XiaoMo couldn’t hold it in, so he could only ask himself, “What did you do during this time? Be honest and don’t try to hide anything if you want to avoid punishment!”

Ling Xiao took a look around the crowded street they were on and pulled him back into their room. About his and Lin Ming’s conversation, he didn’t plan on hiding it from You XiaoMo, in case he wanted to settle the score later. He didn’t want to end up like Lin Ming, who should be grateful that he had a forgiving son.   

However, he didn’t tell You XiaoMo about his encounter with the TongTian Emperor and Lin ShaoYi. He simply brushed it off with a few sentences and You XiaoMo didn’t suspect anything either. Thus, it was understandable that Lin Ming would be jealous of You JunQi.

Once You XiaoMo heard the story, his jaw dropped to the ground.

According to Ling Xiao’s father, the one who provided him with one bloodline, Ji XiuXin, shouldn’t be considered a mother because she only did it for her freedom. In fact, she held no feelings towards Ling Xiao.

However, the one who gave Ling Xiao two bloodlines, Lin Gu, was his real family. That is to say, Ling Xiao had two fathers. That reminded You XiaoMo of ‘mpreg’, a bit weird, but to think Ling Xiao just accepted it like that. Unbelievable!

What was even more astonishing was that both of their focuses were wrong.

You XiaoMo racked his brain and thought about it, “I…I have a question.”

Ling Xiao raised his brows, signaling him to speak up.

You XiaoMo asked, “Why did Uncle Gu provide his blood to you? According to your father, he shouldn’t have known about his True Dragon and Black Turtle bloodline. Also, why are you named Ling not Lin?”

“That’s a good question but you’ll need to get the answer from the person himself.” Ling Xiao said without changing face. The only thing he could say for certain was that Lin Ming was still hiding something and that question from before was so he could confess it. However, he didn’t think that Ling Xiao wouldn’t inquire further about it when he didn’t say anything. Ling Xiao had a suspicion that they would tell him sooner or later.  

You XiaoMo went on his tippy toes and patted him on the shoulder. With a sigh he said, “I always thought that I was the hero, but to think it was actually you. Good luck, you should work hard and defeat the evil forces. Crush them beneath your feet and achieve the ‘beneath one but up against all others’ accomplishment”

He watched a few television shows, although briefly, but that’s how all of them worked, especially the one who was the main character.

Ling Xiao slapped his hand away and suddenly smiled, “Beneath one?”

You XiaoMo nodded, “Is there something wrong?”

He didn’t get it, since a lot of people said it, thus, he didn’t notice anything wrong with what Ling Xiao said, until…

“You’re right, I don’t mind you being on top.” Ling Xiao said, but that curled smile just looked obscene. He was clearly flirting.

You XiaoMo’s expression darkened, he finally understood what he meant. How did he turn such a serious question into something so obscene, seriously!

“I’m talking about something important here.” You XiaoMo got angry and threw another kick over.

Ling Xiao dodged his kick, shrugged his shoulders and said nonchalantly, “What is there to say? Whatever happens happens.”  

“Ok, then are are still going to save your parents?” You XiaoMo knew that there was nothing more to be said. At this point, there was no point stressing over it. Especially since they knew Ling Xiao’s father was pretending to be the Qilin Lord and couldn’t be more free. It was his mother that was a bit of a problem.  

“We can ignore the old fart for now but we need to save Ji XiuXin.” Ling Xiao gave his answer without hesitation. Although Ji XiuXin only provided him with the Demon Phoenix bloodline, his technically not mother, saving her was to repay that favor.  

You XiaoMo nodded, that’s what he thought as well.

It looked like they needed to tell Xiao Ji to be prepared so they could save Ji XiuXin. Once they finished this conversation, Ling Xiao asked about the competition itself.

The last round of the Mage Assemblage was just a joke to the Vermillion Blood Clan and the Black Spider. They were completely fooled by their enemy. At least You Quan got eighth place, Zu Ma didn’t even get anything.

The two were now infamous.

When You XiaoMo went looking for Ling Xiao, every once in awhile, he would overhear someone talking about it. From what he heard, both the Black Spider and the Vermillion Blood Clan left as soon as the competition was over, as if they couldn’t face the embarrassment any longer.

