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Chapter 712: The Fight was Over

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Once the smoke dissipated, they were left with a bloody figure of Lin ShaoYi. Across from him was Ling Xiao, who had just turned back into human form, staring at him coldly. Comparing the two, he looked as if nothing had ever happened.

Using unorthodox methods was still not the correct path, so the difference in bloodline made for the power difference today. The resulting loss of Lin ShaoYi was actually predetermined.  

The only reason he looked to have better grasp of the world’s ‘rules’ was because both he and Ling Xiao advanced around the same time. Once Ling Xiao’s level settled, the control over this world would slowly tilt towards him, at that point, Lin ShaoYi would still lose and at an even greater shift.

The Almighty Realm was just like the Sacred Realm or Divine Realm, there was a difference even within the realm itself. Ling Xiao was stronger than him, so he could reign supreme and that’s the cruelty of reality!

“Hahahahaha!” Lin ShaoYi suddenly laughed out loud looking almost crazed. The laughter no longer held his pride or arrogance but the anger over the unfairness of fate.

His blue robe had been stained dark red by the blood. The vigor he used to have was nowhere to be seen, instead, the him, with scattered hair and continuous laughter felt more like a demon that just came from the depth of hell. The blood that spilled out from his mouth contained a hint of gold, and as to return to its original color, it slowly dissipated with his power from faith.

Lin ShaoYi wiped off the traces of blood with his hand and staring at it, his expression turned hideous. He stared at Ling Xiao across from him unwilling to resign and laughed, “If the world won’t accept me then let’s all die together!”

As he finished, the space around him started to shake, then warped as if an invisible hand was twisting it.

“Look, look at his body!”

Instantly everyone turned towards Lin ShaoYi only too see him oozing blood from every inch of his body. The viscous blood quickly covered his entire body and just like a massive heart, it went ‘thud, thud’. However, they only felt a sickening aura of death from the heart, as if the world would soon be consumed by it.

No need for further warning because everyone started to fly as far away as possible. Everyone rushed forward as if a huge monster was chasing behind them. Even though it was just a feeling, that feeling told them that if they didn’t runaway as fast as possible, they’ll die!

Soon the situation became chaotic.  

Ling Xiao was quick to react as well. When Lin ShaoYi started shouting, he knew instantly what he was going to do, he was going to self-destruct and take everyone with him. If he were to succeed, then not only Xi Jing but the whole of TongTian Continent would be destroyed. The self-destruction of the Almighty was nothing like the Sacred Realm, if he were to use a number to describe it, it would be a few thousand times greater.

The first to break down was the space around Lin ShaoYi. The spacial crack got bigger and bigger as the sky started to be filled with it’s darkness. If he were to continue, the first to be destroyed would be Xi Jing.

Ling Xiao moved behind Lin ShaoYi and his raised hand slapped down towards him. In his palm was a black swirl that kept getting bigger, just like the time in the Tian Xin Sect cave behind the mountains, where he showed it to You XiaoMo.

He couldn’t stop Lin ShaoYi from self-destructing since he acted very quickly. The moment he lost, he started to plan for their mutual destruction, so by the time he found out, the power within Lin ShaoYi was already uncontrollable. Thus, he could only hope to move him away.

The massive ball of blood was being torn apart, but it still resisted with vigor. Even then, slowly, piece by piece, it got sucked into the black hole on Ling Xiao’s palm.

“Ling Xiao, it’s time for me to repay the favor!” As if detecting his intention, Lin ShaoYi’s crazy thought instantly transmitted into Ling Xiao’s mind. The ball of blood quickly grew to three, four times its size. Within it, something seemed to be moving and the stench of blood kept flowing while a red flame burst out at the same time…

Ling Xiao’s expression changed.

Just then, You XiaoMo, who was being pulled by others, turned around just to see Lin ShaoYi and Ling Xiao in a stalemate, then a huge explosion. With the two as center, an explosion rang across the continent as the endless sea of flame swarmed the skies. The sky started to break as the flame, twisted in the spacial energy, expanded in all directions. Now, the already in tatters Rock Mountain finally broke under this force. This force that came in to destroy, made it feel as if it was doomsday. Those who were unable to escape all died under that power.

