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Chapter 698: Blending

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The news that Lin ShaoYi came into power and became the new Qilin Lord of the Qilin Clan soon spread to Xi Jing. Almost everyone who heard the news did not believe it.

However, soon after, Lin ShaoYi announced the news that the Qilin Lord had been dead for many years and implied that Lin Ming had killed the Qilin Lord. Lin Ming became a traitor of the Qilin Clan and Lin ShaoYi even vowed to kill him for the sake of avenging the Qilin Lord.

This had shocked many people, especially the Demon Phoenix Clan and the two other clans.

The elders of the three clans more or less knew about the news that the Qilin Lord was injured and in the midst of recuperation. However, a sleeping tiger was still a tiger and many still did not dare to belittle the Qilin Lord.

Who would have thought that this man who had once killed so many in the Ancient War had died?

Yet, what shocked them most was Lin ShaoYi’s attitude. None of the three clans were fools. Although they did not fully believe the rumors about Lin ShaoYi, they still believed eighty to ninety percent of it. He definitely had to be plotting something with how he was being so high profile at present.

Besides their indomitable physique, the reason why the Qilin Clan was the head of the Four Ancient Beast Clans was also due to the Qilin Lord. He was equivalent to the symbol of the Qilin Clan and his existence put an end to many with disloyal hearts. It was reasonable to say that Lin ShaoYi should not be announcing the news of his death.

The answer to this question was soon revealed.

Lin ShaoYi exposed his own identity in a high-profile way. Within three days, everyone in the TongTian Continent knew that he was the leader of the Black Spider. This seven star Sacred Realm expert had completely shed all pretense of cordiality with the Demon Phoenix Clan and the two other clans.

He dared to do this as he had something to rely on.

Except for the few who had rebelled against him, the current Qilin Clan was now under his control. Since the Qilin Clan seldomly participated in various battles, they had not lost many members and the Clan was a powerful force for Lin ShaoYi.

As for the Black Spider, they had returned to their former glory with the TongTian Emperor’s subordinates filling in their previous vacancies. He was not worried even if the Demon Phoenix Clan, True Dragon Clan and the Black Turtle Clan joined hands to deal with him.

So far, the polarization of the situation in Xi Jing had finally become obvious, and it was accompanied by fiercer and fiercer conflicts.

While You XiaoMo was concentrating on improving his strength and refining pills for Han Gong, the Black Spider and the Demon Phoenix Clan had already fought more than a dozen times.

Ever since Lin Ming told them that Lin ShaoYi’s strength had risen again, both husband and wife had gone into secluded cultivation.

You XiaoMo was intending to prepare for his breakthrough to Grade Seven. It was rumored that Grade Seven was the most difficult threshold for mages to breakthrough. From the ancient times to the present, many Grade Six mages had been stuck at this threshold and were not able to progress. Although Grade Six was already the apex for the mages in the TongTian Continent, their only regret was not being able to reach the realm of Grade Seven.

You XiaoMo dared not take chances, so he decided to make preparations in advance.

Ling Xiao seemed to have attained a valuable insight during the last battle with You ZhenTian. The door to the private room where he had been in secluded cultivation had not once opened from when he had returned till now.

You XiaoMo would occasionally come out to have a look when he was tired of refining pills. In the end, there was no movement from Ling Xiao whatsoever.

He did not know that Ling Xiao was trying to integrate the Five Elemental Essences into his body. This was a huge project and the slightest inattention could cause the Five Elemental Essences to mutually repel each other and explode within his body. Ling Xiao was afraid that You XiaoMo would worry about it, so he did not tell him.

Five types of Elemental Essences were calmly floating in front of Ling Xiao inside the securely closed private room. The dazzling golden light, the crisp green light, the gentle blue light, the blazing red light, and finally, the steady yellow light.

They had once been as nimble as an escaping hare, but were now as quiet as a sleeping baby. Each light represented one type of Elemental Essence. The colors were rich and diverse and they seemed to be faintly attracting each other.

Ling Xiao closed his eyes tightly as a faint radiance slowly escaped from his body. After a moment, his body suddenly became faintly discernible as if it would disappear at any time. Then it formed into the illusion of a silently roaring Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon roared at the floating Metal Elemental Essence. The Metal Elemental Essence was immediately pulled towards the Golden Dragon before it disappeared.

The Golden Dragon roared in fury as it thrashed, appearing as if it was fighting with something. Its expression sometimes twisted as the golden rays from its body violently flashed. The narrow room nearly could not contain these rays.

After an unknown period of time, the Golden Dragon’s momentum weakened and the golden rays from its body were no longer as piercing to the eyes. Instead, it had dimmed and was looking very faint. When the Golden Dragon disappeared, the figure of Ling Xiao reappeared once again with blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

Ling Xiao opened his eyes a few seconds later, and raised the back of his hand to wipe off the blood from the corners of his mouth. He raised an eyebrow as he pondered, “It was fortunate that I’ve touched the threshold before. I didn’t think it was still so difficult, and nearly got rejected instead.”

Nevertheless, his gaze still fell on the second Elemental Essence. He would either win or perish!

