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Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


By the time Feisha reached home, it was already after seven. He was so hungry, it felt like his stomach was touching his spine. He planned to cook instant noodles to satisfy his hunger, but when he saw the scene in the living room, any thoughts of food were shaken out of his head and into many corners of the world.

“What are you doing?” He looked at the corner where the small figure was busily immersed in something.

“It’ll be done soon.” Layton didn’t even turn his head to reply.

Feisha lifted his foot and placed it down slowly in the palm-sized space between unknown item A and unknown item B. When he lifted his other foot, he discovered that all the space Layton had cleared was currently occupied by his foot. “…..” He spread his hands and said, “I don’t want to ask you how you turned my house into this, I just want to ask…when will you restore everything?”

“Done!” Layton suddenly jumped up, agitatedly turning, “Look!”

Feisha wordlessly looked at the object in his hands. It resembled an enlarged toy duck, “What is this?”

“The vacuum cleaner I fixed!” Layton spoke as if he was showing off a treasure.

“Why do I feel like it looks familiar?” Feisha wrinkled his brow and thought hard. He had left his house for a long while and no longer remembered his belongings as clearly as before.

Layton pointed to the top half and said: “This was originally your hair dryer.” He then pointed to the lower half, “This was the vacuum cleaner. Because it broke, I fixed it for you.”

“…..” Feisha thought for a long moment, finally understood, and said, “You’re saying… you used my hair dryer to fix my vacuum cleaner?”

“That’s right.” Layton very happily pressed the switch, pointing the mouth of the hair dryer at the sofa to begin sucking dust up. That air outlet had become an suction pipe. Paper, hair, dust flowed into the pipe. He saw that Feisha was astonished and delightedly turned it off and said, “Look, isn’t it very nice?”

Feisha deliberated whether to tell him that this invention…..actually, the warranty date for his vacuum cleaner hadn’t expired, it could be fixed for free, there was really no need to pay such a big price like sacrificing a hair dryer. But as the words reached his mouth, Feisha saw Layton’s excited smile and he couldn’t bring himself to actually say it.

“Oh, that’s right, also, also, there’s other things to show you.” Layton put down this new model of vacuum cleaner, stepped on a huge pile of who-knew-what and ran into the kitchen, “Come quick!”

The kitchen had the refrigerator, microwave oven, kitchen ventilator, electric stove… Feisha calculated as he ran into the kitchen tragically.

“Take a guess, which is my invention?”

Feisha’s gaze swiftly swept the whole room and then he secretly let out a breath: “Microwave oven.” Alright, so long as the fridge was still there, sacrificing the microwave oven was a good trade off.

“You only got it half right!” Layton excitedly opened the fridge, “Look. A dual-use hot-and-cold compartment.”


“I combined the fridge and the microwave oven. In this way, it saves a lot more space.” Layton took out all of the fridge’s contents and then pressed a few buttons causing a beeping sound. He closed the door. “Wait a while.”

“What happens after we wait a while?” Feisha apprehensively asked.

“First, we need to let the temperature return to normal, then we can put things in and heat them up.”

Feisha said, “That is to say… ice will melt.”

Layton replied, “Of course.”

“So the ice will melt into water that will leak out?”

“Uh-huh… let’s get a bucket to collect it, shall we?” Layton said, “After making this, I haven’t had time to try it.”

Feisha very helplessly wiped his forehead, “We don’t have anything we want to heat up now, I think you should turn it off.”

Layton opened his eyes wide and said, “At such a critical moment, you want to turn it off? Do you know how important this invention is?”

“Do you know how much electricity and time is used up by both the fridge and microwave oven?” Feisha was at the end of his patience.

Layton suddenly realized, “That is true!” He immediately opened the fridge door, turned the switch back to the original settings for the fridge, stuffed the things back into it again, looking at Feisha in embarrassment, “But the microwave can’t be turned back.”

“Never mind. It can’t be used for long, anyway.”

Layton’s eyes brightened, “Do you want to buy a new one?” Did that mean he could do what he wanted with this fridge?

