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Chapter 711: Victory?

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

By the time Lin ShaoYi realized what the other was planning, it was too late. The massive Qilin opened its jaws. Suddenly, a powerful force appeared, targeting the devil mask and drawing it inwards. Caught off guard, the immense cloud of blood was sucked in. When Lin ShaoYi wanted to pull it back out, a third of the blood cloud had already entered the Qilin’s maw.

It was almost as if everyone could hear the sound of chewing. It didn’t take long before half the devil mask was devoured. As if it could feel pain, the devil mask let out a blood curdling scream, gratingly harsh on the ears. Some people had to cover their ears, but it didn’t have too big of an effect.

“Bastard!” Lin ShaoYi cursed, screaming in rage. His entire face was red, almost like it was about to bleed. He put his all into strengthening the blood cloud, but no matter what he did, it wasn’t enough. The devil mask was still pulled in bit by bit, devoured by the massive qilin little by little.

The situation wasn’t looking good for him at all. Lin ShaoYi hardened his heart and gritted his teeth, abandoning the majority of the blood cloud and devouring what little remained himself, as if afraid it would be devoured by the massive qilin. He still didn’t understand where Ling Xiao got his white fire from. Logically speaking, he had Ling Xiao were in the same circumstance, so why did the other have what he didn’t?

Across from him, the massive qilin smacked its lips, dissatisfied, before turning back into flame and returning to Ling Xiao. This exchange once again ended in Ling Xiao’s favor.

Lin ShaoYi couldn’t figure out why, so he decided to stop bothering to try. Perhaps he and Ling Xiao were in different circumstances. If he kept at it, he’d only lose confidence in himself, and he refused to let that happen. At this thought, he bellowed, a terrifying power spreading out, as if the very earth was trembling and the skies were about to collapse…

The crowd’s hearts fell.

It seemed like the blood cloud wasn’t Lin ShaoYi’s ace up the sleeve. What followed would truly be the decisive factor.

That was when Lin ShaoYi’s form wavered, like it was about to disappear, yet in the next moment, everyone was dumbstruck.

Lin ShaoYi’s original form was a qilin. Even if he had obtained the bloodlines of the Demon Phoenix, True Dragon and Black Turtle Clans, he was still a qilin. That wouldn’t change, unless he was born with it like Ling Xiao.

However, what now stood in front of everyone wasn’t a qilin.

If You XiaoMo had to describe it, he could only say it didn’t look like anything in particular. This demon beast had an extremely odd appearance, it held hints of the qilin, but also the other three clans. It might look strange, but the terrifying aura it emitted was much stronger than any of the four demon beasts. It even had a third eye on its forehead, though it was shut tight at the moment.

A dense miasma clung to it, silent but oppressive. Then, that third eye suddenly opened in the dark mist, the gaze of that blood red iris causing one’s very soul to tremble, like a beast that had crawled out of the abyss, staring directly at Ling Xiao.

“Ling Xiao, this is my true form after becoming the Almighty, a king above all else. I know that you’re the same. Come, show me your true strength. I want you to remember who it was that defeated you!” The demon beast stared straight at Ling Xiao, speaking in a human voice, but cold seeped out of his eyes and it’s aura pressed down against the world.

Hearing this, everyone immediately looked to Ling Xiao.

A strange smile appeared on Ling Xiao’s calm face. “You think that’s enough to defeat me? I’m surprised that you have such a naive side to yourself, Lin ShaoYi. It’s alright though. Let me widen your scopes and show you what a real king is like!”

With that, the massive qilin exploded with a bang, turning into white flame and returning to Ling Xiao’s body. At the same time, a power aura erupted from his body and his form also began to waver, a massive beast fading into existence.

That was when Ling Xiao’s head turned into a massive tiger’s head, a tiger’s roar splitting the skies, reverberating through everyone’s bodies. They were all stunned. A tiger’s roar, they hadn’t heard wrong had they?

Opposite to him, Lin ShaoYi’s beast form had its eyes wide open in shock, staring at Ling Xiao. “How, how is this possible?”

There were only four bloodlines, and there was no such emperor beast as the White Tiger among the Four Ancient Beasts. Where did Ling Xiao’s White Tiger blood come from?

Soon enough, he figured out how this was.

