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Chapter 685: Impersonation

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the quiet dimension, the spacial crack continued to slowly expand every day, a tiny bit at a time. The amount generated in the spiritual water lake had already decreased by a third.

You XiaoMo hadn’t expected the dimension to change so much after not going in for just such a short time. At first he had believed that the crack wouldn’t really be a problem, but reality proved that he was too optimistic. Based on the spiritual water lake’s output, no matter how much he tried to save the spiritual water, one day it would run out.

You XiaoMo got several white hairs just from worrying about the situation. The dimension was his lifeline, and if it was destroyed, it was very hard for him to imagine what life would be like after. Without a large supply of magic herbs, how would he survive?

He was already used to the existence of the dimension.

You XiaoMo walked out of the dimension dejectedly. The palace was basically empty; Ling Xiao had gone over to the Weeping Ghost Shore, while Lin ShaoYi and the TongTian Emperor were both over here, so they still had to make some preparations.

As for PiQiu and the rest, ever since he opened up the Five Blessing Spirit Eye for them to cultivate with, those fellows all ran behind the palace, obsessed with cultivating.

You XiaoMo thought a little before detouring over to take a look.

The Five Blessing Spirit Eye was set up in a hidden chamber that was very expansive. The outside was covered by many layers of barriers that Ling Xiao had arranged. Unless someone got his and Ling Xiao’s permission, it was impossible to enter.

The door to the hidden chamber was half-open. You XiaoMo wasn’t suspicious, and he pushed open the door before entering. After passing through a hallway, he saw someone inside with their back to him standing next to the Five Blessing Spirit Eye, staring expressionlessly at the brilliant, revolving Spirit Eye. Their gaze was serene and deep, and he didn’t know what they were thinking.

“Roc?” You XiaoMo called out to him and walked over.

It seemed like the person was given a fright, and he suddenly turned towards You XiaoMo, a strange panicked look flashing through his eyes quickly. It disappeared very rapidly, and he looked about the same as the usual Giant Roc.

“What are you doing standing here and not cultivating?” You XiaoMo stopped in front of him and asked curiously. But he wasn’t suspicious about why the Giant Roc was here.

Even though the Five Blessing Spirit Eye was a rare, fortuitous treasure, and the less people that knew about it meant the safer it was, he was fairly close to his contracted demon beasts, so he basically didn’t need to worry about them betraying him. So during that time when he and Ling Xiao left Xi Jing to go to Zhong Tian, he gave them the privilege to go in to the secret chamber whenever they wanted to.

“Nothing much, I just came to take a look,” the Giant Roc explained with an odd tone to his voice. His eyebrows also imperceptibly twitched once.

You XiaoMo watched him and blinked. “Roc, why do you seem a little strange today? Do you feel unwell somewhere?”

The Giant Roc shook his head. “I’m not unwell.”

You XiaoMo said, smiling, “That’s good. If something’s wrong, you have to tell me. Oh right, have you seen HunQiu? I was just looking for him, but I couldn’t find him. Do you know where he is?”

It seemed like there was a moment when the Giant Roc couldn’t react in time. When his gaze finally met You XiaoMo’s, he said, flustered, “You’re talking about HunQiu ah, I haven’t seen him either, he probably went out.”

You XiaoMo nodded and said with concern, “So that’s how it is. Then I’ll go find him myself. If you don’t have anything to do, then you should come out as well. Tian Dao is probably looking for you, there’s no need to hurry with cultivating.”

The Giant Roc’s eyes flashed. “Okay.”

The two of them walked out of the hidden chamber together, and You XiaoMo closed the door after them. Behind him, the Giant Roc’s eyes landed on the Five Blessing Spirit Eye with a veiled, unreadable expression.

“Ma… Master, if you don’t need me, then I’m going first…” the Giant Roc withdrew his gaze as he immediately told You XiaoMo that.

“No need to rush.” You XiaoMo cut him off and chuckled as he said, “I just happened to be on my way to Weeping Ghost Shore to find Ling Xiao as well. You might as well come with me.”

Seeing how You XiaoMo immediately turned and left, the Giant Roc frowned very slightly. He wanted to find an excuse to evade him, but he couldn’t come with anything good. If he was too rash, then he would be suspected, so he had no choice but to go with him to the transport circle.

“Roc, speaking of which, ever since you became contracted to me, it seems like I haven’t had a good conversation with you before. Where is your home?” You XiaoMo glanced back at him and asked casually.

The Giant Roc suddenly stopped.

You XiaoMo discovered that the footsteps behind him had halted, and when he looked back, he saw that the Giant Roc’s expression was indecipherable. His dark eyes stared straight at You XiaoMo, and it seemed as if there was a tiny trace of devouring chilliness filtering through his gaze. The aura around him changed at once.

“What’s wrong?” You XiaoMo asked.

With a frozen face, the Giant Roc said coldly, “How did you find out?”