“No, what I mean is…” Feisha stared at the switch of the ventilator, saying leisurely, “I still didn’t find a job again today.”

Layton was shocked, “Do you mean to say you can’t even afford to rent this place?” He started feeling for the gold coins in his pocket. Although he really loved money, this little amount of gold was something he could afford. After all, they were still friends… the most important thing was, this way, he would have to give him the fridge for him to do as he liked.

“I decided to apply for a job at Noah’s Ark.”

The hand Layton was using to dig out the gold coin paused, two eyes blinked and blinked and stared at Feisha.

Feisha lowered his head, smiling straight at him, as though the storm clouds that had always obscured the sky suddenly had been dispersed by crazy winds, finally revealing rays of sunlight, so warm it was hard for one to look away.

Ding ding.

Gold coins fell from his hand into his pocket.

Layton excitedly turned to open the fridge, vulgarly rubbing his hands together and smiling, “Today, I will definitely make you suffer horribly!”

Feisha wordlessly went to the bedroom.

Luckily, the furnishings in the bedroom were of low quality so they didn’t suffer a tragic fate. He opened the drawer at the head of the bed, took out that address book that was covered with dust. Since losing his first phone in university, he had begun using an address book.

Opening the address book to the first page, right at the top of the list was “Uncle”.

He sucked in a few deep breaths, took up the phone at the head of the bed, slowly keyed in the numbers beside the word “Uncle”.

Ring ring, it had only rang twice before it was picked up and a soft, slightly hoarse voice came through the receiver. “Hello.”

Feisha’s hand that was holding the receiver tightened, “Auntie…”

After Feisha hung up and turned around, he saw Layton holding the tiger sweet, leaning against the doorframe, watching him faintly.

“You… what’s the matter now?” Why did he feel like the scene before his eyes was like a horror movie?

Layton’s mouth flattened and he said, “Cry if you want to.”

Feisha sighed and said, “Eavesdropping is very rude.”

Layton said, “The one who refuses to let go of the domino receiver everyday has no right to say this.”


“You’re really not going to see your Aunt?”

“She wants to visit her family. I’ll wait a while and see.” Feisha folded his hands behind him, leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling.

Layton lowered his head in thought and said, “You really decided to stay at Noah’s Ark?”

Feisha made a noise of agreement.

“If, I’m saying, if…” Layton very carefully said, “Isefel doesn’t come back at all, what will you do?” He could roughly guess at what had went on between Isefel and Feisha.

“Don’t know. I’m not a stubborn person and I don’t know if I can be like Wang Baochuan and wait for so long (1). I only know that right now, I don’t want to give up. Anyway, a year in Noah’s Ark is only a week here, I still have many years ahead of me, I’m not in a hurry. When the day comes that I can’t continue anymore, then I’ll think about it again.” Feisha straightened and gazed at him, “I’m thinking of buying some things back to Noah’s Ark tomorrow. Sleep earlier, today, don’t stay up too late.”

“What do you want to buy?”

“Laptops, game discs, CDs… even if there’s no Internet, I still want entertainment.”

Layton said excitedly, “Can you buy me a fridge?” The principle behind the refrigerator that humans had created was really too interesting.


Early morning of the seventh, Feisha withdrew the cash from the bank and brought Layton to do mass shopping.

Three laptops. Feisha’s plan was to have one for games, one for movies, and one for illumination.

TV dramas and movies weren’t split by nationality or category. Basically, when the two of them walked past, half of the shelves in the DVD shop became empty, the other half was filled with music.

On their way there, their hands were empty. When they left, they were pushing a small cart loaded to overflowing.

Feisha worked hard with Layton to lift the small cart onto the building while sighing and saying, “Who would’ve thought that ten thousand dollars wouldn’t be much use.”

Layton’s entire self was hidden behind the cart. He said strenuously, “I still feel that we should’ve kept a few hundred to hire someone to lift this.”

Feisha shook his head and said, “A few hundred more dollars and I’ll have a few more Zhang Jiajia!”