In front of such dreadful power, the experts that ruled the TongTian Continent seemed so small. Some, felt their knees go weak and could only be pulled into safety by their friends.

A massive area of natural forest was destroyed in this catastrophe; ten miles, a hundred miles, a thousand miles…the area kept growing. Everyone ran for their lives in a panic, the only thing they knew was that they could only live if they ran far, far away. Of course, most of them got separated from their comrades.  

In no more than half an hour, the whole of Xi Jing was destroyed by approximately two thousand miles. On the ground appeared a huge, endless pit…

You XiaoMo laid by the pit. The one who had pulled him away was long gone and he was the only one nearby. He stared dumbfounded in front of him, but there was nothing there. No trees, no mountain, no demon beasts, and no humans in sight, then…where was Ling Xiao?

He saw with his own eyes the moment of explosion. Ling Xiao was almost face to face with Lin ShaoYi then, that meant he took everything from Lin ShaoYi’s self-destruction head on. He didn’t want to be negative, but his mind couldn’t help but go there.

You XiaoMo suddenly rose and shouted towards the endless pit. His voice was full of the conflicting emotions of hope and fear. His eyes darted all over the place in panic. “Ling Xiao, where are you? Answer me!”

There was no voice, all that’s left was the echo of his own voice. Ling Xiao was nowhere to be seen. You XiaoMo finally knew fear and cried. If Ling Xiao died, then he didn’t want to live either. Ling Xiao had been with him almost since the very beginning. He was used to him being there, it was almost instinctual that he would be there. He never thought about Ling Xiao leaving him.

When he was absorbed in sadness, he didn’t notice the danger looming over.

It was only until the killing intent loomed over his head did he break from his emotions, but it was too late. Without guarding, his back was hit by a powerful attack and his whole body went flying towards the pit. Good thing he regained his posture quickly. Ignoring his wounds, he quickly made distance between himself and his opponent. Once he landed, blood came gushing out and his mouth was filled with the taste of metal.  

You XiaoMo wiped off the blood from his mouth. He felt no surprise when he saw the perpetrator’s face.

Zu Ma stared at him with hatred and loathing. Word by word, as if squeezed out from her, she said, “ShaoYi died. Now I’ll sent you down to him and let Ling Xiao feel the pain of losing a loved one!”  

As she finished, she came rushing over full of killing intent. She didn’t leave any time for You XiaoMo to react and once she was close, she hand made a claw and grabbed for his head. From the looks of it, she wanted to tear his head off, very vicious!

Suddenly, a hand grabbed onto her wrist and with a ‘crack’, it broke…

You XiaoMo tilted his head and looked at her calmly, “You want to kill me? You aren’t worthy! I haven’t even gone to find you and you just come to deliver yourself to me? What do you say I do with you? Get rid of your cultivation skill and throw you into a whore house? How does that sound?”

Zu Ma was only grade six, she wasn’t enough for him back then, much less now. If he wasn’t absorbed in Ling Xiao’s disappearance, there was no way a grade six could’ve hurt him.

Hearing this, Zu Ma’s eyes turned red from anger.

If it was before, You XiaoMo wouldn’t have said something like this, but the moment he remembered that Lin ShaoYi involved Ling Xiao in the accident, he couldn’t help but unleash his anger onto Zu Ma. Don’t think he would be polite when the other person wanted him dead, even if she looked pretty. He only knew how to appreciate his man…’s body.

Without another word, Zu Ma went for her third attack. She didn’t give a care to her broken hand and went at him with her life. Clearly, she no longer cared for her life. To think she cared for Lin ShaoYi to this extent!

You XiaoMo wanted to tell her that he wasn’t going to be moved and so his ready-to-kick-at-anytime right feet landed right on her stomach. With a scream of pain, she flew and landed harshly on the ground. Her pretty face was replaced by a twisted expression. Just as he thought she wasn’t going to get up, she did, but wobbly. Her expression wasn’t that of despair after losing but instead a twisted smile.

A second later, You XiaoMo knew why.

A scary soul force came out from her body continuously. The soul force had a chill that could be felt all over…Clearly this was another self-destructing, takes thing way to hard maniac!

“Hahahahaha!” Zu Ma laughed with a savage expression, as if a female ghost, but she didn’t get to do so for much longer as it was abruptly stopped. Her bloodshot eyes widened with shock, as if her eyeballs were going to fall out. She stared at You XiaoMo while the latter looked behind her in shock.  

