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23 chapters left of main novel then 18 extras. So close to the finale. 

Chapter 690: Pill Forming

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The weather in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range had been rather stormy recently. The original inhabitants of White Bone Town knew best because they had never seen such a big thundercloud. They could even hear the rumbling sounds from where they were. The gloomy thundercloud almost covered the entire sky above the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. It was an extremely astonishing sight to witness.

Lightning was continuously falling from the sky and occasionally, there was even an illusion of the ground shaking. The inhabitants of White Bone Town rushed out of their houses and stood on the streets, stretching their necks and as they looked up at the thunderclouds in amazement. Those with experience immediately recognized that these were thunderclouds that appeared only when someone was refining pills, but they were also surprised because the thunderclouds were just too large.

The thunderclouds over the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range were nearly ten times bigger than the thunderclouds they saw at that time, and the falling lightning seemed twice as big too. It was so strong that they could feel the shock-waves from far away.

What kind of magic pill could cause such an astonishing lightning strike?!

This question flashed through the minds of the people.

However, when it came to pill refining, people still subconsciously thought of the ones living in that palace in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. The news that a top-ranking mage was living there were spread by many. His name was You XiaoMo and he was the most capable mage in the Mage Assemblage. There were many people watching the competition on that day. Although he only got tenth place, the twists and turns during the competition had already spread far and wide. It had even spread to Dong Zhou, to say nothing of Xi Jing.

“See, this is one of the guardian deities of our White Bone Town.” An original inhabitant of White Bone Town said to the person beside him in a very proud tone and even shot a glance at that person when he had finished speaking, as if he had a share of the glory too.

The man was immediately speechless, “You’re speaking as if that was true. They are such capable experts. Why would they protect you? Don’t talk big!”

As soon as he had finished speaking, the people who happened to pass by him first gave him a piercing glare. The original inhabitants were obviously unhappy too. They snorted, “Such an ignorant and inexperienced person. Who said they wouldn’t protect us? Do you know who the current backer of White Bone Town is? You’ll be frightened to death if I reveal it.”

“Who is it?”

“It’s the TianGou from the Weeping Ghost Shore!” The resident spoke triumphantly.

The man could not help sneering, “You’ve already said that it’s the TianGou, it’s not like they’re from the TianGou.”

The resident was not angry and instead looked at him contemptuously, “That’s why I said that you’re ignorant and inexperienced. The young master of TianGou is the man from the legend who defeated the TongTian Emperor. His wife is the transcendent level mage who utterly defeated the Vermillion Blood Clan and the Black Spider, Young Master You. Have you heard of Young Master You? He is the one who summoned the thundercloud. Now do you know how short-sighted you are? Huh?”

When it came to the surname You, many people would subconsciously associate it with the transcendent level mage, You XiaoMo, rather than the Vermillion Blood Clan. So despite the fact that the residents did not specify which Young Master You it was, those with brains would know who he was referring to.

After being ridiculed so much, the man immediately fled with his tail between his legs.

Anyone who had a slight understanding of the people in White Bone Town would know that one could never speak malicious words about You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao in front of the residents of White Bone Town in the future. This was because they had become the most faithful and zealous supporters of the two. If they dared say such things, they would drown to death from the saliva of the each of the residents in entire town.

Not far away, Han Gong, who looked similar to a elderly daruma doll was chuckling as he watched on.

In the Cartilage Mountains of the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.

You XiaoMo looked at the Cartilage Mountain which had been stuck repeatedly by lightning until it had almost become flat ground. He still had lingering fears even until now. He did not expect that the Lightning Tribulation from the Samsara Pill would be so strong.

The barrier outside the palace that had been set up by Ling Xiao had been bombed to dregs by the lightning strikes. Fortunately, the palace itself also had a barrier and this had managed to block the lightning strikes, otherwise it would surely cause heavy losses. He had also refined Grade Six Rainbow pills before, but the thunderclouds were not as big as it was now. Although every strike of Lightning Tribulation was also very strong, he was still able to bear it. He now knew that the Lightning Tribulations could also be different even within the same grade of Rainbow pills.

“We’ll have to put up a new barrier this time.” You XiaoMo scratched his head while feeling somewhat remorseful.

Ling Xiao’s figure appeared outside the door. He had just gone out to block a portion of the Lightning Tribulation. The Lightning Tribulations at the end were more powerful, but he looked like nothing had happened to him. He just happened to hear what You XiaoMo said as he walked in.

“Then we’ll just put up a new one, it’s just wasting some spiritual energy only.”

You XiaoMo listened to him speaking so relaxedly that he nearly rolled his eyes, “It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was a small barrier, but a big barrier is needed to envelope the entire palace. Isn’t it just because I’m afraid it’ll be exhausting for you?”

