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Chapter 699: Contract Problems

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even though they were running very fast, the room Ling Xiao was doing secluded cultivation in still exploded in front of them.

The palace had seals everywhere, even in these small locked rooms. So when You XiaoMo saw the room destroyed, he went weak with fear. Before running over, they could already feel the extremely tumultuous spiritual energy, the violent pulsing comparable to when Lady Yin had self-destructed last time.

Lin Ming roared at the sky in anger. It was right in front of him, but he had been late just by a few steps. Unable to do anything but watch as this happened to his son, his despair and anger overflowed, enveloping him. Lin Gu had no expression, gazing at the collapsed room blankly.

That was when a displeased voice sounded from behind them. The voice was a little weak, but it was clear that the speaker was full of life and energy. “I’m not dead yet. Do you all want to cry over me so badly?”

Lin Ming and Lin Gu’s expressions went blank. These two intelligent men, who often displayed fox like cunning, were struck dumb in that moment. Though it was only a mere moment, it would be a stain of shame on their lives.

“You damn brat, are you trying to kill yourself? How dare you do something so dangerous? Do you realize what failure would mean for your cultivation level? You could’ve permanently crippled yourself!” Lin Ming quickly snapped out of his stupor, instantly starting to scold the other, spittle flying as he yelled.

Ling Xiao quickly backed away a few steps, avoiding getting spat on, but then bumped into someone. He immediately turned and grabbed the other, lifting him and throwing him to the ground.

You XiaoMo’s face was red in embarrassment. He had wanted to stop Ling Xiao from backing away, angry at the other for risking his own life, so he stood behind the other on purpose. Yet… he hadn’t managed to stop the other, instead getting thrown down.

“You alright?” Ling Xiao watched him with black eyes.

You XiaoMo: “…”

It felt like their lines should be swapped.

Lin Ming facepalmed. He suddenly felt like everything about his son-in-law being smart was all an illusion. Or, rather, his son-in-law’s smarts didn’t include when he was in front of Ling Xiao. He felt like he had found out the truth. You JunQi’s son was the passive one. Though his own son was the one in control, he wasn’t happy about it at all.

“You damn brat, don’t try and escape. What the hell was that just now?”

Ling Xiao side-eyed his father. “You already know.” Just now he had roared so loudly, clearly having figured everything out already. Who would believe this act of his?

Lin Ming didn’t fall for his tricks. “I wasn’t in that room. How would I know what you were doing in there? Don’t change the topic, there are others waiting for an explanation.”

Others referred to You XiaoMo and Lin Gu. The two stared at him.

Ling Xiao stated seriously and calmly, “I was experimenting. I just failed, that’s all. Who do you think I am? I wouldn’t joke with my own life.”

Lin Xiao was speechless at his reply, but it was true. That damn brat was smart. He wouldn’t endanger his own life like that, but what he had just done really was extremely dangerous. He didn’t really understand what the other was doing, but in that moment just now, he felt like something was shifting in the very earth and heavens. And then the room exploded.

“No matter what experiment it is, I hope that you’ll never do something so dangerous again in the future. Even if you will, tell us first, alright?” Lin Gu, who had remained silent, suddenly spoke up, almost in a begging tone.

He was the one who understood Ling Xiao’s personality the best. Ling Xiao was assertive and stubborn. When he set his mind on something, no one would be able to change it, so they could only choose a different tactic. Otherwise, he might say he agreed, but then secretly continue whatever it was he wanted to do.

Ling Xiao stared at him for a few seconds before nodding. “Alright.”

Hearing this, Lin Gu smiled happily. After this shock, Lin Gu didn’t want to press him too much, so he dragged the unwilling Lin Ming away, leaving the two husbands alone.

“What were you doing?” You XiaoMo waited for the two to leave before voicing his inquiries, glaring hotly with gritted teeth at Ling Xiao who seemed to not care at all. He had been absolutely terrified just now. If he had known that Ling Xiao would attempt something so dangerous, he would’ve kicked the door down before.

Ling Xiao put an arm around his shoulders and guided him away as he motioned for the Qiu team to clean up. It wasn’t until they were completely alone that he began to explain.

To successfully integrate the five Elemental Essences into his body and merge them, he used the five demon beast bloodlines to absorb the elemental essence that corresponded each. Each absorption was incredibly difficult, but he had managed to get through all of them and successfully integrate the five Elemental Essences into his body. However, integration didn’t mean a successful merging.

