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Chapter 696: Resolved

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It didn’t take more than three days before the news of You ZhenTian’s death traveled it’s way across the TongTian Continent.

There was a lot of whom paid close attention to the South Continent’s battle as any fight involving two major forces will affect a lot of people. Not only that, if one were to lose, it could cause a great shift in the TongTian Continent’s balance. Under those circumstances, it was obvious that people would keep a watchful eye on the situation as they might be able to pick up on the leftovers or take a share of the spoils.

However, the news that You ZhenTian died in battle was unexpected, thus when people heard the news, most of them were in disbelief. A Sacred Realm seven star expert did not die easily and there was just a few of them in the whole continent so losing one was a big shock.

Although, the one who took the most damage from this was the Vermillion Blood Clan. Such an old brand just lost both of it’s Sacred Realm experts, You ZhenTian and Lady Yin. Now with only Divine Realm experts, they downgraded by one from a major force, but only barely. In their fight against the Cang Alliance, the Vermillion Blood Clan lost a lot of practitioners, now they were barely holding on to the downgraded title.

Nowadays, a lot of forces were on watch of the Cang Alliance’s attitude. It was clear that the Vermillion Blood Clan was a big, tasty piece of cake. Without the protection of You ZhenTian, the Sacred Realm expert, they’re territory wasn’t going to be theirs for long.

However, the one who won against the Vermillion Blood Clan was the Cang Alliance, so no matter what kind of plans one might have, one would have to worry about the Cang Alliance. Otherwise, it would be a double loss and they would get a bad reputation.

Half a month later, Fu CangQiong and Wei Bai went out of their secluded cultivation.

Everyone’s first impression on them was like the spring breeze, especially Wei Bai, his smiling face and dimples shocked a bunch them. They never knew that the cold and tsundere Xiao-shidi would have two dimples when he smiled. His face was flushed red, just like a normal, bright boy. Was this still their Xiao-shidi?

This was the real Wei Bai!

Before he was betrayed by Qiu Ran, Wei Bai was Duan QiTian’s favorite disciple. First was because of Wei Bai’s talent and understanding, second was his personality. He was a bright, optimistic, charitable, and positive young man. Back then in the Dao Xin Academy, his popularity and reputation was even higher than Qiu Ran, which was one of the reasons why Qiu Ran became jealous of him.   

After half a month in secluded cultivation, Wei Bai has been completely cured. Although he hadn’t returned to his previous state, after a while of resting, it shouldn’t take long before he was even stronger than before.

“Da-shixiong, where is You-shidi?” The first thing Wei Bai said after his secluded cultivation was to ask for You XiaoMo’s whereabouts, he wanted to thank him in person.

Zuo Yan hesitated for a moment but Wei Bai didn’t notice. “Nine days ago, when the battle of the Great Plains was over, he and Ling Xiao returned to their rooms. Ever since then, they haven’t come out and when Xiong-shidi went to knock, no one answered.”

From Zuo Yan’s eyes, a little bit of worry could be seen. He knew that Ling Xiao had been injured so them not coming out even now must have something to do with it.

“Did something happen?” Wei Bai asked confused. He just came out so he didn’t know anything about the Great Plains battle.

Zuo Yan knew that he couldn’t hid it so he told him everything about the Vermillion Blood Clan’s invasion. Of course, he didn’t linger on the dangers, just roughly told him the conclusion.

Wei Bai knew that even though Zuo Yan said it calmly, it must have been very dangerous. After all, there was still a gap between a six and seven star. If You ZhenTian died in battle then it was likely that Ling Xiao also suffered severe wounds.

Thinking it this far, Wei Bai instantly wanted to go check on them.

However, Fu CangQiong suddenly grabbed his arm, “Xiao Bai, even if you go now, it’s pointless, it’ll just get in the way of them recovering. If something was seriously wrong then they would’ve said it already it. Don’t worry too much, they’ll be fine.”

You XiaoMo’s skill was already above that of Master Lai.

Wei Bai knew that he was right, so after some hesitation he decided to wait for a few days, if they still hadn’t come out then he will go take a look.

Just as everyone relaxed, Wei Bai suddenly said, “Let’s go to the dungeon.”

Hearing this phrase and knowing what he was thinking, a flash of happiness went across Fu CangQiong’s eyes. Indeed, some grudges and hatred needed to be left behind.

At the same time, Qiu Ran, who was in the dungeon, suddenly felt a cold shiver.

On the other hand, the ones on everyone’s mind, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao was currently in their dimension. They had rested for about ten days and Ling Xiao’s wounds have almost completely recovered. Of course, it was all thanks to the spiritual water. It was their first time using the spiritual water that had combined with the rainbow stone and the effects were immediate. It didn’t take a lot but Ling Xiao was able to awaken in five days.  

