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Chapter 709: Fight

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Ling Xiao, sure enough it was you!” Lin ShaoYi’s furious howl resounded all across the territory of the Qilin Clan. He stared dead at the two figures who had suddenly appeared. Even if they turned into ash, he would recognize them: Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo. The two of them actually appearing at this moment was indeed outside of his expectations, but what really shocked him wasn’t that.

He could sense a power that wasn’t weaker than his own coming from Ling Xiao’s body. How could this kind of thing happen? However, that feeling of disbelief only flashed across his mind before he immediately remembered that time when he allied with the TongTian Emperor to fight Ling Xiao.

Back then, Ling Xiao had revealed the strength of the bloodline in his body to them, but at that time, Ling Xiao wasn’t as powerful as him yet, so his bloodline strength wasn’t as strong as Lin ShaoYi’s either.

Lin ShaoYi hadn’t paid much attention to it then because Ling Xiao only had a six star cultivation base. Even if his goal was also the Almighty, there was still a large gap. At that time, Lin ShaoYi’s plan was about to succeed, so no matter what he didn’t believe that Ling Xiao had a way to catch up to him.

Now, Ling Xiao gave him “a pleasant surprise.”

Lin ShaoYi glowered at Ling Xiao’s figure. Even if he was dreaming, he wouldn’t have imagined his luck to be so good. Sure enough, he should have personally set out at that time in Dong Zhou.

His roar startled a bunch of people at once. Everyone finally recovered and they all opened their eyes wide, staring at the two figures in the sky with shock. If Lin ShaoYi hadn’t shouted one of their names, most of them would probably be unable to recognize them immediately.

“Is it really Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo?” Lei Gong  pushed aside the stone on top of his body and instantly stood up, staring at the two of them like everyone else. Since he had only seen the two of them a few times before, he wasn’t very certain. This aura was much more powerful than anyone else’s here.

Old Man Shen furrowed his brows. He glanced at the other people’s reactions. “It should be them, correct.”

“The two brats finally made it! I thought that they wouldn’t be able to. Thankfully they did. Next, we can only leave Lin ShaoYi to them. It’s the young folks’ job!” Fu CangQiong said emotionally. He had long since learned from TianGou that the two of them had been in secluded cultivation this entire time, and he had guessed then that they were very likely thinking of a way to deal with Lin ShaoYi.

“What happened to the two of them?” Xuan Zong walked over, looking bewildered. Even though he was very happy that someone could deal with Lin ShaoYi, he was still extremely puzzled over their sudden advancement in strength, especially You XiaoMo.

It wasn’t unreasonable for Ling Xiao’s strength to abruptly rise. Since Xuan Zong was the head elder of the Black Turtle Clan, he had once been lucky enough to hear the founder’s prophecy.

“No matter what happened, in the end it was still something good!” The Dragon Lord continued for him. From his point of view, as long as they could lessen the casualties for the True Dragon Clan, anything would do.

The head of the Demon Phoenix Clan also nodded his head in agreement.

Even though they could already tell that Ling Xiao was in the same boat as Lin ShaoYi, with both of them seemingly possessing the Four Ancient Beast Clan bloodlines, if they had to pick one from the two, they would choose Ling Xiao without a question. At least no matter how you looked at it, Ling Xiao didn’t seem like someone who would scheme wildly.


The two figures in the air slowly descended in front of everybody, before finally landing before Lin Gu and Lin Ming. They hadn’t walked over yet before Lin Ming violently slammed a fist on Ling Xiao’s shoulder and immediately started to curse. “Damn brat, you really know how to choose the right moment. You purposefully pick this key moment to appear, do you think you’re really impressive, really cool, really handsome?  Why do I feel like you guys got here a long time ago and deliberately hid to the side, watching secretly? Answer me obediently, was that the case?”

Ling Xiao rolled his eyes at him.

Sweat appeared on You XiaoMo’s forehead as he spoke; not out of guilt, but just because he felt like Papa Lin’s way of thinking was very peculiar. During such a dangerous time, how could they hide to the side, watching secretly? When he thought of that, he immediately tugged at Ling Xiao’s sleeve.

Ling Xiao answered extremely calmly, “If it was just you, I definitely would’ve fulfilled your ‘wish.’ But since Uncle Gu is also here, I wouldn’t take that risk.”

Lin Gu felt both happy and helpless when he heard that: happy because Xiao-er still looked very highly upon him, but helpless because Ling Xiao still called him Uncle Gu even up till now. He actually wanted to hear a different name come from Ling Xiao’s mouth more.

Lin Ming laughed out of anger. He just knew that if this damn brat didn’t talk back for a single day he wouldn’t feel comfortable inside his heart. However, he didn’t grow angry, since he was the same as Lin Gu. He always worried before that his son wouldn’t recognize A-Gu. Now it looked like there was still a chance. Furthermore, begging his son’s wife earlier was indeed the right thing to do. It seemed like his son was one of those people who listened only to his wife.

It probably sounded a little miserable. His son always ignored him, but Lin Ming wasn’t the type to be heartbroken over it, as he was someone who was quite stubborn. After all, his son had been separated from him since he was young, so it was probably a little difficult to make him formally recognize him immediately, so there wasn’t really anything to complain about.

“I didn’t think you would really succeed!” Lin Ming turned the topic back onto him. From his expression, you could tell he was extremely excited. Lin ShaoYi’s earlier attitude had made him burn with rage, and now he could only depend on his son to restore equilibrium once again.