Later, You XiaoMo went to grab the tenth place reward with the accompaniment of Ling Xiao. As for the position of an elder, he had no interest whatsoever and rejected it right off the bat.

As for Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing, the XiaoYao Institution didn’t expect them to be tied at first place and could only bring out the second Grade Water. This was very precious, after all, they only had three, but now two were taken. Both Shen old man and Lei Gong were grinning from ear to ear. Although Zu Ma was red-eyed staring at their Grade Water, she didn’t dare provoke two associations at the same time.

The next day You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao prepared to return to Xi Jing.

The TongTian Emperor and Lin ShaoYi acted in collusion, helping and profiting from each other, but the two major associations were hard to tackle. Their reputation was even greater than that of the Four Ancient Beast Clans and after Ling Xiao destroyed their plans, it would be hard to find another chance. By Ling Xiao’s assumption, it was likely that the TongTian Emperor went with Lin ShaoYi to Xi Jing. That was the main hideout of the Black Spider and Lin ShaoYi should have deceived him over on the promise of helping him fight against the two major associations. But before they could leave, an uninvited guest arrived.

It was Xiong Xiao who had helped You XiaoMo before. Seeing him reminded You XiaoMo of Lai-dashi, this Lai-dashi was second place in the Mage Assemblage. His performance during the competition wasn’t all that noticeable but that unexpectedly got him a good placement.  

“Fellow Brother You! Long time no see!” Xiong Xiao came along with his usual hospitable greeting. His manliness also came rushing in the moment the door opened.

With a face of surprise, You XiaoMo asked, “Xiong Dage, why are you here?” Ever since they last parted ways, he hadn’t seen Xiong Xiao for a very long time. He had heard that one of Fu CangQiong’s disciples was here, but he didn’t know it was Xiong Xiao.  

Xiong Xiao laughed out loud, “This time I’m here under the order of my Shifu. I have something to discuss with you, hopefully I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Not at all. What did your Shifu want to tell us?” You XiaoMo said shaking his head. They were just leaving so there was nothing to interrupt.

Xiong Xiao then went straight to the point.

You XiaoMo suddenly remembered, he had almost forgotten about Wei Bai Shixiong’s issue. Once he advanced, all he could think about was the Mage Assemblage. Then it was the competition, so he had completely forgotten that he was at the level where he could refine a Samsara Pill. No wonder Xiong Xiao came in such a hurry, otherwise the next time they could see each other would be at the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.

Xiong Xiao handed all three sets of ingredients to You XiaoMo all at once, “Shifu told me to give this to you. All of the ingredients are here and hopefully you can refine the Samsara Pill for little-shidi. But, Shifu said that if something goes wrong, he will get people to find more, so don’t feel pressured about it.”

You XiaoMo didn’t feel any pressure, he was just surprised that Fu CangQiong was in such a hurry. Taking the ingredients, he said, “Go back and tell your Shifu that I’ll try my best. When I manage to refine one, I’ll tell you guys.”

The two went on talking about other things for a while before Xiong Xiao left to relay the message. They weren’t delayed for long. The day Xiong Xiao left, they also left. They were pretty quick so it only took them two days to reach Xi Jing.

Once the Mage Assemblage was over, it was as if everyone went into hibernation.

Tian Dao had always kept an eye out for the Black Spider, and with no surprise he found out that the TongTian Emperor was in Xi Jing as well. For the past few days, Xi Jing had been quiet with nothing major going on, but more than anything, it felt like the calm before the storm.

Thinking about the Samsara Pill, the moment You XiaoMo returned, he went into secluded cultivation. He wasn’t too sure about refining this pill, it was the first of the kind he tried, so with the heavy responsibility he has, he didn’t dare take it lightly. Not only that, he wanted to see Wei Bai-shixiong get better quickly too.   

What he didn’t know in his seclusion was that during their trip from Xi Jing to Zhong Tian, every once in a while, a group of up-to-no-good-people appeared in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. They were all headed for the Five Blessing Spirit Eye, even a really powerful man-in-black appeared.

They suspected that this man-in-black was one of the two who night raided Dong Zhou.

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Finally there’s a day Momo dares to kick hubby to punish!! Haha..
I like their relationship now. Previously Boss is a bit oppressive. But after Momo missing for 1 year, he respects his wife more, makes others respect Momo more too.

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