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Chapter 708: Caught Up

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Hearing this sound, the elites from the seven major forces expressions all changed. Even though they had considered this possibility before going here, they weren’t really mentally prepared. Now, their souls were most certainly trembling because of Lin ShaoYi.

This kind of feeling cannot be wrong!

Black Turtle Clan had one member who experienced the ancient war and his face turned excited and his hands shook too. His stared wide eyed at that direction and murmured, “That person…he’s here again…”

Although his voice was small, those nearby to him still heard it.

In their hearts they all started to question, who was he?

“Don’t overthink it, hurry up and go!” A True Dragon Clan practitioner charged over with a anxious expression. Even though there weren’t many True Dragon Clan members here, they were all elites. If they all died here, it would be a huge blow to the True Dragon Clan.

They had believed that even with the Black Spider and Qilin Clan partnering up, they could deal with it as the major forces and that includes Lin ShaoYi as well. No matter how strong he was, he was just the pinnacle of seven stars and they had a seven star as well. So it’s impossible to think they couldn’t deal with one Lin ShaoYi.

However, this was all under the pretense that Lin ShaoYi’s plan failed. As people should know, the Almighty Realm wasn’t easily achieved. They just didn’t think, Lin ShaoYi was lucky enough to get there at the most critical of moments.

Everyone’s face turned sour. The weaker ones ran first while the strongest stayed behind. However, they still underestimated the Almighty. The first thing Lin ShaoYi did as the Almighty was to kill as a warning, and they were the unlucky ones chosen. Thus, they would become the first souls to appear by his hand.  

Just as they ran towards the edge of the Qilin Clan, the exit suddenly closed.

The Qilin Clan’s base was an dimension created by their ancestors. With Lin Ming and the other’s abilities opening it wasn’t hard, but also closing it was just as easy, so when they realized that no matter what they did, it wouldn’t open, they finally understood the severity of the issue.  

Lin ShaoYi’s laughter came behind them.

Everyone turned around but the Black Spider had no given chase. They had all suffered some sort of injuries, after all, they were surrounded by the seven major forces and many died. Now, they all stood below the mountain and above them, was Lin ShaoYi, who appeared as if God had descended.

If the Lin ShaoYi from before was shockingly strong, then the Lin ShaoYi now made one feel suffocated, as if an invisible hand was clamped around their neck, ready to take their lives at any moment.

“I told you, none of you are getting away.” Lin ShaoYi’s voice and chuckle slowly appeared. His blood-red eyes stared at them and an invisible pressure weighted on them like a mountain. “From now on, I’m the owner of all the planes, you will all live under my rule. Killing you can be done with just a thought.”

As he said that, his hand reached forward and lighty tightening his fist, white strings appeared then turned to dust under his hand. Once he opened his fist, everything had disappeared from this world.

This was the world’s ‘rule’, it used to restrict them, but now, with a flick of a finger, he could pulverize these ‘rules’. This wonderful feeling of controlling everything filled him from the inside out. He couldn’t help but want to sigh, this was the strength he longed for!

Once he had such power, all Lin ShaoYi saw looking at Lin Ming and the others was their insignificance. It was so boring, because the him now, could use a finger and make them completely disappear.

Seeing the blank looks of the people below, Lin ShaoYi laughed in mockery. All idiots who knows nothing!

“To celebrate my becoming of the Almighty, I’ll give you guys a chance. Bow before me, surrender yourselves to me and I’ll spare your life. As for those who opposes, death!” Lin ShaoYi’s spiteful voice appeared in everyone’s ears, it was so loud that they felt their ear drums buzzing. For a lot of them, this moment was when they realized, maybe they really lost.

After he finished and a long while after, no one said anything. Even if they knew they were mostly likely going to die, no one wanted to be the one to cave.  

Lin ShaoYi wasn’t angry either, instead, his lips curled up and he eyed Lin Gu and Lin Ming with interest. They were the ones he wanted to deal with first, not only because they were Ling Xiao’s family but because he needed to kill the strongest for the ‘warning’ to be effective.  

Thinking it this far, he slowly reached out his hand.

Just then, a sudden loud bang could be heard.


The dimension suddenly started to shake violently, as if some incredible force was attacking it from the outside. The earth shook with it and a while later, the dimension was broken through and a few stream of light charged in with intensity. In an instant they appeared before them and from the light appeared six figures.

“The head, it’s the head!” The Demon Phoenix Clan experts shouted in surprise. Other than them, the elites of other clans all showed an expression of pleasant surprise as they stared at the figures above them.

The six were, Fu CangQiong, the strongest three from the Demon Phoenix Clan, Lei Gong and Shen Old Man. However, they did not feel the happiness from being on time, but rather they stared at Lin ShaoYi with a solemn expression. From his body, they felt a terrifying power, was that the strength of the Almighty?  

“Heh, instead of me going to you, you decided to come and seek your death!” Lin ShaoYi looked at them and his lips curled up in joy. These were all people he wanted to kill. At first he thought of finishing things here before going to find them but now, it was more convenient this way.  

Fu CangQiong walked in front and stared at him with a piercing gaze, “If we didn’t come to kill you, were we supposed to wait for you to come and pick us off one by one? Lin ShaoYi, let’s be frank here, we all know your wish of unifying the TongTian Continent. But I’m here to tell you that’s impossible!”