You XiaoMo looked at the deplenishing spiritual water pond and felt his heart ache. Good thing the dimension evolved and there was more production of spiritual water, otherwise, with Ling Xiao’s usage, it would have really dried up.  

“Next time something like this happens, be sure to warn me first so I can prepare beforehand.” You XiaoMo said bitterly to Ling Xiao who was sitting by the pond cross-legged. If this happened a few more times, he really wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. At least give him some mental preparation.

Ling Xiao opened his eyes to meet his bitter expression, and promised, “There won’t be a next time.”

You XiaoMo asked with suspicion, “Really?”

Ling Xiao nodded, “Really, I promise!”

Instantly You XiaoMo showed a bright and cheerful smile, “Okay, then I’ll believe you.”

Ling Xiao stared at him for a while before saying, “Are you thinking, ‘even if I believe him, it’s better to be mentally prepared though.'”

You XiaoMo smile diminished, “How did you know?”

Ling Xiao glanced at him, “Your face said so.”

Subconsciously You XiaoMo rubbed his face. Once he realized what he did, he glared at Ling Xiao. Liar! His face was super clean.  

“How are you feeling right now?” After a while, You XiaoMo finally asked about his health. Thinking about it, they had been in the dimension for a while, if they don’t go out soon, Wei Bai and the others would start to worry. Also, they needed to deal with the aftermath of the Vermillion Blood Clan issue.

Ling Xiao stood up, pat down his clothes and said, “Pretty good. We should go out first.”

You XiaoMo saw that his face wasn’t that of one still sick, so he went out with him.

The time they came out was coincidently when Wei Bai and Fu CangQiong arrived at the dungeon. Xiong Xiao knew that they were disciples under the same shifu thus, he asked if they wanted to check out the dungeon as well.

You XiaoMo thought that they had nothing else better to do and agreed.

As the three headed for the dungeon, Xiong Xiao told him about what happened after their fight. Right now the Vermillion Blood Clan was just like sand, if no new clan head appeared, it would dissipate. After all, there were You ZhenTian’s four sons who were all competing for that position.  

Even if the Vermillion Blood Clan was not as strong as a force as before, they still had resources, thus it was possible they could rise up again. That is, if no other forces got involved. Xiong Xiao said this to hear You XiaoMo’s opinion.

If You XiaoMo decided to get involved in the Vermillion Blood Clan matters, then he didn’t think anyone would dare target them as well. The Cang Alliance wouldn’t either, as the one who won against You ZhenTian was Ling Xiao.  

Cang Alliance didn’t have ambition, and Fu CangQiong knew that with more territory, there was more responsibility as well as conflict. Not only that the South Continent was more than enough, if it wasn’t for You ZhenTian’s ambition that had threatened the Cang Alliance, they wouldn’t have fought against them. War was often accompanied by pain and bloodshed, Fu CangQiong didn’t want to see his disciples get hurt.

You XiaoMo didn’t say anything and just smiled. He already had plans for them.

After a while, the three finally arrived. Just as Xiong Xiao mentioned that Qiu Ran was inside, his angry shout could be heard from the outside. His roar loud, his twisted heart on full display, “Wei Bai, you’re lower level then me and less talented, so why does everyone say I’m not as good as you! Even Shifu treated you better than me, his first disciple! All the good stuff went to you! Why? Even now you’re luckier than me! Why don’t you go die?!”  

Qiu Ran shouted to the point his face and neck went bright red and his eyes were bleeding enmity as he looked at Wei Bai. The hatred that had subsided for a few hundred years was now released all at once. He had always thought that Wei Bai had died, but now he appeared right in front of him, looking completely fine. But most importantly, his backup was actually one of the major forces of the TongTian Continent, the Cang Alliance!

Why? Why was his luck so much better, yet when Qiu Ran arrived, he was hunted down? Why were they so different?

At the end of the day, Qiu Ran was jealous of Wei Bai.

Hearing this, You XiaoMo suddenly lost the desire to go down. Anyways, all he was going to see was Qiu Ran’s ugly face and his unwillingness to resign. People like him, like You ZhenTian, were the same. The type that would do anything to achieve their ends, even hurting those close to them. Death of these people didn’t need to be pitied.

They didn’t wait long before the other two came out from the dungeon. It wasn’t until later did they hear about Qiu Ran’s outcome from Xiong Xiao. According to him, Wei Bai didn’t kill him, as he thought it would dirty his hands. However, he didn’t want to see Qiu Ran again so he had Fu CangQiong destroy his cultivation base and released him.

The only thought You XiaoMo had after hearing that was, catty!

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