The reason why he wanted to absorb all five Elemental Essences was to increase the chances of success when merging them, because that was the only way to lower how much the Elemental Essences would repel one another.

Unfortunately, he failed.

He had tried with two Elemental Essences, but they repelled each other too much. It was probably because of his current cultivation level. He predicted that he would have to get to seven star to fully grasp it, so currently, the most pressing thing was to get to seven star.

“You… Uncle Gu is right. Next time you do something so dangerous, tell me first so I can prepare myself,” You XiaoMo said after a moment of silence.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow. “Prepare yourself?”

You XiaoMo nodded his head, looking into the other’s eyes as he said, “Of course. If you accidentally die, I have to find a second spring*!”

Ling Xiao: “…”

Everything was silence for two seconds.

Ling Xiao suddenly smiled.

You XiaoMo ran for it.

After half an hour, a certain ‘first spring’ carried a certain young man who was preparing to find his ‘second spring’ into their rooms. Not long later, moaning and begging was heard from inside the room, on and off for four hours before stopping completely. Then another half hour after that, begging was heard again, and again, and again, until the next morning…

The people living in the palace weren’t confused at all when a certain person who should’ve come out didn’t, even exchanging a few looks with suggestive smiles. At the same time, You XiaoMo cursed Ling Xiao for his violent acts in his dreams. All he did was joke around a bit. Was it really necessary to be so harsh towards him? Starting in the day and not stopping until midnight the following day…

In the afternoon, You JunQi, who was cleaning up the mess regarding the Vermillion Blood Clan, sent news over.

In a few short months, he had managed to stabilize the situation in the Vermillion Blood Clan. The three sons of You ZhenTian who were still alive refused to accept things, but their rebellious acts were quickly suppressed by Tian Gui. Two of them even got a beating from Tian Gui.

As You XiaoMo guessed, with You JunQi’s You family blood, apart from the three sons of You ZhenTian who wanted the position of family head to themselves, the others were all willing to let You JunQi lead them.

Those who once supported You JunQi all stood up for him, including those who had hidden themselves and their true loyalties away. As for You ZhenTian’s sons and grandsons, they had long since lost their positions and everyone’s trust in that battle against the Cang Alliance. Even if they still had people under them, they didn’t have any Sacred Level powerhouses, so they wouldn’t be able to do anything even if they wanted to.

Thus, You JunQi maintained the advantage in the Vermillion Blood Clan. Right now, You JunQi was doing as his son suggested and trying to find someone who could succeed him as the family head, but it wasn’t going well.

In the end, this was because of You ZhenTian. You ZhenTian was selfish. He would do anything to accomplish his goals, and his cruelty even extended to his own kin, his blood relatives. To make sure his line had the absolute advantage and would forever have control over the Vermillion Blood Clan, he had oppressed other people in the You Family.

The result of this was that those exceptional disciples of their clan ended up wasting their critical period for cultivation due to not getting proper attention and guidance when younger. After they grew up, they all became average, no matter how much potential they had.

You JunQi was rather frustrated right now. It was far too hard to find someone to succeed his position amongst these average people. People without potential and cultivation level wouldn’t be able to make others obey and listen to them. The only other way was to start from scratch, but who knows when he would succeed with that?

You JunQi had a headache over all this. He suddenly realized that he had been tricked by his son, so the person he sent to bring back good news also came with his complaints.

You XiaoMo knew that nurturing a successor wouldn’t be easy, so he was glad that the other hadn’t come to complain personally. In the end, he had the messenger bring back words of comfort and the two rainbow grade magic pills he had planned on giving to Ling Xiao’s father, eventually managing to get him to settle down.

A few days later, XiaoJi, who had been out of contact for a long time, finally sent word back to them. After finding out that Ji YunLang’s death was Lin ShaoYi’s doing, Ji He stopped causing trouble for them, focusing all his attention on facing off against the Black Spider. He also stopped causing trouble for Ji NingYu.

A while ago, XiaoJi’s cultivation level had finally achieved level eleven seven star, becoming the demon beast in You XiaoMo’s team with the highest cultivation and the fastest cultivation rate. With his cultivation level, he already had the right to succeed as the Valley Head of the Demon Phoenix Clan, but the current head required XiaoJi to cancel his contract with You XiaoMo. The Grand Elder Ji Wen meant for them to meet to talk about it.

Joui: *Spring… the season of new life, the season of new growth, the season of love… and the season of sex heheh.

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