“Who is Zhang Jiajia?”

“A female celebrity.”

“I thought you liked Isefel? Why’re you still thinking of others?”

“I’m only talking about a movie. Have you ever seen a movie with Isefel as the main actor?”


After moving into the house, the two were so tired they almost lay down on the floor, too tired to even bathe or brush their teeth, instead heading straight for bed. Maybe they really were too tired, or maybe after making a decision, they no longer felt so oppressed, but Feisha had a very restful and good sleep. But just as he slept so much he was about to be sacrificed, a voice cried nonstop beside his ear, “Feisha… Feisha… wake up…” and then his arms and legs were continuously tugged.

“Fei…” Layton’s voice stiffly broke in his throat because the Feisha who had opened his eyes before him was different from the usual Feisha. That cold demeanor looked like Isefel had possessed him.

“What is it?” Feisha asked icily.

“Quick, look there.” Layton urgently pulled him towards the bedroom.

Feisha was forcefully wrenched up and the rage in his chest was about to overflow. Looking at the small figure before him, his hands itched to strangle that neck.

“Quick, look!” Layton pointed out the window.

Feisha followed his finger and was stunned. It was supposed to be a building there, but now it was replaced by a towering building. The towering building glittered with neon lights, forming the familiar and dear words: Noah’s Ark Hotel. It was exceptionally conspicuous in the quiet dark night.

“It’s already April eighth, has the time-space fabric been repaired?” Layton happily jumped to his feet, “Let’s go.”

The anger in Feisha’s chest was slowly balanced out by happiness, his senses coming back to him, “Let’s go take the things, first.”

The two scrambled clumsily to pick up everything. The three laptops had to be taken along, and all the CDs too. Feisha and Layton each carried one on their backs, two on their shoulders, and held onto one with their hands.

As they were leaving, Layton even glanced back at the fridge, reluctant to part. “We can’t bring this?”

“Next time… maybe next time.” Feisha was so crushed by the weight he could barely speak.

With great difficulty, they managed to carry the many big and small bags — as though they were escaping a disaster — to the entrance of Noah’s Ark and saw Gin and Hughes laughing at them.

“Isn’t helping us a little more important than laughing at us, right now?” Feisha strenuously pushed the bag in his hands towards them.

Gin reached out a hand and caught it.

Hughes came forward and gave him a huuuge hug, “Welcome back.”

Feisha slid the bag off his shoulders, put it on the floor and was about to hug him back when the person in his arms was pulled back by a jealous Gin.

Layton dropped everything onto the floor, angrily looking at Gin, “Are you doing it on purpose? Closing the door when we were leaving Noah’s Ark?”

Gin very innocently blinked, “I was doing it on purpose?”

Layton said, “Also, from the fifth to the eighth….. That’s almost half a year where there were no dwarf and human representatives from Noah’s Ark, aren’t you afraid of being discovered?”

Gin shrugged and said, “It’s you who insisted on getting off the Ark when the time came to get off the Ark, how is it my concern?”

“The time to get off the Ark?” Even Feisha was frowning, “Didn’t you say the portal was opened in advance?”

“It could be that the portal connected earlier but the time to change shifts didn’t change.” Gin rested his head on Hughes’ shoulder, smiling like a fox spirit who had practised Buddhism for a thousand years, “It’s you guys taking things out of context.”

Layton was so angry he was hopping. “Despicable! You’re obviously trying to set me up!”

Feisha stared meaningfully at Gin, revealing his teeth in a smile, “You spent a lot of effort on this. Thanks.”

Gin said, “Then did you bring back anything from the human world?”

Feisha replied, “Why bring something back for you?”

Gin was shocked, “Didn’t you just thank me? Then where’s the thank-you gift?”

“Thanks was already conveyed in that one word, no need for anything else.” Feisha snatched a big bag from his hands, put it on the floor and said to Hughes, “Come to my room later, I’ve got something to show you.”

Hughes nodded as he smiled.

“You’re not allowed to go!” Gin was so angry his nose was crooked.