But Lin Gu wasn’t as optimistic as him. Instead, his expression grew serious as he said, “Xiao-er, you and Lin ShaoYi both only broke through recently. Your levels of strength are the same, you must be careful!”

Ling Xiao stared steadily at him before the corners of his mouth suddenly lifted. The curve of his lips indicated an unbidden, extremely arrogant self-confidence. “Just wait and see, Uncle Gu.”

After he finished speaking, he turned and flew into the sky, meeting Lin ShaoYi in the far distance.

Ling Xiao looked at Lin ShaoYi across from him with a faint smile. He said slowly, “Even though you look only a little worse than me, every time I see this face of yours, I feel like I have a cramp in my stomach. I’m already tired of this feeling, so let’s take care of our grudge once and for all.”

“Pfft!” You XiaoMo couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Before, he had already witnessed how Ling Xiao talked back to Lin ShaoYi. He was highly anticipating this time as well, and sure enough, Ling Xiao didn’t disappoint him.

However, not everyone else was so fortunate, as they all looked absolutely stupefied.

Lin ShaoYi’s eyes twitched. He found out that even though he succeeded in becoming the Almighty, he could still be angered by Ling Xiao. Every time they met, Ling Xiao could always say something that made Lin ShaoYi want to kill him on the spot. His face immediately grew cold, and he aimed his clenched fists at him as he said, “Ling Xiao, you can only talk big all you want right now. In a moment, I’ll show you who’s the real Almighty!”

“Talk big?” Ling Xiao laughed lightly, looking at him with pensive eyes. His expression looked more like that of the Almighty lord looking down from the sky, unruffled and unhurried, as if nothing anybody else said could bother him.

You XiaoMo lifted his head, staring with adoration at his man. He had also heard what Lin ShaoYi said. He was the one who understood Ling Xiao the best; not only was he skilled at talking big, his fighting ability was even more powerful than his ability to talk big. Thinking of this, he immediately shouted loudly, “Ling Xiao, beat him to death! Show him how great you are! Peel off all his clothes, let him taste what it feels like to bare his butt!”

If there wasn’t that last sentence, it definitely would’ve amazing encouragement! Not only was did he speak suddenly, startling others, but with that last sentence, he instantly scared quite a few people.

Lin ShaoYi’s face went ashen, and his killing gaze moved from Ling Xiao to him. He looked as if he wanted to eat someone alive with his gaze, and You XiaoMo adjusted his face to a ‘come and eat me’ expression.

That kind of arrogant attitude made Lin ShaoYi’s killing intent surge to its peak in a single instant. He made his move without saying a single word more. His fist smashed over, but it was blocked unsurprisingly by Ling Xiao. The fist that Fu CangQiong and the rest had to use all their strength to withstand was easily blocked by Ling Xiao.

Now, everyone finally believed that Ling Xiao’s strength was already powerful enough that he could compete equally with Lin ShaoYi. Hope replaced many people’s despairing expressions, as everyone started to look a little excited.

Lin ShaoYi glared at Ling Xiao with a gloomy look, as he spread his hands before curling them into one tight fist. Those white colored threads appeared again.

Perhaps other people couldn’t see it, but Ling Xiao could. All around him, the threads of the rules materialized, gathering around him like sharp blades with Ling Xiao at the center. His mouth curled in disdain, and with a crook of his finger, the rule threads instantly halted before turning back to nothingness in the next moment. Just like Lin ShaoYi before, he could destroy the existing rules at his whim.

“Luckily you can perform these small tricks. If it was me, I would definitely feel very ashamed!” Ling Xiao didn’t forget to hit him one last time afterwards, but this time after speaking, he didn’t give Lin ShaoYi time to twitch his face. His figure flashed, and he immediately disappeared.

Everyone immediately looked towards Lin ShaoYi. Sure enough, they saw their two figures tangle together at a speed so fast that they couldn’t even see it.

Two Almighty exchanging blows; the scene was awe-inspiring.

In order to avoid being affected, Fu CangQiong and the rest immediately withdrew from the Qilin Clan’s territory with everyone else. The space very likely wouldn’t be able to withstand the destruction that the two of them were creating. Even if everyone wanted to watch the state of the battle extremely badly, they still left according to plans for the sake of their lives.

The Black Spider wasn’t so lucky. The exit was guarded by Fu CangQiong and the rest, so unless they charged out, they could only stand and watch.

Zu Ma snorted coldly and didn’t move. She believed firmly that ShaoYi would definitely win. When that time came, not a single person would be able to escape.

You XiaoMo was just watching the fight, unable to take his eyes off of it, when a familiar voice sounded next to his ear, “Master!”

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March 5, 2019 10:39 pm

I think Momo just turned into a really proud “girlfriend”. The kind of gf that you see in those highschool romance when their man dunks the ball! This is so cute!!!!

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March 6, 2019 12:00 am

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March 6, 2019 3:12 am

At the very critical moment…
(“do you think you’re really impressive, really cool, really handsome”) from the father & (“Peel off all his clothes, let him taste what it feels like to bare his butt!”) from the wife 😂😂
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March 6, 2019 4:20 am

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March 6, 2019 10:59 am

Wow Momo and boss are really in tune with each other both have this awesome ability to make people want to fight them to death from a single comment. I usually don’t sympathize with villains but with two nut jobs like boss and Momo being his arch enemies it’s you can realize why even the sky is not wide enough to accommodate them all 😂

March 6, 2019 11:01 am

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March 6, 2019 12:07 pm

Thank you Yan for translating this chapter..feels like very short chapter because it change the situation so fast.

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Ecle Chan
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