Lin ShaoYi shrugged and laughed. With an incredibly arrogant expression, he said, “Unifying the TongTian Continent? Do you think I still need to? Let me tell you, I’m the current ruler of all the planes, including the TongTian Continent and you guys? You are just a measly ant beneath my feet!”

“Don’t waste anymore time chit chatting, let’s go at once!” Xuan Zong said with a cold expression. After he said that, he turned into his original form and a massive Black Tortoise covered the sky. Those of the Black Turtle Clan rarely showed themselves, especially in their original form, almost no one had seen it before.

The Demon Phoenix Clan and Dragon Clan head didn’t fall behind either, with one turning into a massive Fire-red Demon Phoenix and the other a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon. The sky was almost completely covered by these three with barely a cloud in sight. An overpowering pressure slowly spread across.

They must use all of their power to defeat Lin ShaoYi, the longer they dragged on, the worse it was for them. Thus, the three Emperor Beasts roared towards Lin ShaoYi from the sky and after a short while, they all used their ultimate moves. A flaming fireball, a scorching dragon’s breath, a horn like soundwave…

Lin ShaoYi looked at the three Emperor Beasts in the sky and smiled mockingly. The seemingly terrifying power was nothing in front of him. If the Almighty could be defeated by a few seven stars, then it wasn’t the Almighty Realm anymore. So, he simply reached out and said, “Freeze, break!”

Just a freeze and a break, that’s all it took.

The three powerful moves stopped, then like glass, shattered, turning into shining dust and disappeared amongst the sky.

But, that wasn’t the end of it.

Lin ShaoYi lightly waved and in an instant, as if hit by a powerful blow, the three Emperor Beast’s massive bodies actually went back a good distance. Not only that, all three spit out blood, and that blood, like mist, slowly fell down the sky.

Everyone from the Black Spider watched with fervour, this was the power of the man they chased after! With no effort at all, he defeated the best of the Demon Phoenix Clan, the True Dragon Clan and the Black Turtle Clan, and with only one move at that! Zu Ma’s eyes also sparkled. She stared at Lin ShaoYi with adoration and worship, this was the man she choose!

On the other hand, the Alliance were filled with despair. They had thought that with their experts finally here, they could at least drag out Lin ShaoYi for a while, but they couldn’t even last a hit. Now, they finally understood the strength of the Almighty. It was terrifying!

Some wore a solemn expression, looks like death was inescapable now.

Fu CangQiong, Lei Gong and Old Man Shen were all shocked, but they did not back down. The three looked at each other, then charged over in three streams of light. The Emperor Beasts who turned back to their human form, also charged over. If three wasn’t enough, then six.

However, they still underestimated the power of the Almighty.

Controlling the ‘rules’ and becoming the ruler of everything within it, the Almighty didn’t need to use spiritual energy from his body or absorb the spiritual energy from the world. Instead, like You XiaoMo’s control over his dimension, with a single thought, he could make anything from that dimension appear and he could appear anywhere in his dimension.

Lin ShaoYi was the same, although he couldn’t travel between planes, as long as he stood on the TongTian Continent, then he could go anywhere within it.

That was one of the difference between the Almighty Realm and the Sacred Realm.


In the sky appeared the sound of power and power colliding. Under the shocking gaze of everyone else, even with the six partnering up, they weren’t enough.

One after another they were blasted away and dropped into the mountain range below. Their power was so strong that it broke the mountain range. High above in the skies, Lin ShaoYi stood pridefully.

As if sound disappeared from the world, everything felt silent.

Lin ShaoYi’s indifferent gaze slowly landed on Lin Gu and Lin Ming who bore a heavy expression. Lin ShaoYi’s eyes was filled with an unmistakable killing intent as he said softly, “Now it’s your turn!”

With that, without giving them a chance to speak, he pointed towards their direction. The spacial energy around them suddenly went into turmoil and the space around them started to twisted, creating black spatial cracks one after another. The vast spacial energy poured out and these black holes, as if planning to devour them, opened their bloody mouth at Lin Ming and Lin Gu.   

Under the purposeful control of Lin ShaoYi, these spatial energies, which used to a piece of cake for Lin Ming and the others, became life threatening. There with no doubt in their minds that if they were hit, they would die. Seeing this, TianGou’s members eyes went bloodshot and their expression were as if they wished to tear Lin ShaoYi apart.

Feeling their hatred, Lin ShaoYi laughed, “Stupid people, don’t worry, once I’m done with your master, the next is you guys.”

As he finished, the spacial cracks filled with spacial energy made a sizzling sound and pounded at Lin Gu and Lin Ming.

Seeing as the two was about to be sucked in and teared into pieces, the menacing spatial energy and crack suddenly stopped. A second later, a power that seemed to have poured out from the ground brushed over the twisted dimension, as if by a comforting hand, it returned to its original state. The spatial energy that once filled the air instantly shrunk back into the spacial crack as if a mouse had seen a cat and disappeared.  

There was pure silence as a blurry figure, maybe two, appeared soundlessly above the spacial crack.

Just as everyone appeared to have been strangled, the calm, high above, arrogant expression of Lin ShaoYi’s finally cracked.

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