Pitter patter sounded on the stairs as two more people came down.

“Shamal?” Feisha was astonished.

Shamal smiled. “Hi.”

To Feisha, the days Shamal had been missing weren’t long, but to Shamal himself, it had been more than half a year. Feisha felt that something must have happened in this half a year, causing his entire person to become gloomy.

Hughes introduced another big-name, “He’s Victor, the new leader of the titan clan.”

Feisha said, “Then the titan clan is…” Had Asa and the others been defeated? But it was true that Michael and Lucifer had personally had a hand in it, there shouldn’t be a reason it wasn’t settled.

“The titan clan is split into two countries. One, governed by the titan queen, is filled with righteous titans, the other is a group of independent titans controlled by the Novem Union.” Gin paused as he reached this part before continuing, “The head of independent titans is Darhk. Asa is the vice-head.” He saw Feisha’s lack of understanding and knew what he was thinking so he explained, “Heaven and Hell never interfere in the other worlds’ affairs. The reason that the Novem Union exists is due to their tacit permission. This time, their interference was to mend the space-time fabric.”

Feisha nodded, feeling deeply regretful: the times were really changing so quickly. They hadn’t seen each other in a few days and old friends had been promoted. “What about Antonio, then?” Even Hughes was back, Antonio should be back as well.

“In the kitchen.” Hughes smiled and said, “He’s been there for an entire day. I think when you come down later, you’ll have a sumptuous welcome feast.”

Feisha’s gaze swept around again and suddenly anticipation rose in his heart. He affected casualness and asked, “Borja?”

Hughes’ mouth had just opened when Gin jumped to answer, “He’s in his room. He’s been more and more bad-tempered lately, you’d better not provoke him.”

“Oh.” Expectations fell flat and Feisha smiled forcedly, “I’ll take a bath first, chat with you later.” He picked up the big bag and very slowly walked towards the building.

“Oh yeah.” Gin shouted from behind him, “Although it’s half a year late, I still want to tell you, back when the angel’s troops were here, I asked around for Isefel’s whereabouts. They said that he applied to God to come back to Noah’s Ark, but it was rejected. In a fit of rage, he destroyed the buildings of Heaven and God placed him under house arrest.”

Feisha’s back paused momentarily before he continued walking upwards as though nothing had happened. Although he had left this room for three days, but to Feisha, he felt warm, like he was returning home after a vacation.

He put down the big back, about to bathe, when he saw Layton puffing and huffing laboriously while caring the big and small bags. He entered the room and asked, “Where do I put them?”

“Anywhere will do.”

Layton put down the things but did not leave immediately. Instead, he dug out two cylindrical things from his pocket and placed them on the table, “I hope I won’t have to return these to you a third time.”

“Thank you.” Feisha picked up the dying agent, fingers caressing it lightly. He turned his head towards the wall. That pair of swimming trunks was still hung high on the wall. Looking at them, Feisha felt almost like he was bewitched. He abruptly felt like wearing them and going for a swim.

Humans are just like that, once a thought appears in their head, it was like it sunk cat’s claws into his heart, crazily wanting it. Feisha put down the dying agent, rushed into the bathroom without a word, carelessly washing it, changing into the swim trunks, draping a towel over himself, eager to head towards the thirty plus floors.

The water in the swimming pool was still dark blue and limpid. Looking at the water, Feisha’s heart was unspeakably calm. He slowly walked to the edge of the water, took off the towel, and just as he was preparing to jump into the water with an exciting position, his ankle was grabbed by someone, catching him off guard, dragging his entire body backwards.

Subconsciously, he shut his mouth to prevent water entering his mouth, although half his body was submerged in the water, it was actually leaning in an embrace. He ferociously lifted his head, falling into a pair of deep and serene black eyes, the faint sense of a smile emanating from those eyes. He looked into those eyes and saw a tiny version of himself.

“Ise…fel…” Feisha’s hand slowly circled around his shoulders, and then he threw himself forward, mouth opening and mumbling, like he was crazy, “IsefelIsefelIsefelIsefel…”

Isefel let himself be embraced and even as his voice turned into a whimper, he didn’t move.