You XiaoMo laughed. “I found out from the beginning.”

“Why?” ‘The Giant Roc’ seemed unhappy with this response. His face was filled with another layer of darkness as he watched him frigidly.

You XiaoMo smirked. “The Giant Roc is my contracted demon beast. I already said so just now, I’ve basically never had a conversation with him before, so he’s the contracted demon beast that I’m the least close with. As a result, he usually looks at me with respect and deference, do you think you have that? Also, I asked you about HunQiu just then. That was also testing you.”

“Does someone named HunQiu not exist?” ‘The Giant Roc’ snorted coldly. He should’ve long since guessed that; how in the world could there be someone with this name? Sure enough, it was a test.

You XiaoMo smiled and waved his finger. “Of course HunQiu exists. It’s just that he’s never been with us. If you were the Giant Roc, you shouldn’t have followed along with what I was saying.”

‘The Giant Roc’ lifted his head and laughed loudly. “It seems like you aren’t stupid.”

You XiaoMo looked steadily at him as his smile faded quite a bit, and a faint pressure exuded from his body, closing straight in on the impersonated Giant Roc. He lowered his voice. “Where did you put the real Giant Roc?”

The impersonated Giant Roc retreated many steps back before saying expressionlessly, “I can let him go. Just hand over the Five Blessing Spirit Eye.”

You XiaoMo looked him up and down. “Your cultivation base isn’t as high as mine. It would be easy to take you down. If you think you can use the Giant Roc to threaten me, you can try it and see what happens. Ling Xiao can absorb someone’s memories; once he returns, even if you don’t tell me, we’ll still know. Do you want to try it and see?”

“It looks like your contracted demon beasts aren’t worth as much as the Five Blessing Spirit Eye in your heart. You’re not treating that Giant Roc sincerely at all, are you?” The fake Giant Roc sneered at him, as if he didn’t care very much about his situation.

You XiaoMo lifted a brow. “Are you preparing to drive a wedge between us? Is the Giant Roc somewhere nearby?”

The impersonated Giant Roc didn’t expect him to be so sharp.

“Who exactly are you?” You XiaoMo look at him, eyes burning.

The impersonated Giant Roc’s gaze darkened, and with a flash of his body, he fled outside extremely rapidly.

You XiaoMo only saw a black shadow flash by, and he almost didn’t react in time. The other’s speed was much faster than what he had expected; he had thought that his own speed was fast enough at first, but he hadn’t expected someone to be even faster than him, and he hastily chased after.

However, though he was fast, You XiaoMo was definitely much more familiar with the palace. Moreover, this palace wasn’t just a palace; there were also a few traps in places. After discovering his path of escape, You XiaoMo immediately triggered the traps in that path.

That person could still be considered very capable. Before he infiltrated, he had probably already discovered the majority of the palace’s terrain. In addition, he also seemed fairly familiar with the traps, and he ran back and forth like a slippery fish. Every time, You XiaoMo could only glimpse the back of him, as if he was a professional thief.

Something sparked in You XiaoMo’s mind, but it disappeared before he could catch it.

They passed through much of the palace like that, one in front, one in back, playing hide and seek.

Finally, the impersonated Giant Roc was still cut off by You XiaoMo, right when he was fairly close to the main gates of the palace. You XiaoMo didn’t want to fight with him in the palace, so he forced him step by step out of it, and the two of them rushed to the gates after a short while.

“If something happened to the Giant Roc, I’ll bury you alive!” You XiaoMo stared at him with a serious expression. As soon as he said that, the person attacked him without responding.

He was a one star Sacred Realm expert, far from You XiaoMo’s opponent. They had just exchanged a few blows before he started to be at a disadvantage, and a bit of anxiety immediately showed on his face.

You XiaoMo blocked the gates, and the aura around his body erupted in an instant.

“You XiaoMo!” At that moment, a slightly familiar voice suddenly came from outside. However, most likely because it had been too long, he couldn’t tell who it was at first listen. You XiaoMo didn’t look back, both of his eyes still glued on the impersonated Giant Roc.

The voice behind him grew even louder. “You XiaoMo, I’m Dao Yun. Do you still recognize me?”

Dao Yun?

You XiaoMo immediately remembered. However, during this brief daze, the impersonated Giant Roc immediately ran. Without saying a single word, You XiaoMo rushed over, smashing a fist towards his face. Behind him was Dao Yun’s worried and nervous voice.

The person swiftly dodged, but You XiaoMo’s fist still brushed his shoulders.

“Stop, stop. You XiaoMo, he’s my shifu, I beg you to let him go!” Dao Yun couldn’t bear it any longer. His worry was indeed not unfounded; his shifu wasn’t You XiaoMo’s opponent at all. The moment he was discovered, it definitely wouldn’t end well, so Dao Yun had hurriedly rushed over.

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t Dao Yun’s shifu the Thief God from the Ten Gods?

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