A trace of laughter could be seen in Ling Xiao’s eyes. He leaned towards You XiaoMo and touched the tip of their noses together, “My darling wife is so concerned about his husband. Your husband is very touched. How about I show my gratitude with my body?”

You XiaoMo was embarrassed by his words. His cheeks were stained with a dusting of red as he pushed him aside, “Go away, who wants you to show it with your body?!”

“We’re already an old married couple and you’re still so shy?” Ling Xiao stared at the flush of his cheeks and teased.

“What old married couple, the seven-year itch has not passed yet!” You XiaoMo calculated the days discovered that though they had been together for seven years, they really did not have the so-called seven-year itch.  

t/n: The seven-year itch is the desire for new sexual experience that is thought to be felt after about seven years of marriage.

He was close to thirty years old already. In this world, reaching thirty was still considered to be very young for many people, but he would definitely be sighing about how quickly time had passed in his world. Then he would soon be pushing forty, fifty then sixty, and proceed to return to the earth in less than a hundred years.

“Seven-year itch?” Ling Xiao questioned. It was obvious that he did not understand the new term.

You XiaoMo explained, “In my world, the feelings of people have become husband and wife would gradually fade after being together for a long time. The two would no longer have the strong feelings of when they first fell in love, and their marriage would be put to the trial. If they can overcome this, they would continue to be together. But if they can’t, their marriage would come to an end. This is called the seven-year itch.”

After listening to the story, Ling Xiao looked at him with a smile that was yet not a smile, “So you mean that you want to experience the seven-year itch with me, don’t you?”

You XiaoMo was feeling a little guilty from his words, “I just said it casually.”

The life span of practitioners and mages were almost endless. If there was really such a thing as a seven-year itch that would be coming continuously at a fixed interval, it would be so annoying that he would be annoyed to death.

Besides, he did not think that he would have something like a seven-year itch with Ling Xiao. Firstly, they were both very busy and had no time to play at having the seven-year itch. Secondly, he felt that it was impossible for him to be bored with Ling Xiao. He probably had a slight resemblance to the type of person who would grin and bear with it, and would not quarrel with his other half unless his bottom line was violated.

Ling Xiao patted his head while laughing, “Business comes before pleasure. Next time you want to play, we can try it. This seven-year itch sounds like quite a good game.”

You XiaoMo, who was patted so much he nodded, “…”

You XiaoMo did not inform the people from the Cang Alliance immediately after the Samsara Pill was refined. He planned to send it to them by himself and visit second-shixiong, Wei Bai, at the same time. Moreover, Ling Xiao had already told him about Qiu Ran being listed as a wanted criminal. He certainly had to take a look-see at such an event which he had been delighted to see and hear about.

The news of the thunderclouds had been stirred up till it was practically known to all, and many people were able to associate it with You XiaoMo. Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin were also shocked. They had been cultivating when the lightning occurred. They knew beforehand that You XiaoMo was refining pills, but they didn’t expect that it would cause such a sensation.

You JunQi was at the Weeping Ghost Shore. He had also found out about the situation on this side, but could not come at once. Large thunderclouds in the sky tended to cause the transport circle to become unstable, so he could only look at it from the Weeping Ghost Shore while worrying helplessly.

It was not until the thunderclouds passed that they hurried over.

After determining that You XiaoMo was okay, Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin left, but they did not return to their room to cultivate. Instead, they headed to the Weeping Ghost Shore. You JunQi was left behind by You XiaoMo to work as labor for Ling Xiao. He could not just let Ling Xiao to set up such a big barrier by himself. The hidden damage left in his cheap dad’s body has been mostly healed under the long-term nourishment of the Five Blessing Spirit Eye. Now, he had been restored his pinnacle cultivation state and his strength was more than sufficient to coordinate with Ling Xiao.

Ten days later, the barrier was finally completed.

You JunQi was kicked back to the Weeping Ghost Shore again. Before he left, he tenaciously pulled on his son’s clothes and refused to let go. If he knew that Lin Ming had been envious of him, and had even envied him twice, he would definitely vomit blood to show him that it was not easy to be a father.

The next day, Ling Xiao left with You XiaoMo to the South Continent after giving some orders. It had been a long time since they last set foot on the land of the South Continent. Great changes had taken place here but every big city was still as flourishing as before. However, there seemed to be a trace of the smoke of gunpowder in the air.

The Cang Alliance had already received the news and Xiong Xiao was waiting for them when they arrived.

According to Xiong Xiao, Wei Bai originally wanted to come by himself, but he had to send Xiong Xiao to pick them up as Fu CangQiong refused to let him go. Xiong Xiao was the best candidate since he had interacted with them several times before. This was their second time coming to Amaranthine Mountain. The guard was tighter than the first time they came and in order to prevent the people from the Vermillion Blood Clan from sneaking in, the identity check had become more and more strict.

Not long after they had settled down, Wei Bai and Fu CangQiong arrived.

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