After shouting for about three minutes, Feisha abruptly pushed him away, “Are you an imposter? Just now, Gin clearly said Isefel was placed under house arrest by God.”

Isefel’s eyebrows twitched up, two pairs of wings swiftly unfurling from behind his back, enveloping the two of them within black shadows.

“You are a fake!” Feisha struggled to jump down from his embrace, “Isefel’s wings have obviously been bleached!”

“I fell again.” Isefel said quietly.

“Huh?” Feisha stared.

Isefel said, “This time it’s rage.”

“Rage?” Feisha remembered Gin’s words from before and an impossible suspicion emerged from his mind, “When you destroyed the buildings in Heaven, was it because you wanted to fall?”

“Mm.” Isefel’s answer was very straightforward.

“Then what were you angry about?” He asked very curiously.

Isefel stared at him, eyes so dark they looked like they could see into the depths of his heart, “Because you left.”

Feisha smiled dryly, “That, people have low periods.”

“That means there are also high periods.” Isefel’s hand suddenly reached for his swim trunks.

Feisha was stunned, reaching out in reflex to press his shoulder, stammering, “Isn’t this… too, too fast?” Although he really wanted to be with Isefel, two grown men doing this kind of thing… especially when he was obviously the bottom one, to him, he needed mental preparation.

“Not too fast.” Isefel used three words to reject his protests, fingers nimbly pulling down his swim trunks.

Feisha momentarily felt a coldness below before his swim trunks were pulled entirely off.

Embarrassment, fear, worry, nervousness, anticipation…countless feelings rushed through his heart, causing his thoughts to become tangled around like a ball of string. Although he had heard Gin and Hughes perform something like this before, when the role of the protagonist was given to him, his feelings couldn’t be spoken of at all.

Isefel used a hand to hug him and another hand lightly cruised along his back, slowly drifting down.

Feisha felt every hair on his body stand up, “Isefel… that, I…”

Isefel’s hand trailed along his buttcrack and reached its goal, gently finding a path within.

“Oh.” Feisha grasped his shoulder tightly.

Isefel suddenly lowered his head and lightly sucked at those slightly white lips, using his tongue to lick little by little.

This was not the first time they kissed. First, was mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, then there was farewell hugs, but none of it was as earnest and sweet as this.

Feisha opened his mouth, assenting to his invasion. Tongue and tongue tangled, letting him relax his body and mind. Isefel’s hand took the chance to continue entering. Feisha did his best to ignore it, diligently focusing his attention on his mouth. Isefel’s finger changed from one to two, expanding bit by bit.

Feisha 囧囧 and thought, he had always assumed constipation was painful enough because things couldn’t come out. Now, he knew something even more uncomfortable was things coming in!

When three of Isefel’s fingers were inside, he finally put the little guy below in slowly (2). Feisha seemed to finally grasp what was about to happen and desperately breathing in and out deeply. Isefel retracted his hand and then used the real weapon to begin his invasion.

Right in that moment…

Feisha felt that he would be the first person in the world to become a tic-tac-toe, it was so painful! Luckily, these things wouldn’t be recorded in human history, it would only be recorded in Noah’s Ark’s history. As he thought of this, that tearing pain suddenly miraculously disappeared.

Isefel’s hand was on his back, gently caressing and it was unspeakably comforting. His expression probably showed his thoughts, because Isefel kissed his forehead and then slowly began moving.

Feisha discovered that the feeling of someone coming in and going out of his body… it felt pretty HIGH. (3) He smiled in fulfillment, caressing Isefel’s shoulder, lifting his head, going along with his movements, letting out a sound of pleasure.


The End.



(1) Wang Baochuan is a figure from legend. She waited and lived in a cold and desolate cave for eighteen years for her husband to return to her. There’s more info here

(2) Yes, Feisha actually describes Isefel’s dick as 家伙, which means ‘fellow/guy’

(3) HIGH is in all caps in the original text

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