On the other hand, You XiaoMo had waited for a long time for Ling Xiao with no news, so he decided not to wait for him any longer. Tomorrow, he would fire up his cauldron to refine the God Return Pill for Han Gong. Though the God Return Pill and Samsara Pill were of the same grade, the latter was much more difficult. It was also a pill that was rarer than the God Return Pill, so that was why there had been such a big thundercloud.

But he still went to look for Lin Gu for the sake of safety. Lin Ming came along with him as soon as Lin Gu agreed. This man who pretended to be Qilin Lord really intended to stay here all the time.

You XiaoMo was not even surprised upon seeing him. He was probably the only one in the world who had this honor of having two Sacred Realm experts acting as his guardians.

The process refining the pill was really very smooth. The situation with the Samsara Pill did not occur when he was blending the materials together. Thunderclouds gathered without a hitch over the palace. It was a dark mass of clouds that looked particularly oppressive.

However, the present thundercloud did not look so terrible when compared with the Samsara Pill. Finally, Lin Ming stepped in to ward off several strikes of Lightning Tribulations. Compared with Ling Xiao, his Father-in-law was rather reserved and in-conspicuous.

You XiaoMo grabbed the God Return Pill that wanted to escape. The higher the grade of a magic pill, the fiercer its struggled. The restriction of the Heavenly Cauldron could no longer confine Grade Six Rainbow pills. This was especially when he was refining the Samsara Pill as it almost escaped several times.

You XiaoMo put the God Return Pill in a bottle and was preparing to tell Han Gong to come and take it.

In order to thank Lin Gu and Lin Ming for their help in acting as his guardian, he took out the two rainbow pills he had refined before as a gift of thanks to them, but he was refused.

“We’re all one family. You don’t need to stand on ceremony. We ought to help you.” Lin Ming looked at him with a gentle smile, but this sort of gentle expression was really not suitable for him, so it looked very strange.

You XiaoMo did not even blink as he stared at Lin Ming without saying anything.

Lin Ming coughed suddenly, “You have been with Xiao-er for seven years. This kid has many shortcomings. You’re the only one who can tolerate them.”

You XiaoMo indifferently rolled his eyes, “Actually, it’s okay.”

Looking at his stubborn attitude where he was refusing to listen, Lin Ming suddenly found that You JunQi’s son was not stupid. His former envy totally disappeared and was replaced with deep sympathy when considering that he was now plunged into a dire situation with the Vermillion Blood Clan.

“You are Xiao-er’s wife and are the person closest to him. So I want to ask you for help with a matter. You won’t refuse me, right?” Lin Ming did not beat around the bush and got down to business. He was so blunt that You XiaoMo was practically unable to refuse him.

You XiaoMo was positive that Ling Xiao’s shamelessness was definitely inherited from Lin Ming. He actually played the ‘family bond’ card, was he certain that You XiaoMo would not refuse him? Although he was unlikely to refuse.

You XiaoMo knew what Lin Ming wanted to say even if he did not mention it. It could be nothing else except something related to Uncle Gu. Up until now, Ling Xiao still was not talking to them. He probably had left their hearts hanging in an unsettled state. Now that they could no longer bear it, they wanted to him to help them out.

Their appetite had been left hanging for long enough now. It was time to have a frank and straight talk, so You XiaoMo still agreed to help them in the end.

“Then Father will just wait for good news.”

Lin Ming laughed heartily. He was becoming more and more satisfied with this daughter-in-law that his son married.

You XiaoMo put up a smiling expression in response and smiled so much till his face became slightly stiff.

Lin Gu was also very happy. He knew about Xiao-er’s feelings for You XiaoMo. Although he often bullied You XiaoMo, in actual fact, Ling Xiao gave priority to You XiaoMo opinions for everything and cared about his feelings very much. He believed that Xiao-er would probably accept him with You XiaoMo’s help.

Lin Ming’s expression changed at that moment, and he suddenly looked in the direction of the interior of the palace. His eyebrows twisted into a frown as he emitted an imposing air.

“This kid is too reckless!” He then disappeared before he had finished speaking.

Lin Gu and You XiaoMo’s reactions were a step slower. But they immediately thought of something and hurried over too.

At this time, a large expanse of dark clouds had once again gathered above the palace. The clouds covered a massive area and it nearly covered half of the sky above the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. It was so huge that even those from White Bone Town felt that it was close at hand.

The wind howled as lightning flashed and thunder roared. The entire Ghost Tomb Mountain Range seemed to be in a stifled world. The sounds of thunder roaring seemed to pound on the hearts of all the people. Their heart hammered against their ribs constantly and their heart rates were two times higher than usual. Everyone was in a fluster and nobody knew what had happened.

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Boss Ling is advancing? 😍😍

February 22, 2019 9:42 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

So blending in this chapter referred to: Momo’s pill, plans of reconciling the family and the elemental essences blending with Ling Xiao. I love it! Btw, I find it hilarious when LX’s father refers to LX as “kid” even if the other is over 10 thous. years old.

I’m so glad that Lin Ming is pleased with his daughter-in-law. But, since the husband is reckless, Momo must level up sooner, because he’ll probably need the 7-coloured rainbow pill really soon.

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