In the DongZhou DongYu, the underground palace, the one that Ling Xiao had taken for himself, there really was much more to it than he had thought.

When he had sent people to DongYu at first, he hadn’t thought anything of it because he had already found another method to accomplish his goals, and no one knew if White Tiger even existed. After all, he was a powerhouse from the ancient war, and had disappeared straight after. Plus, he wasn’t as lucky as Ling Xiao was, coincidentally meeting You XiaoMo’s ancestor and obtaining the true secret of that man of legend. Thus he didn’t know that the real legend detailed the merging of five bloodlines, and he certainly didn’t know that the White Tiger was the key to this all.

If he had known, then he would’ve paid DongYu a visit no matter what. It was too late now. The TongTian Continent’s one and only White Tiger was gone now. There was no other.

Ling smirked, but no one could see it. His true form was enveloped by a mist like fire. No one could see his true form, but they could sense its immense power. He was definitely at least stronger than Lin ShaoYi. Nothing had happened yet, but just his mere presence already put him at the upperhand.

“Surprised? Didn’t I tell you before, don’t be too arrogant. I’ll have you buried where you come from, and make sure you’ll never be able to get up again.”

If it wasn’t for the current situation, You XiaoMo would laugh.

Lin ShaoYi’s face alternated between green and white at his words, finally settling on an enraged, crazed smile. “Who do you think you are? So what if you have five bloodlines, I can still defeat you! Don’t think for a moment that you’re better than me because you have the White Tiger’s bloodline!”

With this, his aura swelled, the miasma around him moving violently. The earth and heavens seemed to be affected by this, the skies growing dark with the sound of thunder in the distance. Then, he roared at the sky and streaks of darkness shot into him from all around.

Below him, some people collapsed on the ground, grasping their heads, and then a dark streak shot out of them.

“He’s using negative emotions!” Fu CangQiong cried in surprise.

No one had expected that Lin ShaoYi could absorb the negative emotions of others to empower himself. As expected, what underhanded tactics.

It didn’t take long for Lin ShaoYi to swell with power, his true form doubling, then tripling in size to become a three, four hundred meter tall demon beast, his presence overpowering. His eyes were filled with blood, his sanity slipping. Like he had lost all rationality, the massive demon beast charged, tossing its head, his immense form lumbering, surprisingly fast, towards Ling Xiao who was enveloped in flame.

A threatening bellow came from inside the flames. He didn’t take such exaggerated actions like Lin ShaoYi did, keeping a deadly calm pressure, like a ball of energy being compressed further and further. Once it erupted, its strength would multiply.

Seeing Lin ShaoYi attack, the beast enveloped in flames abruptly disappeared. All anyone could see was a few dancing embers. When they next snapped back to the present, it was to a huge explosion. The two demon beasts collided with which other midair, their immense size and terrifying power sent shockwaves out, cracking open the earth and distorting space. Spacial tears appeared, leaking spacial energy like a growling beast, some less careful people lost a limb to their sudden appearance.

Though they were already far away enough, everyone still retreated further in fear.

They had never seen such an earthshaking battle before. The two immense creatures collided again and again. It was a battle of pure brute power, and the shockwaves tore up forests, broke through mountains and lakes, ripping through everything in its path and assaulting their gazes.

Some people had never even seen a sacred level expert before and now they were watching a fight between two Almighty. This scene would be forever carved into their hearts, never to be forgotten!

You XiaoMo barely blinked, carefully watching the battle.

The two beats collided, then swiftly separated. He could tell that Lin ShaoYi’s presence was starting to waver, the crimson in his eyes seemed to fade. Blood spilled from his forehead. Though he was clearly losing, his eyes shone with determination, glaring at Ling Xiao with hatred. The next moment, he charged out again.

As he moved, it was like there was something burning, its presence peaking like it had no limits, swelling and swelling and then he leaped, opening his jaws at Ling Xiao below him. A powerful, limitless force formed into an orb of blood which then shot straight at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed, the white flames around him gathering in front of him in a violent vortex before forming into a crystal blade, shooting out to collide with the incoming blood orb…


A massive explosion consumed the skies, blood impacting fire and violently sweeping out. The already cracked earth broke into parts, forming an immense canyon that would be a lasting mark to commemorate this battle.

Smoke devoured the skies; who won?

Everyone anxiously waiting, gazing upwards.

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