Zu Ma looked down to see a sword pierced through her chest, just like the TongTian Emperor who was betrayed. Fresh blood dripped from the pointed end of the sword and the sword was slowly pulled out from her body. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth and the aura around her dimmed. The sword not only went through her body but also her soul.

With a ‘thud’ she knelt but before she did, she turned. When she saw the perpetrator’s face, her eyes widen once more and asked, “Why?”

Zu Ma couldn’t understand even during her death, why her adopted son would betray her. When they were searching for the traitor, she never even questioned it could’ve been him. She admitted that she hadn’t given him the attention he deserved and sometimes was overly strict, but it was all for his own good!

“He is my friend!” The young man said plainly.  He knew what Zu Ma was shocked about. He was her adopted son and he owned her, but that favor he had already repaid. Being on the verge of life and death, doing things for her that was against his morals, he had long grew tired of it all.  

Zu Ma fell onto the ground with a saddened smile. She had thought about dying in anyone of her opponents hands, but never under the hands of her most trusted person. She died with a strong, unresigning feeling.

“Zhan YuXuan!” You XiaoMo shouted out the young man’s name with excitement. After they went separate ways, he had not seen him since. Yin Ge had said that Zhan YuXuan’s identity was a bit special, but now, he finally knew, he was part of Black Spider, but that didn’t matter now!

Zhan YuXuan looked at him and gave an elegant smile. The smile on his handsome face was bright and cheery, “It’s me, I’m happy to see you too and congratulations!” He broke free as well.

You XiaoMo thought about Ling Xiao and suddenly his smile disappeared.

Zhan YuXuan knew what he was thinking of and comforted him, “Don’t worry, Ling Xiao’s strong, he’ll be okay, I’m sure of it.”

You XiaoMo moved his lips, hopefully. Just then, behind him a spatial crack appeared. Zhan YuXuan stood in front of him and saw it. His expression changed and then after shouting ‘be careful’, he pulled You XiaoMo close.

You XiaoMo was, however, frozen.

A sorry figure appeared by the spatial crack along with a few coughs. Then, a familiar, mocking tone appeared, “Wife, your husband just left for a little while and you already began searching for your second spring, huh?”

The air was silent for three seconds.

You XiaoMo’s dumbfounded expression turned into pure joy as he pounced on him. He squeezed him close and went right in for a bite on his neck. It was a pretty strong bite as blood came out, so afterwards, he licked it a few times.

Ling Xiao took a small breath in and heard his wife’s excited voice by his ear, “Second spring, I finally found you.”


Not far from there, Zhan YuXuan couldn’t hold it in and laughed. Then he walked towards the distance, there appeared many who lived through the disaster. He wanted to leave this space for the couple. Above him was the clear blue sky and a bright ray of sunlight pierced through the clouds to scatter on the land, signaling a new life.

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September 15, 2020 5:05 am

Oh my gooooood. I never thought one of the multitudes of characters I’ve forgotten about would show up like THIS.

I mean to be frank though, Momo should’ve gotten rid of her far easier than this, but ok, I like this. I enjoyed this surprise.

September 15, 2020 5:14 am

RIP, Momo’s spirit water.

Does this mean that there’s a full contract between them now?? Ngl I’m not a fan of the concept, but I can’t ignore the evidence before me. I’ve also been wondering if that part of Ling Xiao placed inside Momo grows with Ling Xiao’s power growth, or remains the same. I bet them being connected by the hip also helps with that.

February 19, 2021 2:00 am

Aaaaaaaaa Zhan Yuxuan!!!!! He is the second male lead type. Awww, if LX died… gahd. Ngl YXM shone and achieved many achievement because LX pulled him out of his comfort zone! And in turn, LX became the strongest through YXM’s help!
P.S.: if there is a novel about ZYX, i wanna read it!

September 1, 2021 9:46 am

Zhan YuXuan really, really, really, give a pleasant surprise. I was never ever this comfortable with ‘backstabbing’. Sure new life is awaiting for you, darling.

September 17, 2021 1:02 am

Thank you so much for translating this epic chapter. LX will turn Momo white haired one of these days!

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